Listener June 11-17 2016 : Revisiting distress and mismanagement #SouthDunedinFlood

Listener 11-17 Jun 2016 p22 [20160606_154423] 3

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

*Image: phoneshot at a diner by whatifdunedin [click to enlarge]


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10 responses to “Listener June 11-17 2016 : Revisiting distress and mismanagement #SouthDunedinFlood

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    Oho, so the Listener has looked with eyes and ears wide open and found a few ever-so-tiny factual holes in the initial flood myth!

    Such tiny holes, yet so much credibility squirted out under pressure of truth. The arc stretched right across 2 cycle lanes and SH1.

  2. Elizabeth

    █ A second public meeting as flagged at the first public meeting at South Dunedin on 7 March is about two weeks away – details to come.

  3. Elizabeth

    emimusic Published on Mar 3, 2009
    Radiohead – High & Dry (C) 2006 EMI Records Ltd

    Don’t leave me high, don’t leave me dry
    Don’t leave me high, don’t leave me dry

    Drying up in conversation,
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    A S I D E
    The High & Dry video directed by Paul Cunningham, stars the band in a diner (Dick’s Restaurant & Cocktails, in San Leandro, California), where other patrons are involved in dramas of their own, which are revealed through the use of flashbacks. A couple and the diner’s cook are involved in an unspecified crime. A businessman is hiding something in his briefcase. In the end, the two dramas are resolved when the guilty parties are betrayed, the cook gives the couple a time bomb and the businessman is ambushed and killed (though the murder is only suggested). Wikipedia

  4. Elizabeth

    By the way, the second story at Listener, ‘The eye of the storm’ (p29), features the sickening words of one Ms Janet Stephenson, a University of Otago academic moving seriously off the rails of community respect with her climaxing over climate change – for research funds, no doubt.

    She says: “[South Dunedin] It’s a test case for the rest of New Zealand. How are we going to arrange it…”

    Stop right there – who the hell is “we” ?, missie blue stocking who does not live in South Dunedin or anywhere near it.

    The starch and grace of Lethe…. Be afraid.

    [has a chairship at DCC, toes under the table]

  5. Elizabeth

    Then this tonight at TV3 NewsHub on the DCC sand sausage effort for South Dunedin (St Clair / Ocean Beach), with comments from local resident Conrad Stedman and ecologist Paul Pope:

    ### Monday 6 Jun 2016 6:18 p.m.
    ‘Sand sausages’ protect Dunedin from coastal erosion
    By Adrien Taylor
    The Dunedin City Council has started a repair job on one of its best weapons to fight coastal erosion — sausages. Sand-bag sausages protect the beach, and the properties near the coast. But they may only be a short-term fix. The sea is notoriously rough on Dunedin’s coast — so much so it can put lives at risk. But properties are potentially in the firing line too, with land eroding at the south-facing St Clair beach.
    Read more + Video

  6. Elizabeth

    Listener June 11-17 2016 (pages 22-29)
    Flood Fiasco by Rebecca Macfie

    [full article scanned – click to enlarge]
    Listener11-17 Jun 2016 pp22-23_0003
    Listener11-17 Jun 2016 pp24-25_0003
    Listener11-17 Jun 2016 pp26-27_0003
    Listener11-17 Jun 2016 pp28-29_0003

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