Non-arterial Riccarton Road : Brian Miller stirred by community board

ODT 28.5.16 (page 30)
ODT 28.5.16 Letter to editor Miller p30 (1)

ODT 17.5.16 (page 8)
ODT 17.5.16 Letter to editor Miller p8 (1)

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DCC Webmap - Riccarton Road East, Mosgiel JanFeb 2013DCC Webmap – Riccarton Road, Mosgiel JanFeb 2013

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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4 responses to “Non-arterial Riccarton Road : Brian Miller stirred by community board

  1. alanbec

    Riccarton Road. Let me tell you about Riccarton Rd. It is recognised as the longest, straightest road in NZ. On Friday, it’s chocker. I looked for a break in the traffic and made a run to cross. Then, my hat blew off. I was obliged to make like Douglas Nottingham Fairbanks Snr, and swerve among the slow moving traffic to get my hat, as it bounced over engine and bonnet. Yes, Riccarton Road, Christchurch. I should cocoa. Is Mosgiel’s like that?

  2. Wingatui Flyer.

    How is it that Dillon can move to have parts of the road network changed, when he has business interests on the network. Did he declare his interest?

  3. Brian Miller

    Mr Feather lives at 1 Brookside Pl, Mosgiel. That is only accessible through Hagart Alexander Drive. Need I say more.

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