If you don’t like Trump – LOVE him for this #climatechangeCon

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Sat, 28 May 2016 at 5:47 p.m.

(if it helps STOP all the rot at DCC, Dunedin *takenoteDavidCull)

Donald Trump [firstpost.com][firstpost.com – Trump tweet during winter of 2012*]

### The Daily Telegraph (UK) 27 May 2016 • 7:04pm
Donald Trump vows to cancel Paris agreement and stop all payments to UN climate change fund
By Associated Press
Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled an “America first” energy plan he said would unleash unfettered production of oil, coal, natural gas and other energy sources to push the United States toward energy independence. Mr Trump promised on Thursday to cancel the Paris climate agreement and stop all payments of US tax money to a United Nations fund to mitigate effects of climate change worldwide. But the speech, delivered at the annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, went far beyond energy, as Mr Trump laid out, in his most detail to date, a populist general election pitch against likely rival Hillary Clinton.

AT A GLANCE : Paris climate change agreement
1. A long-term goal to limit global warming to ‘well below’ 2C, or 1.5C if possible
2. National pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the 2020s
3. A plan to make countries pledge deeper emissions cuts in future, improving their plans every five years
4. Rich nations to provide funding to poorer ones – ‘mobilising’ $100bn a year until 2025, and more thereafter
5. A plan to monitor progress and hold countries to account

[…] Mr Trump delivered the policy address just hours after The Associated Press determined he had won the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican presidential nomination. […] He is among many Republicans who reject mainstream climate science. He has called climate change a “con job” and a “hoax” and suggested it is a Chinese plot “to make US manufacturing non-competitive.” He accused President Barack Obama of doing “everything he can to get in the way of American energy”.
Read more

*He took it even further in 2015, saying: “This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING b******* has got to stop. Our planet is freezing.”
–The Week (UK), 5 May 2016

Anti-Trump-cartoon [freethoughtblogs.com] 1[freethoughtblogs.com]

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year —this post is offered in the public interest.


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30 responses to “If you don’t like Trump – LOVE him for this #climatechangeCon

  1. alanbec

    Now all they need do is ensure he is Never in charge of ‘nukula’ buttons.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    Presidential garb with lots of gold braid and sleeves that tie at the back, that’s what he’d look best in.

  3. Tussock

    America’s Trump card. No TPP. No Climate change. This man will keep the home fires burning.

  4. Gurglars

    He has offered the olive branch to Putin and Kill Jong very Ill, so he may be smarter than the media think. If they all gang up on ISIS/ Mosque hotbeds then we may all be better off. Let’s face it another four years of Bill Clinton would make us all puke, another Jimmy Carter, another Ronald Reagan??

    Their system is stuffed, basically its the uneducated electing the unelectable. It demonstrates the inanity of democracy.

    And to put a full stop under it, we will get “Cull de Mayor” again for the very same reasons.

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Yup Tussock, throw another Mexican on the barbie. After extracting her share of the wall payment, of course.

    Trump for grumps.

    Decades of the inhumanity of Reaganomics, Thatcherism and at home our own Rogernomics and Ruthenasia have resulted in a lot of people grumpy > hopeless, feeling there’s no place in their own country for them except underfoot. What do people do when all the ladders that were available to them, and are still used by a diminishing proportion of the people they know, have turned to snakes? Why follow the rules any more, the rules that only advantage other people?

    When you can’t pay fines, you don’t have a mortgage to keep you wage-slaving, “home” is a temporary concept and jail is just one of those things – what have you got to lose?

    How’s it going in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”? Well, they’d better just hope that those with nothing to lose aren’t very brave.

    Freedom’s just another word………

  6. Mike

    Is this the same Donald Trump who recently applied for planning permission to build a wall at his Irish golf course – explicitly citing global warming and its consequences — increased erosion due to rising sea levels and extreme weather this century.

    Let’s face it, the man says whatever suits his own interests, you can’t trust him to be truthful.

    Cite: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/donald-trump-climate-change-golf-course-223436

  7. Calvin Oaten

    Mike, you are right about trusting Donald Trump. But of course this immediately poses a dilemma. Who do you trust in politics, internationally, nationally and locally? Trump or Clinton? Key or Little? Cull or whoever? Maybe that is the problem of why so few bother to vote. The ‘plebs’ are all ‘tapped out’ by the lies, obfuscations, false comments, corruption and plain stupidity of the ‘genre’.

  8. russandbev

    According to the latest Listener, neither Trump or Clinton are at all liked by the majority of Americans. Both will end up with most votes of their respective parties, but either or both could be rejected and an alternative put up. I think they are running neck and neck with about 40% of popular support. Truly both non-starters.

  9. Rob Hamlin

    Personally I find Trump no more obnoxious than Clinton (Goldman Sachs) or Marco Rubio/Ted Cruze (Koch bothers & other ultra-right religious nutters). It’s worth remembering that a recent ‘New Scientist’ poll revealed that 50% of Americans believed that God created the world about 6,000 years ago, 40% believed that God did it all, but took a bit longer about it, leaving just 10% who thought that humanity might have a degree of self determination in the planet’s future.

    Clearly no rational environmental argument (whether it favours human driven global warming or not) will gain any traction within such a population. Trump, who is clearly the most formidable candidate out there, clearly realises this. I have no doubt that Trump will crush Clinton if they go head to head. The man is a born mass marketer, and he has been very skillful in firmly attaching very damaging meme-like ‘brand monikers’ to his opponents (eg ‘L’il Marco’ & ‘Tweetin’ Hillary’).

    What is interesting is what Sanders will do. I suspect that he may well run as an independent. At 70+ he has little to lose by doing so. If he can secure a mandate in the primaries, without the superdelegates and odd states that do not seem to use a direct election system for allocating their delegates, then this will give him a better platform for this initiative, which is why one suspects that he is still contesting them so strongly, and grandstanding the pro-Clinton shenanigans that have gone on in the states that do not elect directly.

    It is very unlikely that Sanders will win if this happens, but he may well stop Trump from winning an outright 50% plus in the Presidential Electoral College. This is important because if this happens, and there is no winner, then Congress gets to pick the next President. It is a complex process, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the candidate with the most votes, or under certain circumstances, a candidate that contested the election at all that emerges as the winner, if my understanding of the process is correct. See here for an informed discussion of this particular ‘what if’:


    It is to avoid this outcome that the USA has adopted a cast iron two-party system for over 150 years.

    In a Congress that now dances to the tune of Big-Biz, the opportunity, temptation and the pressure in such a situation would be extreme. It is to be hoped that they would resist these and appoint the leading candidate in the election, whether that be Trump, Clinton, Sanders or whoever without delay.

    However, given the apparent level of moral, intellectual and financial corruption within this group, this seems unlikely, and in light of the pressures that are building up within that society, the prospect of a ‘President (Clinton/Ryan), sans mandate and with a widely perceived to be ‘bought and paid for by Big-Biz’ agenda, is alarming indeed.

    • Mike

      If congress gets to choose they (the republican controlled house) will choose Trump – I don’t see that as a viable Sanders plan.

      A brokered convention (especially if Hillary is damaged in the mean time), or a compromise between Sanders and Clinton delegates in the electoral college seems like a more likely road to a Sanders win (or at least him gaining concessions).

      Remember the electoral college delegates are not all bound to vote for their nominal candidate (depends on their states), especially after an initial vote.

      I don’t think Trump has the patience to be president, he has a business to run, give him a year and he’ll want out.

      We don’t get a vote, we get stuck dealing with whoever the Americans choose.

  10. Rob Hamlin

    That would all be true in a rational World without egos and interpersonal issues. However….we shall see.

  11. Elizabeth

    ODT World Focus 30.5.16 (page 2)

    ODT World Focus 30.5.16 Bernie Sanders p2

  12. Peter

    If Trump wins, the American political system may well implode and real reform could take place post Trump who will likely prove to be a disaster.
    Their politics and their game players on both sides are corrupt to the core. A new American Revolution is overdue.

  13. Lyndon Weggery

    Let’s see if Trump does as well as Reagan. He may surprise us all!!!

  14. Elizabeth

    The AGW Climate Change b******* espoused by the interminable Cull and Jinters, with other seedy-greenie councillors at DCC means….

    Mon, 30 May 2016
    ODT: Landfill fees likely to go up
    Dunedin landfill prices could increase by up to a fifth because of a change made in last week’s Budget. […] The change had already been anticipated by the Dunedin City Council and a report tabled at last month’s community and environment committee meeting estimated it could cost the council up to $981,880 per year.

    2GP Dave green monsters

  15. Tom

    The construction industry in NZ contributes to 45% of all land fill in NZ.

  16. Menta Lee Ill

    China wants to take over the World. By dominoes. Before you know it, we’ll be living in pagodas (yay), having the Chow Yun Fat and Lucy Liu film festival (yay), and playing the 1956 hit song ‘Make Way’.

  17. Elizabeth

    ### New York Times 3 Jun 2016
    And if Elected: What President Trump Could or Couldn’t Do
    By Eric Posner
    OPINION Donald Trump clearly holds grudges. He has hurled insults at governors, senators, a judge who recently ruled against him and Miss Universe 2014. He has also attacked the press, arguing that as president he will “open up” libel laws so he can sue newspapers that publish “purposely negative and horrible and false articles” about him. Mr. Trump’s critics wonder whether a man with such a violent temper can be trusted with the presidency. But his defenders, like Senator John McCain and the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, assure us that the Constitution will constrain him.

    “I still believe we have the institutions of government that would restrain someone who seeks to exceed their constitutional obligations,” Mr. McCain told The New York Times. “We have a Congress. We have the Supreme Court. We’re not Romania.”

    Under the principle of separation of powers, the president shares power with Congress and the judiciary. The party system, the press and American political traditions may constrain him as well. But what would this mean in practice if Mr. Trump wins?
    Read more

    ● Eric Posner is a professor at the University of Chicago Law School and a co-author of “The Executive Unbound: After the Madisonian Republic.”

    JamesBayVEVO Published on Aug 28, 2015
    James Bay – Scars
    From James’ debut album ‘Chaos And The Calm’.

    We live through scars this time
    But I’ve made up my mind
    No, we can’t leave us behind anymore

  18. Elizabeth

    Graphic and text from Douglas Field
    Thu, 10 Nov 2016 at 8:55 a.m.


    Leaving aside any thoughts regarding Trump (and his hairdo) this article by Dellers is worth a read. I rejoice in the fact that the ‘greens’ face a comeuppance about so much of their influence in the US political scene as promoted by Obama, especially Trump’s determination to deal to the so-called ‘Paris agreement’ on climate change. There should ultimately be flow on effects even here in little old Dunners.

    9.11.16 Trump: The Left Just Lost The War On Climate Change
    By James Delingpole
    Donald Trump isn’t just skeptical about global warming. He is what the alarmists would call a full-on climate change “denier”. No world leader has ever been this outspoken on climate change. The only other one to have come close to this position was former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott – but he just didn’t have the support base to maintain it and was ousted in a coup staged by one of the climate alarmist establishment, Malcolm Turnbull.
    Read more

  19. Elizabeth

    Garrick Tremain – 12 Nov 2016

  20. Gurglars

    Sir Garrick!

  21. Peter

    There is no good news as far as Trump is concerned. Even his opposition to TPP is not enough to turn a blind eye to his other ravings.

    • Kleinefeldmaus

      @Peter Nov 17, 2016
      I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Peter – just look at this below. ‘Rocky Road’ (who is a geologist) is ‘on to it’.

      Gavin Schmidt Warns Donald Trump Not to Interfere with the NASA Climate Division
      Eric Worrall / 32 mins ago Nov 16, 2016

      Gavin Schmidt, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, has “warned” President-elect Donald Trump not to interfere with their climate activities. Schmidt maintains the GISS global temperature series, arguably the most adjusted of all the global temperature products.

      RockyRoad Nov 16, 2016 at 11:01 pm
      Sounds like Schmidt is admitting to significant levels of hanky-panky going on over at NASA.
      Sounds like the best thing Trump can do is investigate and drain the NASA wamp too!

      Those climate hucksters and shysters won’t be missed.
      Not. One. Bit.

      • Peter

        Not sure how you read that into it, Kleinefeldmaus.
        There will be a lot of positioning going on in Washington. I see Trump’s transition is getting messy…and that is within the Republican Party!
        Sarah Palin, dumb soccer mom, might get a cabinet post. OMG.
        America and the world is in for a rough ride where there will be no winners.

        • Peter
          They – especially the Democrats – are all running around like headless chooks. Gavin Schmidt in particular is worried that his funding might be cut off like so many who live off the taxpayer’s teat. Trump has confounded all the punters – simply by winning. But not to worry – the sun will rise again tomorrow and the oil will flow as well.

  22. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Newswire 2 hrs ago
    Trump signals US exit from TPP
    US President-elect Donald Trump is vowing to withdraw the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal on his first day in office.
    In a video detailing what steps he’ll take when he assumes the presidency on January 20, he said the involvement of the US in the 12-nation deal, which includes New Zealand, will be one of the first things he tackles.
    Trump also says he’ll issue a rule cutting government regulations, direct the Labor Department to investigate abuses of visa programs, and cancel some restrictions on energy production, including shale oil and gas and coal.
    Read more + Video

    █ Parliament last week passed the bill that allows the government to ratify the agreement which covers 40% of global trade and 800 million people. Partner countries signed it in February but it still has to be ratified by all of them.

  23. Gurglars

    The demise of the TPP is a boon for NZ, the denial of the ability of US companies being able to sue sovereign governments is a godsend, Never forget, Trump will decimate the bureaucratic system, the bureaucrats have only one master – their wallet.

    Businessmen like Trump have one mantra – profit.
    For NZ profits equal GST payments to government and real jobs based on real profits not government theft.

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