New Zealand ‘broccoli budget’ 2016/17

### NZ Herald Online 3:58 PM Thursday May 26, 2016
Liam Dann: This is the broccoli budget
OPINION This is the broccoli budget. It’s the one you have to eat before you get the treats. Bill English has got his surplus back and if we buy in to his vision of fiscal prudence we’ll have $6.7 billion in the tank by 2020.
That’s more than enough for John Key to dangle $3 billion in tax cuts in front of us before the election next year, although that does render the $6 billion figure a little redundant. The $700m surplus this year represents a huge swing from the $400m deficit which was forecast as recently as December. But economists will point out that is still margin of error stuff in a Budget spend of $77.4 billion. In some ways the extent of the turn around since December just proves that.
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“This is a Budget that invests in a growing economy.” –Bill English

Thu, 26 May 2016
ODT: Health, education big Budget winners
Health, education and social services are the winners in a Budget which contains few surprises but also few contentious moves. Auckland housing also features prominently in the National-led Government’s eighth Budget, released this afternoon. There is no rescue package for first-home buyers but funding will help free up land for housing developments in Auckland and open up more social housing places for the most desperate families. […] In the next year, an extra $568 million will be spent on health – just short of the $600 million which is required to keep pace with population growth and other pressures on the health system.

ODT Budget Special

budget2016 logo
Home page for Budget 2016 for the Government of New Zealand. Hon Bill English is Minister of Finance.

The Budget website at is optimised for mobile and tablet devices and provides access to the current Budget documents and interactive charts and features such as My Tax Dollars.

Parliament TV – 2016 Budget Day
Today (Thursday 26 May) after 2pm, the Minister of Finance Hon Bill English delivered the 2016 Budget to the House of Representatives. The Budget is an annual event that sets out the Government’s economic policies and plans for spending public money in the 2016-17 financial year. All Government spending must be scrutinised and approved by Parliament, and Parliament gives this approval by passing a special law, called an Appropriation Bill. The Budget is effectively the start of this ‘appropriation’ process. Link

Watch and listen to Budget Day 2016
You can watch the delivery of the Budget statement and the following debate on Parliament TV, by webcast or on-demand

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9 responses to “New Zealand ‘broccoli budget’ 2016/17

  1. Elizabeth

    Extra $32M for SDHB

    ### Thu, 26 May 2016
    SDHB receives record funding
    Funding for the cash-strapped Southern District Health Board will increase by millions of dollars to a record amount in the next financial year. The government’s investing $16b in health as part of its newly-announced eighth annual budget. But the opposition isn’t happy with planned spending.
    Ch39 Link

    Channel 39 Published on May 25, 2016
    SDHB receives record funding

    • alanbec

      The Star reports Meals on Wheels/DHB has lost clients (26/05). The reasons are many, including ‘leaving town, becoming inpatients and dying’. It is very hard to place your order posthumously.

      Meanwhile, there are less ‘gripes’ (grippe), reported from Invercargill. Oh, wonderful Bagel on The Silvery Tay!

      • alanbec

        By the way, I like Invercargill. Unlike a certain Dunedin developer who warned ‘we could become another Invercargill’. Don’t say? Wide streets, SIT, Warrter Tower, race horses, library with conference rooms, Mrs Wolverhampton of ‘how to reference in assignments’ fame and b/w plaid coats you simply can’t get elsewhere.

  2. alanbec

    Broccoli: cruciferous vegetable. Full of strange fibre. Not to be consumed before retiring, or, going to bed. May cause grippe lying supine.

  3. Mike

    Yesterday we learned that the government is owed $400m in loans to beneficiaries (like the woman who owes $70k and growing and will be paying it back $20 a week from her benefit) – and they have about $300m on the books as “recoverable”.

    That’s about half of Bill English’s claimed ‘surplus’

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Yeah, the benefit has a spare $20 a week : “paying it back $20 a week from her benefit” – so she’ll be back at WINZ for dentist and washing machine breakdown money, and at the food banks so the family can eat on the 2 days before benny day.
      Anyone looking for a recipe to keep disadvantaged people from ever getting themselves or their kids out of the poo – study this one!

    • Hype O'Thermia

      You’ve had too much practice, Mike – “That’s about half of Bill English’s claimed ‘surplus’ ” ……
      …watching the 3 card Monte sleight-of-hand here in our town, the $7million that became $6million when $1million evaporated into the air over Carisbrook. The stadium that would be built only when $45million – or was it $45 thousand, or $45.00? – was raised from donations / sausage sizzles / the tooth fairy, actually it doesn’t matter how or how much it was, it wasn’t produced and the stadium was built anyway and now we have an asset on one piece of paper that’s a liability on another … and debt that’s pulsing arterial red even in black and white photographs.

  4. Gurglars

    The Budget- more assumptions than termites in a hill.

    When half of the employees are employed to design new protuberances, to write reports, to write “feelgood” stories and so on one must accept a degree of creative writing– poetic licence it was called in the days of quill pens!

    But the best of them must be the survey companys and surveyists (not surveyors). They can create whatever level of chaos or satisfaction desirable to the survey funder.

    One fine example is the Compass Food Survey run by the SDHB.

    A real possibility to win the Booker prize for fiction in 2016.

  5. Sally

    If you don’t like it here you can always go back to where you came from. Trouble is too many of them didn’t go back from where they came from, and stayed to make the changes “just like home.” We are now a reflection of where they came from.

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