Hospital food according to Gurglars

Late this afternoon whatifdunedin briefly visited Gurglars at Dunedin Hospital and within that time was able to confirm it was indeed he in an HD bed; that he comes with iPhone and iPad – we are now with photo evidence [loading]. Gurglars is in fine fettle for one poised to miss duck shooting season.
Whatiffers, join with us (telepathy will do!) in sending Best Wishes for Gurglars’ full recovery. The truth is he went mushrooming at Otakou yesterday —in so doing he suffered a calamity, meaning he missed out on fresh wild mushrooms, too. Gourmet horror!
Twas very nice to meet the gentle spy and seditionist Gurglars.

REPORT 1 (Dunedin Hospital)

Received from Gurglars
Sun, 1 May 2016 at 1:04 p.m.

My recipe for filet de boeuf cordon rouge is a hit and my pumpkin soup brought me to Dunedin, I have dined on Vongole regularly and whilst some call me a gourmand I consider myself a gourmet!

So you can take my take on the SDHB food without a grain of salt or you can believe the photographs. [to come once technology sorted. -Eds]

I am unable to compare today’s food with the previous system because it is 30 years ago that I last ate it.

However my impressions of the Dunedin Hospital, the St John’s ambulance crew and the triage care has really opened my eyes to the dedication, work ethic and skill of the Hospital surgeons, doctors, nurses and carers that work here/there. An unquestionable 10/10 for every one of them.

However this is a food critique and I now know how Compass intend to make savings.

Emergency Department tucker

Dinner – small bowl of soup, palatable but made from a soup mix – 1 sandwich fresh but an unlimited use-by date, small in size, ham one slice, boiled egg part of – tea with milk.

Soup for dinner- half mast and PAP
Hospital food IMG_1205 soup for dinner [Gurglars 1.5.16]

Breakfast – two slices of dry well cooked toast, butter and marmalade in sachets, not enough to cover toast – tea with milk.

Lunch – smaller bowl of pumpkin soup from packet or powder tin, tending to gluggy pap, slightly larger sandwich with sliced ham and packaged grated cheese – tea with milk.

Soup for Lunch not bad
Hospital food IMG_1201 soup for lunch [Gurglars 1.5.16] 1

Dinner – if it looks like a ….
Hospital food IMG_1206 main [Gurglars 1.5.16] 1

Compass’s savings will come from quantity savings, also I would guess if you added that lot together without labour cost the total would be less than $2. Total of slices of bread, 2 slices of ham, one butter, 2 marmalade, 2 heaped tablespoons of tinned soup.

Looks like I’m in here for another day or so, so an update is likely.

REPORT 2 (Dunedin Hospital)

Received from Gurglars
Sun, 1 May 2016 at 5:52 p.m.

It’s official folks, the resident subversive who had to almost croak to get a chance to review the SDHB food has done it.

I understand I’ve been awarded the VC* for twice endangering my life in the service of my adopted country.

When, I came here to NZ in 1972, I noticed two strange things:

1. The beer and soft drinks were kept in the old English manner – sans Fridge, drunk lukewarm and VB was unavailable.

2. There was only one restaurant in Dunedin, the Huntsman which is still there and a tribute to steak lovers worldwide. There was La Scala but in those days it was a bit exxy for me. In other places in New Zealand the food was dreadful.

Fast Forward to the internet age and Dunedin boasts some three Michelin star quality eateries and a myriad of great food palaces where one cannot spend $10 for lunch and should be charged $50 for the quality.

So we come to Compass, think New Zealand just after the war, canned tuna, cooked to tastelessness with some frozen carrots and other mixed veges of a frozen variety and some boiled silverbeet stalks and two white sweet potatoes boiled to submission and some edible mashed potato. I was prescient when I said in report one that take what I said without a grain of salt or pepper or margarine or butter.

Pap has been mentioned and Pap it is.

Oh and I forgot the dessert (sweets to me). A bright green jelly that tasted as bad as it looked and a packaged icecream which is bloody hard to stuff up unless you do not freeze it.

Looks like Lime! Dessert
You wouldn’t swim in it for fear of contracting brucellosis
Hospital food IMG_1207 lime jelly [Gurglars 1.5.16]

Icecream- runny! Use-by date 31/4/2016 (served to patients 1/5/16)
Hospital food IMG_1208 icecream [Gurglars 1.5.16]

If I’m still here tomorrow and apparently that’s no surety they’ll have another chance, but one must say in finality a couple of conclusions–

Neither Mrs Coleman senior or junior can boil an egg and probably burn water and the Mr Coleman bill at Bellamy’s is a tribute to his parsimony because he doesn’t have a bloody clue what food should taste and look like to be palatable.

*The VC to those who do not know is the Valid Comment awarded only to those prepared to give their lives to truth and exposing the American Way (Now that Trumped you didn’t it!)

Hospital food IMG_1209 dinner menu [Gurglars 1.5.16] 1Menu showing FULL Meal relates to Tuna stew (have I spelled that correctly?)

whatifdunedin says: In the time before this CRIMINAL Compass Outfit came to bear the daily meal sheet was descriptive for each meal, and very tempting – and Fun – for patients and their families and friends to help complete. We exaggerate Not. The Compass printout for patients is APPALLING.


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  1. ab

    Well, Gurglars, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. In fact, those that do expect them get the Michelin Man, who is in the tyre business.

    The other Michelin man is a rotund chap, but it’s only pneumatic padding for all demonstrations. He lives in Trafalgar Square.

    Great dairy, I mean diary on ward. Best wishes.

  2. Gurglars

    Thanks AB, just a small note to Carole Heatley, Jonathan Coleman, his wife and mother and particularly Compass.

    In 1972 carrots, sweet potatoes, silver beet, kale, parsnips, etc were boiled until they were dead demonstrating zero nutrition.

    The Greens have shown us that vegetables should be cooked like Bob Hawke’s wife-


    Or Quickly stir fried, Turn the gas on bring to boil turn off and run cold water over them to stop them OVERCOOKING. Any mistakes serve to patrons with no teeth or dentures.

    And if you don’t think you can wok serve vegetables in bulk, get a Chinese cook from China and a bigger wok.

    Rick Gurglars

    • Well sorted Gurglars and a bar for the VC for going under the wire to risk life and limb to bring back the evidence. But RT will be lined up for the ‘firing squad’ for his repeated propensity for ‘cock ups’ in the line of duty. Failing to spot a Lamborghini is one thing but to sell out Dunedin suppliers to an outfit like the Compass Group is of a different order. A brief check of their record aught have been made by this ‘person’. See below.
      I rest my case. And Gurglars. your bar to your well earned VC is in the mail.
      Criticisms of Compass Group
      2005 United Nations misconduct incident

      In November 2005, Compass sacked the head of its UK division and two other employees as the investigation continued. Compass said staff members had been dismissed but did not officially say how many.

      The UN suspended Compass in October 2005 after allegations of contract bidding irregularities
      ESS’s poor performance on a food contract to provide rations to peacekeepers in Burundi was also looked in to before it lost the contract.

      In a separate UN investigation into the oil-for-food program hand found that Mr Yakovlev was guilty of fraudulent conduct. He subsequently pleaded guilty to criminal charges of both wire fraud and money laundering relating to claims he had taken $1m in bribes from companies doing business with the UN.

      Canadian Prisons
      The supplier of food to seven of Ontario’s correctional facilities, Eurest Dining Services, informed the Halton Regional Health Department that some samples taken during routine surveillance had tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes on November 21, 2008.

      February 2013 horse meat scandal
      On 7 February 2013, it was revealed by the Food Standards Agency that the Findus beef lasagne range in the UK, France and Sweden and the shepherd’s pie and moussaka ranges in France contained horse meat without proper declaration or official scrutiny.[44][45] Findus, Compass Group, Whitbread

      April 2015 Exploiting US Senate kitchen staff
      On 22 April 2015 the Compass Group was accused of underpaying their employees in the US Senate’s kitchen

      Southern DHB
      In 2016, the Southern DHB (District Health Board) in New Zealand received numerous complaints about the quality of the food being served at Dunedin Hospital

      for voting for Compass

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Fancy that, a man like Richard Thomson not being able to use Google. And even more boggling – none of the other people who urged the change then signed up for minimal savings on the promise of sales pitch and glossy brochures did the mover and shakers’ equivalent of due diligence – use a search engine e.g. Ask Jeeves on their Atari. Whaddawe got? Governance by throwbacks?

        Throw’em back, now!

  3. Elizabeth

    More photos tomorrow maybe – some of today’s hazy…. must be the drugs, Gurglars! Nevertheless, the images candidly show the Compass racket in play although your words tell us quite enough. The Compass icecream use-by date was too out of focus to fix in Photoshop. The dickheads can’t even count the days in a month. And the SDHB directors including you know who gave them a 15 year contract. The only saving grace is the silly buggers probably won’t be able to count to 15.

    Gurglars notes:
    The date 31/4/2016 does not exist! Just like the Compass savings. The staff were told to tell the patients (who enquired) it was a late April Fool’s joke.

    The joke is on them! Compass.

  4. Gurglars

    Picture Poland 1944, seditious foreigner SF enters raum.

    Stalag Luft 5a

    Guards lie him flat and procedures commence.

    Hour on the hour a bright light is shone into SF’s eyes, often.

    No sleep is allowed due to constant awakening

    SF is not allowed to stand up for poos and wees.

    A catheter is inserted into SF’s arm and truth serum drummed into himcontinuously.

    He is made to take mind altering substances every three to four hours.

    At 8 am he is served dark bread toast with packaged margarine, the guard kicks it on to the floor, it must have been poisoned.

    SF dreams of a boiled egg. Hallucinating already

    Today as a bonus Kellogs cornflakes with fruit yoghurt and milch.

    They must be trying to get more info from me

    No one has mentioned charging me rent yet!

    IMG_1211A winner, 5 plastic containers for breakfast – processed food in plastic got bonus points

    • Elizabeth

      This arrived with the breakfast photo for the previous comment:

      1980s Motel or less staff?
      Mon, 2 May 2016 at 9:07 a.m.

      From my experience here there could be more nursing staff and doctors and carers and obviously cooks, but there is a colossal disconnect with the backroom cost of running the SDHB. Swan’s activities surely must have demonstrated to the SDHB that savings could and should be made with the administration and bureaucracy. The old story the tails are wagging the dog!
      Surely intelligent commissioners/business persons can see this problem and whilst the solution may be tough on some, surely the cure must come from the causative area. By charter the SDHB must provide medical services which it does admirably, but the bosses have no charter and their contracts need negotiation– downwards.


      • Calvin Oaten

        Bold Steps are being taken by CEO Heatly, see the advert in SST Career Market. Key New Leadership Roles; SDHB. Executive Director Organisational Development & Performance. A new position reporting to the CEO.

        Group HR (human resources) Manager. Again reporting to the CEO.

        Health & Safety Manager; Reporting to the COO/CEO. This in a hospital organisation! This new senior role will have the “rare” opportunity of developing and shaping the health and safety culture for this large organisation. Whoa!! If this organisation hasn’t, after one hundred and fifty years worked out that it is a hospital providing health and safety facilities then it is a lost cause. The doctors and nurses will see the irony of this senior appointment and a further erosion of their budget for ward health and safety work.

        RT will be right in with this crap.

        • Gurglars

          Calvin, the biggest disease that the SDHB has to confront and defeat is Empire Building. The longer the commissioners stay in place the more likely this disease will become an epidemic.

        • Calvin Oaten

          Gurglars, you’re right, the administration is the number one disease that needs fumigating. As a matter of interest, those three new positions advertised will, almost certainly attract salaries in the ‘nose bleed territory’, enough, I’ve no doubt to eat up any and all of the fabled savings to be made by outsourcing meals to Compass. And the game goes on.

    • Elizabeth

      airport food at its worst – PACKAGING ALERT

    • alanbec

      Are you being frisky? Kellogg was an American doctor who devoted his life to inventing a cereal that would act bromide like on lively patients.

      • Elizabeth

        A Doctor at Battle Creek, Michigan no less. Link

        • alanbec

          That Wiki post says the doctor ran a ‘Sanatarium’. Kellogg had little association with the 7th Day Adventists, even if his cereal work informed their product. It is more likely he ran a Sanatorium. ‘No, please, not the comfy chair! Not the hose again! Alright, the hose. Hold the breakfast’.

  5. Elizabeth

    Your day must get better, Gurglars ?
    A delicate state methinks were you not with gile.

    Beware the $charge nurse.

  6. Gurglars

    Hey, maus, I was going to get the VC* and bar, but the first advice I received from the diligent and friendly staff in Emergency was that I had to reduce my alcohol intake to 6 standard drinks per MONTH.

    So I forsook the bar, I won’t need that, I have enough stock on hand to never need a bar again if I live until 200, and apparently that’s unlikely.

    So it was two VC’s for me and I’m also a nominee for the International Workers Medallion of the year for getting rid of Compass and bringing back local cooks (the best in New Zealand obvious from our cheap quality restaurants), local workers (self evident from the staff in here) and local veges from the gardens of Mosgiel and fresh fish from the seas off Dunedin!

    Local Restaurants to try from your esteemed food critique.

    The Friendly Cafe upper George St, opposite the church-
    The best won ton soup in Australasia and the stock is always magnificent.
    Notable diners include Highlanders and Japan coaches, and it probably is true that whilst they train on Speights, they bulk up on Friendly.

    • Sorry to have misled you Gurglars but it was just a Whittaker’s chocolate bar. If it’s a problem you might like to leave it for that guard you mentioned if it hasn’t melted by the time you get it – might cheer him up a little.

    • alanbec

      An idea, at the risk of ‘big noting’. If you win ‘Letter of The Month’ at North and South magazine, they will send down either 1 Men’s toiletries 2 A cheese board! And they do mean board, of finest rimu, with cheese cutters (a nice hat), slicers and Big blocks of craft Auckland cheese, packed in chilly bin and permanent ice. So, get writing. It will be couriered onto the ward.

  7. Elizabeth

    Nice one from Paul, for sharing I think:

    (blog) Paul Pope on the Peninsula
    Food for Thought
    I recently attended the protest regarding the standard of food on a wet Friday afternoon outside of the Dunedin Hospital. I went because a lady from my Community Board area has been seriously ill in hospital and her family have been bringing in meals from home to help build up her strength. Her grandson plays rugby with my son so I’ve been hearing from the family about how her treatment and care has been going on the sidelines lately. To my surprise I saw her in a wheelchair wrapped in a blanket with her family at the protest. I couldn’t help but admire her for taking a stand despite the fact that she has been so dreadfully ill.
    In an earlier post I wrote (The Community Compass) that one of the issues with the food problems at the hospital is that local people feel they have lost control of the decision-making process. There is a strong view in the community that the hospital is owned by the community for the community. However, In light of the removal of the SDHB Board by the current government this has become even more pronounced.

  8. Elizabeth


    • Dropped Off Completely, RN

      I take issue with Chaucer. Entertainments Officers hardly blog on P & O. White Star ents blogged until the Titanic unpleasantness. The wife of Bath was in it at the time.

      Another Canterbury Tale.

  9. Gurglars

    Television Event!

    The South Island Master Chef Contest

    The contestants carefully chosen

    #1 The Christchurch DHB (CDHB)

    #2 The Southern Health District Board (SDHB)

    The third challenger Mr F Hogan was paid his appearance fee, but unfortunately found that he had also entered another similar contest in Christchurch where he also was paid another fee, loosely described in the press as “double dipping” he took his cooker with him. We decided due to some rather strange circumstances too complex to mention not to ask for the fee paid for work not completed to be returned. The person responsible for this or any other dodgy decisions can NOT be named.

    The contest to take some old well-used-by outdated food and produce the least tasty, possibly or probably offensive food in a unique challenge to test the ingenuity of the combatants to provide something inedible indescribable and ideally awful.

    Extra points will be won if the food can be described as “Pap”, sweets can be sour, food not containing any salt and pepper and bonus points for packaged food and extra small helpings.

    Drum Roll……..

    And the winner is ….

    The Southern District Health Board!

    Cheers from $1400, $900 and $900 and $530,000.

    Our decision was influenced by the following factors:

    The CDHB’s offering of a steak and kidney pie, mash and broccoli failed because the pie had pastry, had been baked with a crust, tomato sauce (Watties) provided, the broccoli was green, and the potato mash contained milk and butter.

    Whereas the SDHB’s offering (some winning photos provided) contained three types of fruit so old they were now translucent, a rice dish that had zero flavour and the piece de resistance after a minor fail with an edible meatloaf of a bread and butter pudding which was small and the pudding itself had a sauce(sick) which tasted like gasoline, had the consistency of used motor oil and had the one ingredient consistent with their many offerings.


    Hospital food IMG_1214 [3.5.16 Gurglars]Translucent fruit, the porridge was edible almost a fail in the challenge

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Who needs Hilary Barry when there is reality TV of such high quality as this event?

    • ab

      You have chosen wisely. CH Public is not the place for precision work. Imagine if you were examined on Ward Round and a big fat fella knocked the bed, put it into slope vertical and ate all the food? Ate all the food..

  10. Hype O'Thermia

    This is the one criticism I haven’t heard from anyone else, “food not containing any salt and pepper” – are you on a salt-free diet, perhaps?
    That still doesn’t explain the lack of pepper.
    The flavouring “eeewww” that was described to me was the one I described in a previous post, a nasty metallic (nearest to accurate word) “chemical” taste / feeling on the sides of the tongue. I remembered it from powdered stock/gravy mix, guaranteed to ruin any meal. Unless one was brought up on the muck, in which case it is the natural taste of meat, soup and gravy. Vile, cheap, quicker than developing flavour by browning meat and onions before longer cooking of mince and casserole dishes.

    • Gurglars

      Could be the start Hype, but they must spend a considerable effort making it even inedible for metal eaters.

    • Gurglars

      I am on a salt free diet Hype what part of there is no salt in the food to be misunderstood? When I get out of here I”ll revert to type.

      As a disciple of Rick Stein (Rick Gurglars to you), I notice that every recipe for mains and entrees includes salt and pepper. Please post any that don’t. So I would be a philistine if I had no salt. Some say I show tendencies for the Gaza strip rather than the other side so in short.

      I’m on a sea food diet.

      When I see food I eat it – Pap not being food is excluded

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Aha! So you’re being treated to a Special Diet!
        Feeling special now?
        More privileged than non-special people whose pap and slop has salt and pepper in it?

      • Elizabeth

        Gurglars, I am the first to say here that great food (to see and chomp on – incl gourmet level) when you’re released from prison can tame down on sodium and still be Excellent and Tasty – this will be enjoyable culinary research for you who loves getting food perfectly pitched. Think bigger than habits and see it as cunning refinement and ‘explore’.

        A friend of mine at law, of senior position and proportion – with a deep love of good food and drink – had medical cause (a serious fright) to rethink his focus slightly!…. he converted “more so” to culinary excellence Himself (!!!), entered his wife’s kitchen (for the first time, in the role of head chef!!), became one of our regular customers at the Otago Farmers Market (having never crossed the threshold before) and formed close buying relationships with vendors outside market hours to ensure freshness and best fare, and excitedly reported the fun of making his own bread… a REFORMATION, I tell ya. His family were nonplussed by all this but immensely heartened by his developing passion (only minorly constrained by basic dietary requirements care of his specialist and nutritionist).

        Long short, he flowered. His prognosis was turned from dire to normal function (with annual monitoring only). One very happy food-and-drink bunny.

  11. Elizabeth

    Gurglars – note the planned improvement here.
    But will they listen to You on the ground ?

    Tue, 3 May 2016
    ODT: Listening one of new SDHB values
    The Southern District Health Board’s new set of “draft values” espouses listening, kindness, having a positive attitude and working with the community. The single-page “draft values” are being presented to patients and staff this week by London consultant Tim Keogh. They also spell out unwanted behaviour, such as “excessive grumpiness” or talking over others.

    Be warned, Gurglars.

    The following is MOST embarrassing if it took the expensive git from the UK to point out basics in the supposedly (already) professional work environment with its multi-strand public interface.

    ● Our kindness fosters better care and better teamwork.
    ● We listen, hear and communicate openly and honestly with consideration for others.
    ● We bring a positive attitude and are always looking to do things better.
    ● Our success comes from nurturing and building on our strengths in our community.

    Unwanted behaviour includes:
    ● Talking over others.
    ● Making people feel like an inconvenience.
    ● Rejecting feedback.
    ● Ignoring or excluding people.
    ● Excessive grumpiness.
    ● Showing no compassion.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Having paid so much for so little, is feedback about Compass catering and the need for proper palatable nourishing food going to be rejected? That would be awfully wasteful, wouldn’t it?

    • Gurglars

      Can we get fixed penalties for all of the above, say a life ban for any single breach.

      From my experience there would not be a loss of one nurse, carer, doctor , registrar or surgeon ever, assuming the quality of care remained as it is.

      However, it’s a brilliant scheme to get rid of $1400, $900 and $900 #1 in particular and would be an admirable method of reducing the oversupplied bureaucracy. Perhaps as a first offence, a salary could be halved. Seconds Out.

      However, I imagine there will be no penalties, just another spendup.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      What if “excessive grumpiness” is the result of excessively foul food, hunger, and not being able to take time to go out for edible food?

    • Peter

      I would like to suggest group hug bonding sessions, forced laughter sessions to release those healing endorphins and Centrepoint encounter groups……..but without Bert Potter who I think might be dead anyhow.
      On hand tissues should be handy, though using bed linen might save costs.
      Carole might like to make another funny video for our amusement, thus engendering real laughter.

      • Elizabeth

        That’s the spirit, Peter! This would neatly justify the cost of consultant Keogh.

      • alanbec

        Not the compulsory hugging! Not the big tellings off! Don’t do it, er, Public Hospital. (PS Abe Magwitch has Great Expectations. He would like a loaf of bread and a file).

  12. Calvin Oaten

    The ‘Draft Values’ prove once and for all that ‘Monty Python’ is still alive and kicking. He works (for a small fee of just $240,000, of which ‘Monty’ received $150,000) from the UK and has just delivered the ‘Holy Grail’ – or four commandments.
    “Thou shalt foster better care through kindness and better teamwork.”
    “Thou shalt listen, hear and communicate openly and honestly (hard we know) with consideration for others.”
    Thou whilst bring a positive attitude and will always be looking to do things better.”
    “Thy success comes from nurturing and building on your strengths in your community.”
    As a bonus he offers a list of unwanted behaviours ;
    “Do not talk over others, or ignore or exclude people, making them feel like an inconvenience.”
    “Do not exude excessive grumpiness or lack of compassion.”
    “Do not reject feedback (specifically Compass food)”.

    All this has been enthusiastically endorsed by SDHB Deputy commissioner Graham Crombie, saying “early feedback on the ‘draft values’ was positive, proving that Monty was the “best guy” to do this work, which is why it was worth hiring someone from the United Kingdom.” His – Graham Crombie’s – contribution comes at a bargain $900 per day which adds gravitas to ‘Monty’s pronouncements.

  13. Elizabeth

    Tue, 3 May 2016
    ODT: Compass challenged to ‘cook-off’
    SOUTHLAND.- The group spearheading protests against the quality of food being served in southern hospitals and to meals on wheels recipients is challenging food supplier Compass Group to a “cook-off”. […] There have been complaints the food is bland, watery, visually unappealing and sometimes inedible. The Real Food Coalition planned to re-create some of the meals on the Compass menu using locally procured ingredients and local staff, spokeswoman Anna Huffstutler said during a food protest meeting in Invercargill yesterday.

  14. Elizabeth

    HOOOOO, omg best practice – what be that, we ask.

    ‘‘Compass NZ is required by law to pay an arm’s length rate to its Compass Group affiliates for access to best practice developed elsewhere and for any support it receives from them.”

    Wed, 4 May 2016
    ODT: Curran calls Compass’ tax arrangement amoral
    The Compass Group is under fire for not paying enough tax in this country, but Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says it’s a matter for the company.
    Dr Coleman’s office was asked for comment about an RNZ report that Compass New Zealand paid $2 million tax on $170 million revenue last year, less than 2%. The fees and royalties Compass paid to its parent company quadrupled in the past four years.

    • Gurglars

      You’ve of course heard that great quotation from Will Droppedasphere
      “The long arm of the law”

      We now have another.

      The long arm of the law will not hinder the short arms of a Compass”

  15. ab

    Fillet of Beef Gordon Red! I should say so. I had a beef with Wellington. Full of gristle, but did I send it back? No. It was 2000 hours and Europe was at War.

    I thoroughly recommend a Russian dish. Apart from Sylvia Koscina, there is a soup called Borscht. Bitta beetroot in red, cottage cheese on top, served cold, that is to say, it must not be cooked.

    • Gurglars

      You should have upgraded to First from Business then you wouldn’t have had gristle on that long flight.

  16. Elizabeth

    Garrick Tremain – 5 May 2016

  17. Elizabeth

    Loving the anti city council sentiments from The Great Unwashed in ODT today. ODT is intent on spurring change, it might seem. Not in vain, I hope. Though they must admit to nothing…..

    Please, People – VOTE to end this administration from elected representatives who are sitting uselessly on their thumbs down to the lovely ever so efficient and highly competent ELT and leader.

    Rumble. Dunedin deserves a major break from the stipend and salary grabbing siesta material.

    ODT 5.5.16 (page 8)

    2016-05-05 18.33.24

  18. Elizabeth

    Ms Crassness Dean (nothing new from her)

    Fri, 6 May 2016
    ODT: Dean says hospital food issue ‘beat-up’
    People do not go to hospital to eat, they go there to be treated, Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said during a debate in Parliament about scrapping this year’s election at the Southern District Health Board. The New Zealand Public Health and Disability (Southern DHB) Elections Bill passed its second reading yesterday, 95 to 26 votes. It will extend the commissioner regime until 2019.


    Comments at ODT Online (from Friends!):

    Submitted by Otakou on Fri, 06/05/2016 – 8:33am.

    People do not go to hospital to eat is correct, unless like me they are admitted for treatment to save my life. I may be in here for 21 days or more and I can hardly imagine that 21 days without food would improve my health!
    I have not been able to eat anything but porridge for breakfast added to apples nuts and mandarins provided by a friend, the lunches and dinners are inedible. Food is the wrong colour, consistency and almost tasteless except the sauces on the sweets and meat which are so bad that I have wondered how they could so stuff it up.

    One good thing about Jackie’s comments is that she has accepted that the food is pap and surmises that we do not come here to eat.

    Grumpy elected Board member
    Submitted by John Chambers on Fri, 06/05/2016 – 9:23am.

    As a prematurely dismissed elected Southern District Health Board member the hasty passing of this legislation makes me rather grumpy.
    As an employee of the SDHB I must be cognizant that our organisation is investing heavily in developing new values
    I must be careful that my grumpiness does not become excessive.

  19. Elizabeth

    Another comment at ODT Online:

    Typical politician Jacqui
    Submitted by russandbev on Fri, 06/05/2016 – 11:06am.

    After attending the Alexandra “listen” session yesterday, I can say that it was revealed that there was no hard data on patient satisfaction with meals prior to the switch to Compass, and that the primary reason for such a change was financial with strong Ministerial pressure to switch. Jacqui Dean says it is all a beatup, but that is standard political talk for not wanting to address the issues. I just hope that the findings of the listening sessions are applied to management and governance as well as coalface staff who I believe, on the whole, give outstanding health service to the community. I find it hard to find the slightest small thing I could criticise with the services offered by Dunstan Hospital. They are incredible – and provide excellent meals not supplied by Compass.

  20. Gurglars

    Stop Press – The insidious methods of surveying

    A survey woman from food services came into our cubicle of four at 1.30. Coincidentally after a half decent dinner and edible lunch. She had a questionnaire.

    She did not go anywhere near me.

    A confused gentleman opposite who tried to cut off his draining wound and go home yesterday despite a number of doctors and nurses telling him he was risking his life. He gave the meal as VERY GOOD.

    Another gentleman aptly described the food in glowing terms as good finally said fair and warm to the two main answers.

    So given her noticeable avoidance of me and the sampling errors and survey timing dear readers I would not give a great deal of credence to any survey results coming out of the SDHB, the government and especially not Compass.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Handbook of Deviousness, excerpt:
      The most satisfactory survey results are obtained by careful selection of subjects, this being even more useful than framing the questions.
      Best subjects are bewildered, suggestible, eager to please authority figures, in this case the interviewer who needs to avoid any suggestion of informality or social inferiority in dress and manner. “Reward” of smile and warm tone of voice is recommended to prepare subject for the part of the survey that will be recorded. It is the interviewer’s job to use non-verbal (there may be other people within earshot) cues and treat all responses as tentative suggestions until the required answer is given.

  21. Elizabeth

    Struth, Gurglars your insider glimpses are very real and sordid.
    A Setup Survey, Compass! you bunch of Idiots.

    Sorry not managed to call round again. Fill you in later.
    Brilliant posts. You’re a complete force!

    Agree re Asian.
    Nonplussed as to how to get Compass off our Southern backs.

  22. Elizabeth

    Sun, 8 May 2016
    ODT: Company has no taste for cook-off
    The Compass Group has turned down a challenge from hospital food campaigners to take part in a cooking contest. The challenge was issued this week at a meeting in Invercargill organised by the Real Meals Coalition, which is pushing for the cancellation of the 15-year contract. […] The idea of the “cook-off” was to pit Compass against Otago and Southland cooks. The Southern cooks would use locally sourced ingredients.


    Clare Curran stands by her comments.

    Sat, 7 May 2016
    ODT: Compass finances no issue: accountant
    New Zealand multinational Fonterra will be using exactly the same financial structures as the Compass Group, and they are completely legitimate, Dunedin chartered accountant Chris Worth says. […] Mr Worth called Dunedin South MP Clare Curran “gullible” for saying its tax arrangements were “amoral”, and accused media of misrepresenting the situation.

  23. Gurglars

    A final chapter

    One finds oneself as a schoolgirl, perched with head bowed in front of this massive man, who is making my life abject misery. After two weeks I can take it no longer, I tell my mother. She feels sad and says nothing, but in the morning I find a large piece of chocolate cake wrapped in cellophane. She kisses me on the cheek, pats my head and says give it to Mr Hardhay, I am sure he will appreciate it.

    I walk to school, taking a little more time than usual and when I get there I have to run to my desk to be on time. That morning I am one of about four fellow students whom have marked their arithmetic homework incorrectly and take four straps before 9:30. I am tempted to eat the cake for solace.

    If I do I know I will be in more trouble at home so I front up to Mr Hardhay and say, Sir, I am sorry for being such a terrible pupil, but I would like you to accept this gift as a measure of my feelings. Exactly as my mother said. Mr Hardhay’s mouth moved a little and he thanked me.

    In the next week all of a sudden my abilities magically improved and my marks soared and Mr Hardhay never strapped or slapped me for the rest of the year.

    Today, I was advised that whilst staying under medication I was able to go home around 5. I had ordered lunch and dinner for more photos and seditious pimpernelisms.

    About eleven, I was told by the SDHB girl that delivered meals, that I would not receive Dinner but would get lunch which was a sandwich. I noticed the other sandwiches came in their plastic containers (sometimes dated with a non-date), but my sanger was a rich triple decker, with fresh bread, two slices of bread, rich fresh tasty tomatoes and real tomato relish. First bite I swooned, it was so good I did not have time to photograph it!

    Just goes to show that the anti-smacking bill was a mistake in New Zealand, another bureacratic decision that listened to the 80% who wanted no such number and passed it anyway.

    Seems to have worked in England.

    However, it’ll take a year at Maxims in Paris to allow me to forget the pap, look, smell, and taste of most of the mush they are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the hospitalled.

    Be tastier to add the wool to the food.

  24. Elizabeth

    Most encouraging that Gurglars has healthily escaped the SDHB Compass clutches. Yay.

    Meanwhile, the Fight of The Good continues.

    Mon, 9 May 2016
    ODT: Doctors slam Compass food
    Cafeteria food supplied by beleaguered Compass Group at Dunedin Hospital has come under fire from junior doctors, with a recent survey showing high levels of dissatisfaction. […] New Zealand Resident Doctors’ Association national secretary Deborah Powell said a survey by Dunedin Hospital resident doctors quantified concerns about in-house catering by Compass for hospital staff and called for an “urgent improvement” in food quality.

    Expectations $6.96million will be saved over the 15-year contract period.

  25. Hype O'Thermia

    Jeepers peepers, where DO they find these creepers?
    $6.96million “saved” – divided by 15 – then compared with money wasted on PR and excuses and people making slower recoveries due to inadequate nutrition.
    Those buffoons deserve a Speights, let’s start collecting dregs from glasses till we have enough to refill a bottle for them.

  26. Gurglars

    Rudolf V von Gurgelaars stands silently unseen behind a narrow lamp post.
    OK wider lamp post providing power to the searchlight. He waits as the sound of the changing wall guard approaches some 100m away. The light focuses on the exchange. Von Gurgelaars (VG) slides silently through the pre-cut razor wires towards the wall. He reaches a 36″ pipe stops tries to slide in. He moves to his right a few metres and swaps for a 46″ pipe. A mole nudges him, he says quietly “my shoulders could not fit. He slides down not concerned about claustrophobia, his head sticking out a little. The searchlight starts its normal track. The light for a moment seems to pause over his pipe but catches a view of pipemol-e and moves on. It pauses and then continues. He whispers to mol-e it must have thought I was a fuschia! Mole replies no he thought you were a desert rock. VG has little hair now.

    Von Gurgelaars waits patiently when the light reaches the end of its traverse he sprints for the crack in the wall, music is not yet playing by Roger Watters. He sees the 4” metalplate he kicks at it, forgetting the landmine possibility. The head of the sewer opens. The sicherdeinst operative opens his kit provided by Burbery and Takes a pill his now octupus frame squeezes down and he drops into the sewer. “Gott in Himmel” (CEO to Hell) he exclaims as he lands in the DHB foodline, up to his waste he clambers for about 200 metres until a lid appears above his head. He raises it a fraction sees no guards, hauls himself up and wipes his plastic golf waterproofs and strides to reception.

    Narm: Baron Rudolf Valentino von Gurgelaars
    Address: Secret
    Occupation: Rote Pimp-he-Nell (sorry no umlaut available, imagine one over the Rote)
    Date of birth: Provided

    Vot is the matter
    VG responds “Hallucinations”


    VG waits in ED
    A short time later, a nurse arrives with a stretcher
    A doctor accent indeterminable arrives. Interrogation for over one hour.
    Vait here ve vill move you shortly.
    The next morning VG is moved back to ward 5b.

    He’s back, the pimpfor nell your spi has done it!
    Normal info gathering and reporting has commenced.
    They did not find my camera.
    They thought it was a phone.

    Will there be a fresh threedecker again?
    Will there be inedible or pap?
    Has the SDHB improved?
    Is CH concerned?

    These and more as yet unspecified questions WILL be answered!

    Social News:
    Try the very fresh fish and chips at the Wharf hotel! Used to have their own fish licence and boats

  27. Gurglars

    Reportez von die pen off de Baron (soon to be promoted) R.V.v Gurglaars- yool (year of our lord) 2016/5/10




    Herevif my first report after clandestine insertion.

    Qvestion 1. Vos the triple decker an obvious bribe- ja herwol!
    Vot macht du komm to diese conclusion (look it up)
    Anzer- There has never been nor vill be again
    Anozzer triple decker after the Fokker TR1

    Qvestion 2. Vos die lunch mushroom soup edible-
    Anzer- ya! Mit small mushroom pieces- actual

    Qvestion 3. Vos die pasta edible-
    Anzer- ja! unt der vos enuff.

    Qvestion 4. Vos die staff service good
    Anzer- Alvays

    Qvestion-5 Vos die bread fresh

    Qvestion- 6- Vot mark did you give die kai
    Anzer- in 1920, 10,000 marks vould not buy one loaf of bread

    Spi returning to type.

    Diese ist de Baron R V v Gurglaars disappearing stage left.

    Hospital food - menu Gurglars 10.5.16 (1)


  28. Elizabeth

    Stopp drücken

    Von Gurgelaars: Just in for observation of new edition of Lancet.

  29. Elizabeth

    Compass, give us a break – don’t bother feigning shock

    Tue, 10 May 2016
    ODT: Compass perplexed by food gripes
    Changes at Dunedin Hospital’s staff cafe do not warrant the level of dissatisfaction evident in a new doctors’ survey, the Compass Group says. The company was asked to respond to a New Zealand Resident Doctors’ Association survey which showed 90% of junior doctors at Dunedin Hospital said food quality had decreased since it took over the cafes.

    █ Late yesterday afternoon the association told Radio New Zealand it might sue the Southern District Health Board over the food issue. The union said the board did not consult it about changing its supply contract at Dunedin Hospital to Compass, which it said was a breach of contract, RNZ reported.

    RNZ News: National standards call for hospital food
    Hospital food should have to meet nutritional national standards so patients can be assured what they are eating is good for them, Waikato DHB says. It comes as complaints grow from patients and junior doctors about the quality of meals at hospitals in Otago and Southland provided by commercial operator Compass.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Otago and Southland, now Waikato. Amazing the way this irrational hate campaign against Compass’s gourmet offerings is sweeping the country. Mass hysteria, that’s what it is. Compass and Jonathan Coleman can’t be wrong.

  30. Gurglars

    Drum Roll!

    Playing of Le Marsellaise to a crescendo!



    Drum roll

    Le Finale’

    Le Associacione’ de chef de cuisine announce’

    Le Conteste’

    For le championship de Worlde’ for de medaille d’or to be judged by
    M’sieur Gordon Ramsay- loud noses possibly even a few raspberries- sacre

    Le Contestante-

    Le Comte Randalle de Gurgelar’ VC and Ra, legion d’honneur, croix de G.U.R (ground under repair on the portobello road)

    M’sieur Le Compasse’ SD (slightly dodgy) TA, Pap,

    Enter Gordon Ramsay- a couple of farts, a few raspberries and some old scottish music


    Le Conteste’

    To make a perfect SALSA

    Gordon interviews le Comte

    M’sieur, can you describe your methode’- certainmente’

    Uno- I go to pack,n,save and working diligently purchase ten of the cheapest tomatoes not buying the green bit for which there is a coste’
    I also obtain a small pottle of cherry tomatoes, I then purchase a bottle of cheap home brand vinegar’ and an onion some sea salt and a cucumber and a secret ingredient, a Katinka tomato.

    Gordon- Katinka tomato? Sacre Bleu was ist das?

    Le Comte- a very special tomato only grown in North Dunedin!

    Gordon and this array before is the result? – oui

    So le methode’

    Chop tomatoes into small slivers, chop cucumber into small slices, chop onion fine, mix add, salt, vinegar (generous helping)


    Le Comte’ with dazzling hand speed like a Chinese martial arts his arms whirring chops the cucumber, onion and tomatoes in seconds-

    Gordon- Bravo

    Adds vinegar and salt – steps back gestures – Complete’

    Gordon enquires and what uses does this simple dish have-

    M’sieur- le humble Salsa can be had with steamed or roasted chicken as an aside for beef or lamb, as a starter, or a salade’ as a garnishe’ or with a currie’

    Ramsay samples-


    By now the TV audience is concerned that Ramsay has allowed Le Comte 20 minutes of the thirty minute programme’ ? They are concerned about the unfairness of the contest.

    Ramsay appears very conciliatore’ when M’sier le Compasse strides to the front.

    Your Methode M’sieur

    Well, Firstly I obtain my ingredients from Compass stock

    Gordon looks left to his small preperation table.

    Was ist das?

    We had a problem, the only onion, tomato and cucumber we could find was the top and bottom of a tomato we went out to New World to get to make a triple decker for this bastard spying on us in ward 5b!

    What about any vinegar breathes Ramsay snorting- a drop of spittle appears at his mouth, he’s starting to foam up he turns aside drops the spoon into Le Comte’s Salsa and whips a large spoonful into his mouth, he exclaims- those Katinka tomatoes really are good.

    He turns back to M’sieur le Compasse- so M’sieur how did you expect to win this contest? Le Compasse to Ramsay whispering in his ear “Did you not receive le Presente- le Rolls Royce?

    Ramsay- you fuckwit, he explodes kicking compass towards the stairwell, when we discussed this contract you did not advise that you were going to come with no ingrediente, no expertise and no f?.ing idea!!

    M’sieur le Compasse pleads but le bribe, le bribe- blubbing.

    Ramsay- placing his hair into the Trump position, says get in that chair!
    Le Compasse’ walks doggedly to the chair near the stairwell. Ramsay walks the chair to the stairwell, and in his best Trump voice loudly proclaims your FIRED and kicks the chair down the stairwell.

    He walks back to the rostrum where le Comte’ is filing his nails.

    M’sieur le Compte- it is indeed a pleasure to advise that because of the qualite’, le tiny coste’ le very simplicite’ of your recipe’ except for le Katinka variete’ , we declare you the winner by unanimous decisione’ of the World Internationale hospital food conteste’, the prestigious medaille d’or.

    Le Compte Rollande de Gurglers, VC and Ra, Croix de G.U.R, medaille’d’or rises to his feet, strains of Freddie Mercury and we are the champions erupt from the Dunedin stadium which has been sold to Le Comte for the undisclosed sum of $1.

    He bows to the crowd, strolls to the microphone.

    The stadium erupts

    He commences his speech.

    Mesdames and Messieurs it has indeed been a consomme’ pleasure’ to demonstrate without doubt the exigencies of the performance of le Compass.

    What a strange name, perhaps they believe it demonstrates that they know where they are going. The realite’ is that tonight and every night it becomes clear that Compass have no compass, moral or directional and Gordon’s actions tonight kicking them out is a lesson to us all!

    The crowd erupts, the band plays the kiwi national anthem, followed by Waltzing Matilda another example of man triumphing over bureacracy (sheep stealing)’ le Marsellaise (for le Comte’) and 5,000 Ngai Tahu do a new Haka titled “Piss off Compass!”

    Le Comte’ completes his speech, task completed from my end, I am going home today on le bus and I implore you, le citizens of Dunedin to continue my work by demonstration to get rid of le vile, cynical, outfit determined to profit from those poor citizens needing sympathy, nourishment and consideration by the managers of the SDHB.

  31. Elizabeth

    Received from Gurglars, lunch @ Dunedin Hospital (in the order sent)

    Hospital food IMG_0145 [11.5.16 Gurglars]Gloup- Say no more- tinned powder with yesterday’s silverbeet shredded

    Hospital food IMG_0147 [11.5.16 Gurglars]Monday lunch- All free deliveries from takeaway shops gratefully accepted. In lieu I can write advertising slogans- like Richard Thomson and Jonathon Coleman NEVER eat here. Should be a cracker!

    Hospital food IMG_0144 [11.5.16 Gurglars]Main- Very shallow plates has been one of Compass’s cost savings measures, and given the leftovers and rejects why provide a normal serving?

    Hospital food IMG_0143 [11.5.16 Gurglars]Disguise- I may be good and I may be bad, but the SDHB cares not how sad!

  32. Elizabeth

    On sight of this weekday offering, feeling ill enough to call an ambulance.

  33. Elizabeth

    Very distressing to me, given how ill and or injured patients are – who need our mass support to get shot of Compass at our hospital kitchens in Otago Southland.

  34. Elizabeth


    Patients complained about food, noise, staff being in a hurry, communication and lack of co-ordination. But they had a lot of positive things to say about the skill and kindness of staff.

    • Gurglars


      What if wishes to announce the appointment of M’sieur le Compte Rollande de Gurgler VC and bar, Croix de G.U.R, medaille d’or to the position of head of the International observation group- The Observation of the level of the sea . M’sieur Le Compte won the position at the end of the Otago harbour due to his non-acceptance of a Rolls Royce in earlier matters which cannot be explained here due to security reasons.

      The appointee stated when interviewed by International media
      “It is our intention to evaluate any movements of the sea whether up or down, continuously for a number of years, to determine which way the sea is going or coming. Given that the sea has been 75 metres higher (7500 centimetres) and also 125 metres lower (12500 centimetres) one would believe that the movement will be self evident at least within the 1000 years of observation we are prepared for.”

      Release ends

  35. Gurglars

    Who’s Floundering, Elizabeth! Wash your mouth out.

    Saying that the Climate Change operatives are floundering is unfair until we get our sophisticated measuring machine in place, an activity we are pursuing as we write.

    Of course if you imply that the councillors and staff at the DCC are floundering, now that is proven QED.

    We start with 152+ cars
    Followed by nasty little curbings in South Dunedin,
    Portsmouth drive, cycle lanes
    550,000 hits on Trade Me
    Mayor Cull blaming climate change for $138,000,000 worth of damage in South Dunedin
    Revalution of Wall Street
    Cull defamation by three
    Uncle Tom Cobley and all
    Etc etc etc

  36. Elizabeth

    Garrick Tremain – 14 May 2016

    [Note to Gurglars, floundering!]

    • Gurglars

      What you the people should be very scared about with the introduction of Compass, the thin end of a very fat wedge.

      Noam Chomsky and George Carlin.

      Why do we not have intellectuals’ commentary like this in New Zealand?
      Perhaps our education system is designed to dumb our students down!

  37. Elizabeth

    Gurglars forewarned us, above at this thread, of the shady Compass survey (following a ‘strategic’ better dish or two served up before the survey personna arrived to elicit patient comment, as if not connected….).

    Mon, 16 May 2016
    ODT: Compass collating survey
    Meal monitors brought in after a run of complaints and publicity about the new food service at Dunedin Hospital finished their stint yesterday. Compass Group chief operating officer Julian Baldey said the two “patient experience co-ordinators” noticed a “considerable increase in satisfaction” over the four-week period.

  38. Elizabeth

    Mon, 16 May 2016
    ODT: Call for release of SDHB food contract
    By Eileen Goodwin
    Dunedin South MP Clare Curran has called for the Compass Group hospital food contract to be released, saying there is high public interest in the controversial 15-year deal. Compass is being consulted on an Otago Daily Times request to the Southern District Health Board for the contract document, the newspaper was told last week in response to the request lodged a month ago.

  39. Elizabeth


    “It’s quite lucky because she normally eats on her own, without supervision.”

    Fri, 20 May 2016
    ODT: Fish bone prompts menu discussion
    The Compass Group is considering removing fish cakes from the children’s menu after a toddler found a 2cm bone embedded in a fish cake at Dunedin Hospital. Chloe Wilkinson, of Dunedin, said it had been lucky her 19-month-old daughter did not put the bone into her mouth. The bone was embedded in the fish cake.


    Fri, 20 May 2016
    ODT: Freezer breakdown puts focus on Compass: Union
    A freezer breakdown at Southland Hospital highlights the vulnerability of the new Compass Group food model, E tu union industry co-ordinator Jill Ovens says. Compass had to bring in a freezer truck on Saturday to keep its food frozen.

  40. Gurglars

    Near Miss!!
    More like a bloody miracle.
    Very difficult to find a fish bone in a can of Tuna!

    Fresh fish at the SDHB, about as likely as Dave Cull admitting an error.

    Far more likely to be a furphy.

  41. Elizabeth

    ODT 24.5.16 (page 6)

    ODT 24.5.16 Letter to editor Park p6[click to enlarge]

    Wed, 25 May 2016 at 20:47 p.m.

    Message: Publish or be damned! Don’t publish and be vilified!!!
    [ODT refused to publish the following letter]

    From: John Evans
    Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2016
    Subject: SDHB Food

    Dear Sir, Your correspondent Mr J. Park of Wakari makes a very fair point in criticism of the food served on behalf of the SDHB by the Compass Group. Unfortunately the reply by Ms Heatley, the CEO on $500,000 + is not quite so sage, in fact a tad ingenuous.

    As a former patient (a fortnight ago for one week) I can state that if the food is better now, it must have been previously inedible by any animal, whereas in my tenure it was inedible by a cat. As to why concerns are greater in the south to other DHB’s perhaps Ms Heatley might send your correspondent, a good judge, to some of those hospitals to check whether their food is the same. Or perhaps send one of the commissioners, at least we would know they are actually doing something for their collective $3200 per day!

    And of course if he/she were to determine, after investigation that the food supplied was the same, it would merely prove that our hospital food was better than other centres previously or that Southern people are smarter. Which is of course patently obvious as we choose to live here rather than in some other overpriced, traffic ridden hellhole.


    • Hype O'Thermia

      I had parents and friends in hospital at many times over the years. I took food to them. Treats, snacks, fruit, home baking. Not whole basic survival meals, meat & veges, dinners and lunches.

      Yes, “families have always brought food to their loved ones” – it’s a good line because nobody can say it’s untrue. “Always brought meals …” – now that would have been a lie and God would have been very cross with her.

      • Elizabeth

        The woman is thick, totally unobservant of the effects on us of her own dissembling – and has exhausted public patience (not the card game!).
        The people of Otago Southland having anything to do with our hospitals and meals on wheels services in the last 5-10 years could see, smell and taste the difference in meals supplied from our hospital chefs and their kitchens, of which we were proud – until the dumbchunks contracted Compass the Corporate Sinners.

        • @Elizabeth
          May 26, 2016 at 2:49 am
          You say, “The woman is thick, totally unobservant of the effects on us of her own dissembling”
          Well maybe – but I think that what she is really saying to Otago and Southland people ‘get over it’.
          She doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss about all this. The decision regarding engaging Compass has been made – and despite its abysmal record this outfit (ie the Southern DHB) will persist with using it.

      • Gurglars

        Hype, there may be a clever stratagem being applied by Carole Heatley here we may have underestimated her abilities!

        The one thing that kept me going whilst I was served the unadulterated crap Compass food, was the dream of a good meal if I ever left alive.

        Suffice to say that my son picked me up at 5.30 and at 5.35 I picked up the pre-ordered takeaway from The Asian in Moray Place.

        Methode in their Insanity.

  42. Calvin Oaten

    Ms Heatly is in ‘damage control’ mode defending the indefensible. She says “Compass has responded to concerns and meals have improved.Changes have been made to meals on wheels in response to feedback.”
    Now if all these issues have arisen since Compass took over the provisioning of meals within the SDHB group, one would have to wonder what if any due diligence was done into Compass and its quality of supply. Worse, to commit to a 15 year contract on this basis without having first ascertained that it was going to be satisfactory, and for the seemingly paltry savings over that period seems hare-brained. The proposed appointing of three senior bureaucrats, an Executive Director, Organisational Development & Performance, a Group HR Manager and a Health & Safety Manager with the six figure plus salaries will eat away most of the food delivery projected savings. This leaves one wondering just what standard of management there really is in that building. The three appointed $1400 and $900 per day commissioners are also a suspect quality relative to health administration. If it weren’t so serious it could all be thought a laughable ‘Monty Python’ scenario.

    • Calvin Oaten
      May 25, 2016 at 11:02 pm
      You say, “ is in ‘damage control’ mode defending the indefensible”
      How true – but in their haste to meet the ‘garmints’ demand – ie cost cutting – they lost sight of the old adage – ‘don’t spoil the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar’.

      Well they screwed up big time on that one – and then and then – this. The three appointed $1400 and $900 per day commissioners are also a suspect quality relative to health administration. Oh dear!
      They not only ‘spoiled the ship’ but they exacerbated the original problem.
      ‘Monty Python’ indeed!

      Who needs Monty Python – we have our own version – but at GREAT expense.

  43. Elizabeth

    Douglas Field Published on May 25, 2016
    SDHB python chase
    “Cook” up at SDHB – a satirical sketch about the current debacle – without many apologies to Monty the snake.

    Thu, 26 May 2016
    ODT: Debate clearly absent at DHB public meeting
    OPINION Media representatives outnumbered the public yesterday when the Southern District Health Board commissioner held the first committee meeting in public nearly a year after her appointment. […] The meeting fodder was the same as before board members were sacked last year: Stodgy reports typified by sentences like “the anticipated outcome will be an agreed programme of implementation with key stakeholders”. With no elected members, nothing even vaguely controversial risked coming up at the low-key meeting.

    Channel 39 are out of their depth. It is a STATUTORY requirement that meetings happen – not that the Commissioner Kathy Grant “allows” meetings to happen. Jesus weeps.

    ### Wed, 25 May 25 2016
    SDHB opens meetings to public
    Details about the operation, performance and finances of the Southern District Health Board are becoming more publicly accessible. The board’s just opened some of its committee meetings to the public, starting from today. Residents are now able to sit through meetings for three committees dealing with hospitals, community and public health, and disability support. It’s a move by the commissioner in charge of the board. Several initiatives are being put in place within the organisation to improve transparency and public engagement. A handful of people attended today’s meetings at Wakari Hospital. Agendas for the committee meetings are also being published on the board’s website.
    Ch39 Video

    Mrs Grant acknowledged that the Act covering the commissioner regime required the meetings all along.

    Sun, 22 May 2016
    ODT: Lack of meetings unexplained
    In an “ideal world”, the Southern District Health Board would have complied with its obligation under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act to hold monthly advisory committee meetings, commissioner Kathy Grant says.
    The advisory committees, which are open to the public, resume next week, and have been held up as an example of the commissioner team becoming more transparent and open.

    • Gurglars

      Love the acknowldegement, Mick, but just wondering am I the black knight, the checkered knight or just the Dark Night?

      • Hi Gurglars
        Sorry to disappoint you but none of those. But look at the ‘bent’ one at the rear – the beast of burden carrying all the gear – recognise? And watch out for that ‘fast’ geeza in the orange shirt with the tash who can’t recognise lamborghinis . He’s after your stuff. Can’t trust anyone.

  44. Hype O'Thermia

    Any translators out there, please?
    Does this mean “we’ve already jacked up a win-win with our besties, nothing to see here, don’t slam the door on your way out” – “the anticipated outcome will be an agreed programme of implementation with key stakeholders” – ?

  45. Elizabeth

    COMPASS super sleazy shitheads

    ODT 27.5.16 (page 10)

    2016-05-27 14.04.45

    • Hype O'Thermia

      One individual has repeatedly asked for Compass chef Michael Tomlinson’s recipes – how droll! Jennifer Brown of Wakari didn’t say who this fan was. Hey Jennifer? You listening? You can tell us, we won’t tell anyone else!

  46. Elizabeth

    For Detective Hype:

    ODT 6.4.16 Ask a Chef – Karen Chapman p18
    ODT 6.4.16 Ask a Chef - Karen Chapman p18 (1)

    ODT 13.4.16 Ask a Chef – Karen Chapman p18
    ODT 13.4.16 Ask a Chef - Karen Chapman p18 (1)

    ODT 11.5.16 Ask a Chef – Karen Chapman p18
    ODT 11.5.16 Ask a Chef - Karen Chapman p18 (1)

    Perhaps this Karen Chapman [Karen Lee Chapman] – married to Philip Chapman ?

    Concertante Donors to Dunedin Symphony Orchestra

    Residential Address:
    Liberton, 125 Gladstone Road, East Taieri, Mosgiel 9024

    Related Registered Office(s):
    51 Portobello Road, Dunedin
    125 Gladstone Road, East Taieri, Mosgiel 9024

    Director/Shareholder search – NZ Companies Register:
    Chapman Karen Lee
    Chapman Philip

    Or, it’s another Karen Chapman of Dunedin ???

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Whichever one out of the scores of Karen Chapmans (Karens Chapman?) in this burg, she sure loves that Compass tucker. I sure hope she’s not tempted to neglect health and safety so she can end up in hospital – haven’t seen a photo of anything resembling those dishes in all the blogs and facebook posts.

      • Elizabeth

        Not scores at Dunedin. This is a set up – still digging, note the 11 May entry – Mr Tomlinson, executive head chef at Compass caterering @ Forsyth Barr Stadium. This is in keeping with ODT’s “promote the stadium” editorial policy.

        • Gurglars

          Compass catering based at the stadium!
          Please advise if this is true. The Rote Pimp from Hell may have to make a visit!

          Possible Disguises:
          Otago Jersey
          Competent administrator- Scratch that out, one WOULD stand out.
          Ticketing Clerk – Too obvious

          Ah, I’ve got it – Sound Engineer, none of them there, all unsound!

        • Elizabeth

          It’s True. $3M commercial kitchen complex …. see Farry’s ability to leave out basics to “artificially” lower the stadium project cost. Heehaw.

      • Calvin Oaten

        Don’t worry Hype, There will soon be a Health & Safety Officer appointed.
        See add in SST last Sunday.

  47. Gurglars

    I can give them the recipes!

    Take the above three recipes individually- add ten tonnes of water to each one, stir and serve.

    That gets rid of the desserts requirement for the year 2016.

  48. Jackie Elliott

    Delighted to say that thanks to all you Southerners complaining, the food supplied by Spotless in Palmerston NORTH hospital (yes North Islanders) was damned near superb last week. Some menu highlights: fresh crumbed warehou with chunky chips and garlic aoli, fresh green salad, fresh vege soups daily for lunch with sandwich packs (all AAA+++). Madeira cake with chantily cream or chocolate brownie with hot chocolate sauce and fresh berries, Mediterranean lamb with couscous, Italian salad, curried fresh fish cooked in coconut, apricot bake with custard. Yup, I’m coming back.

  49. Gurglars

    Compass at the stadium- One smells a very large Rat!

    And not in the food yet either.

    • Elizabeth

      They’ve been there a while now. And yes, that decomposing rat stinks. They were not happy, once upon a time, about the lack of business there and they threatened to pull out their $3M kitchen(s)… I can’t remember without doing a file search at this website (too lazy tonight) if this resulted in DCC/DVML buying the gear ?!

  50. Elizabeth

    Saturday, 28 May 2016 12:05 a.m.

    Offer Magnifique’

    I le Comte Rollande de Gurgelars VC and ex Ra, Croix de G.U.R, medaille d’or and curbside steakhouse hereby offer my services as a commissioner (commissiouneur) to the SDHB for the period from today until 2019 on the following basis: As Follows

    1. Le Honorarium- The fee to be paid by the government to me or my nominee to be set at $0 per day. My nominee is a relative based at Otakou busstop.

    2. Expenses- A sum of $40 per day to cover bus fares and a ten dollar lunch at the Friendly cafe’ no amount budgeted for taxi fare for the 100 metre trip! Such expenses to be paid to St John’s Ambulance should I be required to reattend due to health reasons. $10 must still be paid daily to avoid pap poisoning.

    Savings- Assuming that one of the overpriced incumbents can be inveigled to go willingly, fired or “let go”, a sum of $950 per diem to be saved.

    Given the paucity of meetings so far another commissioneur could also be let go another $950 per diem saved.

    My Pledge:
    In making this generous offer, I hereby pledge the following.

    1. To readvertise the position of CEO of the SDHB at an annual salary of $180,000, plus $15,000 car allowance, and a car park. Applicants must be suitably qualified and have a track record of providing quality health services within budget.
    2. No relatives of Compass employees need apply.
    3. To faithfully record photos of all types of meals as supplied by Compass.
    4. To maintain clinical nursing and after care services as at present with no diminution of quality.
    5. To ensure that all savings are spent on improvement of hospital facilities FOR PATIENTS, increases in doctors, nurses and operating budgets (that is operating on patients!).
    6. To ensure open and transparent And SENSIBLE decision making by bureaucrats, commissioneurs and key staff.
    7. To cut administrative staff in areas such as – Public relations, Speech writing, Empire Building, etc etc.
    8. Ensuring robust oversight of Purchase contracts, IT contracts, Food supply contracts and firing those suppliers who breach contract conditions.
    9. Ensuring lawyers for the SDHB write contracts favourable to the SDHB and not to employees, contractors, ticket clippers or any other sundry scammers.
    10. To ensure that relations between the clinicians and management are open, fair to both parties and negotiated in the interests of patients.
    11. To ensure that all staff, commissioners and contractors who have proven failures in performance of any of the above tasks previously are not considered again.

    This offer Magnifique is open at all times until 2019 and should form the basis of all applicant’s reasoning if and when nominees for the SDHB are next called.

    Yours Sincerely

    Le Comte


  51. Elizabeth

    Douglas Field Published May 27, 2016 | Republished Aug 17, 2016
    Compost group food caterers
    A satirical romp through the ‘Five Bar’ liability heap. Managed by the Compost Group. Compte D’ Gurglars adopts a cunning disguise as a sewer rat knowing that he would not be noticed as in thousands inhabiting this ‘mecca’ for rodent fodder. He evades all the goon guards and makes it to report to M – the rest is history.

    • Elizabeth

      29/05/2016 4:01 am

      Le Pimp from hell is offended! 

      An infiltrateur, a Newsance, a Whistlebloweur, a Hero! 

      Mon Dieu, but a Rattus!

      A little grey mouse, the position already taken by ze kleinfeldmaus, I comprende’ but surely a caricature of a Pimp from hell is not out of Mick’s Compass??

      An uncharacteristic and not enduring effort Mick, le judge awards 2/9!

      Not only that but the good work can only be done stealthily and in secret! The triple decker sandwich is the evidence that this outfit is intent upon deception and the non-random patient surveys confirm our suspicions. We must be vigilant, ever watchful for the spin, the deception, the obfuscation and the graft, corruption and dodgy practices self-evident in the Swann theft, the RT coverup and ultimate sacking and reinstatement ??, the 15-year Compass contract and the Commissioner appointments. For what are we paying $3200 per day when we can not get legal statutory meetings from a body appointed by the government?

      Le Compte will not be ratting on anyone, but he will be infiltrating, dancing lightly, zig zagging, swirling through wards with the ever present camera disguised as a phone.

      Beware SDHB, even the Walls have ears!


      • Kleinefeldmaus

        A ‘phonydisguise’ twill never work, is not impressed. So back to the warren with you until you can ring some changes on that phone – it can be heard a mile off.

  52. Elizabeth

    Sun, 29 May 2016
    ODT: New meals on wheels food testing
    Southern District Health Board meals on wheels recipients in Dunedin and Invercargill will be the first to test new Compass meals in about five weeks. Compass took over preparation of the subsidised meals for the board at the end of January and, amid a flurry of cancellations and concerns about the meals’ quality, undertook a review of all dishes and introduced additional quality checks.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      The current Meals on Wheels recipients are the ones who didn’t cancel. Duh.
      Why try new meals on the people who can’t afford anything else, or have the same palate as Minister Coleman?
      The people who could give a useful opinion on whether the meals are up to the average person’s standard are the ones no longer receiving Meals in Wheels.
      Another poor quality Compass quality assessment, like the other surveys?
      Not that I’d suggest it was designed to mislead, good heavens no.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Huh, “Meals in Wheels”, typo. Mental picture of how Compass achieves some of those delectable dishes, running over them with a truck with bald tyres.

  53. Gurglars

    Hey Maus, you haven’t been loitering in the hospital car park lately have you. Maybe Mr Field got us confused or by poetic licence drew you bigger. Anything is possible. Do you carry a Candlestine?

    • Kleinefeldmaus

      Only at nights – and when the wind isn’t blowing – which in Dunedin is -well hardly ever. So it wasn’t me you saw in the hospital car park Gov – honest. Nah not me. Could have been two other people.

  54. Elizabeth

    ODT 30.5.16 (page 8)

    2016-05-30 16.52.49

  55. Gurglars

    One wonders how a statutory commissioner – in law – can evade a statutory requirement? One also wonders what calibre of lawyer would ignore, flaut or be unaware of such a legal requirement.

    It appears we have got a Clayton’s commissioner, masquerading as a lawyer, or is it a Clayton’s lawyer masquerading as a commissioner.

    To $1400 per day, might I suggest a donation to meals on wheels of at least $1000 per day! In that way ratepayers/taxpayers may sleep more soundly in their beds and would not be worrying about
    a. Malnutrition
    b. Profligacy

  56. Hype O'Thermia

    Re commissioners – did I hear on the radio that if Auckland’s democratically elected people don’t come up with what the government wants, in this case regarding land for housing I think, I hadn’t been paying attention till a certain word hit me in both ears – the government may stage yet another coup and install a commissioner of their choice!
    I hope I was multi-tasking beyond my competence at the time and have picked it up all wrong. Surely someone else heard what has put this idea or false memory into my mind. Reassurance, please!

    Once commissioners have been put in place it seems to take a VERY long time to regain democracy, if ever.

  57. Hype O'Thermia

    Next election will be interesting. Will National make “destruction of inconvenient democracy” one of its policies? If not I do hope people attending candidates’ meetings will ask the hopeful of all parties where they stand on demolishing democratically elected councils and boards that fail to comply with central government, “how high?” being the only correct response to such wishes.

    Clap’em in camel shackles if they won’t go quietly, Steven Joyce, while John arranges golf tees in daisy patterns which keeps him from noticing that anything questionable is going on.

  58. Calvin Oaten

    It’s all enough to make JK tug at his forelock – if he had one – as ponytails are now off limits, what’s a poor PM to do, but install commissioners? You just can’t get good compliant people nowadays by electing them. Only ‘preening wannabes’, who keep taking their eye off the ball and wandering away to places like China.

  59. Elizabeth


    “I’m anti-contract cooking.” –Brien Cree

    Wed, 1 Jun 2016
    ODT: Outsource-free food suits Radius
    A Dunedin chef designs and oversees the menus in all of Radius Care’s 22 facilities after the aged care provider was burned by a bad outsourcing experience. Radius Care managing director Brien Cree, of Auckland, said he opposes food outsourcing for a simple reason – the quality of the food suffers. […] The company contacted the Otago Daily Times to talk about food outsourcing after months of publicity about the Southern District Health Board’s foray into outsourced food production.

  60. Hype O'Thermia

    Hands up all those who didn’t already know it works like this (Richard Walrus & crew excused from this test, just go back to the quiet corner and squash playdough into one another’s ears as usual) –
    “”For example, if an in-house chef directly purchased a $10 cut of meat for a meal, then they’d end up with a $10 cut of meat. “The second you outsource this, however, your $10 cut of meat becomes an $8 cut of meat with a $2 mark-up,” Mr Cree wrote in a blog posting.”

  61. Elizabeth

    Election Year —– where does DCC and the SDHB start or end ?????
    And who is DCC to tell us what we can or can’t do with food we grow, collect, buy, share or waste at our leisure ?

    There are already private providers and charities dealing with food collection and utilisation at Dunedin. Once again DCC steps on community toes and creates INTERFERENCE in our lives. Instead of apologising to the People of South Dunedin for the flood of June 2015, Katy-Did.

    SO FUCK OFF DCC might be the message—

    So yes, on the subject of FOOD and typical DCC Stupidity for not knowing what Core Council Business is:

    Dunedin City Council – Media Release
    Dunedin supports food initiative

    This item was published on 01 Jun 2016

    Reducing food waste can help Dunedin families save money – that is the message of the new Love Food Hate Waste website being launched today. Dunedin City Council Waste Minimisation Officer Catherine Gledhill says the average New Zealand family throws three full shopping trolleys of uneaten food into the bin each year, which is more than $560 of food going to waste.
    “New Zealanders spend $872 million a year on food that will be thrown away uneaten. In Dunedin alone $26 million of food is wasted each year. Often when we think about food waste we associate it with supermarkets and businesses, but the reality is the most significant proportion of food waste actually happens in the home. The Love Food Hate Waste website will help people reduce the amount of food that they throw out, in order to save money and the environment. It has practical tips, storage guides and recipes to help people get the most out of their food.”
    DCC Infrastructure Services Committee Chair Cr Kate Wilson says, “While the cost of food we waste is surprising, that waste going to the landfill adds to emissions costs. Saving that waste from the landfill would come with significant other savings.”

    The DCC is one of 59 councils collaborating to deliver Love Food Hate Waste around New Zealand.

    █ Food waste will also feature at the International Food Design Festival in Dunedin from 29 June to 1 July and there will be a LFHW stand at the Otago Farmers Market on 2 July.

    A key event will be the Love Food Hate Waste Cook Up with Judith Cullen who will be preparing delicious dishes for tasting while giving handy hints on how to reduce food waste, use leftovers and ultimately save money.
    █ 30 June : 6pm – 8.30pm : Kitchen Things : $25 – limited tickets available. All proceeds to FoodShare.

    Visit for more details.

    Contact Waste Minimisation Officer on 03 477 4000. DCC Link


    ### Wed, 1 June 2016
    New food waste initiative applauded locally
    Members of the Dunedin City Council are backing a new initiative to help reduce food waste in the city. The ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ programme was launched today to inspire people to think about the amount of food they throw away and the environmental impact. And it could help residents reduce their grocery bill.
    Ch39 Link

    Channel 39 Published on May 31, 2016
    New food waste initiative applauded locally

  62. Gurglars

    Funny isn’t it. The SDHB appoints Compass to provide Food Waste and with a reverse meals on wheels we could probably provide nutritious food for patients that we are now throwing out. Of course such a reverse supply would require an organiser and an organisation. The operative word is derived from the old root, ORGANISED.

    Unfortunately there is precious little of that in Dunedin. Cr Wilson will run off, speak at meetings sit in on staff meetings and the bloody obvious will never be discussed. Far better to have ze Grande Plan than to provide a simple pathway to feed sick patients.

  63. Elizabeth

    Sat, 4 Jun 2016
    ODT: Contract release delayed
    The release of the Compass Group’s contract with Southern District Health Board has been delayed a second time. Yesterday, DHB entity NZ Health Partnerships, which oversees the contract, said in a written response it would release the redacted contract and appendices by June 16.

    █ NZ Health Partnerships released new patient satisfaction results yesterday. A survey of 517 Southern District Health Board patients from mid-April to mid-May returned an 85% satisfaction rate.

    • Gurglars

      Claytons survey! They did not survey anyone with
      A. Tastebuds
      B. Eyesight
      C. A sense of smell
      D. Me
      E. Anyone with a modicum of
      1. Intelligence
      2. Who had ever eaten decent food
      3. Who could form any judgement.
      4. Who was not starving hungry

      One only has to look at the photos I provided to be able to judge that the food was unpalatable, and should not be served to Cats. (unless one agreed with Gareth Morgan)

  64. Elizabeth

    ### 5:24 am today
    RNZ News
    Companies investigated for payroll breaches named
    A list of private companies investigated by the Labour Inspectorate for payroll breaches has been released – it includes Compass Group (the new caterer for Dunedin Hospital), a Dunedin boys school [John McGlashan], and Silver Fern Farms.
    The Labour Inspectorate has created a temporary team to carry out targeted investigations for employees who may not have been paid their full entitlements under the Holidays Act.
    Government officials have estimated up to 760,000 people could have been underpaid over several years across the public and private sector, with a total cost that could top $2 billion.
    The Ministry of Employment, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and the police have identified underpayments due to non-compliance with the Holidays Act, and government ministers have said the private sector was also likely to be affected.
    Documents released to RNZ News under the Official Information Act showed 13 investigations were completed between 1 January 2015 and 17 March this year.
    MBIE said the nature of breaches focused on the “miscalculation of annual leave and BAPS (bereavement leave, alternative holiday, public holiday and sick leave) entitlements and/or payments, missing components of individual employment agreements, and the failure to keep adequate records.”
    Various enforcement notices have been issued, with MBIE withholding the details of one active case.
    Read more

  65. Hype O'Thermia

    Meals on Wheels volunteers in Pukekohe say the quality of the food they serve elderly customers has deteriorated so much that they’ve lost half their clients in under a year.

  66. Gurglars

    You may have missed one vital point in your analysis and breakdown here Hype.

    The demise of some of the recipients due to unreported Food Poisoning!

  67. Elizabeth

    ### Tue, 30 Aug 2016
    National worried about Compass contracts
    Labour has accused National of admitting DHBs will end up paying more for food supplied by Compass if they don’t sign up with the private contractor. Labour’s health spokesperson, Annette King, says Health Minister Jonathan Coleman is worried about reports of growing discontent with the service. The Southern DHB has faced a long-standing revolt about the quality of their Compass-supplied hospital food. Current Compass food prices depend on all 20 District Health Boards signing up, but fewer than half have done so.
    Ch39 Link [no video available]

  68. Hype O'Thermia

    Where did the government go wrong? How come they didn’t put the screws on those “20 District Health Boards” like they did on ours?
    Hadn’t they consistently underfunded those ones till they forced a State Of Emergency, allowing them to send in the Marines / appoint their own marionettes?

    Tut tut, fancy trying to foist that crap on people whose duty is to look after *health* in their region, without first totally undermining them!

  69. Elizabeth

    Tue, 15 Nov 2016
    ODT: Compass: food supply still ‘on track’
    The Southern District Health Board says the closure of part of State Highway 1 yesterday has not affected its meals service, which relies on food trucked from the North Island. Compass Group holds a total of two weeks’ food supply in the South at all times.Interim chief executive Chris Fleming said the DHB had spoken to Compass after yesterday’s earthquake and aftershocks. ”If, in the future, there is any potential interruption to the food supply Compass will notify us immediately.” Cont/

  70. Elizabeth

    Sat, 24 Dec 2016
    ODT: Hospital’s festive fare [+ Photo]
    Caption: Dunedin Hospital food service manager Kostya Cherkun and food service associate Nele Tili hold some of the meal types that will be offered by the Compass Group to hospital patients for Christmas lunch tomorrow. Cont/

  71. Elizabeth

    LUCKY Canterbury, CDHB doen’t have the dreadful triad Kathy Grant, Richard Thomson and Graham Crombie – therefore they can make sensible decisions about FOOD.

    At Facebook:

    Sat, 4 Mar 2017
    ODT:Canterbury move to ditch Compass to save millions
    By Eileen Goodwin
    Canterbury District Health Board has dropped Compass Group as its food service provider, a move expected to save millions of dollars. CDHB chief executive David Meates said the 300 Compass staff would be offered jobs by the DHB, and the service would be provided in-house from July 1. Compass has run the CDHB’s food service since 2004. With the contract set to expire, the board rejected the 15-year nationally negotiated deal DHBs were encouraged to sign with Compass. Cont/

  72. Elizabeth

    THE FARCE that is SDHB and Commissioners

    “Everything seems to be so secret. People are really interested in the whole Compass issue.” –Natalie Wilson

    Fri, 24 Mar 2017
    ODT: Health board’s savings cut $2m
    By Eileen Goodwin
    Expected savings from outsourcing the Southern District Health Board’s food service have been slashed by $2 million. SDHB chief financial officer Clive Smith said the board would save “more than” $5 million over 15 years. The original figure was “more than” $7 million. The new figure is still a forecast, and could go up or down in future. Mr Smith disclosed the new figure in response to a question asked by  Natalie Wilson, of Dunedin, during the public forum of the commissioner meeting in Dunedin yesterday. Ms Wilson questioned a lack of transparency around the deal. Cont/

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