Luggate à la Dunedin’s lad, Dippie

L-plate [] 1

The jovial CD was driving towards Dunedin this morning…. gave me a wake-up call to foreshadow a new post pending for that old spectre : “L” for Luggate, or learner plates for Delta Directors and Mr Cameron.

Yessss. While the Noble subdivision at Yaldhurst heads for the rocks, it appears DCC Ratepayers have been doubly triply shafted at Luggate. Anyway, won’t steal CD’s thunder. He is in the offing!

Sat, 30 Apr 2016
ODT: Former Delta sections in Luggate hot property
Part of the big Luggate Park subdivision that lost Dunedin City Council-owned infrastructure company Delta $5.9million before tax in 2012 is being advertised for sale. The 22 sections in “Luggate Heights”, near Wanaka, range in price from $325,000 to $495,000, providing the owner, Willowridge Developments Ltd, with a potential gross return of $9,170,000. Similarly-sized sections at lower altitudes nearby were selling for as little as $128,000 five or six years ago.

Willowridge, owned by Allan Dippie, bought the 50ha, 160-section Luggate Park development last year from Auckland development company Dentils Ltd, which was unsuccessful in attempts to sell the sections. Dentils had bought the development from Delta and Queenstown property developer Jim Boult.

█ Willowridge Developments Ltd

Luggate Park - Willowridge

Auditor-General’s overview
Inquiry into property investments by Delta Utility Services Limited at Luggate and Jacks Point. Access the Auditor-general’s full report here:

█ For more, enter the terms *delta*, *luggate*, *jacks point* and *auditor-general* in the search box at right.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: – ‘L-plate’


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6 responses to “Luggate à la Dunedin’s lad, Dippie

  1. Ray

    Just a question. I am all in favour of private companies, private enterprrise in general as the alternative is government who interfere with everything PE does and then squeal that conservative values are selfish and that capitalism is bad! But my question is: Why does a company or companies like Allan Dippie controls start out small and then grow bigger and then aim to get so big they feel they can take over the South Island?
    He owns the two adjacent buildings Plunket House and where the Lone Star is now. Why does he want so much of Central Otago or at least Wanaka and is now building/creating a cafe at the front of Plunket House.
    Someone may answer with a one word answer like it begins with G and ends with D (G***D) But please if you would, I want a more full answer anyone?

  2. russandbev

    The only person that could give an accurate answer would be Allan Dippie. But I’m sure he wouldn’t supply an answer. It does raise the question though of just how much money does a person need to have in order to feel that they have enough. For some it may be the average wage, for others I can think of with their snouts so far into the public trough, too much is never enough. Seems to me though I’ve never heard anything that would suggest that he has been ever shy of hard work and personal risk and effort. Unlike some other developers I’ve heard of……

  3. Gurglars

    And employs a happy well paid workforce not on the public tit! Just the kind of person New Zealand needs to create jobs. The public sector stuffed up and the private sector will show them that they have no right to be sticking their frustrated commercial minds into areas they have no expertise, no success and as a result of these facts, a huge failure right in commercial activities. Whereas Allan Dippie has worked extremely hard and has a continuous success rate. Let’s hope he keeps going otherwise his staff will be out of work!

    • ab

      The problem with private enterprise is that it Luggates everything. Luggating is the return to shareholders. Thus, Rest Homes are for profit, the commodity being frail elderly.

      I would also posit that Municipal Public Works may have been more attendant to conduit infrastructure and mud tanks. Yes, it tanks.

  4. Elizabeth

    J I M ● B O U L T
    Queenstown Lakes —Don’t touch him with a barge pole if you know what’s good for you.

    Luggate. Jacks Point. [Delta / DCHL / DCC multimillion-dollar losses]

    Implicated in Delta’s Noble Subdivision at Yaldhurst, Christchurch
    [MUCH bigger losses to Dunedin ratepayers, exposure said to be +$20M]
    Delta’s activities are currently for examination at the High Court in Christchurch.

    S T A Y ● C L E A R

    Thu, 23 Jun 2016
    ODT: Boult throws hat in for mayoralty
    High-profile Queenstown businessman Jim Boult is running for the district’s mayoralty. […] Mr Boult, a former Shotover Jet owner and ex-Christchurch Airport chief executive, starts his campaign with a shot across the bow of the Government over a potential bed tax for Queenstown.

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