Otago students at Pitt St: No longer drunk possums in trees

Last night I heard (muted) sirens about, nothing more – not realising what was happening a few houses away up Pitt St. My place is tucked in off the road, nothing seemed out of the usual for a Thursday night, ‘student party night’ —just typical city noise that often includes sirens and choppers. Reading through a consent file for 97 Filleul St collected from DCC that afternoon, I was absorbed, completely missing the street action…. On waking this morning, I opened the first message on my phone, from a journalist asking if I’d heard the party on Pitt St last night? Hmm

Google Street View -18 Pitt Street, Dunedin Nov2009 (1)18 Pitt Street, Dunedin [Google Street View Nov 2009] tweaked

### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 12:50, April 29 2016
Dunedin student seriously injured after jumping from roof
By Laura Walters and Hamish McNeilly
A Dunedin student in hospital with life-threatening injuries jumped from a roof just minutes after party-goers were told to turn their music down by noise control officers. Dunedin District Command Centre Senior Sergeant Brian Benn said police were called to the house on Pitt St about 11.30pm on Thursday. “A drunken student tried to jump off a roof. That didn’t end too well for him.” Benn said no one at the party saw the 21-year-old land after jumping from the roof, but when partygoers went to find out what happened they found him with “reasonably serious injuries”. Neighbours said the flat had been quiet during 2016 until Thursday night’s party. “It was a terrible racket,” one neighbour said. St John ambulance spokesman Andy Gray said the student’s condition was updated from serious to critical due to his “life threatening injuries”. He was taken to Dunedin Hospital but the large party continued.
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Fri, 29 Apr 2016
ODT: Student ‘critical’ after jump off roof
A student is fighting for his life after jumping off the roof of a two-storey house at a large Dunedin flat party last night. Senior Sergeant Brian Benn, of Dunedin, said the 21-year-old was seriously injured after “an aerial stunt” at the Pitt St party went wrong.

Not for the first time.
Last year, it began with the male students at 53 Royal Tce….

Comment by Elizabeth
2016/04/07 at 2:38 am
An associate caught sight of a particularly juvenile and UNSAFE act that occurred next door [at 53]….
The scene.
Two storeyed house with dormer windows in the City Rise, tenanted by university 3rd or 4th year male students.
Constant noise and behavioural issues…. well-known to Noise Control, Campus Watch and Proctor [Police attention very much the next step – these young idiots have been told].

One of them had earlier broken his leg. Following recovery and some time later…. his so-called ‘friends’ egged him on to jump from a dormer roof (at second floor level) into a shallow paddling pool at ground level. He had to think about it for quite a while…. obviously he was facing serious injury or worse if he got it wrong, given the building height and shallowness of the water. Being a mental statistic he jumped – by luck not good management he did not need an ambulance.

What was that about safety nets – let the morons kill themselves, one less noise complaint.

red_cross_joshua_dwire_03.svg 2 - falling dude [creativebloq.com] whatifdunedin overlay

Recent student idiocy:
● 53 Royal Tce – Dunedin [no injury, not recorded] Late 2015
● 598 Castle St – Dunedin [multiple crowd injuries] 4 Mar 2016 Link
● 124 Dundas St – Dunedin [serious head injury] 12 Mar 2016 Link
● 18 Pitt St – Dunedin 2016 [critical injury] 28 Apr 2016

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7.3.16 Balcony Collapse at Six60 concert, 598 Castle Street, Dunedin

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: red_cross_joshua_dwire_03.svg 2 | creativebloq.com – falling dude
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7 responses to “Otago students at Pitt St: No longer drunk possums in trees

  1. Elizabeth

    Fri, 29 Apr 2016
    ODT: From police to proctor
    The University of Otago has appointed Dunedin police officer Dave Scott as its new proctor, replacing Dave Miller, who resigned after only four months in the job. Mr Miller resigned in March to take a job in the justice sector. Senior Sergeant Scott is at present the Dunedin area response manager. He manages the day-to-day running of all front-line policing activities in Dunedin, and is second in charge of the Dunedin armed offenders squad.

    • Calvin Oaten

      A few years ago the racket for senior police officers was to “perf” or take early retirement with payouts which would make a merchant banker blush. That stopped before there were no seniors left and the force was bankrupt. The lucky still find holes to jump in, and none are better than the university Proctor’s seat. It’s where old cops go to die.

  2. alanbec

    I had the same sort of thing living under Zingari, 25 years ago. There was a Siren, well, a coloratura really, and a man called Chopper Reed, who said ‘Oh yeah, I might put some pants on’.

  3. ab

    I understand Sabbath could be heard as far SW as your place. A big “The End” floated above the Stadium, and men wearing Iron Madchens were detained, just like the Middle Ages. Those torture chambers really smart.

  4. Elizabeth

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016
    Police shut down party in Dunedin
    Police shut down a large party at a student flat in Pitt St, in Dunedin, last night following complaints from neighbours about excessive noise. The party started about noon and a New Zealand Police spokeswoman said police were called to the address about 7.30pm.

    It is the same flat at which a 21-year-old man was seriously injured during a party in April this year.

  5. Elizabeth

    Meanwhile in the student ghetto….

    MoBIE: ”We will not hesitate to take action for breaches of residential tenancy law.”

    Fri, 21 Oct 2016
    ODT: Crackdown on Dunedin landlords
    Landlords of several student flats on Dunedin’s Castle St have found themselves in hot water following a government investigation into the nation’s rental housing standards. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment sent investigators to six flats down the popular student street, in order to crack down on poor landlord behaviour.

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