Govt No! to local body online voting

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### (2 hours ago)
Govt pulls plug on online voting
Source: NZ Newswire
Online voting in council elections will not go ahead later this year because of fears the system isn’t yet secure enough. Eight councils had planned to trial online voting in October’s local body ballot, but Associate Minister of Local Government Louise Upston has pulled the plug. Four months out, planned security tests had not yet been carried out, she said on Tuesday.

“Without seeing the results of testing we cannot be confident the systems are secure enough, and the trial could not be authorised.”

Public confidence in local elections was fundamentally important and given real concerns about security and vote integrity, it was too early for a trial, she said. She said councils had done a lot of work and would be disappointed, but maintaining public confidence and understanding was more important. Online voting could be trialled in 2019 but there was still much to learn about it, Ms Upston said. Selwyn, Wellington, Porirua, Masterton, Rotorua, Matamata-Piako, Palmerston North and Whanganui councils had all expressed interest in taking part in the trial.
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### NZ Herald Online 1:05 PM Tuesday Apr 19, 2016
Online voting not on the cards this year
By Claire Trevett
The Government has pulled the pin on a trial of online voting in this year’s local body elections, saying it could not guarantee the security of the system in time. Internal Affairs Minister Louise Upston announced the plan for some councils to trial online voting would not go ahead because time was running out for councils to prove voting system addressed concerns about security and vote integrity.
“Due to timing restrictions, preparations for the proposed trial have not yet met the legislative requirements and cannot guarantee public confidence in the election results.” She said security testing was planned but had not yet taken place. “Without seeing the results of testing we cannot be confident the systems are secure enough and the trial could not be authorised.”
While local bodies are responsible for running their own elections, including deciding on a voting system and method, the Government has to decide whether new voting methods meet the requirements of the Local Electoral Act. All councils currently use postal voting.
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31 responses to “Govt No! to local body online voting

  1. Elizabeth

    My voting record does not allow votes to either candidate.

    Tue, 19 Apr 2016
    ODT: Hawkins, Vandervis to run for mayor

  2. Elizabeth

    Tuesday, April 19, 2016 6:38 pm
    Dunedin TV: Mayoralty race heats up (Video)
    Dunedin city councillors Aaron Hawkins and Lee Vandervis have announced they’re running for the mayoralty in this year’s local body elections. Hawkins is running for the position of mayor under the Dunedin Greens banner. He’s also seeking re-election as a councillor, as is Vandervis. At this stage the only other confirmation is incumbent mayor Dave Cull who’s seeking a third term.

    █ There have been 57 mayors of Dunedin, and only one of them has been a woman. That was Sukhi Turner, who was in charge between 1995 and 2004.
    This year’s elections are in October.

  3. Elizabeth

    We need a business-savvy, community-minded, dedicated woman mayor.

  4. Anonymous

    The only phrase necessary to sink Cull’s campaign is: “game-changing economic boost”

    {Election Year. This comment is in the public interest. -Eds}

  5. Elizabeth

    Wed, 20 Apr 2016
    ODT: No Labour ticket; Hawkins, Vandervis declare hand
    The Labour Party has dropped its idea of running a bloc of candidates for the Dunedin City Council, as a clearer picture emerges of who is going to stand in this year’s election. […] The party had been discussing a ticket to promote candidates for council seats, and possibly the mayoralty, under a “Local Labour” banner, but was now looking at simply endorsing candidates instead.


    Standing: Dave Cull, Aaron Hawkins (Green Party), Lee Vandervis
    Not standing: Mike Lord
    Undecided: Andrew Whiley

    Standing: Dave Cull, Doug Hall, Aaron Hawkins, Mike Lord, Damian Newell, Chris Staynes, Lee Vandervis, Andrew Whiley
    No comment: David Benson-Pope, John Bezett
    Not standing: Andrew Noone, Neville Peat
    Undecided: Hilary Calvert, Jinty MacTavish, Richard Thomson, Kate Wilson

    • Peter

      I know in politics people play their cards close to their chest for reasons known to them, but l can’t see any big deal declaring now.
      If anything, being undecided could be misconstrued as being not that keen and maybe hoping for a better job deal elsewhere. If playing games is the reason for not declaring it makes me wonder about the candidates trustworthiness.
      Going, probably going and now being undecided sounds rather dumb/flakey to me.

  6. Elizabeth

    Mon, 16 May 2016
    ODT: Whiley throws hat in ring for mayoral contest
    Councillor Andrew Whiley has announced he is standing for mayor after abandoning plans to support Cr Hilary Calvert’s candidacy. Cr Whiley said he decided to go it alone after supporters told him they would prefer to be able to vote for him as mayor.

    • Gurglars

      If you knew Susie, like I know Suzie, Oh, Oh, Oh what a smell’
      If you knew …

    • Diane Yeldon

      ‘Support Cr Calvert’s candidacy’ (for the mayoralty) – which, as far as I know, she hasn’t yet announced. Although plenty of other people, including ODT, seem to be virtually announcing it for her. As in this ODT parenthetically reported rumour : ‘Mr Cull was responding to a call by Cr Hilary Calvert, who is being tipped as a likely mayoral candidate in this October’s elections, to apologise to the people of South Dunedin.’ Since the reporter was obviously going backwards and forwards between Calvert and Cull ‘facilitating’ this spat (if not helping manufacture it!), it’s strange that, while he was at it, he didn’t just ask Cr Calvert outright about her intentions regarding the mayoralty.
      Some games being played here? Not, I hope, with the connivance of ODT, since the press should be politically neutral, at least when it comes to ‘news’.
      Maybe we will see a last minute sensational shock announcement of another mayoral candidate – after all the others have played their cards re policy. (Not that mayors actually have the political power alone to action their policy promises.)
      If Cr Calvert were to say that she had finally decided to stand because of the depressing lack of quality mayoral candidates, I’m sure she’d get some sympathy with voters for that alone.

  7. Elizabeth

    Cr Whiley says:
    “It’s also going to be tough to unseat an incumbent mayor that really hasn’t done a lot wrong.” ODT Link

    Cull is a seashell short of unindation.

    • Gurglars

      Unindation, Elizabeth is that the antonym for inundation?

    • Mike

      Yeah, just think of all his experience at his previous job, it leaves him really suited to be mayor, well at least as suited as Cull I guess.

      (to be fair I imagine being a golf pro means spending all day sucking up to rich people with money, maybe that is the right skill set for mayor)

      • Gurglars

        Mike! an interesting observation. However, one of the most important qualities for a golf professional is firstly the ability to play top class golf at some time in your career. Not top class amateur golf, top class professional golf. Imagine a club rugby player and an All Black. Unfortunately some golf professionals escape this mandatory requirement.

        As to sucking up to rich people, if you are any good as a player, teacher or both, the tendency is for rich people less competent to suck up to you.

        However, if you fail on either account, no amount of sucking will suffice.

        As an aside, I remember as an apprentice golf professional, going to the MCG members area for a top class lunch with four municipal course professionals. Below in the outer at Bay 13 were three golf pros: one from Royal Melbourne, one from Victoria GC and one from Woodlands GC – all establishment courses with extremely wealthy members eating pies. My boss, a very wealthy golf pro remarked: “Never be the golf pro at a course you would wish to be a member at, and always look to be the professional at a course where the members are financially battling and visitors are allowed.” In other words, sucking up to the poor golfer is actually more rewarding as their propensity is to spend 100% of their income. This is why GST is more succesful for tax gatherers than high rates of income tax. The wealthy have to spend some money, but the poor have to spend their collective all and there are many more of them!

        • Mike

          My point of course was that being able to play golf well provides you with few skills that will help you be mayor (or a councillor for that matter). And I’ve yet to see Whiley show any other worthy skills, other than being able to represent the tartan mafia – I assume he’s essentially their man for the next election and will have a bunch of their money behind him.

  8. Hype O'Thermia

    Meet-the-voters question: “How do you define A LOT?”

  9. Simon

    Has Whiley been promised the Deputy’s job to come on board and split the vote. Why else would he stand against the man that he considers “hasn’t done a lot wrong?” We could see Cull go back in with as little as 35% of the first vote before votes are reallocated.

    • Elizabeth

      He was (quietly) promised a new chairship when it was announced Cr Staynes had health concerns. Who knows how that ‘relationship’ has evolved since.

      • Diane Yeldon

        Carving up the pie .. or plum pudding. Here’s a larger scale example, called the most famous political cartoon. The way things are often done. (Plum pudding in danger!)


    • Diane Yeldon

      Is it possible to strategically vote with STV? By voting only for the mayoral candidate you want (as Number One) and ranking no others?

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Never vote for anyone you don’t like.
        Exception – when the choice includes anyone you’d rather eat pavement pizzas than have as mayor or councillor, hold your nose and rank 2, 3, 4 etc for the ones who aren’t execrable beyond your scariest nightmares.

        • Diane Yeldon

          Good advice, I think. I’ve heard STV called a way of electing the candidates the voters dislike least!

    • @Simon
      May 16, 2016 at 5:04 pm

      You quote Whiley as saying “Why else would he stand against the man that he considers “hasn’t done a lot wrong?””

      It’s known as damning with faint praise. Whiley got it absolutely right IMO.

  10. Richard Stedman

    Once again one of those with no respect for the democratic process asks the disenfranchised to support his candidacy for higher office.

  11. Elizabeth

    Richard, you have stated the obvious, convincingly!

  12. Calvin Oaten

    The thing that intrigues me about all of this posturing is that Mr Whiley is, like his namesake Mr Coyote destined to forever be following the ‘Roadrunner’ on his cycle. It all smacks of, “if you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.”

    • Elizabeth

      Flimsy politics lacking substance if not dollars, Calvin. Whiley seems to flipflop between committed councillor and completely vacuous, a higher percentage of the latter. Not a leader. Not proven. Unaware of soiling his pants if acting as Cull’s split-vote doughboy.

      Naive. If for a (rumoured) chairship if Cull gets in. Woops.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Elizabeth – is that reciprocal? If Mr Coyote gets in does Cull get the job of putting the chairs up on tables after meetings?

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