care and suspicion #notmyplace





by | April 7, 2016 · 5:38 pm

7 responses to “care and suspicion #notmyplace

  1. Elizabeth


    Neither could I make it to tonight’s opening of Light Switch and Conduit at DPAG.


  2. CJ

    The LTA, 1952, was swiftly followed by..The LTA Amendment, 2002! It’s called The Better LATA than never. We have despatched a LADA to monitor The Hill. I have no idea whose keeping an eye on London.

  3. Elizabeth

    [public domain]

    Speaking of ‘places’….

    On 39 Dunedin News, ODT editor Barry Stewart (awkwardly – jumbled words) alerts us to an upcoming story about Dave Cull being involved in a dispute over the subdivision of a property [with a holiday home] in Tarras. See today’s newspaper (Wednesday) for details.

  4. Elizabeth

    Our friend Mr R, hotel lawyer.

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