Climate change is really here, ODT —apologies to mayor

Updated post Mon, 4 Apr 2016 at 11:55 p.m.

Air temperatures on Monday “were expected to exceed the boiling point of water …. the MetService forecast puts the temperature at 3.53am in Dunedin at 118 degrees Celsius, which was also the high expected for the day.” –

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ODT Online 4.4.16 at 12.00 pm (1.1)ODT Online, 4 April at 12 noon

Stuff 4.4.16 at 12.04 pm (2)

Tweet from MetService (@MetService) 4.4.16 at 6.54 AM

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27 responses to “Climate change is really here, ODT —apologies to mayor

  1. Gurglars

    Go long on sunscreen and beach umbrellas!

  2. Kleinefeldmaus

    Bloody hell – the ODT really f***ed up. Missed the right date for this subtle little jape by 3 days.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    It was Met Service that got the date wrong.
    Just goes to show how errors can result from “problems with the website/app” – with computers and those who use them too, which may be relevant to IPCC’s prediction wobbles.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    I honestly believe most believers in anthropogenic climate change, including nearly all “climate change scientists”, are sincere true believers. Remember the recovered memory “science”? And Christchurch Civic Creche hysteria about childhood sexual abuse, which went on in many other towns and made victims of children and adults? Harlene Haynes – and bless her for this! – was one of those who took up Elizabeth Loftus’s intelligent work on recovered memory and tore that academic, clinical, counsellor industry up for dunny paper.
    Theories, fashions in academic thinking, come along and attract people, decent sincere people. If one doesn’t think it’s a theory that holds enough water to stick a ZigZag paper one doesn’t do the Masters and the PhD in it, one chooses something else. Thus believers are drawn together working on what seems – like the recovered memory specialists and diagnosers of ritual sexual abuse of whole townsful of children – to be extremely important research and dissemination of their beliefs, attacked only by outsiders. And we know how attacks from outside do nothing but strengthen determination to defend the fort.

    • Elizabeth

      You mean like the ‘rich farmers = global fat cats’ – and the (IPCC) Scientists + Adherents are the bunnies what rapaciously breed – in a ROUGH symbiosis.

    • Oh, for heaven’s sakes, H. It is accepted that the strange former witchfinder generals of Christchurch went (mad) over the Civic Creche Case. Yet, kids don’t lie. Under questioning, they don’t have the guile to lie. Be that as it may, Christchurch is hardly the model of all that is wrong with child psychology/counselling. Christchurch does have what could be called a dark, perverted criminal element within its higher stratification (see the news, 1990s onward – who could forget the convicted ‘Fingers’ Fahey?). One city mistaken does not discount all counselling services dealing with sexual abuse.

      • Elizabeth

        brownestudy – depending on how questioning is achieved you can arrive at myth, truth, and states harbouring both – or straying, coping, catatonia….

        Evidentially, we do have world-leading research and forensics in New Zealand directed to assist child testimony.

        However my point has to be that in New Zealand, our dark little backwoods…. most child abuse occurs in the home and it happens in all stratas of our so-called ‘society’ [society is not a positive term, in this sense it is entirely predatory].

        High incidence rates, what the hell is the matter with us.

        • Of course, Elizabeth. But, what difference does it make? Wherever child abuse occurs, it will be disclosed, at the time of the crime, or 30+ years later. It is too psychically destructive to be forever hidden by perps or familial interests. Professionals have to deal with these crimes, help the victims wherever possible, and Call The Cops to hunt the crims, however historic the crimes may be. As I understand it, the most likely source of help is Child Counselling Services, not necessarily a Govt Dept, like Cyfs.

        • Elizabeth

          I wasn’t talking about difference though. Or counselling. I was thinking coercion and frequency. You reacted to Hype O’Thermia’s comment and I added to that. Or I could have mentioned NZ’s history of mental health facilities where children were offloaded…. you mention Cyfs, another of the National Disgraces – the Ugly Detestables for all that systems induce – the reports are well-founded and a razor edge to our throats, dare we move to fix, quickly enough ?

          That’s all for tonight. This is about need for change from climate.

        • Elizabeth

          One more thing – a news item I tweeted earlier today. Sink your teeth into frail assertions put out by Dave Cull on Climate Change – meaning, in his view, that we should cause ‘retreat’ from parts of South Dunedin, that households and families will need to be relocated. This is UNACCEPTABLE posturing on his part, and those of his closest greenie ‘friends’ who lack good science. This is crudpucker stuff. We can’t seriously vote him back in, in October.

          ### The Independent 19 hours ago
          UK Government’s housing policy targeting homeless families is ‘tantamount to social cleansing’
          Exclusive: Charities and politicians demand urgent safeguards after Independent investigation uncovers cases of homeless children dying from neglect and abuse
          By Daniel Smee
          Charities and politicians are demanding urgent changes to housing policy across Britain and warning that thousands of homeless children’s lives may be at risk because they are disappearing from support services after being rehoused. The calls come after an investigation by The Independent uncovered cases of homeless children dying from neglect and abuse after families were moved out of their local authority boundaries. Other evidence in the report suggested that the transfer of homeless families to other parts of the country could have resulted in suicides and miscarriages. Councils are shunting homeless families out of their local areas on an unprecedented scale to save money on accommodation, as the legacy of the housing crisis and the the Government’s cuts to welfare are felt, but they are frequently neglecting to share records with each other, meaning thousands of vulnerable women and children are completely off the radar of support services. Figures obtained exclusively by The Independent show that at least 64,704 homeless families were moved out by London boroughs between July 2011 and June 2015, with more recent data yet to be collated.
          Read more

        • Yes, this is about Climate Change, and the dubious analogy with ‘recovered memory syndrome’. Essentially, it’s saying CC belief and child counselling, may be a matter of Conditioning/Brainwashing. I don’t think it untoward, or extreme, to challenge that point of view.

        • Probly not, the vote back in. All the same, this ‘Retreat’ involves relocation to the lovely fastnesses of The Taieri Plains.

        • Elizabeth

          Hope you’re right re the vote. Taieri flood plain – hmm I don’t think that anyone but you might’ve said the Taieri is it – especially since land and building prices aren’t equivalent (a huge cost on all ratepayers that DCC can’t afford?) and it would be very unusual to relocate people from a perceived (by whom) ‘rising wet area’ to an area also prone to flood. Silver Stream, Taieri River et al.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        “Kids don’t lie”? Brownestudy, were you one, ever? Did you get to know any, ever? Of course children lie. Very young ones don’t have the guile to lie convincingly every time, which is why so much of their “evidence” collected during the inquisition process was NOT presented to court by the prosecution. Children and handicapped (mentally; deaf) people are particularly at risk when (a) inquisitor is apparently determined to get a pre-determined “right” answer and (b) “if I tell them what they want to hear they will go away and leave me alone” thus the CC children’s more desperate, bizarre inventions, omitted from evidence presented to jury and unchecked for accuracy eg “Peter’s black penis”.

        “Unchecked for accuracy” – sea levels measured within coo-ee of South Dunedin….

      • Hype O'Thermia

        “One city mistaken does not discount all counselling services dealing with sexual abuse.” And I alleged this – where? You’ll agree, surely, that there are invaluable counsellors who hear the person’s story, help them to hear and see the underlying layers that they have been unable to look at because it was too distressing, and find ways to take their lives forward without being held back by emotional scar tissue. Then there are others who are driven by their own theories and “hear” the other person’s story through their own belief-filter, concentrating on those elements that fit their predetermined Counsellors’ How-To. The second type are best avoided by anyone who already has enough problems.

  5. Calvin Oaten

    Remember the ‘Jones Cult’ where he so indoctrinated his followers that they committed mass suicide on his instructions. Climate Changers aren’t as obsessed as that, but have backed the IPCC to the point where they have to continue (against the facts as nature unfolds them) in order to retain any credibility, grants and tenure, in their profession. A losing game I suspect. It’s the gullible lay people who are the worry. Politicians hoover up the garbage and see taxes as the solution, then there are the Jintys and Daves who also create gremlins out of the ether with no facts or empirical data to support their contentions, just bluster and stupidity.

    • Elizabeth

      His multimillion-dollar realm for a paltry $600 to Happiness House.
      Disparity King. Kindred Judge.
      Lauda Finem should stir this pot – fits their general take on the stalwart knights of the judiciary at NZ. After all, LF do venture to Central occasionally for rugby clod referencing – such that we can’t talk about too closely here. Or we may be forced to bungy without the cord.

      What worried me more about EionTown, now yesterday, was the ceremonious announcement of the LARGESPENDUP at QLDC pending…. [ODT: Council’s cost-cutting era over] ….I find this UNFATHOMABLE FOR THE TRUMPET PLAYED – such that our own LTA might catch that bug if it wasn’t already riddled with same.

  6. pb

    Politics are what’s left after reasoning leaves the field.

    We should perhaps beatify all hot days as public holidays, and collectively curse all cold days and commence the floggings.

    How did we politicise the weather? Fail fail. This movement goes in the Y2K / Waco nut job basket.

  7. Elizabeth

    Tue, 5 Apr 2016
    The opportunity and risk in collaboration
    By Colin James –
    The sea crept back up the political beach last week, a reminder of a tidal change under way. That tide might come in faster than previously thought.
    A new research paper in Nature last week suggested the melting of the massive West Antarctic ice sheet, which most scientists do think is under way and which alone is calculated to raise sea level by up to 4 metres (maybe much more), might be much faster than previously assumed.
    Scientists have expected the melt to take at least hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Even the politically indestructible John Key — who last week in Washington took a swipe at United States candidate Donald Trump — will be gone by then.
    The new research, drawing on historical Antarctic ice changes, says the melt might be many times faster — fast enough to lift the sea level 1 metre by 2100 on its own and, coupled with other ice melts, a total of 1.5-2 metres and then on up.
    Another on this tidal case is Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright. Last week at Parliament’s local government and environment select committee she followed up her November 2015 report on the topic, which Bill English dismissed at the time as “speculation”.
    Read more

    █ This opinion piece also features at ODT today, entitled ‘Climate affairs collaboration holds opportunity, risk’.

  8. Calvin Oaten

    Colin James, normally a conservative commentator, has bought into this ‘Climate Change’ hook line and sinker. Why, we can only wonder, as indeed with all. The appalling lack of empirical data behind it all is the big problem. His latest point of the Antarctic ice melt is a case in point. Is that authenticated, or is it opinions of bias? Even if it were true then to believe human activity causes it is extremely presumptive and smacks of God like nonsense. Nature is way too big to be controlled by the whims of a few zealots. Let’s hope Bill English can put a damper on this for the nation’s sake.

  9. Gurglars

    Lobsters getting bigger, going further south and missing Tasmania causes property losses in South Dunedin!

    • Hype O'Thermia

      It’s the Crustacean Scale, investors use that and the Lobster Index to work out (a) how close to the coast and (b) what height above sea level to invest in property, because they know you can’t rely on official statements about sea level rise.

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