Quake felt strongly at Dunedin 24.3.16 #eqnz

2:06 a.m.
My Pitt Street apartment went CRACK at its northeast corner as I watched TV. Nothing in the room moved except a miniature pohutukawa potplant, its long branches were swaying. Heard not felt, was it a quake ? Opened up GeoNet on my smartphone, confirmed. Completed GeoNet (felt) report.

[click to enlarge]
QuakeMap NZ 24.3.16 at 2.06 amhttp://quakemap.co.nz/

New Zealand Earthquake Report
Magnitude 4.3, Thu, Mar 24 2016, 2:06:11 am (NZDT)
25 km west of Oamaru, Depth 15 km, Moderate

[click to enlarge]
Geonet 1 - 24.3.16

Geonet 5 - 24.3.16

Geonet 2 - 24.3.16

[Felt Reports]
Geonet 4 - 24.3.16

Geonet 3 - 24.3.16GeoNet maps – screenshots by whatifdunedin

█ David Seymour is wrong –Dunedin gets quakes reasonably frequently.

ODT 23.3.16 (page 9)

ODT 23.3.16 'Call to exempt Dunedin from quake rules' p9 (1)

Image: Paul Le Comte (via Twitpic). Source: ODT
[original tweet]

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7 responses to “Quake felt strongly at Dunedin 24.3.16 #eqnz

  1. Ray

    Some people open their mouths without thinking. All he needed to do was visit Geonet and have a quick look. Once I was living in a geologist’s home and I felt an earthquake during the night. It woke me. But when I reported it the next morning they did not believe me. The report of an earthquake came out in that day’s newspaper.

  2. Ro

    We all know Dunedin has quakes, but that doesn’t mean that we should put ahead of all other precautionary projects, assessing and upgrading at-risk buildings. Seymour is right to imply that there are other risks that Dunedin should take more seriously. Upgrading its south Dunedin storm water system to accommodate the increased run-off due to the increased impermeability of its surfaces would be a start.

  3. Elizabeth

    This 1930s URM building I have lived at since 2003 catches most thumper quakes and aftershocks – it was designed by a Dunedin architect (well-known to my family, who commissioned him for another building in the late 1940s) who it seems had the tendency to not specify enough reinforcing steel for his buildings….

    24 Mar 2016
    ODT: Quakes wake North Otago residents
    North Otago residents were woken overnight by two earthquakes, centred 30km west of Oamaru.

    █ So YES. Let’s get our Dunedin buildings made safe as soon as we can. The Akatore Fault is our largest known fault line, but remember Christchurch…. lack of public knowledge – despite formal televised warnings – about underlying faultline systems.

    Quite a few searches at What if? Dunedin for Dunedin/Otago fault maps. These were published by Otago Daily Times along with their stories about Dunedin’s earthquake proneness, following the Christchurch quakes:

    Faults of the lower South Island - maps [odt.co.nz]Faults of the lower South Island – maps [odt.co.nz]

    ### tvnz.co.nz Published: 2:07PM Thursday September 09, 2010
    TV1 Sunday – Wake up call
    What have we learned from the Canterbury quake? The seismologists tell us there’s a 60% chance of another magnitude 7 quake somewhere in the country within 10 years and a one in 10 chance of it happening within a year. Scary! It’s a wake up call, because if we don’t invest in earthquake proofing our old buildings, then people, are going to die next time – either fix them or pull them down is the advice. Is it scaremongering or is it a timely warming? Article: http://tvnz.co.nz/sunday-news/wake-up-call-3769479 Video: http://tvnz.co.nz/sunday-news/wake-up-call-3769479/video (9:04)

    Related Post and Comments:
    3.9.10 Earthquake
    Dunedin’s Russell Garbutt contacted What if? this morning after news of the disaster in Canterbury. He says: At the beginning of the year I wrote a piece for publication and sent it to the Listener, North and South and New Zealand Geographic. The subject was earthquakes and what was likely to happen in the event of a major movement on the Alpine Fault. As it happens, I was talking to a member of the Geology Department on Friday and he had just returned from Christchurch and the Coast working on exactly that – he said on Wednesday that a major movement was due “now”. Cont/

    █ Most of us remember this 1996 documentary that screened on national television:

    11 March 2011
    Stuff: Documentary warned of Christchurch earthquake danger
    The director of a 15-year-old documentary outlining the effects of a major earthquake on Christchurch’s eastern suburbs and heritage buildings says lives could have been saved if officials had heeded the film’s warnings.
    An edited eight-minute clip of the 1996 documentary, Earthquake!, had received nearly 30,000 views on video website YouTube by last night. The documentary said Christchurch’s “fatal flaw” was the land that it sat on – “a soft, shaky sponge of riverstones and silt half a kilometre deep”.

    Grant Dixon Uploaded on Mar 5, 2011
    Christchurch 1996 Quake Doco – why buildings collapse
    At 8.30pm on 11th July 1996 an ‘Inside New Zealand’ documentary was transmitted on TV3 called: ‘Earthquakes!’

  4. Elizabeth

    BEST EVER daily view stats —and it’s only coming up to midday.
    Thanks for visiting, Folks.

  5. Pb

    I thought it was a dream till I read whatif.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    I was reading in bed, missed it completely. Normally pendant lights swing but there was nothing like that, not a twitch, roll, jolt, shake or quiver.

  7. Elizabeth

    [click to enlarge]
    QuakeMap NZ 28.3.16 at 9.22 am (tweaked)QuakeMap NZ 28.3.16 at 9.22 am (tweaked by whatifdunedin – two readings)

    GeoNet information
    Quake Details
    Information about this earthquake and historical location data.

    Public ID 2016p234727
    Intensity light
    Universal Time March 27 2016, 20:22:41
    NZ Daylight Time Mon, Mar 28 2016, 9:22:41 am
    Depth 60 km
    Magnitude 4.2
    Location 30 km north of Te Anau
    Latitude, Longitude -45.17, 167.76
    Agency WEL(GNS_Primary)
    Status automatic
    Quality good

    4 hours ago


    NZ trend:
    Minimum Intensity: moderate
    Maximum Quakes: 1500
    GeoNet Map at https://www.geonet.org.nz/quakes/region/newzealand/statistics

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