Takes the Cake | What Dairy Crisis ? #DUD #PropertySpeculation

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Mon, 21 Mar 2015 at 7:48 p.m.


Syd Brown Mosgiel sign 1

Real estate across the city is suddenly booming for the first time since 2007.

### radionz.co.nz 8:05 am on 18 March 2016
Is Dunedin out of the doldrums?
By Ian Telfer – Otago reporter
Dunedin has been economically stagnant so long that no-one is brave enough to declare the gloomy times over. But all the signs say it is out of the economic doldrums it has been in for 10 years.
The city is enjoying booms in real estate, tourism and niche technology industries such as video gaming. A report from economic monitoring company BERL shows 1770 new jobs have been created in the city in the past two years and Dunedin’s economy is now growing at 1.3 percent a year per capita.
[…] An example of the city’s turnaround is Highland Park in Mosgiel, Dunedin’s first major housing subdivision in many years. Today, 100 tradespeople are on site, building 25 homes.
The subdivision’s developer Syd Brown said they set themselves a decade to sell 225 sections, but the demand is so strong they are two-thirds sold and three years ahead of schedule. “It’s racing ahead for us. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and think ‘is this real?’, but that’s the market at the moment, and the demand is here,” Mr Brown said. Mr Brown said 60 percent of the people buying were from out of town, mainly from Christchurch and other South Island locations, such as Ashburton and Timaru.
Read more

### radionz.co.nz 8:49 am on 18 March 2016
RNZ National – Morning Report
Dunedin out of doldrums for the first time in a decade
8:36 AM. Dunedin’s economy is sailing out of the doldrums for the first time in 10 years.
Audio | Download: OggMP3 (4′13″)

QUESTIONS : What did Syd Brown have to do to convert rural zoned land to residential zoned land ? How did a position on council enable zone changes, new roading and infrastructure services to benefit these properties ?

[the blurb]

Highland Park is an exciting new community located in the heart of the Taieri and is set to redefine living standards in the Otago region. Seamless integration with Mosgiel’s rich Scottish tradition, Highland Park properties express qualities of modern urban living right on the doorstep of Dunedin city. With a high level of amenities and land and home packages to suit all, Highland Park offers a unique lifestyle defined by openness, green spaces, and a nurtured sense of community.

All section packages are designed to take the hassle and stress out of building a new home. Every section with Highland includes:
• Quality Timber Fences
• Professionally Installed Vehicular Crossings
• Storm Water Discharge Connections
• All Services To The Boundary … Including Fibre
Sections are priced with services as above and with flexible land and home packages available to suit all lifestyles, there has never been a better time to move out to the Taieri.

[click to enlarge]

Highland Park Subdivision Mosgiel - Sections for sale

DCC Webmap - Highland Park Subdivision, Mosgiel JanFeb2013DCC Webmap – Highland Park, Mosgiel JanFeb 2013

GROAN – #ImpoverishedSubdivisionDesign #UrbanSprawl
Shades of 1940s-style cul de sac living without neighbourhood amenity, includes migration from central Dunedin to flat sections (urban drift). It looks bad, and is. ‘Browning’ the greenfields.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: whatifdunedin – Syd Brown + Mosgiel sign


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17 responses to “Takes the Cake | What Dairy Crisis ? #DUD #PropertySpeculation

  1. Tom

    “Takes the cake.” and a lot of ratepayers’ money with it.

  2. Elizabeth

    Can now afford to replace all amalgum fillings with gold. And generously bequest a roofed four-pool complex in its entirety, while meeting its annual operating costs in perpetuity, along with a brand new Health Centre, to the People of Mosgiel and Taieri District; thereby providing long sought-after aquatic training facilities to the sainted ORFU (whom I understand have learnt nothing in successive financial years and still can’t balance their books).

    Such is the understated benevolence of an old and tricky developer, Monsieur Brun.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Is it about squashing as many sections into the space as possible, that foul “developer” style with culs de sac? There is a reason all naturally-grown towns are mostly grid pattern – practicality for those who live there. Shortest distance between A and B, easy to navigate, nobody stuck down the fag end of a cul de sac with no way out except past all the same neighbours with no alternatives to make a person feel less trapped or to make going for a walk a bit more interesting. Horrible, horrible cheap ‘n’ nasty – without even being literally cheap sections which would have been some kind of an excuse I suppose.

    • Elizabeth

      I see it can be cul de sacs or culs de sac. Some dreadful inward looking lots and drear asphalt – I feel a new Housewife Rescue business coming on, with a secure Refuge Annex.

      • ‘Cul de Sac’ is strange but never boring. There’s Donald Pleasance in a dress, Francoise Dorleac in Groucho glasses smoking a pipe, and Lindisfarne. Do you mean a curbed curved no exit?

        • Elizabeth

          Cull’s ’ sack[ing], peut être.


        • Just musing on the meaning of getting ‘The Sack’. How is the sack given? As a child in a provincial industrial town, I thought it meant workers were flogged with hessian sacking.

        • Elizabeth

          A building, a neighbourhood or a city can be sacked. Meaning attacked, raised or looted.

          The pirate sack of cartoons…. the plunder.

        • Diane Yeldon

          “Bottom of the bag”. I live in one, actually … Watch the use of the first word in other contexts though. Not polite.

        • Diane Yeldon

          Also where hobbits reportedly live: “Bag End”.

  4. Tussock

    Not a bad deal. Bought a rural block for about $500,000. Change to residential. Land value $35 million plus,

  5. Elizabeth

    DAIRY aside:

    ### radionz.co.nz 11:58 am on 16 March 2016
    RNZ OPINION: Toby Manhire & Toby Morris
    Toby & Toby on… the end of the white gold rush
    What’s this white gold rush?
    The white gold rush is shorthand for the boom in dairy exports which has seen New Zealand milk production double over the last two decades, driven by demand principally from China. After years of dairy conversions and intensification, however, the sector is in dire straits, with global prices having plummeted and many farmers deep in debt.
    How bad is it?
    A Federated Farmers poll last month found that more than one in 10 dairy farmers were facing pressure from banks to service mortgages. Agriculture analyst Peter Fraser has told RNZ as many as one in four dairy farmers could go out of business.
    The crucial number for the sector is the forecast farmgate milk price, set by Fonterra, the dominant dairy collective which is co-owned by more than 10,000 New Zealand farmers. A depressed global dairy market – into which 95 percent of Fonterra product is exported – saw the company drop the forecast price last week to $3.90, a return to the lows of 2015, which it had been hoped were fleeting.
    $3.90 per what?
    Per kilogram of milk solids. Critically, that is well below the estimated $5.25 required to break even. As shareholders, most farmers will also earn a dividend that will bump that price up to the equivalent of about $4.25, but that is still a good way shy of what is required, and threatens hundreds if not thousands of livelihoods.
    Read more

    * This is a weekly column published every Wednesday, by graphic artist Toby Morris and journalist Toby Manhire.

  6. Gurglars

    I heard that report and was flabbergasted to hear John Christie extolling the great performance of Dunedin in improving its position by 1.3% exactly half the national average.

    The glass half full rather than the glass half empty, Dunedin fell away from any national growth by yes 1.3%. I believe that is going backwards, relative to our peers.

    Most of this specious growth can be put down to increasing house prices, which is not growth at all.

    As to the growth in jobs, is this the nett growth or merely the new jobs being created apparently in the tech sector mainly, gaming was mentioned. Now gaming used to be gambling in my lexion, and I would say gaming is the truth in this case, gambling with the truth.

    Check out Princes Street, George Street and Moray Place shop vacancies, would suggest significant job losses in the high street. The only area where jobs are going up is at the DCC where citizens with any nous would like to see a reduction, not an increase.

  7. Diane Yeldon

    Yes, and I noticed he said, ‘We did it.’, taking credit somehow for something – all very vague. Who did what exactly? Maybe he is using a sports team metaphor for the local economy, where if ‘we’ all pull together, somehow ‘we win’. But I think the local economy is significantly LESS like a sports team than it is. So analogy is worse than useless. Maybe pointlessly encouraging council meddling and money-wasting in something they don’t really have any workable power to influence.

  8. Gurglars

    We, of course meaning the DCC, which has definitely done it. The acts of overspending on baubles, hiring too many “managers” who can’t administrate a mud tank cleaning (just a step above mismanaging a dunny) and managing to make Dunedin an unattractive place to do high st business by eliminating car parking customers.

    Reducing Dunedin’s growth to half the national average.

    Cull’s signature effort after 6 years.

  9. Elizabeth

    RNZ audio links provided at post top of thread.

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