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PuffDaddyVEVO Published on Feb 22, 2016
Puff Daddy & The Family – Auction ft. Lil’ Kim, Styles P, King Los
Directed by Hype Williams
(C) 2016 Bad Boy Entertainment

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


Filed under Business, DCC, DCHL, DCTL, Delta, Democracy, Dunedin, Economics, Events, Infrastructure, Media, Name, New Zealand, People

10 responses to “Healthy views Monday midnight to 6:00 p.m.

  1. Elizabeth


    ### ODT Online Tue, 1 Mar 2016
    Dunedin’s first fast charger unveiled
    By Carla Green
    Delta officially unveiled the South Island’s first fast charger for electric cars in a Dunedin car park yesterday. […] At the opening yesterday, [Mayor] Cull also took the opportunity to announce the Dunedin City Council would be providing its own electric car charger in the council’s Great King St car park, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce.
    Read more

    BS in regards to Delta’s benevolent yet completely WAYWARD GESTURE as the company (no doubt in the knowledge of Mayor Cull) continues to lose $millions of ratepayer funds because of the ongoing fiasco at the Noble Yaldhurst subdivision. It is then, incredible that Grady Cameron can feel joyous over a charger for electric vehicles – in an out-of-the-way, hard to access street location. He has better things to do to SAVE US, TO BE SUSTAINABLE (joke)…. although it’s all far too late, since LITTLE OR NO MONEY will ever be forthcoming to Delta from the mortgagee sale.

    Watch this space for more announcements, coming soon.

    I imagine CD’s tea-time tales will resort to something stiffer.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      How many electric cars are in Dunedin so far?

      • Elizabeth

        The news item mentions a vague “row of electric vehicles lined one side of the Filleul St car park, waiting to be charged”. How many short-arse vehicles would that be. Hmm.

      • Gurglars

        Hype, Build it and they will come!

        I had an interesting discussion tonight with a bicycle rider on Portobello road, who when asked why he rode on the road told me to the strains of four letter words starting with F followed by head that at 40 km per hour he could not ride on the cycleway which was built for walkers and kids riding to school and that he had not paid for the cycleway!!!

        So, cyclists don’t wish to use the harbour cycleways they are for walkers and kids. (this one did not want to ride on it or pay for it)

        Next DCC decision, build a much wider road around the harbour to allow cyclists, the road can be narrowed so cars don’t fit and people can walk to work! After all we must keep cyclists safe, no matter the expense or their desire to ride where cycleways do not go.

        I as I have said am quite comfortable with that as long as the DCC sell all of their vehicles (legally of course) and the staff and councillors all walk to work.

        • Angry of Portobello? According to the frequency of incidents, there’s a lot of anger on Portobello Road. Slow down, shut up, have a cup of tea. Dunedin is far too exercised over transport choices that don’t ‘fit in’.

      • Elizabeth

        Today’s article says…. WAIT FOR IT………

        They may be the cars of the future, but electric vehicles are very much in the minority. In fact, there are only 23 registered users in Otago.
        ODT: Quiet, takes off and cheap

  2. Simon

    Is it any wonder that there are so many hits on What If. We have nowhere else to get local info.
    Keep up the good work Elizabeth.
    Long live What If.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    At last, Grady Cameron has found his niche. A well dressed forecourt attendant. Still, I suppose on $490K he can be well dressed.

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