Hold on! DCC Annual Plan 2016/17 #CommunityEngagement

Tabled at the full Council meeting held on Monday, 22 February 2015

Report – Council – 22/02/2016 (PDF, 84.1 KB)
Community Engagement Plan for 2016/17 Annual Plan
Report from Corporate Policy

DCC uneducated 22.2.16 Kate Wilson grey

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Await release of the DCC meeting video (via 39 Dunedin Television) on YouTube for a full transcription.


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31 responses to “Hold on! DCC Annual Plan 2016/17 #CommunityEngagement

  1. Diane Yeldon

    Elizabeth: Evil censorship! Wish i had still been there. I arrrived at 1.00 pm when the meeting started and left at 3.30 pm, thinking that the remaining agenda items were pretty routine and unlikely to create any controversy.

    Live audio streaming of DCC meetings is technically very simple. And an audio recording of the meeting could be left as a resource online until the meeting video comes out.

    The time lapse between the meeting and the public availabilty of the meeting video pretty much defeats the whole purpose of having the meeting videos at all, as does the fact that meeting videos, as an archive, are presently unsearchable.

    It’s really – crticallly – important for voters to know just what various councillors have said at meetings and to be able to confirm the truth of variously sourced reports.

    Also understand councillors’ comments in context. A useful project for me to work on in an election year, especially since autumn approaches and no more gardening to do.

    Robust debate is a healthy sign in a democracy, so much the better if it can also be respectful. But IMO Dunedin presently has a mayor who mistakes compliance and apathy for harmony and consensus, with too many councillors (like Wilson) over-eager to enforce every rule and regulation to gag any dissenters.

    But good decisions need multiple points of view and real consensus is rarely achieved without serious struggle sessions first. Gagging dissenting councillors (like Crs Vandervis and Calvert) is bad enough but trying to gag members of the public is …weirdly bad.

    Cr Wilson is someone I used to admire as a politician for being practical, down-to-earth and clear about council processes. But she is also very sure she is right about everything, as your comment, Elizabeth, (which I will later check out for myself on the meeting video) suggests.

  2. Peter

    Ok. We get the idea. Consultation is fine when you agree with us. Otherwise, if you don’t you are ill informed and uneducated and we can’t be bothered even giving you the time of day. What a thing to verbalise. You would think common sense, at least, would have been enough for Kate Wilson to button her mouth to hide her true attitude. On the flip side she has given us a real insight into where she is coming from.
    This intolerance for other views, and basically wanting to cover your ears and scream so you can’t hear what others are saying, shows a poor coping mechanism for dealing with matters you have been entrusted with. A very poor show indeed.
    As the political saying goes, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.’

  3. Lyndon Weggery

    Elizabeth – if what you say is true about this Councillor then I and a lot of others will not be intimidated by these remarks. Since 3 June 2015 we have all done a lot of thinking, reflecting, discussion and research on why properties were affected in the way they were. The honest conclusion that is shared by some of her colleagues is that by and large Council managed infrastructure failed to cope. I too am worried that with the change of legislation Annual Plan discussion will be limited to “exceptions” and debate will be carefully managed if not shut down on the important issues by holding “workshops” etc. However as Councillor Benson-Pope remarked recently in a meeting the people of Dunedin will make submissions on what they think is important and Councillors will have to respect that in the subsequent Hearings. He is to be commended for that respectful and pragmatic view.

    • Diane Yeldon

      Lyndon: Cr Benson-Pope may have said that people’s submissions will have to be ‘respected’ but that doesn’t mean they need be or will be complied with in any way. All councillors legally have to do regarding submissions is ‘take them into account’. I don’t think there are -well, I certainly don’t know of – any guidelines as to how ‘taking into account’ is supposed to be carried out. Certainly not the way a past council did with an overwhelming majority of well-written and clearly expressed submissions against the building of the stadium. I agree that it’s a worry to see the changes to legislation limiting AP submission topics to significant differences from what has already been planned. We may see staff recommending submissions be disallowed, on legal grounds. And they may be correct, the legislation having been changed because the present government saw the former more extensive process as unnecessarily onerous.
      Regarding the AP “workshops”, these have been held for councillors for many years, to make sure they are properly informed on both the issues and the process for the AP – but closed to the public. I think (and hope!) this year, they may be open to the public. This would be a big improvement in principle, though I suppose, just like council meetings, they are unlikely to be swamped with eager observers.

      • Elizabeth

        Mayor Cull and the wombats with no maths no accounting. Two terms of utter crap, and a multimillion-dollar flood.

        Time to total how much of our money they’ve wasted and how – with the names of those responsible attached.

        We like facts. Sometimes we don’t deal any facts at all. BUT we do like stacking indescribably bad financially importune facts focused on DCC abuse of ratepayer funds. Countdown.

    • Calvin Oaten

      Lyndon, I admire your capacity to see the best in people. Cr Benson-Pope has a long record of being variously changeable, flexible with the truth, as a school teacher, parliamentarian, cabinet minister and a reputed ‘heavy lifter’. So when he says that he, as a councillor will respect the people’s submissions that they may earnestly make to the Annual Plan, one ought to take that with a largish pinch of salt.

      • Diane Yeldon

        Calvin: Agree. Benson-Pope is a very astute, experienced politician and knows all the tricks. Which means I would judge him as I would any politician – by what they do (eg vote at the council table) rather than by what they say.

  4. Rob Hamlin

    I can’t be sure, but I have a feeling that I would have an opinionated view on a living room full of other peoples’ shit, especially if it was my living room. It would however be a well informed one, via all the senses!

    • Peter

      Well, yesterday Gerry Brownlee copped what was tantamount to shit so at Annual Plan time submitters, take note, they now have another resource if verbal and written submissions are going to be brushed over as Kate Wilson seems to want to do.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        There has been considerable condemnation of the man who threw “brown substance” over Gerry Brownlee, and of the woman who threw the plastic willy at Steven Joyce.
        I’d agree. I do agree, in principle. People should not have objects or stuff thrown at them, it’s uncivilized. But so is misuse of power, and presiding over processes that are manifestly unfair, undemocratic, that victimise and re-victimise any of us, refusing to listen and pay real attention to our issues.

        That kind of arrogance is dangerous. It’s uncivilized too – OK so it looks polite and clean-handed but it’s dirty at heart. The shit those nicely dressed people throw at us is not visible, sticky and smelly but it has as bad an effect, or worse.

        So who started the throwing? And what will make it stop?

        Courtesy and respect. Don’t demand them if you won’t give them, even to poor people in cheap clothes.

  5. Lyndon Weggery

    This Councillor as Chairperson of the Infrastructure Services Committee is a real worry. This month’s Committee meeting was cancelled and yet you think there were enough issues (including checking on progress with updating the Musselburgh Pumping Station screens) to warrant a full Agenda. Cancellation of meetings for this Committee have happened before. And that seems to be part of the problem with this present Committee. It begs the question just who is running the City because unless Councillors specifically ask for items to be put on the Agenda to see an “update” nobody is any the wiser. In other words, staff are not informing (and understandably they are under-resourced and very busy) and Councillors (by and large) aren’t asking probing questions or seeking to put items of interest on the next Agenda. There has been a long standing problem with “Reporting Mechanisms” as one Councillor has already admitted to me and the good news is that this serious deficiency is being finally addressed.

  6. Ray

    You are all starting to see and find out, what those of us on the Strath Taieri have known for years.

  7. photonz

    Yet another councillor representing the council against the people.

    Instead of what she’s elected and paid to do – represent the people to the council.

    It also sounds like she’s contravening the local government act that requires that she

    “- Consider the views of the community at all stages of the decision-making, particularly including persons likely to be affected by or interested in the matter, and the views of Maori (especially where land or water is affected).

    – Consult prior to making any decision or pre-determination on an option.

    – Make decisions in the interests of the community’s social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being, now and in the future.”

    • Russell Garbutt

      Exactly. Couldn’t agree more. The question now is “how does Dunedin go about ridding itself of this cabal of useless representatives?”

    • Elizabeth

      photonz, with you on that.
      Luckily in this case one councillor didn’t hold sway and was not representative of the feeling around the council table.

      More work is needed by staff on the consultation document for Community Engagement on the Annual Plan 2016/17 – in reference to recommendations made by Councillors and including provision of plain sense descriptors for budgeted projects.

      Note the change of staging and budget spend for some major Long Term Plan (LTP) projects, such as cycleways and potentially the Central City Plan, could have substantial effect on Annual Plans 2016/17 and 2017/18.

  8. Lyndon Weggery

    I won’t make Councillor Wilson’s day by passing on the information that our local MP for South Dunedin (Clare Curran) is convening a public meeting on Monday 7 March at 6:00 p.m. in the Nations Church Auditorium, King Edward St to look at why South Dunedin “flooded” on 3 June last year. Be interesting to see how many Councillors turn up to the meeting!!!

    {Date corrected. -Eds}

    • Elizabeth

      FANTASTIC !!!!!!

      • Lyndon Weggery

        Sorry Elizabeth, I meant to say Monday 7 March 2016 for the Public Meeting [South Dunedin Flood].

        It is clear that the Chair of the Infrastructure Services Committee has a lot of questions to answer as to why the 2011 recommendations of the South Dunedin Integrated Catchment Management Plan (under the adopted 3 Waters Strategy) were not implemented. For example in terms of the mudtank controversy, the Plan specifically identifies “areas in catchment where more regular stormwater structure cleaning and maintenance could reduce flooding risk”. It would be most significant to ask her whether or not under her watch the following SMART targets were achieved:

        1. Develop consistent cleaning and maintenance criteria for all stormwater inlet assets (city-wide) by 2012.

        2. Develop list of key stormwater assets in the South Dunedin Catchment requiring additional cleaning and maintenance checks by 2013.

        3. Document cleaning and maintenance responsibilities for all stormwater inlet assets in the catchment by 2013.

        Contrary to Cr Wilson’s alleged remarks last Monday in Council, I don’t consider the above findings “uninformed and uneducated” as they are sourced from the relevant ICMP as prepared by the DCC’s consultants (OPUS and URS) in 2011 at great cost to Council and formally endorsed by the 29 November 2011 Infrastructure Services Committee, in a motion that the minutes show was certainly supported by her.

        {Lyndon, have corrected your earlier comment for the date and linked to it in your message here. There will be a Public Notice go up as a post at this website shortly – do you have who is hosting it (Clare Curran, anyone else?), and who will be speaking. Need more details. -Eds}

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Have you ever seen the criteria for cleaning a motel? Each step is clearly expressed and a time allowed for each action required to clean one motel unit, so tight that a fit of sneezes can put the cleaner into “you’re not working hard enough” territory.
          By contrast, “Chair of the Infrastructure Services Committee has a lot of questions to answer as to why the 2011 recommendations of the South Dunedin Integrated Catchment Management Plan (under the adopted 3 Waters Strategy) were not implemented” as Lyndon Weggery points out.

          You’d think there were more important matters in that, than some detergent smears in a shower cabinet, and the Infrastructure Services Committee would act accordingly – wouldn’t you?
          And if motel owners can specify and monitor the work they pay to get done – whoopsie, it’s that old OPM thing again. Silly me.

  9. Elizabeth

    More than 175mm of rain fell on June 3 and 4, with heavy rain falling continuously for 17 hours.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 24 Feb 2016
    Sth D police station still closed
    By Timothy Brown
    The South Dunedin Police Station remains closed to the public almost nine months after its doors were shut because of flood damage. The Macandrew Rd station’s ground floor was extensively damaged during the floods in June last year, which covered low-lying suburbs of Dunedin.
    Read more

  10. Elizabeth

    Retired construction engineer shares his thoughts about, and possible solutions to, the problem of flooding in South Dunedin.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 25 Feb 2016
    Flood problem— some ideas
    By Bill Arthur
    OPINION I have been following with interest the letters and articles published regarding the flooding of South Dunedin last year. My thoughts and sympathies have been with the affected residents since that disastrous event, as I do not believe the Dunedin City Council responded adequately to the situation at the time or subsequently. The council appears to have been sidetracked by the long-term suggestions of sea levels rising and inundation of the whole area, but has lost sight of the fact there is an immediate flood problem that requires urgent solutions to protect the vulnerable rate-paying residents in that area right now.
    Read more

  11. Lyndon Weggery

    Many of Bill’s excellent suggestions have already been addressed by the various (unactioned) recommendations in the 2011 South Dunedin ICMP and the 2014 Beca Report. I rest my case!!!

  12. Elizabeth

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Thu, 17 Mar 2016
    DCC adopts draft annual plan
    The Dunedin City Council has adopted its draft annual plan for the next financial year, which is now subject to public consultation. Councillors finalised the draft document in a meeting today, approving its public release.
    It comes with a general rates rise of 2.9%.
    The plan includes almost $200,000 to help address coastal erosion. There’s also $100,000 more being put into a community grants fund. The council’s distributing information on the plan to local households so residents can express their views. Changes can be made in response to submissions, before the plan’s implemented in June.
    Ch39 Video

  13. Elizabeth

    Tabled at the full council meeting on 17 March 2016:

    Agenda – Council – 17/03/2016 (PDF, 9.7 MB)
    The agenda and reports are located together in this file.

    Report – Council – 17/03/2016 (PDF, 3.2 MB)
    Attachment B – 2016/17 Annual Plan Consultation Document

  14. Elizabeth

    More BS on “economic development” from the electioneering Snivel Sneer.
    There is no fracking way sane Dunedin people would or should give a trumped up department, based on past performances and voicemail, the gravy train of $790,000 for NO FUCKING RETURN. [no, that is not a misspelling of FUNDING]

    Curiously, Wif is starting to carry the tone of WO and LF.

    Mon, 28 Mar 2016
    ODT: Council seeks feedback on proposed funding
    The Dunedin City Council is calling for feedback on its proposed funding increase for economic development. Public consultation on the council’s 2016-17 annual plan opened last Thursday and the council is particularly keen to hear about its proposed $790,000 increase to economic development funding.


    Dunedin City Council – Media release
    Annual Plan consultation begins

    This item was published on 24 Mar 2016.

    Should we be spending more on economic development in Dunedin and/or boosting funding for community grants? These are some of the questions the Dunedin City Council is asking residents as part of its 2016/17 Annual Plan and budget consultation, which opens today.
    Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull says recent changes to the law mean the Council is taking a different approach to how it seeks feedback from residents on what should be included in the 2016/17 Annual Plan.
    “Just last year we went through a rigorous process developing a 10 year Long Term Plan (LTP), which sets out the city’s financial and strategic path. This year we are asking the community to comment largely on things we are proposing to add or change.”
    Some of the proposed changes are things that have already been discussed with the community and agreed on, but were either not funded in the LTP or not funded beyond the current 2015/16 year. Examples include the funding proposed for GigCity, UNESCO City of Literature and Dunedin’s Arts and Culture and Environment Strategies.

    Mr Cull says the planned increase in economic development resourcing is effectively a return of funding taken out several years ago because of budget constraints. “The proposed $790,000 increase in funding is largely community driven. One of the consistent messages emerging from residents is that job creation and business encouragement are vital for Dunedin. Our business sector is also telling us we need to market the city better to visitors and businesses.”

    Funding has also been provided for investigations into South Dunedin groundwater/ sea level rise issues, and to investigate coastal erosion in other areas. Other proposed funding includes an extra $120,000 for community grants because there are always more requests than money available. These suggested changes can be achieved within the proposed 2.9% rates rise.

    The consultation document is now available at http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/2016AP. Public consultation on the Annual Plan closes at 5pm on 20 April. People are encouraged to provide their feedback early and, if possible, use the online form. A range of supporting documents and an online submission form are available at http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/2016AP.

    A snapshot of what is proposed, presented in a map fold newsletter, will be delivered to every Dunedin household. Information will also be available at DCC service centres and libraries and at the Customer Services Agency in the Civic Centre. There will also be a public meeting and workshop, and six drop-in sessions with the opportunity for face-to-face discussion with Councillors. These will be held around the wider city during the consultation period.

    █ Comments on the DCC Facebook page and tweets to @DnCityCouncil using #DunedinAP will also be considered as feedback.

    The consultation period will be followed by hearings and deliberations in May and a final Annual Plan will be adopted by the Council in June.

    Contact The Mayor of Dunedin on 03 477 4000.
    DCC Link

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Cull says One of the consistent messages emerging from residents is that job creation and business encouragement are vital for Dunedin.
      That is no justification for giving money to a DCC oxygen-thieving organisation to create jobs and encourage business. Tried that, now it’s time to learn from experience and try something else. Like use the money for something necessary, core responsibilities wouldn’t be a bad idea for a change. And work out what compliance is necessary and what isn’t. Anything that isn’t vital should stop being a rule, an impediment to people getting on with their own enterprising without fees for this that and t’other, that’ll also eliminate the need for box-tickers on the payroll. Or they could be redeployed to check that anyone paid for work out of our money actually does the job.
      At the same time, having pruned the District Plan of fads* and hysterical butt-coverage in favour of widespread notifications and community response, scheme by scheme, be totally firm on what’s left – no latitude toward try-ons of schemed deliberately planned to be outside the rules of height, blocking other people’s sun and views, land use etc. no matter whose mates they are.
      *E.g. animal restrictions – some places the effects of dogs and cats on wildlife are serious, so limit them there, not other parts of town where their chances of bringing home even a fledgeling blackbird that hasn’t progressed to take are slim-off from ground level are slim.

      • Diane Yeldon

        We have social mechanisms for making laws, regulations, rules and bylaws but nothing much in the way of getting rid of them. Pity. Nature always requires and demands balance. Agree that the DCC would be better to stop meddling and do the basics well. More Taoism in council – effective non-action.

  15. Calvin Oaten

    Mayor Cull says the $790K for the Economic Development Fund is just a return of what used to be. Huh? It really is a sop to the voters come election time. Fact is, the DCC’s record of economic development is abysmal, demonstrating time and again that not only do they not have any expertise in this field but that it has no business even attempting to claim it has. The DCC’s first and only function is to implement strategies to provide full infrastructural services and social amenities to the city for it to be able to function efficiently and effectively at the lowest possible cost to the citizens, then get out of the way and let the people compete for resources, market share and to make a living. That is what true free enterprise and markets are about. Not constantly being burdened by the dead hand of bureaucracy at every turn with costs being piled on their shoulders by petty fogging fools who will intrude and impose at every turn, on the premise that they know best when in fact they know nothing but ‘humbug’.

    • Elizabeth


      Subsidies. What-am-I-talking-about?????

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Elizabeth, have you considered that unless they are given RATES-FUNDED SUBSIDIES they may cease to be friends?

        • Elizabeth

          Tough. Then the rest of us can breathe.

          Jeepers, rort-accusing comment allowed by ODT Online (more of same please!):

          Economic development
          Submitted by Boldor on Mon, 28/03/2016 – 7:32am.

          When is this Mayor going to realize the city is still in massive debt and financial constraints should be remain in place for the foreseeable future, the rate payers are sick to death of being rorted by these people if they want money have a few fund raisers and a cake stall not public money.

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