DCC: 2GP further submissions [consultation software with bug?]

Copy of DCC internal correspondence received.
Tue, 16 Feb 2016 at 7:01 a.m.

On 12/02/16 4:53 pm, “Simon Pickford” wrote:

Good afternoon,

A quick update on the 2GP: we have found a technical issue with the reports that were produced in response to the submissions on the 2GP. As a result the reports need to be reissued and this means that we are outside the 10 day minimum statutory period of the current consultation and will have to re-notify.

We are assessing whether there will be an impact on the timing of the 2GP hearings and the remaining consultation process, but it will require us to re-advertise our consultation period. We are updating the website and making sure the necessary adverts are in place.



Simon Pickford
General Manager Services and Development
Dunedin City Council


I forwarded this yesterday without knowledge of Mr Pickford’s email:

From: Elizabeth Kerr
Sent: Monday, 15 February 2016 10:51 p.m.
To: Simon Pickford; Sandy Graham; Sue Bidrose
Subject: FW: Public Notice for the Summary of Decisions Requested

Dear All

I received the below DCC email on 5 February, and was prepared to make a further submission before the closing date of 26 February 2016.

Today, confusion at the DCC website with regards to further submissions – given two updates provided.

The first said, in effect, that the closing date for further submissions would be put back [because of an internal stuff up] and the new closing date was going to be publicly notified. [I didn’t make a screenshot of the message]

This was followed by another, replacing the first, which said:

Error in Summary of Decisions Requested reports
The Summary of Decisions Requested reports have been temporarily withdrawn from the website due to a technical error in exporting data. In the interim please use the search function on the Search the Submissions page to view the correct Summary of Decisions Requested. Updated Summary of Decisions Requested reports will be distributed online and to libraries as soon as practically possible.

This last made no reference to public notification of an extended closing date for further submissions.

Given the date of issue was 12/02/2016 this suggests that by now all submitters should have been emailed individually about something having gone wrong with the process and to await further information from DCC.

I hope the technical error which affects all those making further submissions is properly recognised and a public notice will be issued that extends the closing date for submissions.

Otherwise I imagine the Council will leave itself open to challenge.

Please could someone clarify how the process is to presume, and accurately.

Kind regards

Elizabeth Kerr

From: Teresa Gutteridge
Sent: Friday, 5 February 2016 3:28 p.m.
To: Elizabeth Kerr
Subject: Public Notice for the Summary of Decisions Requested

Dear Elizabeth Kerr
Dear Submitter,
Please see the public notice for the Summary of Decisions Requested for the Proposed Second Generation Dunedin City District Plan below.
It would be appreciated if you contacted the 2GP Team at the times and through the options laid out in the public notice rather than by responding to this email.
Yours Sincerely

Anna Johnson
City Development Manager

DCC Summary of Decisions Requested 5.2.16 Public Notice


██ DCC 2GP Index Page at https://2gp.dunedin.govt.nz/2gp/index.html

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7 responses to “DCC: 2GP further submissions [consultation software with bug?]

  1. Diane Yeldon

    It’s all getting so complicated that the council needs to use a computer. Then only the computer knows what is going on. Then someone notices that something doesn’t make sense. Or might notice… possibly. I wonder if the DCC would have picked this up without your query, Elizabeth. I have never known them to say, “Thank you for pointing that out to us. We will fix it.” about anything.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Diane – seems they picked it up internally or were alerted on Friday. I was told Monday but then some of us discovered the anomaly between their website updates. I agree, computer systems under test (as is the eplan approach at DCC – despite other councils using similar) throw out all sorts of nasties – pity this glitch throws out statutory timeframes. EXPENSIVE.
      Saying that, the inauguration of the eplan at DCC was already expensive and we should put in LGOIMAs about it – but every now and then I get sick of asking given the undue traction experienced here and there with council reply.

  2. Did they ask you to contact the 2GP team at the ‘Times’? What Times? Radio Times? The ‘Thunderer’ of Fleet Street?

  3. Elizabeth

    No. They blamed climate change and rising damp.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Climate change is today’s Get Out Of Jail Free card, today’s universal explanation forestalling investigation. The old ones were good that way too: witchcraft; displeased gods demonstrating their psst-offness; someone neglected to perform rituals or make sacrifices to ensure good outcomes.

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