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tiny-car-tent-freedom-camping-in-the-city [theflyingtortoise.blogspot.com]“It could happen here.”

### ODT Online Tue, 9 Feb 2016
Freedom camper influx irks residents
By Vaughan Elder
Warrington residents are concerned about a spike in freedom campers, some of whom leave faeces littered through the sand dunes. The concern comes as tensions are rising in Brighton Rd, residents there telling the Otago Daily Times last week they were worried about freedom campers cramming into the Ocean View Reserve.
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### ODT Online Fri, 5 Feb 2016
Campers upsetting residents
Tensions are rising in Brighton Rd as reports of more than 30 freedom campers cramming into the Ocean View Reserve become common. The Dunedin City Council has no plans to change its freedom camping bylaw, despite community concern and more than 280 infringement notices being issued since it came into effect last year.
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### DunedinTV Tue, 9 Feb 2016
Nightly interview: Scott Weatherall
The city council’s new policy for freedom camping is upsetting some seaside residents. Campers are piling up at the Ocean View Reserve near Brighton, which is one of just two designated sites. Saddle Hill Community Board chairman Scott Weatherall joins us to explain the situation.
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The Dunedin City Council bylaw allows freedom campers to stay a maximum of two nights in Dunedin on any council-owned gravelled or sealed land set aside for parking, except in cemeteries, scenic reserves and some prohibited zones on Otago Peninsula, as long as the vehicle was self-contained with a toilet, grey waste and waste capacity for three days.

Limited spaces for non-self-contained vehicles are available at Warrington Domain and in the car park at Ocean View Reserve.

DCC Webpage: Freedom Camping
If you are a freedom camper coming to Dunedin, this page will tell you all you need to know before you get here.

Freedom Camping in Dunedin (PDF, 333 KB)
8 Dec 2015. This brochure on the Freedom Camping Policy provides guidelines for campers.

[screenshot – click to enlarge]
DCC freedom camping brochure

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46 responses to “Dunedin freedom camping #DCC #enforcement

  1. Reporter

    Our way of life goes out the window so cheap shit tourists can have a bargain basement priced holiday. Nuts.
    As a lad we would often camp on the side of the road when going tramping, holidaying etc. It was a very natural NZ thing.
    In the relentless drive to get to four million per annum tourist numbers we attract a lot of dogshit punters. Why would we not have half as many tourists who spend twice as much money? We see the result of overcrowding at all the iconic tourist spots and now we feel the slummy underbelly of pathetic undercapitalised hobo tourists soiling and wearing out our land, taking away our way of life and paying nothing for it all.
    Why we as ratepayers would pay to provide them free camp spots is beyond me. Perfectly good camping grounds are available and whose owners pay a fortune to meet regulations. It is the flood of urchin cretins who have caused a lifestyle change for all New Zealanders.
    I reckon the rental van companies who hire out these mobile bunks with no facilities should be closed down.
    They are like the dairy farmers. Raping and pillaging our country to their own end.

  2. Elizabeth

    A resounding AGREE, Reporter.

    Not all are hired camper vans, also using private cars and stationwagons – and tents. And gas bottles, close enough to blast All to hell and back.

    DCC and other councils need to do TOUGH LOVE, pronto. That means revoking their stupid freedom camper by-laws.

    Good holiday camp operators need a QUICK reprieve from, in particular, the DCC red-carpet (now soiled grass) boffins.

    (freedom camping) its-your-shit [onmag.co.nz] 1
    Freedom camping has been called everything from a human right to a blight that fouls our landscapes with human waste. [onmag.co.nz]

    • Elizabeth

      Thu, 23 Mar 2017
      ODT: Council staff cleaning up faeces `almost daily’
      By Louise Scott
      Queenstown Lakes District Council staff are having to clean up human excrement in public places on a regular basis and say it is now a common problem throughout the district. QLDC parks service delivery manager Clare Tomkins said this summer season “hasn’t been as bad as previous years”, something she puts down to inclement weather. “Human waste on council reserves is something that our internal field team and contractors come across on an almost daily basis.” She encouraged locals to report any incidents. Cont/

  3. Callum

    They are really budget those freedom campers. I’ve never had to deal with freedom campers but it must be horrible when they trash and defecate the place. If they want to take a dump lol they should get a spade to dig a hole and take a dump then cover the hole with the dirt they dug out. It’s interesting when I look at those freedom campers they look like environmentalists by the way they dress but they seem to be the opposite.

    • Diane Yeldon

      Callum: the ‘dig a hole’ method is perilous. In a popular location, what is dug in is very likely to be dug up again. (Very yuk and a health hazard, especially with respect to contaminating groundwater too). Best rule is ‘If you carry it in, you carry it out.’ See DOC guidelines for ‘calls of Nature’ in Nature: http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/know-before-you-go/care-codes/activity-minimal-impact-codes/disposing-of-human-waste/
      I am surprised DOC still recommends burial of human excrement – is prohibited in some USA national parks, precisely because of the high ‘digging it up again’ risk in high traffic areas.
      But on the ‘free lunch camping’ idea, I agree with you. No-one should undertake the holiday they can’t really afford – because then someone else, generally the local ratepayers, will end up paying for it, and plenty of those ratepayers can’t afford a holiday for themselves. So why should they be paying to clean up some other very ‘economical’ tourists’ mess?
      But maybe local authorities should provide properly serviced camping grounds because it’s possible there’s some price gouging going on by commercial operations at very popular times. And I think it’s a good educational experience for NZ kids to have camping experience.

  4. Peter

    Freedom campers are very low end tourists. I have spoken to many of them. They enjoy doing things cheaply or, if possible, getting something for nothing. They are the types who share a muffin in a cafe or order hot water,bringing their own tea bags.
    Their often super sized vans clog the roads, not surprising given the growth in this mode of tourism. They also clog the main streets of our towns and cities, blocking off parking for regular sized cars.
    There are regulated camping grounds for these people and that is where they should go. It is not ecologically sustainable to encourage greater growth in this market. I do not want to see New Zealand’s environment fouled….literally….by freeloaders.
    For those people in Brighton and Warrington, and so on, they just need to make it clear to these people they are not welcome. They can’t wait for the council to do anything.

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Package tours and the much-touted ships also provide low-spend tourists, just not as visibly.
    They don’t buy much. They go to Baldwin Street (free). They go to paid attractions, but these are nearly always pre-booked, pre-paid. The tour/ship company organises, including delivery of the tourists to the attraction. Tickets are bulk-bought with negotiation over price, so the company pays less that independent travellers would per person, and the company keeps the difference between what they paid and what their clients pay them. Same with booked lunches – and of course ship passengers have on board shops and as much food and drink as they can consume.
    Nonetheless this package tourism is touted as a boon for Dunedin, though nearly all the jobs it provides are bottom-level McJobs.
    NZers too are campervan holidaymakers, and given the large numbers of us who are in the low-wage economy, that’s probably the best holiday they can manage. Then there are the gorgeous home-from-home fully equipped vehicles – but they are no problem unless the people go out of their way to dispose of waste in antisocial ways.

    Callum’s right – “dig a hole and take a dump then cover the hole with the dirt they dug out” and this used to be the norm, whether camping or tramping or picnicking. There’s usually a stick somewhere close to make a hole with.

    An alternative is a bucket with a well-fitting lid, and a bag of sawdust or peat to cover the fresh droppings with, for either bagging up to go into landfill or burying deeply when the opportunity arises.

    Another good move would be a plate like L-plate to be permanently displayed on fully equipped vehicles, perhaps with a sticker like wof stickers so it can’t be swapped from one vehicle to another, and people with an adequate poo-bucket system could get temporary plates with a coloured sticker as well as the date & rego sticker on application to local authority, or police, or LTSA – at low or no cost other than the legitimate cost of admin, no padding. That way responsible travellers wouldn’t be hassled when un-identified campers are asked to move along.

    More rubbish bins and portaloos would be of benefit to all of us who ever venture past our own fencelines. Anyone can get the need to “go” in the fruit season and when there’s a tummy bug going around.

  6. Diane Yeldon

    Low end jobs for the ‘natives’ in the ‘visitor industry’. “Rum and Coca Cola” . “Both and mother and daughter working for the Yankee dollar”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGxL2uNr7bk

    • No, they don’t do that here. One good thing, the Campers are not “Wicked!”. I saw one of these travelling advertisements for the musical. It had ‘Wicked’, ‘East Wind Girls’ and ‘The actress is a fink! I am the real wicked! – Margaret Hamilton’, written over it.

  7. Elizabeth

    The little story of users and abusers in our environment.

    ABSOLUTE CRAP FROM DCC’S SUITED ONE —“Enterprise Dunedin director John Christie has said his team will discuss the need for more freedom camping sites with Dunedin City Council staff. There should be no delay.”

    They [campers] wanted freedom, they wanted space, they wanted a raw environment and they wanted to be surrounded by like-minded people: adventurers with stories to tell.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 13 Feb 2016
    Editorial: Responding to freedom camping
    ….Freedom camping is changing New Zealand’s tourism landscape, becoming an increasingly popular way of experiencing this country. With specialised apps on their tablets or smartphones travellers can easily identify free camping spots, what they offer and what previous visitors thought of them. […] Its rise brings immediate concerns. Who pays for the camping spots? Who cleans them? Do the campers contribute to the local economy? Do they obey the rules? Essentially, do we want them? […] A 2012 study showed freedom campers spent roughly 50% more money per person in Dunedin than cruise ship passengers. It also showed money was spent in areas not associated with traditional tourism. Groceries and petrol were prominent.
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    • Hype O'Thermia

      “A 2012 study showed freedom campers spent roughly 50% more money per person in Dunedin than cruise ship passengers .”
      ODT Online commenters almost without exception rant about them being freeloaders who do nothing for the local economy, and the DCC takes a similar grudging view of them that is the opposite of our saviours the cruise ships. For cruise ships all manner of traffic reorganisation is laid on with a cheesy smile and the obsequious rubbing of civic [p]leading hands.

  8. Elizabeth

    Shellfish, hmm. Bag limits surpassed and NO ENFORCEMENT.
    Disturbing comment from local resident in retaliation to obsequious story by ODT reporter Craig Borley.

    Freedom camping
    Submitted by Arab1020 on Sat, 13/02/2016 – 10:03am.

    As a resident that lives immediately adjoining the domain and who has been there for a long time I find it amazing that we were not directly consulted when designating the area for freedom camping. This summer we have seen a massive influx into the area of people and animals. The poor toilet facilities are under massive pressure from the campers and when I took my 5-year-old in to use them we found them in a bad state. The toilets were filthy …..a lump of human excrement was in the hand basin. As we then walked through the domain to the back bay with our dog on a lead we encountered many unleashed small dogs that came runnuing up to my french mastiff.
    Going on down to the back bay which used to have small groups of vacationers in the summer months we could see about 100 people collecting cockles and at 50 cockles per person allowed it will only be a matter of time before this resource is completely gone. The same was happening around the rocks on the beach with people collecting anything they could find, including undersized paua.
    I’m not against people utilising the area but rules should be put in place to protect the environment – for example a no take area – and the council should be actively managing the facilities and the resources. These areas are there for us and future generations to enjoy and I can see more and more people are going to camp “for nothing” at the expense of the overall environment. [Abridged]


    Like night and day.

    On Warrington Domain’s freedom-camping area —a do-gooder, rose-spectacled image that doesn’t wash, in other words, an unresearched fabrication by ODT:

    ### ODT Online Sat, 13 Feb 2016
    Tourists love freedom of ‘beautiful’ land
    By Craig Borley
    Freedom campers have been copping flak from some Dunedin residents. They have been accused of leaving human excrement in sand dunes and adding no money to the local economy. Reporter Craig Borley went to to hear the campers’ side of the story.
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    • Hype O'Thermia

      See, there it goes again: “They have been accused of leaving human excrement in sand dunes and adding no money to the local economy.” The poo accusation is almost certainly true, indeed it is true of anyone who really needs to “go” when there is no loo for goodness knows how far – or there is one but it is so filthy that not even desperation and a wish to keep the countryside clean can induce people to use it. However in the editorial, see above,
      ODT Online Sat, 13 Feb 2016
      Editorial: Responding to freedom camping,
      “A 2012 study showed freedom campers spent roughly 50% more money per person in Dunedin than cruise ship passengers.”

      I hope studying the spend/cost of freedom campers and cruise ship passengers is being done now to see whether the pattern of 2012 is changing and if so in what directions.

  9. Diane Yeldon

    Mindbogglingly dumb of John Christie, presumably speaking on behalf of the DCC (Can he legitimately do that?) to say the solution to irresponsible ‘free lunch’ campers is MORE ‘free lunches’. There is no shortage in the world of people who will grab any free lunches going. But, of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch – someone always pays. In the case of camp sites, it’s the ratepayers paying, whether that payment is made through enforcement costs or clean up costs because there has been no enforcement. I can understand holidaymakers keep away from overpriced commercial campsites, especially if prices go up at popular times. To raise the price when demand is high virtually amounts to holding an auction, meaning only the well-off can afford a camping holiday. Yet the tourist industry typically does this which I think amounts to price gouging and is far from ‘hospitable’. Fair enough for businesses to make a profit but not a killing. The only ‘fence at the top of the cliff’ for the DCC (compared to the more expensive and messy ‘ambulance at the bottom’) with respect to budget camping is for the council to run supervised basic camping grounds with adequate facilities itself and ban ‘no budget’ camping altogether. Then the enforcement is there on the spot at the time and when a site is full, no overloading is permitted.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “To raise the price when demand is high virtually amounts to holding an auction, meaning only the well-off can afford a camping holiday.” Isn’t this the same as “lowering prices in the off season”? Everyone knows it’s cheaper to take one’s northern hemisphere trip if one avoids the peak holiday season. Flights and accommodation are cheaper in the off season, OR, they are more expensive when there is more demand. It’s not something new to be scandalised by.

  10. Elizabeth

    “new commitment to long-form investigative journalism”

    Sat, 26 Mar 2016
    ODT Insight: Camping in the Digital Age
    App means end of quiet campsites
    App has many followers
    Call for freedom camping rules rethink

  11. j Cameron

    Un-contained vehicle or camping in tents should only be carried out in camping grounds at Doc sites or back country areas as the activity dictates. Significant fines should be handed out to those who defecate, litter or camp outside these areas in this manner.
    Self-contained vehicles should have a dedicated toilet room. Not just a porter potty under a seat.
    They should all display the self-contained certificate that states the vehicle in question currently meets the self-contained requirement for what ever number of people for what time period. (4 years currently I believe)
    Not just stickers that can be put on to say it is when it isn’t.
    Self-contained vehicles should be able to camp where ever unless there are reasonable restrictions stated. The Queenstown Lakes District Council has blanket bans on whole townships; it and this government appear unwilling to provide the needed infrastructure for the increasing number of tourists in self-contained vehicles.
    It’s just common sense more parking in towns and cities will be needed as the numbers of self-contained visitors grows.
    Doc needs better funding so as to be able to build more Doc camp sites. The government urgently needs to look at the price of a basic tent site or over night park (only) in camping grounds.
    These shouldn’t cost the earth and maybe should be regulated.
    Other camping ground services all reasonable people will understand will cost.
    Do we really have a problem that can’t be managed?
    There are too many red necks out there just trying to ban people when all that needed is better government and better management of a mismanaged situation.

    • Diane Yeldon

      DNA testing of what is left?

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “Self-contained vehicles should have a dedicated toilet room. Not just a porter potty under a seat.”

      • J Cameron

        It’s very obvious you have never had to use one in a confined vehicle.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Do you mean it’s too awkward to use a porta-potty in a small vehicle? A small vehicle wouldn’t have enough space for a separate toilet room. Heavens, it wouldn’t even have room for a separate dining room.
          I don’t know why it matters HOW people organise their “output” when travelling, surely the important thing is that they don’t leave their effluent spread around the countryside.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “It’s just common sense more parking in towns and cities will be needed as the numbers of self-contained visitors grows.”
      Also the NZers who live in house-buses permanently, some of them chasing seasonal work, some retired, some crafts people.

      • J Cameron

        Because we have a containment standard which you seem to be unfamiliar with. You haven’t answered my question? you are speaking from some experience here?
        Many small vehicles don’t use porta loos, they are privately owned. Its easier to defecate in the bush or of late on Dunedin streets it seems. If the vehicle is rented, Its better to get a discount for returning a porta loo clean and unused ( if it has one) when returning your small van, people mover or car.

        A self-contained vehicle toilet room you can stand in is usually plumbed and tanked for gray and black waste, for a named number of people, for a min of three days, is of a much higher standard. Most importantly is fit for purpose. The toilet, shower, sinks will get used, all waste will be stored. All stored waste will be dumped in the provided dump stations. As far as I can see from years of experience there is far less offending from such vehicles.

        Sadly, in my view, this should now be the minimum standard for freedom camping in New Zealand. Anything less should be in camping grounds or DOC sites or areas set aside for vehicles that are un-contained where facilities are provided. If people can’t afford charges for these then maybe they should be saying at home.
        This is a view many councils seem to be coming around to.
        Our current government should be improving camping grounds and DOC sites ? The rapid growth of cheap un-contained holidaymakers, many from overseas, may then have somewhere to go at a reasonable price.
        If all the people travelling in the hundreds of peoplemovers, small vans and cars can do their toileting, cook their meals and sleep all in much the same space hygienically. Shouldn’t you be able to say from your own experience this works, is ok, it’s not causing issues.

        • russandbev

          J Cameron. The key thing you said is that Councils are coming round to a view that freedom camping should not be allowed if there are not containment facilities on the vehicles. Problem is that by far the areas that are being used by freedom campers are NOT controlled by Councils. They are mostly LINZ or maybe DoC land.

          NZ has the choice to make – do we want quantity or quality of tourists. Do we want those tourists who are prepared to pay for accommodation or do we want those free-loaders who want to go through NZ on a shoe string and along the way shit in every piece of our scenery that they see fit to do so?

          There are those that say that today’s freeloaders are tomorrow’s big spenders but where is the evidence that this is so?

        • Hype O'Thermia

          For goodness sake, not all the people who sleep in a vehicle are *living* in the vehicle! It’s a convenient place to sleep, but they range from full-time housebus travellers to people staying overnight, eg going to a concert in another town.
          They can stay with friends, even when friends have a space to park but don’t have a spare bedroom, without getting in people’s way in the morning.
          They can start their climbing or hunting or fishing first thing in the morning, refreshed from a night’s sleep instead of having driven through the middle of the night to get there.
          Do they need a fully kitted out mobile home, do they need to carry a portable bathroom up mountains? Or do they simply need to manage their trash and effluent so as not to leave it where it is disgusting to other people?
          As for cooking meals hygienically in their van – heard of takeaways? Heard of eating out? Even people who live in houses don’t cook 3 meals a day 7 days a week nowadays.
          What value is my experience to you? Sample size 1: not enough to draw conclusions from – or is it? Besides, how would you know I was telling the truth? Do you require a photo of a turd in a bucket?

  12. Diane Yeldon

    Camp sites, tents, cars, house trucks, garages, boats, sheds, beaches, parks, public buildings and any sheltered urban space – all as living space and NOT just for a low-budget holiday for overseas visitors. This is already here and is just going to get worse. It is inevitably going to have seriously bad public health implications. See United Nations’ view on world population increase and the increasing number of people living in cities: http://unhabitat.org/urban-themes/housing-slum-upgrading/
    Also The Guardian’s reporting on research about the mental health risks correlated with living in cities:
    No wonder so many people want to come to New Zealand. Escaping dystopia but risking bringing it with them.

  13. Gurglars

    Theres a lot of comment here from a nation known for its expertise in the OE of travelling on a shoestring and a prayer! What is it about humans that they criticise others for acting as they had done so in their youth.

    Kiwis never piddled against a wall or crapped in the bush in Europe, India, Australia etc.

    All of them booked into the Hilton and paid $US350 per night!

    Yeh Right!

    We can of course educate the students travelling here and perhaps even provide them with outdoor toilets throughout the land. Such activities would make a lot more sense than building cycleways at huge costs for non existent tourist cyclists.

    And on that note, just how many bicycles have you seen with an in bike dunny!

    • Anonymous

      Observed this evening on Pitt St. 3 young women, dressed in green, legs in the air, knickers round their ankles, sitting on the pavement and peeing. Gravity of course, doing what gravity does. I never saw that before, I never did.

      • Elizabeth

        I had to wake home ‘around’ this. All the rage they tell me. Last night it was 3 stomach contents of vomit.
        What next.

  14. Elizabeth

    Otago Peninsula, most restrictive area in the city for camping

    Sun, 3 Apr 2016
    ODT: Camping bylaw gets board’s thumbs up
    Despite well-reported issues in other areas, Dunedin’s freedom camping bylaw is working well in one of the more heavily restricted areas, Otago Peninsula Community Board chairwoman Christine Garey says. […] Under the camping control bylaw, which came into effect last November, only those with fully self-contained vehicles can camp on the peninsula. They can only park in areas marked by signs installed as part of the freedom camping bylaw process. Freedom camping was monitored to make sure rules were followed. Those found to be breaching the rules were liable to an instant $200 fine.

  15. Elizabeth

    Sat, 14 May 2016
    ODT: Funding for freedom camper relief
    New Zealand’s regional areas are about to get some relief in dealing with freedom campers, with a $12 million fund for what Prime Minister John Key yesterday described as “small infrastructure projects”. Those projects were clearly mainly targeted at providing more public toilets for the growing numbers touring in cars and vans.

    Thu, 12 May 2016
    ODT: ‘Small fee’ for freedom campers?
    The Dunedin City Council is investigating charging freedom campers for using council-owned facilities. Parks and recreation group manager Richard Saunders confirmed at yesterday’s annual plan deliberations that staff were investigating charging a “donation or a small fee” for council freedom camping sites. The decision to look at having charges came after the idea was raised by submitters on the annual plan.

  16. Diane Yeldon

    Recent Public Forum submissions to DCC Planning and Regulatory Committee meeting from people concerned about the fate of Warrington Domain (and elsewhere) next summer.

    Especially good, articulate and well-informed submission from Warrington resident, Rhys Owen.
    Covered by ODT like this: http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/386043/freedom-camping-causing-grief

  17. Elizabeth


    It appeared the Warrington residents’ rightful position of upset and concern over damage to and loss of their reserve for community sport and recreation was undermined somewhat by that of the Community Board representative, Mr Gerard Collings – during the full council meeting yesterday – who seemed to be on some Tourism bent. Well, we know what we think of Mr Collings via ORC. And perchance, Cr Noone who attends Community Board meetings as the DCC representative, was of a similar if not pre-arranged view as his ComBoard/ORC confederate.

    Tue, 28 Jun 2016
    ODT: Community pleads for freedom camping curbs
    A petition, signed by almost 250 people calling for an end to non-self-contained freedom camping at Warrington Domain has been presented to the Dunedin City Council. Warrington resident Rhys Owen presented the petition to councillors during the public forum of yesterday’s full council meeting. The petition had 248 signatories and was accompanied by 136 written complaints from individuals.

    About 10,000 freedom campers converged on Warrington Domain from February to April, leaving behind faeces, other waste and a “muddy bog”, Mr Owen said. He estimated 95% were non-self-contained campers.

  18. Diane Yeldon

    The Freedom Camping Act makes ‘freedom camping’ a right. So it’s very difficult for the DCC (as for other local bodies) to control ‘freedom camping’. Councils can restrict it in certain areas but their provisions can’t add up to effectively prohibiting it. As the opinion below says: “The freedom camping act 2011 gave them (councils) the ability to fine, but reversed the councils position of allowed where permitted to allowed except where prohibited.” (Critical difference!)

    Another comment from the opinion piece below: “Sadly, when a Council has attempted to use this legislation to meet needs, it has been threatened with legal action by the NZ Motor Caravan Association. In association with Chen Palmer, the NZMCA have promulgated and distributed their interpretation of the legislation and how it should be interpreted to their best advantage.” (Chen and Palmer are the local government legal experts. I would always want to have them on my side! – if I could afford them.)

    Interesting idea to rename this act as follows: “Overnight stays in public places Act”. I’m all for plain language and no embedded spin.

    I think local communities should be able to make all decisions on how public places in their jurisdiction are used. I think it’s unfair for central government to impose this obligation to host visitors. It amounts to a kind of tourism tax on ratepayers. And it isn’t at all effective in controlling mess and damage. Unless things change (particularly relevant legislation), New Zealand will end up killing the tourism goose that lays the golden egg.


    • Elizabeth

      Thanks so much, Diane. That helps clarify the ridiculous situation citizens are facing. And why councils look stymied or hands off / unsympathetic to mounting concerns. Dear John Key, Minister of Tourism.

  19. Elizabeth

    Fri, 15 Jul 2016
    ODT: Freedom camping fight deepens
    A Dunedin runanga says freedom campers are dumping human waste on its burial grounds, as the fight to control camping at the Warrington Domain steps up to a new level. Kati Huirapa Runaka ki Puketeraki is one of three organisations associated with the domain which have sent letters to the Dunedin City Council calling for a ban on all camping there (other than self-contained camper vans with toilets), and a review of regulations. The runanga, the Warrington Surf Lifesaving club and the King’s High School Recreational Trust, which administers a facility by the domain, say their issues dealing with human excrement left at the site, and bad behaviour from some campers, must be dealt with.

    █ The letters follow discussions in the community after Warrington resident Rhys Owen presented a petition to councillors in June calling for action.

  20. Elizabeth

    If there are no particular monetary benefits to Ratepayers and Taxpayers, why are DCC reps [Cr Noone and community board bulldog Collins] and staff operationals out to spend OUR MONEY on amenities for domestic and international FREELOADERS at Our Reserves ?

    WTF, the short-sighted venals.

    Thu, 11 Aug 2016
    ODT: Waikouaiti freedom camping proposed
    Waikouaiti may become a freedom camping site to help take the pressure off Warrington, as the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board seeks answers to what has become an emotional issue in the seaside settlement. The board heard from residents angry at the number of freedom campers who arrived at Warrington Domain last season, but also from some who welcomed them and the “vibrancy” they brought. [jesus weeps]

  21. Elizabeth

    Mon, 29 Aug 2016
    ODT: Preparing for camper invasion
    Dunedin City Council has been praised for making the “best of a bad situation” over freedom camping as construction begins on a $50,000 upgrade of facilities at Warrington Domain. The plaudits by Waikouaiti Coast Community Board chairman Gerard Collings came as acting group parks and recreation manager Tom Dyer outlined a raft of measures aimed at tackling the issue in a report to be tabled at today’s community and environment committee meeting.


    29.8.16 Community and Environment Committee
    Agenda and Reports
    View HTML | PDF (11.9 MB)

  22. Hype O'Thermia

    “One of the worst things about most big public events is the toilet – the plastic johnny-on-the-spot full of a chemical soup that is usually disgusting in very short order….”

    These look as if they could be an answer to poo and toilet paper where campervans congregate. Probably would need concreted anchors to attach them to, to prevent theft (!) and being pushed over playfully by pillocks.
    Relocatable, so could be good first step towards finding best places for permanent toilets in popular places.

  23. Elizabeth

    Mon, 9 Jan 2017
    ODT: Freedom camping problems ‘solved’
    The days of Warrington residents stumbling across human waste in the dunes are long gone and locals say the Dunedin City Council’s freedom-camping policies are paying off. Locals are saying the success of the policies at Warrington Domain and Ocean View Reserve show freedom campers and residents can live together in harmony and other councils in New Zealand should follow Dunedin’s example.
    ….Saddle Hill Community Board chairman Scott Weatherall said the new initiatives were working at Ocean View and freedom campers had been better behaved this season, which he partly attributed to clearer signage installed by the council. Cont/

    █ DCC is looking at reviewing its freedom camping bylaw early this year and considering opening up other areas to freedom camping. Public consultation will be held before any changes are made.

    Freedom camping (via ODT)
    Dunedin City Council freedom camping moves

    Warrington Domain
    • Toilets refurbished and four portable toilets installed.
    • Two “Big Belly” solar-powered, self-compacting bins installed.
    • Additional signs installed at the playground car park.
    TOTAL COST: $50,000

    Ocean View Reserve
    • Taps and door latches replaced.
    • Surface re-gravelled.
    • New signs installed.
    • One “Big Belly” solar-powered, self-compacting bin installed.
    TOTAL COST: $2780

    • The council has also stepped up communication with freedom-camping app makers and continues to fine rule-breaking campers.

  24. Hype O'Thermia

    Good work. Beats the crap out of moaning about shit.

    Tourists arrive, NZ welcomes their money. It has to be aware they they bring their bowels along too. Even NZers leave their home toilets to go for a picnic or a visit to a National Park or a holiday, and we take our bowels along just the same as foreigners.

  25. Gurglars

    Now there is a huge opportunity for the geniii managing the DCC – invent a bowel that can be left behind. There’s a fortune in it and quite a few jobs in the planning, PR section, everyone would need a vehicle that later could be sold, what an opportunity.

    Councillor Wily could be put in charge, it’s just the ticket for a person with his abilities.

  26. Elizabeth

    Frenchman Florent Aouidad and his partner denied any knowledge of the incident.

    Mon, 13 Mar 2017
    ODT: Freedom camper poos in Dunedin street
    Footage has emerged of a woman – thought to be a freedom camper – going to the toilet in a gutter in a Dunedin street. Newshub is reporting that the woman was filmed in Vogel St on Sunday morning. The incident took place in front of APET Racing, a workshop that has two security cameras, one of which filmed the woman. Cont/


    • Elizabeth

      Wed, 15 Mar 2017
      ODT: Good manners please, says French Embassy
      By Shawn McAvinue
      Police are searching for the Frenchwoman who defecated in a Dunedin street, prompting the French Embassy to ask tourists to “display good manners”. In a statement today, a police spokesman said they had received a formal complaint about a woman defecating in a gutter in Vogel St about 8.30am on Sunday. Cont/

  27. Elizabeth

    We sink low to treat this as newsworthy. See comments after this ODT item.

    At Facebook:

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