Rugby Stadium flat passion

Peter De Villiers New Yorker cartoons [] tweaked

Comments at ODT Online:

It’s the finances
Submitted by MikeStk on Sat, 06/02/2016 – 11:26am.

Bones: Once again you misrepresent me – my beef with the stadium and rugby is the way that Otago rugby has ripped off Dunedin, initially promising us a free stadium at no cost to the ratepayers then, without allowing us to vote, changing it to “we’ll raise $50m” and you can pay for the rest, then to “oops we can’t raise a cent” you pay for all of it, to “oops we’re going down the gurgler you must buy Carisbrook for $10m”, to “we’ve had too many black tie dinners and now we’re bankrupt you have to bail us out”, to “we’re not paying enough rent to use it you have to subsidise the running costs by $2m, $5m, $7m, ….”-
Now local rugby is making million dollar profits off our backs but is still not contributing a cent to pay for their rugby stadium – a bunch of wowsers eating at the public trough hoovering my hard earned dollars out of my pockets to subsidised their booze fed events.

I’ll say nice things about your rugby stadium the day I stop having to pay for it and for your fun.

A sad decline
Submitted by MikeStk on Sun, 07/02/2016 – 2:25pm.

Bones: As I said, my issues with the rugby stadium are with the finances, not whether anyone thinks it’s a good stadium or not. Solve the financial issues, have rugby pay what they owe and make the ratepayers financially whole and I’ll be happy.

Remember that the ORFU once owned Carisbrook free and clear – the grandfathers of the current generation of rugby official built and paid for Carisbrook out of their own pockets. That’s the way it should be done.

But over time they started spending more money than they were taking in, rather than doing the financially sensible things like spending less or charging more. They started mortgaging their major asset, with no real way to pay it back, and eventually they owed the DCC $2m, and the bank a few million more – a terrible way to honour the wonderful legacy they had been gifted by their canny, thrifty grandfathers.

Then in a moment of financial lunacy they decided to get the city to build them a new stadium, to replace Carisbrook – the bank must have looked at that and raised their collective eyebrows somewhere over the backs of their heads – Carisbrook, the thing they had mortgaged was now worth less than the loan. You can see why they offloaded it on the city in a deal that cost the ratepayers millions – if they’d sold it themselves their bank account would be in the red. So much for their grandfather’s legacy – squandered to nothing.

There’s no reason for the DCC to have been involved in building the rugby stadium – the ORFU’s grandfathers had already proven that with some thrift, some canniness, reaching into their own pockets and raising money from the public, it was completely possible for rugby to build its own stadium. The current generation seem to be too lazy to try, too willing to force the rest of us to pay for something they should have been saving for themselves over the past generation – very much the Ant and the Grasshopper. [Abridged]

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: (Aug 2010) – matching rugby’s favourite nutbar Peter De Villiers’ quote to New Yorker cartoon, tweaked by whatifdunedin


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6 responses to “Rugby Stadium flat passion

  1. Mike

    heh – thanks – I figure the ORFU et al would rather we all forget recent history and just keep the ratepayer’s money flowing into their coffers (thru all the subsidies we continue to pay to allow rugby to play at their stadium),

    I figure we have to make sure that we don’t forget what happened otherwise it will happen again “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”

    • Elizabeth

      Plus in all seriousness it was fun writing, nothing like a List, Mike ~!!

      • Mike

        I had fun writing it though it probably needs more commas …. it’s a narrative that explains how we incrementally got to where we are without the council saying ‘boo!’ – the other one was much more a story about how the current ORFU are a bunch of spineless wankers compared with their grandfathers who raised the money to originally build Carisbrook

        Needless to say the local rugby powers-that-be are the villains in both stories – these are those black-tie wearers who have continually expected us to pay for their rather expensive fun rather than simply raising ticket prices to cover their costs

        • Hype O'Thermia

          And does local rugby need so many “black-tie wearers”? I wonder who were the equivalent in the days of prudent investment, and whether there were so many soft hands and clean nails. They certainly used to act like men who knew how to make their club successful, and their culture was big on self-reliance, independence, guts and gumption.
          Their descendants in the role are big on holding hands out, and being hand-held by council and government who have the power to force money out of the rest of us whether we like rugby or not. “Because we deserve it” – and then they lawyer-up if they feel they’ve been disrespected! Respect? I should cocoa!

        • Mike

          You know I can imagine a bunch of distinguished, bearded, bekilted, gentlemen holding a black tie event to celebrate raising the final money to pay for Carisbrook attending a fancy event, funded of course by selling tickets to pay for the event. I have no problem with that.

          As you say it’s the self-entitled attitude of the current generation who believe that somehow rugby is special, somehow more important that roads, sewers or flooding.

          In reality there’s another reason they were losing money at Carisbrook, fewer people are going to watch rugby, with more than one TV channel, an internet, etc, more disposable income people have too many better things to do than go and watch it live, especially now they have to hold games after the kid’s bed times – they watch it on TV, or at the pub if at all – they had falling numbers – long term they’re a dying industry that ought to be retrenching rather than expanding, they also ought to be fighting for a bigger cut of the TV rights for their games, take a lead from US football: black out TV of local games in local markets if the venue isn’t sold out, Sky have the technology to do that

  2. Elizabeth


    Comment at ODT Online:

    Nobody died it seems
    Submitted by russandbev on Fri, 12/02/2016 – 11:33am.

    Seems that no-one really needs a $250m-plus stadium and a mown cattle paddock can attract just as many people as the expensive stadium which costs Dunedin ratepayers millions in interest payments. And it rained a bit and nobody died. Lesson to be learned is?

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