DCC 2GP Hearings Panel

Wed, 3 Feb 2016 at 4:21 p.m.

From: Jamie Shaw [DCC]
Sent: Wednesday, 3 February 2016 11:36 a.m.
To: Council 2013-2016 (Elected Members); Community Board – Chalmers 2013-2016; Community Board – Mosgiel Taieri 2013-2016; Community Board – Otago Peninsula 2013-2016; Community Board – Saddle Hill 2013-2016; Community Board – Strath Taieri 2013-2016; Community Board – Waikouaiti Coast 2013-2016
Cc: Executive Leadership Team (ELT); Anna Johnson; Ann Rodgers; Teresa Gutteridge; Kristy Rusher
Subject: Media Release – Independent commissioners appointed to 2GP Hearings Panel

Good morning all,

Please find attached a media release announcing the appointment of the independent commissioners on the Proposed Dunedin City District Plan Hearings Panel.

We will be issuing another media release on Friday, outlining the 2GP further submissions process.

This release will be sent to media shortly.

Best regards,

Jamie Shaw
Senior Communications Advisor, Communications and Marketing
Dunedin City Council

(1) Attachment: [click to enlarge]

[DCC] MR 2GP Independent Commissioners appointed 3.2.16

█ Download: MR 2GP Independent Commissioners appointed (DOCX, 50KB)

### dunedintv.co.nz Wed, 3 Feb 2016
Outside experts hired for city planning
The city council is using independent commissioners from out of town to hear submissions on the proposed new district plan. Two experts, from Nelson and Banks Peninsula, have been appointed to the hearings panel. They’re due to consider all information and submissions presented on the second generation plan. Four councillors are also on the committee, which will begin the hearings process in late April. The council’s not saying how much it’ll cost to have commissioners from outside the city involved. They’ve both got decades of experience in the planning sector and have worked with other councils. Hearings for the local plan are expected to run for several months.
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22 responses to “DCC 2GP Hearings Panel

  1. Tom

    Majority of Commissioners are city councillors who can’t get the cycleways built without trebling the budget. Can’t fix the South Dunedin stormwater problems. Can’t balance the DCC books. Can’t get the multimillion-dollar debt down. Can’t look after meals on wheels. Can’t count past ten ’cause they run out of fingers.
    Now going to make decisions for “The Way Forward” for Dunedin, for the next ten years. I don’t think I need to say anymore. Good night Kiwi. Last one out turn off the lights.

    • Elizabeth

      Dreadfully sobering, Tom. Doom. Unless we get the lawyers fired up on our several behalfs.
      No city councillors should be on the panel at all.
      The commissioners have City Planning to consult if they need district information – it is simply unnecessary and WRONG to have elected reps anywhere near this process. We have the ability to raise this at any time and some might during the further submission process about to get underway.

  2. Diane Yeldon

    I actually think Dunedin voters should be represented on this panel – and that means having DCC councillor planning commissioners. I’m sure they will be advised by DCC legal staff when making their decisions or else the DCC risks appeals to the Environment Court and losing the same. Maybe having in-house lawyers will help, because in the past DCC planners might not have been that astute on points of law. Anyway, I think DCC has got the right balance here – with some independent commissioners and some local ones. All commissioners can be argued to have some bias. I’d hate to see the DCC, or any other council, move right away from democratic input of elected reps to complete managerialism. I’d be interested to know how much citizen input there has been in the past with respect to District Plans here. It’s a very important factor in good outcomes that residents and ratepayers, the people who will be most affected, do make submissions and follow the deliberations. For example, I wonder if any people objected to large scale creche/childcare facilities in residential areas. That was a hot topic when developments were actually proposed. And I wonder if I can object to the keeping of chickens in residential areas, (Boookk boook SQUAWK! at 5.00 am from a fairly distant neighbouring property. Would hate to be right next door!)

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “And I wonder if I can object to the keeping of chickens in residential areas, (Boookk boook SQUAWK! at 5.00 am from a fairly distant neighbouring property.”
      I think this would be fair, as long as people who enjoy the sound of chickens could also have input as supporters of the chicken and it came down to numbers annoyed versus numbers neutral and happy with their presence. Many people like the sounds of natural things even in town, where most of the noise is from humans and their machines.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “For example, I wonder if any people objected to large scale creche/childcare facilities in residential areas.” Yes, in Hazel Avenue.

      • Diane Yeldon

        Hype: i know they did with respect to a specific planning application. And there was another controversial one not long ago too. But this was a permitted use in a residentual zone so they lost. I meant I wondered if anyone submitted to the new District Plan that childcare facilities over a specified size should not be a permitted use in a residential zone. I certainly wouldn’t like about 30 or 40 little squawkers daily visiting a neighbouring property.

  3. Elizabeth

    I totally disagree with Diane. There is no way the politics of MacTavish, Hawkins, Benson-Pope and Wilson (two Greater Dunedin councillors and two tag-alongs – altogether a voting bloc) safely represent me as a voter. There is no way in hell I would ever vote for any of them, it must be said. I want independent planning commissioners WITH NO SKIN IN THE CULL GAME. And, the unsubtle greenie politics that they each espouse is to the full detriment of DCC finance – before we even start to consider what they are capable of in impacting private property values and ratepayer assets generally. Managerialism is a myth where fully independent and dispassionate planning commissioners are concerned. Look beyond the political drudges of this Dunedin City Council, for godsake. Group manager corporate services Sandy Graham has recently pointed out the way legal representation will work for DCC during the 2GP process. I will ask Sandy if she can confirm that in writing for readers’ information.

  4. Brian Miller

    Diane. I also totally disagree with you. I have seen City councillors appointed as hearing commissioners on resource consents that have had total disrespect for the current District Plan. I have seen council commissioners rule in favor of the applicant, when the planning staff have advised against it, as it was contrary to the District Plan. If these people have no respect for the current District Plan What chance does the submitter to the 2GP have in achieving a fair hearing if these people play by their rules rather than those set out in the District Plan? Do we then have to go to the Environment Court to get a independent hearing. If so let’s cut out the present charade of a hearing and go straight to the Environment Court. We need independent commissioners. Not councillors with personal agendas. The District Plan has always been known as the “Peoples Document”. A fat chance of that now under the present setup.

  5. Calvin Oaten

    I’m inclined to agree with Elizabeth on this issue Diane. If Councillors were to be involved at all then it should be all of them. This all smacks of a Cull setup which in effect will turn it into a ‘yes minister’ outcome. We know full well from experience that the GD element (which stacks this panel) run with their emotions, not logic, nor for the greater good. The other (“I’m anybody’s as long as I’m there”) member is suspect as well.
    As an example of the style just look at the “students brief councillors on climate change” to Dave Cull, Cr Hawkins and Cr Benson-Pope. A clear case of, “from the mouths of babes” to the naive, unscientific, Cull selected cabal. It is reported in the ODT page 4.

  6. Brian Miller

    Diane. I made a submission to the Annual Plan on a road issue on the Taieri. It was turned down flat by the council. I now intend to make a submission to the 2GP on the same road issue. How can I expect a fair hearing from the councillors on the District Plan, when they have already turned down my submission at the Annual Plan? We need independent commissioners on the 2GP to take out the element of bias.

    • Diane Yeldon

      Brian: aren’t the two submissions different in character? The first asks of whether a particular site-specific use complies with the provisions of the current (operative) District Plan and the second expresses a view as to what those provisions should be with regards to a particular use or type of land in the Plan Review.

      • Diane Yeldon

        Brian: oh sorry, i see you are comparing the Annual Plan, not a specific resource consent. Yes, well, there IS a problem. But there’s always been a serious conflict of interest that any local body is also the resource consent authority within its territorial jurisdiction. I’ve wondered whether NZ should have some kind of environmental protection agency or landuse and public good independent agency, completely separate from local government with the responsibility for administering pkanning law.

        • Elizabeth

          Diane, please. The arguments for and against your ‘suggestion’ are long established and torturous. Have fun on the long weekend, smell the roses or something, unwind.

        • Brian Miller

          Diane. just to clarify in the shortest possible way. I made a submission to the Annual Plan for a road to be completed, and Council turned my submission down. I am now asking the same question of the District Plan. How can I expect an unbiased decision from the District Plan committee, when the Council has the Majority on the District Plan committee? Will or can council go against its own decision made in the Annual Plan?

        • Elizabeth

          Brian. Sounds like a legal question that the DCC should confront. The chairman of the 2GP hearings panel would be interested.

  7. Hype O'Thermia

    “We need independent commissioners on the 2GP to take out the element of bias.” Brian Miller, you’re so right.
    “I actually think Dunedin voters should be represented on this panel – and that means having DCC councillor planning commissioners.” Diane, do you still believe the people we voted for *represent* us? IMO as soon as the votes were counted the majority of them switched to representing their own cycle and hobby-horse riders’ interests.
    Crs Vandervis and Calvert – and latterly Noone, perhaps not so unreservedly – I’d rely on to contribute without personal agendas and with clear-eyed evaluation of needs, costs and the debt the city is already deep in. Snowball’s change of them being appointed though, so I say NO COUNCILLORS!!! Emphasis intended.

  8. Tom

    How many $ per day will these councillors pocket for each day they sit on the Plan, and how many sitting days is it estimated to take for the panel to make decisions. Enough $ to replace the stormwater pipes in South Dunedin ?

    • Elizabeth

      The siphoning into the illustrious councillors’ private pockets will be huge since the 2GP hearings are anticipated to take MONTHS.

      A second home for all who don’t have one already.

  9. Elizabeth

    Received from City Development
    Thu, 4 Feb 2016 at 4:55 p.m.

    █ Subject: Update on the Proposed Second Generation Dunedin City District Plan

    Dunedin City Council – 2GP Submitter Update

    The latest notices about the Proposed Second Generation Dunedin City District Plan (2GP) processes:

    ● Operative parts of the 2GP
    ● Hearings panel appointed
    ● Further submissions – further submission period open from 10 to 26 February (more soon).

    More information at http://www.2gp.dunedin.govt.nz

    [screenshot ONLY]

    DCC 2 GP Submitter Update 4.2.16 #1 [screenshot]

    DCC Link to 2GP Submitter Update

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