Dunedin: Veteran, vintage and classic cars #driveacrossthecity #farewell


festival image [Adam Binns historic motoring]Photo: Adam Binns

### ODT Online Fri, 22 Jan 2016
Vintage car parade planned for tonight
The International Festival of Historic Motoring is putting on a farewell for Dunedin people this evening, showing off veteran, vintage and classic cars to residents in a drive across the city. The festival has released a list of streets from where the public can view vehicles as they pass (times approximate):

7pm: Queens Dr, Prince Albert Rd and King Edward St

7.30pm: Kaikorai Valley Rd between Stone St and Taieri Rd, Brockville Rd and Dalziel Rd to Three Mile Hill Rd

8pm: Gordon Rd, Factory Rd, Hagart Alexander Dr, Quarry Rd into Morris Rd

8.30pm: Main Rd Fairfield, Main South Rd Green Island.

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###drivesouth.co.nz Sat, 16 Jan 2016
Festival takes city back in time
By Catherine Pattison
Dunedin yesterday became the hub for the Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring as 600 cars and motorbikes arrived for the nine-day event. The city’s inhabitants can be forgiven for feeling as though they have gone back in time as they see the multitude of old vehicles cruising the streets.

“It is going to be fantastic for Dunedin. It brings in a huge amount of people to see our wee town. Most of these cars have never been seen all in one place.”

Many of the expected 1200 owners are Kiwis, which is not surprising as the Vintage Car Club New Zealand (VCCNZ) has more than 8000 members and 13,000 vintage, veteran and classic cars and motorcycles listed on its database. However, there will be about 60 owners coming from Australia, with others travelling from Scotland, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Sweden and Switzerland. The farthest travelled will be Lord-Lieutenant of Orkney Bill Spence, who has sent his 1932 Lagonda to Dunedin for the festival.

Run by the VCCNZ Otago branch, it is the first time the festival, which has been to New Zealand nine times previously, will be hosted by Dunedin.
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█ More information + 2016 Festival photos at:
The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc) http://vcc.org.nz/

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3 responses to “Dunedin: Veteran, vintage and classic cars #driveacrossthecity #farewell

  1. Peter

    Great that these cars have been restored with so much love and attention. They came on three different occasions to Lawrence this week where we have been based.
    The vast majority of enthusiasts, by observation are getting on in years.
    Also, by way of observation, the oft quoted multiplier effect was virtually non existent for businesses in town. The organisers arranged food where they gathered so cafes didn’t get as much benefit.
    Many wandered around the shops….looking…an indication perhaps that their money has gone into their cars. Plus the age factor. Many older people penny pinch, but they still like ‘to have a nosey’ as they put it.
    Campervan people and freedom campers are in the same boat. They don’t spend much as tourists and tend to want things dirt cheap. Not much added value from these people for the economy.

  2. Gurglars

    The economy is a very simple device. It works generally on supply and demand.

    In Lawrence clearly there is no demand for the many food stores.

    What is also clear is that these many enthusiasts need a road, not a cycleway. In Lawrence there are very few cyclists and yet there are many miles of cycleways, generally poorly utilised.

    Has anyone yet determined that if we wish to be successful financially and as a nation or individually we must produce whatever it is that people want. Otherwise we cannot afford to pay rates, 56 cents in the dollar tax and extravagant utilty prices like phones and electricity.

    So if you wish to be more successful in Lawrence or Dunedin determine what the purchasers want and provide that, support the bureaucracy only if it provides what the majority needs firstly and wants somewhere down the list.

    It sounds sane, but in the last ten years sanity has not prevailed and accordingly we are going to hell in a hand basket (to pinch a phrase).

    • Peter

      The Clutha Gold and Roxburgh Gorge cycleways are actually becoming increasingly popular…..not underutilised as time progresses. But, once again, the lauded spin offs are overstated at this point. We see the same thing with each new venture where people wet themselves in anticipation. The stadium is a prime example in Dunedin where the model for the multiplier effect is ‘commercially sensitive’.

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