‘Quaking!’ Dark day$ and tide$ to come #Dunedin #Jun2015flood

Douglas Field Published on Jan 14, 2016
Noah Cull floating his boat
Dunedin’s mayor (Cull) persists with his obsession with global warming and catastrophic sea level rise as being in some way connected to the flooding event of June last year in Dunedin. This, even though local meteorologists dismiss it as nonsense.
In order to pay for the effects of the damage caused, he is now trying to link this to the truly catastrophic damage caused by the earthquake in Christchurch the cost of which is substantially underwritten by central government.
The sketch lampoons the mayor for trying to squeeze money from central government coffers on such patently baseless arguments.

█ For more information, enter the term *flood* in the search box at right.
A sister ark ‘construction’ has also been identified in satirical comments about the stadium.


But what of Noah’s contrariness towards rules of the district plan, lack of consultation over the build (see LTP and AP), and obvious parking demeanors incurred by the ark.

Thu, 14 Jan 2016 at 7:07 a.m.

█ Message: Worth noting that the council instructs officers that they must write 3 tickets per hour. How have we let councils construct such an unpopular and penal extra tax?

### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 19:29, January 13 2016
Wellington City Council’s multimillion-dollar ticket haul
By Tom Hunt – The Dominion
Wellington drivers are being stung by millions of dollars in parking fines, and are 10 times less likely to have them waived than if they parked just 20 minutes away in Porirua. Official figures from Wellington City Council show the number of tickets it issued dropped to 141,341 in 2015, but that still put an extra $6.4 million in the council coffers. In 2012, when the council issued 262,627 tickets, it gathered almost $10.01m in revenue.

In May, it was revealed that the capital’s 32 wardens had been told they had to issue at least three tickets an hour. The council defended the “performance measure” and insisted it was not a quota.

The region’s councils were asked to supply figures showing how many tickets were issued, how much revenue this generated, and how many tickets they waived.
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4 responses to “‘Quaking!’ Dark day$ and tide$ to come #Dunedin #Jun2015flood

  1. The Brand New ‘Frankie and Johnny’/Frankie and Johnny were Parkers/Lordy and how they did Park/right there in the Middle of town/as if they were really big stars/See, they had a car/and could do no wrong. /Well, along there came the Warden, said ‘Frankie what did you do?’/Said Frankie ‘just parked here/what’s it to you/Blue?/weve got a car and rights to Park La!’

  2. Incidentally, have you seen ‘Noah’ the movie? It posits the theory that the deluge sort of shot up from vents in the earth, like geezers. The Kevin Costner Rafters Inc.

  3. Gurglars

    brownestudy, the geezer theory of water coming from molten metal makes marginally more sense than climate change causing the South Dunedin floods.

  4. V sorry to be back, but Annie someone wishes to sing ‘$’: ‘It’s raining bucks, oh yeah, raining bucks/shucks/quaking sucks/conduit that muck/oh yeah, stop raining buck$’. Thank you Anne. You’re a fine artist and an even finer Irishwoman. This song may be adapted to European conditions as ‘€’ , “¥” for Asia and £ for Old Compton Street.

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