For the mature reveller-reader……….

punch drunk - Timber Smashed by nickwolf []

One glass might be good for your health but more is associated with a host of illnesses and problems.

### NZ Herald Online 2:00 PM Sunday Jan 3, 2016
What alcohol does to your body after 40
By Anna Magee
In case you missed it: This was one of our favourite Life & Style stories from 2015.

Wednesday Dec 16, 2015
[UK] If you’re over 40, the chances are you like a drink. […] as the Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, mulls over current NHS drinking guidelines, experts are urging us to spare a thought not only for the short-term effects of alcohol on our brains, but also the damage our drinking habits are doing to our bodies as we approach middle age.

“Alcohol affects just about every system because it’s a small molecule that goes everywhere in the body,” says Paul Wallace, emeritus professor of public health at University College London and medical director of the charity Drinkaware. From the gut to the heart, the blood vessels to the skin, its effects are all-pervasive.”

But why are the effects so much worse after 40?
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: – Timber Smashed by nickwolf (tweaked by whatifdunedin)


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4 responses to “For the mature reveller-reader……….

  1. It is clear from the Illustration of ‘dawg’, ‘tramp’, or Wiley E Coyote fonged, that the dangerous stuff is XXXX. What is 4xX? It is an overproof Australian beer. It was also a silly radio Station running on air ‘drinkathons’ in the interests of public education.

  2. Elizabeth

    Kisses / Not defined / Poison / …

    [the definitive …..via
    Joshua Frankenstien
    • 9 months ago
    XXX actually means Very Adult Product. Such as porn being labelled XXX or X for softcore. And even Booze can be found with X’s on it.

    /////////// or unknown anagram for something we know -Eds

  3. Elizabeth

    PS his name is Timber and he’s smashed, like the picnic tables put up earlier at POLITICS of Place —New Year glums (read glue and screws) ???

    [what does three question marks mean]

    • ??? means ‘seriously!?’. Have no knowledge of X Cinema, it is called ‘R’ here. People who make porn can’t even write, so ‘X’ is their mark. In Roman numerals, xxxx means forty.

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