Epere on driving charges, now faces drugs charges after police raid

From: Hamish McNeilly [Fairfax Dunedin Bureau Chief]
Sent: Wednesday, 16 December 2015 6:16 p.m.
To: Elizabeth Kerr
Subject: So Albert Epere on drug raid. See my earlier links

Gang member loses gardening contract with Dunedin Council after arrested for speeding
By Hamish McNeilly Last updated 17:11, December 16 2015
A gang member has lost his contract to maintain Dunedin’s public gardens after he was arrested for racing on a state highway. In October, the Dunedin City Council awarded Mauri Kohatu Incorporated, a $52,000 trial contract to maintain some city greenspaces until June 30, 2016. […] In a statement issued late Wednesday, the council said it suspended its trial social procurement contract with Mauri Kohatu after becoming aware of Epere’s alleged offending on Monday.

Man arrested after police raid on Dunedin gang pad
By Hamish McNeilly Last updated 13:45, December 16 2015
Armed police took part in an early morning raid of a Dunedin gang house. Police raided a Pine Hill Rd property on Wednesday morning and arrested a 49-year-old man. The property was understood to be connected with Black Power.

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█ Embarrassing for Dave Cull, Sue Bidrose, Rebecca Williams and all the uninformed Do-gooder councillors and staff at Dunedin City Council who wanted to throw ratepayers’ money at criminal gangs.

rebecca and mad hatter cull with black power menber parts 1 and 2 [371100] Douglas Field 16.12.15 (1)Douglas Field 16 Dec 2015 [click to enlarge]

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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39 responses to “Epere on driving charges, now faces drugs charges after police raid

  1. Gurglars

    Well Halelujah, 122,900 people of Dunedin predicted this and were against the council giving the contract. After Vandervis we must ask – who approved the contract and Why!

  2. Gurglars

    DCC were funding his drugs and most likely providing the land and the fertiliser. Do the DCC have any glass houses?

  3. Peter

    Epere was given a generous chance to turn his life around and blew it. End of story.

    • Elizabeth

      Never intended turning his life around, that’s the story. A myth the suckers at DCC wanted to believe. To gain easy contracts for the gang.

      Once the gang president unlikely you won’t keep going nefarious, thet’s a word.

      • Peter

        May be the case, Elizabeth. I don’t know. You would hope they sussed out his potential for rehabilitation, with the help of the judicial system, in the first place. In any case, they got it wrong this time.
        Criminals are unpredictable, but some are capable of turning a new leaf. Guessing who must be a fine art.

        • Elizabeth

          You’re right, Peter, we would hope they looked into it.
          I dare say his lawyer will come up with a suitable tale of past woe and redemption sought.
          Crime is just business (?!), in this case with violence and intimidation as the training ground.

      • Douglas

        December 16, 2015 at 8:16 pm
        You said, “Never intended turning his life around, that’s the story. A myth the suckers at DCC wanted to believe. To gain easy contracts for the gang.”

        But but but On, October 13 2015 HAMISH MCNEILLY reported “Last week, council events and community development manager Rebecca Williams said checks and balances were in place to ensure the contract would be a success.” So there you have it. Check and balances in place.
        But then you need to consider this:

        “Also included in the contract was a list of 54 undesirable plants for removal; including hemlock, broom, blackberry and ragwort.”

        It also notes potential site specific hazards including dogs, bees, wasps, discarded debris and “aggressive people”.
        This is a big ask. The 54 undesirable plants would tax the skills of a trained botanist to identify. It would however be stressful for these people to have to deal with. The aggressive people – not so much – they deal with these sobs all the time.

        • Diane Yeldon

          Referring to ‘checks and balances’ doesn’t satisfy me that they actually exist. Since the DCC’s contracting policies, including any about ‘social contracting’, are not in the public domain (why not?), how would anyone know?
          The pigheadedness of the DCC, both staff and most elected reps, in not acknowledging that they were just plain wrong, on every level imaginable, about giving this contract to Mr Epere, and not subsequently setting their house in order, really annoys me. Ms De Groot made a public forum submission about social support via DCC contracts for those without a choice about their employment chances (like her autistic son) compared to those who did have choices and had made bad ones (presumably referring to Mr Epere), but her very sensible submission seems to have fallen into a black hole. Very sad if the DCC is collectively too thick to feel both ashamed and embarrassed about this, and fix it.

  4. Gurglars

    When one muses, one can be forgiven for thinking that Epere was just consorting with known criminals.

    • photonz

      You mean like people who after being told of serious corruption allegations, choose to sweep them under the carpet than investigate them?

      And who already have a track record of being told of serious fraud allegations, but also chose to sweep them under the carpet rather than investigate them?

      Surely that alone is worthy of a police criminal investigation in itself?

      Without even mentioning giving out contracts to gang members.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Part of a pattern of behaviour?
        Panic/dread of a councillor’s knowledge?… Fear of a gang member? Could mean instinctive though baseless phobia, or could mean fear of something the other person knows, or of something another person threatens to do.
        “Puir cow’ring beastie,” murmurs the statue of Rabbie Burns into the damp night air.

        • Elizabeth

          Exasperation and inability to deal with stress under pressure brings about the same reactionary behaviour; it can be cumulative owing to issues inside and outside DCC, personal and professional.

          Someone will wake one morning with the idea he has other options for busyness and lifestyle. That being mayor is largely thankless.

  5. Gurglars

    I remember mayors (at least two) who were and still are loved because of their even handedness and desire for service and justice for ratepayers and to make Dunedin a better place to live without incurring a heavy financial penalty which whilst owed was not desired or earned.

    Just for the record it wasn’t the last two.

  6. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 17 Dec 2015
    Judge ‘surprised’ at custody request
    A Dunedin judge [Michael Crosbie] has granted bail for a Black Power member facing drugs charges, saying he is “surprised” at police attempts to keep him in custody. Albert Epere appeared in the Dunedin District Court today on drugs charges laid by police more than a month ago, and a driving charge of knowingly permitting a motor vehicle to be used for an offence.
    Read more

  7. Elizabeth

    Gang member who lost Dunedin council gardening contract ‘trying to change his ways’
    By Hamish McNeilly Last updated 17:48 17/12/2015


    • Hype O'Thermia

      Dunedin police raid a gang pad in the suburb of Pine Hill on Wednesday.
      Dunedin police raid a gang pad in the suburb of Pine Hill on Wednesday.

      “A gang member who lost his council gardening contract because of new charges says he has tried to change his ways.
      Albert Epere, 49, appeared before Judge Michael Crosbie in the Dunedin District Court on charges of possessing cannabis for supply and knowingly permitting a motor vehicle to be used for an offence….
      The court heard how the charges came from an incident in Ashburton a month ago, where police found $10,000 of cannabis and cash.
      Epere, speaking from the dock, said he had been trying to change his ways. He noted that the Dunedin City Council suspended his contract because of the charges….”

      It must be really hard to avoid possessing $10,000 worth of weed no matter how you try not to acquire it.

  8. Gurglars

    Did he repay to the DCC for the cost of land, heating and lights and certainly most importantly in the long term has Rebecca resigned for stupidity? Or is she the one complaining about greater scrutiny spoiling her workplace?

  9. Elizabeth

    pc WARNING

    ### ODT Online Tue, 22 Dec 2015
    Praise for DCC’s gang contracting
    By Vaughan Elder
    A leading gang researcher says the Dunedin City Council should not give up on working with gang members after it suspended its contract with a Black Power leader. […] Epere appeared in court last week and was remanded to reappear in court today, charged with possessing cannabis for supply and another drug-related offence.
    Read more

  10. Elizabeth

    DCC confirms contract with Epere’s Mauri Kohatu Trust reinstated after investigation.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 12 Feb 2016
    Council contract back to gang leader
    The Dunedin City Council has recommenced its contract with a Black Power leader facing dangerous driving and drugs-related charges. […] it became apparent the contract had been reinstated when Epere appeared in the Dunedin District Court yesterday to apply to vary one of his bail conditions so he could drive for the purposes of carrying out work for the council.
    Read more


    Dunedin City Council has reinstated its contract with Black Power member Albert Epere.

    ### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 12:26, February 12 2016
    Gang member back contracting for Dunedin City Council
    By Hamish McNeilly/Fairfax NZ
    A gang member is back gardening for the Dunedin City Council after it decided to lift a contract suspension. The $52,000 social contract with Mauri Kohatu Incorporated was suspended on December 9, following charges laid against Black Power member Albert Epere, 49. Council parks, recreation and aquatics group manager Richard Saunders said the suspension was lifted this week because it was “appropriate” to allow Mauri Kohatu to continue with the work while Epere’s case was before the court. […] Saunders said the council was committed to social contracting, “but saying that we are concerned and we are closely monitoring what is happening”.
    Read more

    • Callum

      How did he actually get that role in the first place? And get $37 dollars an hour! I thought you would get paid the minimum for a job like that.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Callum, you’re not alone in wondering about the job and the pay rate. Very unusual, no matter how you look at it.

        • Diane Yeldon

          The DCC should make a rule – not to allow its public forum to be used to ask for personal advantage, either for individuals or organisations. Organisations have plenty of funding application channels.

        • Diane Yeldon

          The awarding of this contract was unfair because there are no doubt many other individuals and groups who would have liked a chance to apply for a DCC contract on grounds of ‘social support’ but didn’t know it was possible.

  11. Calvin Oaten

    “Yeah Whatever”

  12. Tom

    I see that other gang of ripoff merchants (cyclists) are not happy with just having $8 million spent on them to cycle along the state highway. They now want to take over Kiwi Rail and have another taxpayer spend up of millions, and take over rail tunnels for cyclists.

  13. Elizabeth

    Tue, 14 Jun 2016
    ODT: Ute used to transport cannabis
    A local gang president has admitted he allowed his ute to be used for transporting cannabis last year. The Dunedin District Court heard that Albert Victor Epere (49), president of the Mangu Kaha (Black Power) gang in Dunedin, was driving south in a Ford utility near Ashburton on November 17 when police stopped the vehicle about 9pm.

  14. Gurglars

    The bloke has been appointed by the DCC to look after grass. Give him a break, he’s just trying to do his job!

  15. Gurglars

    Albert Epere is doing a great service to the community! He is keeping an inordinate number of DCC employees actively working to monitor his various nefarious activities. Long live the 10,000, $10,000 and 10 year scheme. He’s a poster boy for the success of that pipedream.

  16. Elizabeth

    ODT 18.6.16 (page 28)

    ODT 18.6.16 Appalling driving p28 (2)

  17. Calvin Oaten

    Does that mean the ratepayers will get 200 hours of Mr Epere’s time expediting his group’s contract with the DCC? If so, he is to be applauded.

  18. Elizabeth

    Otago Daily Times understands some police officers within Dunedin had reservations about the association between Mr Epere and the council.

    Sat, 20 Aug 2016
    Epere’s council contracts continue
    The Dunedin City Council is continuing to work with Albert Epere despite the gang leader amassing three more criminal convictions during his initial contract with the city authority. The council had approved two further contracts with Mr Epere since the first arrangement finished on June 30, and was assessing a third.

  19. Elizabeth

    Are there standover tactics in play to see that contracts continue.

  20. Elizabeth

    Not the Dunedin ratepayers – instead, A Criminal Gang Leader with other means of unlawful income who specialises in intimidation. The guy is a repeat criminal wanker. Those he went to school with in Dunedin confirm they would never consider giving him a DCC contract. Jesus weeps.
    A farcking clearout at DCC is OVERDUE.

    Thu, 2 Feb 2017
    ODT: DCC keeps faith in Epere
    The Dunedin City Council is continuing to work with a trust associated with Mangu Kaha president Albert Epere, despite the gang leader landing in court for the fourth time since the arrangement began. Epere is facing a charge of threatening to injure a Dunedin man on December 20 last year. It is the fourth time Epere has been before the court since the trust associated with him, Mauri Kohatu Inc, entered into maintenance contracts with the Dunedin City Council in October 2015. Cont/

  21. Hype O'Thermia

    Perhaps it’s like the fable “Who will tie a bell on the cat?” A really good idea for the safety of the mice, but which mouse was willing to take the risk of doing it, considering that the cat was unlikely to react in a way conducive to that rodent’s wellbeing.

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