Noble property subdivision aka Yaldhurst Village | Mortgagee Tender

Updated post 21.1.16 at 4:35 p.m.

█ Tender now closes 4pm Friday 12 February 2016

32.83 ha in 11 lots –
Listing # AH3988 Listed 28 Nov 2015
Tender closes Friday, 22 January 2016 at 4pm

Confirmation of site as that of Yaldhurst Village (Noble) at

[click to enlarge]

Yaldhurst Village Mortgagee Tender [ - Harcourts]

Yaldhurst Village contact information []

Yaldhurst Village location map []

█ Think DELTA. Delta Utility Services Ltd (453486)

█ Think long-in-the-tooth Delta Directors and their consultant(s).

█ Think Grady Cameron (overpaid chief executive).

█ Think Jacks Point and Luggate ($9 MILLION of Dunedin ratepayers’ money down the gurglar – represented as $6M in the Auditor-General’s report).

Same old crew. Same old formula?
Woopsie (Dunedin ratepayers $19 MILLION exposure at Yaldhurst Village – how’s that going – “climbing!”).

█ WHAT NOW ? ? ?

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9 responses to “Noble property subdivision aka Yaldhurst Village | Mortgagee Tender

  1. Gurglars

    If there is a mortgagee sale, there is unlikely to be any leftovers for unsecured creditors. Is the DCC/Delta an unsecured creditor – probably.

  2. Calvin Oaten

    Wonder what Dave’s take on this is? All lies lies lies, he’ll protest. At least he knows Cr Vandervis’ opinions of Delta. This is all part of the ‘cronyism’ permeating throughout the DCC, and boy does it cost the citizens. It’s all the result of pathetic mayors and councillors over the last twenty odd years. You pays your money and you takes your chances. Odds are next October is the last chance for Dunedin’s future. About fifty fifty I’d say.

  3. Gurglars

    Just one of the weaknesses of the democratic process Calvin, is that when a weak politician errs, many believe they can topple him.

    Thus a number enter the race, split the vote and the ever weaker incumbent gets re-elected.

    The trick is to find one good upstanding candidate and all the pretenders get in behind that candidate. Not an easy task when many imposters believe their own PR.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Hmmm…. you sure gurgled a bibfull there. Trick is, where’s the ‘good upstanding candidate’? Lee Vandervis stands out in my mind, unless someone comes out of ‘left field’, totally new and thus untarnished. Likely?
    Well we have seen snow on Xmas day, but that’s not short odds with all this global warming.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      My pick at present is Cr Calvert. She has the “balls” to step out of line, but without incurring the current Mayor’s hysterical antagonism. This means his Greater Dunedin buddies haven’t been trained to bark and bite at the sound of her voice.
      I get the feeling some of the GD pack are wondering if it’s time the pack leader was driven off to scavenge from rubbish bags instead of dining in a not offensively greedy manner at the council savouries buffet.

      • Gurglars

        GD alternatives

        Cr Kate Wilson from cycleways Middlemarch

        And Jinty McTavish from cloud cuckoo land

        Should be renamed GHUP

        God- Help us Please

  5. Gurglars

    Hard to see any help coming from any humans in Dunedin, Hype.

    Just going straight to the top if there is one.

  6. Elizabeth

    Received today, documents from Christchurch in regard to Yaldhurst Village subdivision.

    The cover email is titled “Pending Legal Action […]” and carries the allegation that Delta Utility Services Ltd has attempted “to cheat private landowners out of prior known and caveated interests in the Noble Subdivision in Christchurch”.

    The documents can’t be published here for reasons I have supplied in writing back to the Christchurch source, and which include potential for legal action being taken against the Site Owner, What if? Dunedin (

    For now it’s enough to know that things are bubbling in the “without prejudice” space between lawyers for the parties, for an agreed solution.

    Gallaway Cook Allan (GCA) represents Delta Utility Services Ltd.

    Duncan Cotterril represents the Lot 9 caveators.

    No evidence has been produced to support the claim. However, argument centres on Delta’s collaboration with other parties (Gold Band Finance Ltd and Noble Investments Ltd) in a Security Sharing Agreement. With effect on, amongst other things, how lots are being marketed (sales documentation) for the Mortgagee Tender.

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