ORC, DCC – must be the season, minus goodwill, plus fear! and generous pay!

O me miserum, O Christmas Tree, WHYYYYY (Santa will look after us, won’t he)

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The survey showed staff were particularly unhappy about the council’s executive team of five directors and Mr Bodeker.

### ODT Online Mon, 14 Dec 2015
Unhappy at ORC, staff say
By Vaughan Elder
Otago Regional Council’s chief executive has denied there is a “culture of fear” in the organisation after top management were singled out for criticism in a staff survey. Peter Bodeker, who was appointed chief executive in 2012, made the comments after the “2015 Employee Survey”, which was answered by 123 staff (95%), was leaked to the Otago Daily Times.
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Proposal in response to failed attempts at super councils in the North Island.

### ODT Online Fri, 11 Dec 2015
Councils may share services
By David Loughrey
A proposal to amalgamate some services of the six Otago councils is not a move to a super council, mayors say. […] Under the proposed system, local representation would stay as it is, but areas from payroll to IT, legal services, water, wastewater and roading services could be shared.

Steady stream of resignations and redundancies taking its toll.

### ODT Online Thu, 3 Dec 2015
‘Culture of fear’ at DCC
By Chris Morris
Morale within the Dunedin City Council is taking a hammering as criticism and upheaval fuel a “culture of fear”, staff say. The concerns come from past and present staff, who have told the Otago Daily Times about the impact of constant restructuring, stretched budgets and redundancies.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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41 responses to “ORC, DCC – must be the season, minus goodwill, plus fear! and generous pay!

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    It’s been a toxic workplace for SO-O-ooo long! Not sure if it’s been constant the last 30+ years or if it’s gone through OK phases, but I clearly remember a time when everyone who could find another job scarpered including one v good man who was so miserable he didn’t, his wife had a good job and they decided their family priority was quality of life which they couldn’t have while he was so stressed. Being a capable type he found work in a somewhat different line – but the point is, that was the level of misery.
    The remaining staff couldn’t afford to leave, or due to schools & partner’s career couldn’t leave Dunedin, or weren’t good enough to get a job elsewhere without joining the below living wage crowd. Few of them actually wanted to be there.
    Few of them or the ones who left were apathetic or anti what the regional council is supposed to be about, in fact being unable to do what they were skilled at because they were leg-roped, micro-managed, stuffed around, given instructions that had to be obeyed by people who didn’t really know what they were on about – these frustrations and dealing with twitchy egos were just Too Much.

  2. Diane Yeldon

    If the DCC and the ORC do a Clayton’s amalgamation (or an anti-Clayton’s Clayton’s … Or a Clayton’s anti-amalgamation????) would they both be twice as bad? And the staff fear level high enough to result in people dying of fright?

  3. Gurglars

    Its pretty clear what local government staff want.
    1. No oversight
    2. Salary rewards ever increasing with no measurement of performance
    3. Ever increasing budgets
    4. Ever increasing staff levels to increase already top heavy manager’s salaries.
    5. Unlimited time on private internet surfing, last count 550,000 in a year on Trade Me alone at the DCC.
    6. Unlimited access to cars mainly to take home
    7. Free Parking
    8. Plenty of opportunity for perks, contracts to purchase traffic lights and cars and well anything.
    9. Fill in any areas I have missed.

  4. Diane Yeldon

    NOT the season of Goodwill from Mayor Cull to me. Wanted to speak at this Council meeting’s Public Forum (am still here). But Cull ruled that since there had been so many speakers booked before me and they had taken up the 60 minutes normally allocated for Public Forum and so I was not allowed to speak. This is extremely unfair because I wanted to speak to an agenda item which may very well be decided at this meeting. He could have put a vote to the meeting that Public Forum be extended for another FIVE MINUTES! That’s all the time that was involved. I’m sure the meeting would have given me the five minutes. The agenda item is the Procurement Policy which has been developed in NON-PUBLIC meetings of the Audit and Risk Subcommitee (which Cull has just said is a ‘governance’ committee) with absolutely NO PUBLIC INPUT. Staff (group chief financial officer) are currently trying to lock the Councillors out of input into tendering, even knowledge of it, let alone locking out members of the public. Staff have complete control of procurement and seem to me to be doing their best to hang on to that monopoly and even secrecy.

  5. Gurglars

    Diane three questions
    1. If they work towards amalgamation, will they set a target for eradicating jobs that are duplicated (such as some accounting and financial staff?

    2. Secondly, you have attended council meetings. From your experience and judgement despite not being a management consultant what salary would you pay those DCC staff that prepare reports and report to council meetings?

    Should they earn $1000 per week
    $1500 per week
    $2000 per week
    $3000 per week
    Are there ANY that have impressed you sufficiently to pay them $4000 per week?

    Whilst the CEO may have the power to fire staff and perhaps that should be rewarded, there is no record of that happening, so any margin for that particular pain can be discounted. Of course if she did fire some then she could get an increased margin.

    The concept of rewarding someone for increasing staff with an entity having a monumental debt level is clearly a nonsense and should be penalised not rewarded.

    The minimum wage is something like $600 per week and it is probably fair that given a degree or two and some work experience there should be a margin. Double say, is $1200 per week.

    Then the third question is if they make an error of fact or judgement should there be a penalty. In private enterprise, depending upon the size of the error, generally the employee will either take an immediate exit, or a reduction in their promotion expectation or if it is minor a dressing down followed by a warning letter.

    I look forward to your comments or alternatives and those of others who may be or may imagine themselves managing public money.

    • Elizabeth

      Gurglars, deeply muddy rhetorical. Don’t mess with DCC !!

    • Diane Yeldon

      Gurglars, I’ll have to think about this – it’s been a long day. Not only the council meeting but my son was admitted to the bar this morning! Was surrounded by lawyers new and old! I don’t attend ORC meetings – can’t remember the name of the street where they meet but it is not good for public transport. So I know only from my personal dealing with them and media reports – pretty incompetent, arrogant and an attitude of not having to account to anyone. With DCC, some higher level managers, especially re financial issues and council controlled companies seem to me to have a contemptuous attitude to elected reps. Often ‘answer’ questions with a reply which amounts to “That’s not a matter for Councillors.” or “Councillors have no right to know.” And seemed quite pleased that this is the case.

  6. Diane Yeldon

    Now Cr Calvert is asking questions about ‘social procurement’ – good questions. How does social procurement mesh with fairness to all people hoping for a fair chance for a tender. Staff are stalling. At least saying that councillors would want to be involved in decision making about this (Too right!)
    Cr Calvert: How do you prevent the same contractors getting the jobs all the time? Answer: Seeking a wide range of contractors but tender documentation is expensive and time-consuming, deters smaller contractors.
    Cr Vandervis: DCC should break up contracts into smaller parts to allow smaller contracts so that smaller firms can have a chance at winning tenders. This Policy is not for DVML but for DCC only – council companies can devise their own procurement policy and councillors have no input.
    Cr Vandervis: speaking about the proposed Procurement Policy – “cosy relationships with managers” to get tenders as a contractor – legal advice – Cull rules it is alleging fraud. Not permitted to refer to historic issues but must refer to present. Phew! They are fighting! 10% backhander required to get contract. Cull repeatedly talking over Cr Vandervis to prevent him speaking further: Leave the meeting. You sir are a liar. I am telling you to leave the meeting,

    Meeting is adjourned. Cr Vandervis is leaving. To Cull: “Your failure to learn from my experience is most disappointing.” Cull claims that no evidence has ever been received by either him or the CEO despite Cr Vandervis claimed he had provided it, Cull said repeatedly that Cr Vandervis was a liar. Cull tried to adjourn the meeting but didn’t entirely follow Standing Orders. (Whenever he gets flustered or lays a real egg he takes refuge in what he thinks is the chair’s right to unilaterally declare an adjournment. Except generally he can’t – must put it to the meeting to decide.) Cull was questioned this time by both staff and councillors.

    • Elizabeth

      Terrific Diane! I couldn’t make the Council meeting due to a 2 o’clock meeting. Your notes are as good as being there. What a scandalous performance on the part of (large gulp) ‘our mayor’. Again.

  7. Diane Yeldon

    Please keep in mind that there was NOT a legitimate adjournment until well AFTER Cr Vandervis had left the council chamber so his leaving must be recorded in the minutes. Except this time he did not withdraw – he was EJECTED! The important consideration for me is that the meeting video CANNOT BE CUT. So when it comes out, the public should see the lot.

    Note the word Cr Vandervis used was ‘kickback’. He did not say ‘bribe’. But six of one and half a dozen of the other. Cr Vandervis was referring to his business as a sound engineer and said he did the sound system for the council chamber about 30 years ago. I think he is saying from his own experience that a 10% ‘present’ to a DCC manager was what you had to pay to get a contract. And the implication is that this was the norm. Now the interesting thing is who will the public believe? And do historical CRIMES matter? Mayor Cull obviously thinks not because he tried to shut Cr Vandervis up as soon as he realised what he was talking about.

    A general principle of law is that if you do the crime then you do the time. Consider historical rape convictions. It’s just as bad 30 years later and just as deserving of punishment. Statutes of limitations only apply to more regulatory issues. This is SERIOUS STUFF, READING THE BOOK HERE – JUST WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!

  8. Diane Yeldon

    I will edit and tidy this up later. It’s been a long day and I dare say readers get the gist of it. IMO the score is Vandervis 1 Cull O.
    Cull has already been party to too many cover ups, even if he himself was not a perpetrator.

  9. Diane Yeldon

    Just got home and on the bus thinking about Standing Orders and Mayor Cull’s ejection of Cr Vandervis. Mayor Cull had NO LEGITIMATE GROUNDS to eject Cr Vandervis. Cr Vandervis was not being ‘unruly’. He was not disputing the chair’s legitimate rulings. He was not yelling. He was not even taking loudly or (G*d forbid) going red. He was just saying things. And Cull ejected him to shut him up. Yet legally Councillors during meetings have qualified privilege – they are allowed to say things during a Council meeting which might be considered grounds for defamation actions if said outside the meeting. It’s obvious why – so THE TRUTH which is in the public interest can come out.

  10. Diane Yeldon

    Oops, mixed up with Facebook. No editing possible here. Well, written as it was happening and best effort. Be interested to see ODT’s take on this, especially if it is from Chris Morris. Will it be something along the usual lines of “Vandervis acts like a prick at meeting”?

  11. Diane Yeldon

    What I wanted to say in the submission I was not allowed to make (with no possibility of making it later because the agenda item was to be decided at that meeting was: Open up the new Procurement Policy (contracts and tenders) for public submissions. It’s been discussed and developed by the Audit Risk Subcommittee for over a year – with just about everything in NON-PUBLIC. So NO transparency here. Am delighted to learn that the suggestion I would have made – that the DCC lets contracts only to people of proven good character – appears to have been vindicated.

  12. Elizabeth

    ORC dirtydog hatchet man is also a community board chair.
    The hatchet man needs to be axed.

  13. Elizabeth

    Full Council meeting today – 14 December 2015
    Agenda and all Reports:

    Agenda – Council – 14/12/2015 (PDF, 51.5 KB)

    Report – Council – 14/12/2015 (PDF, 791.5 KB)
    Draft Dog Control Policy and Bylaw
    Draft Keeping of Animals (Excluding Dogs) and Birds Bylaw

    Report – Council – 14/12/2015 (PDF, 100.5 KB)
    Adopting Dunedin’s First Energy Plan

    Report – Council – 14/12/2015 (PDF, 192.3 KB)
    GigCity Dunedin Achievements to Date, Continuing and Future Projects, and Next Steps

    Report – Council – 14/12/2015 (PDF, 143.8 KB)
    Procurement Policy (Proposed), December 2015

  14. Elizabeth

    Correction: Cr Vadervis was EJECTED from the meeting

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Mon, 14 Dec 2015
    Councillor asked to leave meeting
    Councillor Lee Vandervis was instructed by Mayor Dave Cull to leave a Dunedin City Council meeting today. The request came after Cr. Vandervis alleged that tender contracts could not be secured unless a relationship was developed with staff. The Mayor rejected his claims, saying he had no proof. Cr Vandervis then proceeded to continue discussing the matter and was asked to leave.
    Ch39 Link

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Dec 13, 2015
    Councillor asked to leave meeting

    • Yes, being ejected is quite different from being asked to leave. And I find the ODT coverage really annoying. ‘Balance’ in reporting does NOT mean that when two people have a dispute the only possible fair way to report it is to say/imply that they were both equally at fault.

      • Elizabeth

        ODT runs its own agendas, sometimes predictable, sometimes mildly surprising – moving feast.

        I agree, some editorial oversight and analysis of FACTS might help their coverage, for balance.

  15. Elizabeth

    ### dunedintelevision.co.nz Mon, 14 Dec 2015
    Year’s last DCC meeting ends in conflict
    City councillors have been tackling a range of issues in their last full meeting for the year, which has ended on a sour note.
    The council heard from members of the public about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, as well as Syrian refugees. About 30 asylum seekers are expected to arrive in Dunedin in May, followed by more than 100 others throughout the year.
    Councillors have also been discussing a new bylaw for dogs, and funding cuts for education programmes at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.
    But 39 Dunedin News understands councillor Lee Vandervis was asked to leave the meeting, after conflict with the mayor.
    The next council meeting is scheduled for the last week of January.

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Dec 13, 2015
    Year’s last DCC meeting ends in conflict

    • Diane Yeldon

      Near 4.00 am Tuesday morning. Just woke up and checked out stuff online. First time I have seen Channel 39 ‘coverage’ of yesterday’s full council meeting and I am both shocked and angry. Haven’t read What if? comments yet. Am going to shoot my mouth off here. I have wondered for a long time about Mayor Cull’s almost desperate efforts to silence Cr Vandervis over the latter’s claims of having evidence of corruption re DCC contracts. (ie a business gets a council contract ONLY if they pay a bribe to a council manager, the manager pocketing the bribe). I gave Cull the benefit of the doubt for a long time, thinking he just wanted to move on from the crooked past, and I wondered if Cr Vandervis might be being too vindictive wanting heads to roll. But recent events AND THE CLEAR INVOLVEMENT OF CHANNEL 39 WHICH MEANS ALLIED PRESS makes little lightbulbs go off in my head. Now to avoid being defamatory, I am going to have to choose my words very carefully. I am aware of certain facts. Cull has business connections with Allied Press who printed some of his lifestyle books, The Smith brothers, owners of Allied Press were kniown to fund his election campaign and I think Allied Press advertising manager was Cull’s campaign manager.
      The DCC commissions a huge amount of printing, a lot of it as information pamphlets, also tourist information, with full colour photos on glossy paper, a lot if which gets thrown away. I host WWOOFers and do AirBnB so am in the very low end small scale visitor business. I don’t like waste of any kind, including that of public money. And I know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Somewhere someone is paying. So who’s paying for those zillions of tourist pamphlets at the I-site – which are free, get taken away and thrown away within days? Who prints them? Who has diversified business interests in tourism and transport to tourist activity sites? Who has the contract for printing DCC stuff, especially visitor info, and why does the DCC run visitor i-site seem to me to favour some tourist businesses over others? Is it really an ‘information centre’ or is it AN ADVERTISING OPERATION run to benefit certain business interests but at public costs. And might these same tourism business interests ALSO be contracted to the DCC to print ‘public information pamphlets’? And did the former CEO have any involvement in any printing contract between Allied Press and the DCC? And might Mayor Cull, with his business and political cinnectiins to Allied Press KNOW ABOUT THIS. And perhaps be expected by his political sponsors when acting as mayor, not to spoil an ongoing lucrative thing? Which might explain why the new DCC Procurement Policy (Contracts and Tenders) has ALL been in public-excluded meetings, why Cull wouldn’t let me speak about it even for five minutes before the very meeting where it was going to be confirmed by the full council, why he shut Cr Vandervis up at the meeting and ejected him and – the clincher for me – CHANNEL 39 DID NOT REPORT THE MEETING FULLY OR CORRECTLY. The only conclusion I can come to is that contract fraud is ongoing.

  16. Elizabeth

    Let me be VERY SPECIFIC

    Mayor Cull made a gross error of judgement.
    He should not have called Cr Vandervis a liar. Under Standing Orders all the Mayor as chairman of the meeting was required to do was to ask Cr Vandervis to leave the room.

    As Diane Yeldon strongly points out, Mayor Cull does not even know how to properly ADJOURN and RECONVENE a formal Council meeting. Not when he is in a dishevelled nervous state and not in control of that meeting – which he should be (in control) for every meeting requiring his chairship.

    My view:
    Mayor Cull LACKS the ability to adhere to Standing Orders and to Business Procedure and Ethics while leading Council meetings. His performance is seriously INEPT and profoundly wanting. His performance is becoming worse and he should remove himself from the Mayoralty and Dunedin City Council altogether. His dash is DONE. The turkey is FRIED.

    Exhibit: Video footage by Dunedin Television

    • Gurglars

      More importantly, Lee Vandervis did give evidence in this video. He admitted to bribery himself, thus opening himself up to charges. No naked self interest there.

      What more evidence could any judge or mayor wish for!

      The next action should be to carpet the manager who received the bribe, confront he or she with the evidence, trace the money, assess the assets of that person relative to his/her income and lock them up.

      And if you don’t believe it possible, think Michael Swann, Brent Bachop, and ask yourself whether there were only two rotten apples in the barrel.

      No one at the DCC noticed cars, tyres and credit card fraud – yeh right.

      No one at the SDHB noticed cars, houses, living style??

      Now you know it’s probable, not just possible.

      Dave Cull trying to keep a lid on a pressure cooker without a screw top.

      • Hang on, Gurglars. It is absolutely UNTRUE to say that C Vandervis admitted to bribery. He is saying (more or less) that a council manager told him he would have no chance of getting any council contracts unless he coughed up the 10 per cent ‘sweetener’. So he refused to play. OTHER businesses got the contracts, NOT his. This is a matter of historical record. And it may very well be a present source of embarrassment for other local businesses who did ‘play the game’. After all, a man has to feed his family and you can’t fight city hall. Maybe not, but once the family has grown up and you are retired, you can do the decent thing and blow the whistle on those who should have known better than to put you between a rock and a hard place.

  17. Gurglars

    We owe a huge debt of thanks to Diane Yeldon for demonstrating the absolute failure of the elected councillors to act as we expect them to. An elected body debating issues intelligently, coming to conclusions WITHOUT the mayor’s input, and then the mayor explaining the decision of the majority in which he has a casting vote. Chairman 101.

    The concept that the Mayor (Chairman) leads the discussion is complete fallacy.

  18. Calvin Oaten

    That 4 minutes of vitriol from Mayor Cull towards elected Cr Vandervis can only be described as a hateful display of personal angst against the member which is not only disgusting but a lesson on how a mayor should not behave. He too is an elected officer and it is now obvious he is unfit for the position. In fact he should not be anywhere near Dunedin City business. His record is appalling and he is nothing but a ‘tinpot’ dictator. The people must surely by now realise, and eject him come next October.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      He’s not a person who exhibits “grace when under pressure” is he. Goes to pieces when “threatened” and unfortunately he perceives Cr Vandervis as a threat even when the fellow is only breathing quietly. When Vandervis speaks it’s panic time, the more sensible his utterances the more unhinging to His Fragile Worship.

  19. Diane Yeldon

    Hype O’Thermia: “panic time” is right. For some time I have wondered if FEAR was what motivated Mayor Cull’s improper, suppressive rulings as chair of council meetings against Cr Vandervis. But I couldn’t see what Mayor Cull had to be afraid of. However, last meeting Cull made an unfair ruling against ME, as a member of the public, either to save five minutes if the meeting’s time or to prevent me from commenting on the proposed Prucurement Policy immediately before it was confirmed by that meeting. Standing Orders allow the chair to put it to the meeting that the public forum be extended in time from the allocated 60 minutes to allow further speakers. Cull could have done this and I’m sure the council would have agreed to let me speak. Cull also knew the topic I wanted to speak on – the Procurement Policy and that it was my ONLY chance to speak on it before it was a done deal. So why did he shut me up….unless he has something ongoing to hide?

  20. Peter

    I’m not sure if it happens at either the DCC or the ORC, or both, but we will know when real dysfunction has set in when they contract out motivational, touchy-feely gurus to come to their offices to give the employees a pep talk so they feel good again about their place of work.
    Always makes me laugh with that kind of bullshit. We know they don’t need it if the leadership is trusted and respected, knows where it is going and is able to carry people along with any changes that may indeed be necessary. Everything else falls into place.
    The same goes for politicians. As much as I dislike Key he seems to have this ability to get people alongside so they work with him rather than against him.
    All this is sadly lacking with our local body politicians who are at odds with each other because the leadership of the council lacks solid direction. We have opposing agendas and interest groups bending the ears of councillors who seem happy to go along with pandering to their like-minded supporters instead of working together as an effective council, to work for all citizens.

  21. Simon

    Liar, liar, liar. But who was the one that had an illegal water connection and stole water from the city without paying ?
    If you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones.

  22. photonz

    Is this not a re-run of the Cull’s Citifleet whitewash?

    ie Cull telling porkies that the council had no idea about it, even though Vandervis had informed council that something was not right way back in 2011.

    Whoops. How could we have seen that – lost more than 100% of the council fleet – enough to fill a parking building.

    • Elizabeth

      photonz, indeed it’s the exact same festering swamp as Citifleet and Cull has no safe ground to stand on, the fetid water is approaching his nose and his gold chain is severely rusted.

      Julian wants him gone.

      • photonz

        Whoops – we put in traffic islands that ambulances and fire engines can’t get past – how could we have possibly known that would happen?

        Whoops – we put in cycleways that no cycles use – how could we possibly have known they wouldn’t be used?

        Whoops – we didn’t clear out the drains – not our fault – how could we be expected to know it would rain?

        Whoops – the drains are still blocked and overflowing (last week and the week before) – how could we know it was going to rain more than once this year?

        Whoops – we built a new shopping mall when it wasn’t needed – how did we know it would lead to empty shops down the main street?

        Whoops – we closed off John Wilson Drive and its usage has dropped by 90% – how could we have guessed that?

        Whoops – we put in lots of red turning arrows at traffic lights, and now it take much longer for everybody to get everywhere – how could we have known that would happen?

        Whoops – we’re asking a development fee of $30,000 for someone to build a storage shed – how could we have known a development fee would stop development?

        Whoops – we’ve approved $2 million for cricket lights – how were we supposed to know they’d only be used once a year?

        Whoops – we’re dumping Christchurch’s toxic asbestos at Green Island – how were we supposed to know the public would find out our dirty secret?

      • photonz

        Whoops – we put in steel railings at St Clair – how were we supposed to know that steel by the sea would rust?

        Whoops – we put in under-strength stairways at St Clair – how were we supposed a seawall stairway would get hit by waves?

        Whoops – we’ve resealed kilometres of suburban footpaths because they were on the resealing programme – how were we supposed to know they didn’t actually need it?

        Whoops – how could we know that if we let 30 big box shops set up outside the retail zone in industrial zones where they weren’t actually allowed, but only on condition that they weren’t setting a precedent, that it would actually set a precedent?

        Whoops – we let Delta do some property speculation – how were we supposed to know that they had no experience in this and would lose millions?

  23. Simon

    Life is a bitch.
    According to our PC staff at the DCC we are no longer able to call a bitch a bitch if she is a dog. Now a dog is a dog because he is a dog. A male dog has always been called a dog and the female dog has been called a bitch.
    Now we have let the cat among the pigeons by calling a bitch not a bitch but a female. Next time some one wants to slur a woman she will have to called a female instead of a bitch. The results could be quite interesting next time you call some one a female for what ever reason.
    All because some PC person at the DCC wants an excuse to pick up their pay packet and say “I actually did something today”.

    {Link: ODT: No ‘bitch’ in new policy -Eds}

    williamVEVO Published on Nov 28, 2012
    will.i.am – Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears
    Music video by will.i.am performing Scream & Shout. © 2012 Interscope

    BritneySpearsVEVO Published on Oct 1, 2013
    BritneySpearsVEVO Britney Spears – Work B**ch
    From the album “Britney Jean”.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Female lady dogesses are relieved that at last the slur b—h has been removed from the New Improved Revised Dunedin Dictionary of Ballsachingly Correct Lingo.

  24. Peter

    This should make national, or even international, news. It’s the kind of story that creates some resonance among people. The ‘lawyer’ has made a dick of the council….again. God, they should have seen that one coming. Duh.

  25. Peter

    I should add who was the silly ‘female’ who gave that advice or was it a ‘I’m sorry I am a male’ male?

  26. Gurglars

    Peter, now there is a real question.

    Is the person who recommended this a male or female?

    And in your previous epistle even before there was no “dick” in Bitch.

  27. Peter

    Gurglars. Maybe gender neutral? Bitches I have known seem to be ‘endowed’ with something.
    It could all be explained if the person had majored in Women’s Studies at uni.

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