Message to Daaave from Santa Al

ODT 9.12.15 (page 14)

ODT 9.12.15 ODT Letter to editor Broad p14 (1)[phone shot]

Posted with unbecoming tinge of green by Elizabeth Kerr


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15 responses to “Message to Daaave from Santa Al

  1. Maurice Prendergast

    Outstanding and ‘OH” so insightful. Brevity is indeed the soul of wit and Alistair’s observations cut to the chase in such a succinct manner. We need more Alistair Broads in this City.

  2. Elizabeth

    Search engine term at What if?

    *glow worms dcc*

  3. Peter

    The reality, of course, is that most people are not that political and don’t go beyond the Sports and Entertainment Pages for their news. Climate Change is a complicated issue that most of us take a position on, in trust, rather than a thorough understanding. I count myself in this position.
    Santa is more ‘fun’ and feeds our childish memories. The same memories we pass on to our kids. He is also a safe option even if he is an old man sneaking into kids’ bedrooms at night. Santa will always win heads down… even in a potential demo arranged against Isis.
    Nevertheless, Alistair’s letter did make me smile as it contained mischievous wit.

  4. Elizabeth

    Speech to People’s Climate Change March (PDF, 69.9 KB)
    Speech by Mayor Cull to People’s Climate Change March on Sunday 29 November 2015 at The Octagon

  5. Calvin Oaten

    That speech to the Climate Change marchers from our ‘Great Leader’ Dave Cull is nothing but an emotional, fear stoking exercise in ‘balderdash’. No science, no facts, nothing but bluster and wishful thinking. Promises of big spending to foil what “HE” believes, never mind that there is no empirical data backing his claims.

    He mentions sea level rises despite our local Port’s 115 year records showing the rise over that period being only 20cm or 1.73mm pa average with no indications of any increasing action.

    Despite it being acknowledged by the IPCC and CRU that there has been no measurable increase in global temperatures over the last eighteen years, an embarrassment that they call a “Pause”. Pause from what? And for how long? A basic thermo dynamics law defying claim that the missing heat is being captured by the ocean depths.

    He cites the latest report by Dr Jan Wright which on analysis is just a recap of the numerous contradictory series of announcements of the IPCC. Nothing new, no definitive science, just the outcomes predicted by computer models based on factors which many say were flawed at the beginning thus ensuring those predictions. Problem is nature is not playing ball and the longer the charade goes on the greater the farce becomes.

    The other problem is that so many academics have hitched their reputations on the ‘AGW’ ‘Climate Change’ wagon for grants and tenures, that they need for their reputations and credibility to desperately prove the concept, which is why the “Pause” is such a hiccup.

    Instead of ‘ramping’ up the fear and hype Dave Cull should take a ‘chill pill’ and have a lie down, before doing the moderate sensible thing and counsel caution, being alert and studying the “empirical facts” as they emerge before rushing in to vast possibly false expenditure to mitigate something which has not and may never happen in our lifetimes.That would be the actions of a true statesman, not a tousled headed rabble rouser.

  6. Elizabeth

    “We need heating. We need air conditioning. You need to drive your car.” –Liu Zhenmin, Chinese delegation

    ### NZ Herald Online 10:30 AM Saturday Dec 12, 2015
    Rift emerges between rich nations, others at climate talks
    With only hours left to produce a global climate accord, rifts emerged Friday between Western countries and China and its allies over how to share the burdens of reducing carbon pollution and helping vulnerable nations cope with the rising seas and extreme weather that comes with global warming.
    […] The U.S. and European countries want to move away from so-called “differentiation” among economies and want big emerging countries like China and India to pitch in more in a final climate deal. But Liu Zhenmin, deputy chief of the Chinese delegation, told reporters Friday that issue is “at the core of our concern for the Paris agreement.” He said he wants different rules for different countries “clearly stipulated” in the global warming pact, and insisted the demand is “quite legitimate.” China is among the more than 180 countries that have submitted emissions targets for the new pact but is resisting Western proposals for robust transparency rules that would require each country to show whether it’s on track to meet its target. Liu also argued against sharply limiting the number of degrees the planet warms this century, because that would involve huge lifestyle and economic changes. […] Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar also said differentiation was the biggest dispute and accused developed countries of not showing enough flexibility in the talks.
    Read more

  7. Calvin Oaten

    The NZ Herald article all but spells the end of the road at the Paris COP21. Now they are strenuously trying to put ‘lipstick’ on the pig, to give it a look of success.

    There was no way India or China would cut back on fossil fuels, particularly coal. India has an abundance of coal, a burgeoning population striving to climb out of poverty, ditto China. Neither government can afford to let their economies slip backwards to appease the fat cats in the developed world.

    And let’s face it, on the basis of a carefully constructed fraud perpetrated by the late Maurice Strong, without whom the idea of humans controlling the most chaotic system on the planet is just a far fetched nonsense, as nature is currently in the process of proving, by simply not performing according to the delusional computer models as set up by these pseudo scientists living in ‘la la land’.

    Let’s hope our ‘greenies led by Mayor Cull get the message and soon.

    • ab

      Calvin, the poor of India and China can do all the climbing they like, without an improved consequence. Their poverty is structural. In India, it is due to the caste system, in China the totalitarian Politburo. Greenpeace is a multinational organization, but it is not anyone’s government.

  8. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sun. 13 Dec 2015
    Climate deal a ‘historic turning point’
    The global climate summit in Paris has agreed a landmark accord, setting the course for a “historic” transformation of the world’s fossil fuel-driven economy within decades in a bid to arrest global warming. […] Unlike the Kyoto Protocol, the last major climate deal agreed in 1997, the Paris pact will … not be a fully legally binding treaty, something that would almost certainly fail to pass the US Congress. Reuters.
    Read more

    Stuff: Obama: Paris climate agreement ‘huge’

    ### AFP via December 13, 2015, 10:28 am
    China, India, hail hard-fought Paris climate pact
    Le Bourge (France) (AFP) – China and India, the world’s two most populous nations and biggest developing country greenhouse-gas polluters, hailed Saturday’s adoption of a universal climate pact as a step to a brighter future.
    “What we have adopted is not only an agreement, but we have written a new chapter of hope in the lives of seven billion people on the planet,” Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said to loud applause from exhausted but elated climate negotiators. We have today reassured this future generation that we all together will mitigate the challenge posed by climate change and will give them a better Earth.”
    China’s climate envoy Xie Zhenhua said the agreement saw the nations of the world “marching historic steps forward.”
    “All parties have made a correct choice that is beneficial for their own people, responsible for future generations and conducive to sustainable development around the world,” he said through a translator. “This indeed is a marvellous act that belongs to our generation, and all of us.”
    In the years-long quest for a pact to commit all the world’s nations to greenhouse gas curbs, Beijing and New Delhi have often clashed with the United States and other developed nations in the UN climate forum. Along with other developing nations, they have resisted efforts to have onerous emissions-cutting obligations placed upon them, and have insisted on assurances of finance from rich nations — which objected in return. These issues have caused many a fallout over the years. But on Saturday, the enmity dropped away.
    “After relentless efforts, the Paris agreement that we have achieved today is an agreement that is fair and just, comprehensive and balanced, highly ambitious, enduring and effective,” said Xie.

    ### 11:40PM GMT 12 Dec 2015
    Paris climate change agreement ‘a major leap for mankind’
    Global leaders hail agreement on ambitious cap on rising temperatures and cutting emissions

    By Emily Gosden – Energy Editor, in Paris
    The world last night agreed the universal, legally binding deal to tackle global warming, in a move that David Cameron said marked “a huge step forward in helping to secure the future of our planet”. The deal, agreed at UN talks in Paris, commits countries to try to keep global temperature rises “well below” 2C, the level that is likely to herald the worst effects of climate change.
    It also commits them to “pursue efforts” to limit warming to 1.5C – a highly ambitious goal that could require the UK to take even more radical action than under its existing Climate Change Act.
    Amber Rudd, the Energy Secretary, admitted that the world did not “have the answers yet” as to how it would meet the long-term goals of the Paris deal, which would require carbon to be extracted from the atmosphere by the second half of this century.
    President François Hollande, the summit host, last night welcomed “the most beautiful and peaceful revolution” and said the deal was a “major leap for mankind”.
    The Prime Minister said: “Britain is already leading the way in work to cut emissions and help less developed countries cut theirs and this global deal now means that the whole world has signed to play its part in halting climate change.” Last night’s deal requires countries to set increasingly ambitious targets for cutting their national emissions and to report on their progress – but, crucially, leaves the actual targets, which are not legally binding, for countries to decide for themselves.

    The deal also requires developed nations to continue to provide funding to help poorer countries cut their carbon emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change – but does not set a legally binding level of money.

    An accompanying, non-binding agreement requires developed countries to continue a goal of “mobilising” $100 billion (£65.9 billion) of public and private finance for developing countries each year after 2020. It also calls on them to pledge a higher sum by 2025 – potentially pressuring the UK to increase its contribution beyond the £5.8 billion it has pledged over the next five years.

    The UK’s Climate Change Act already legally commits it to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 80 per cent of 1990 levels by 2050. This – and interim targets set by the Government’s official advisers, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) – are designed to be compatible with a goal of no more than 2C warming, and it is estimated will require £10 billion a year in green energy subsidies by 2030.
    Read more

    At a glance
    In numbers: Paris climate summit
    • 30,372 people who attended the summit
    • 196 official parties in attendance (195 countries, plus the EU)
    • 1,617 sets of square brackets in draft text at start of week
    • 31 pages of final draft (containing no square brackets)
    • 3-5 million pages estimated to be printed during summit
    • 55 drinking water fountains around the venue
    • 32 negotiating rooms on site
    • 21,000 metric tons of carbon emissions from the venue – official estimate
    • 412,500 meals or snacks served over the two weeks – estimate

    [In contrast, DCC has taken just 1600 pages to form its proposed 2GP. Doh.]

    ODT: Govt hails climate change deal
    NZH: Historic Paris climate deal revealed

  9. Gurglars

    Patrick, co founder of GREENPEACE hits out at climate change lemmings.

    This video which Jinty, Dave and Aaron and definitely all of the DCC should watch blows the CO2 causation of climate change to smithereens.

    Basically there is no such relationship.

    We cannot expect the press to provide us with facts, but it would be helpful if rationalist views could be explained as well as that of the flat earthers.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Flat earth, created 6000 years ago for the benefit of mankind by God Who will in His infinite wisdom flood it if we do not give up the Devil’s tool the internal combustion engine – except when it is propelled by bottled farts.

  10. Gurglars

    If you believe that man can majorly affect climate or weather then read this.

    Just consider this, the monies to be wasted in Dunedin alone in the pursuit of an impossible goal by a few zealots leading an ever increasing flock- of either sheep or lemmings depending on your location.

    1. $47,000,000 on cycleways, not to mention the cost of repairing and restarting South Dunedin or the cost of heinous traffic accidents caused by confusion at Queens Gardens and elsewhere.

    2. No investment in Dunedin on a centre for servicing mineral surveys and exploitation of natural occurring assets (oil and gas) despite 90% of the avid sheep driving vehicles that exist on this form of propulsion and being unable to afford an electric car despite there being nowhere to charge it even if they had one.

    3. The potential purchase of South Dunedin housing, proposed by the current mayor, estimate of cost 2000 houses at $200,000 each say, a sum of $400,000,000 to be borrowed by the DCC as an “asset” increasing ratepayers debt burden to $1100,000,000; the owners to be relocated to other parts of Dunedin at a cost of say $400,000 per house, the mortgage to be paid by you at a loss of $200,000 each to you (or the DCC).

    All this in the fatal belief that man has caused warming of the earth which is not happening according to the founder of Greenpeace and even if it does, man has little or nothing to do with it. There have been less fires in the last twenty years than in previous periods and hurricanes are no stronger than previously.

    You have been sucked in by a bunch of schoolkids with cellphones aided by some lying mathematicians and self interested climate scientists into believing the megalamaniac idea that you, YOU can stop a cycle of the earth’s climate or weather or fires or hurricanes or volcanoes.

    You Idiot.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “There have been less fires in the last twenty years than in previous periods and hurricanes are no stronger than previously.” But Gurglars, there is more perception of them. Two reasons – everything is filmed and shared, our exposure to near instantaneous views of such natural phenomena is far above any previous news reporting; and in some parts of the world people are being crowded into more and more “event-prone” areas. Then there’s faith in modern solutions, half-assed if the St Clair fiasco is any indication.
      In the past people lived where floods occur because that’s where the fertile soil was. Getting their houses and some members of their families washed away was in the shit happens basket.
      Now they build heavily engineered McMansions on cliff-tops thinking mankind can outwit erosion.

  11. Gurglars

    Skew the results!

    If you ever believed the climate change theorists, read the whole, the all of this mystery bag justification. Scientists?


  12. Elizabeth

    Mayor Cull noted LGNZ is assessing the TPP’s risks.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 15 Dec 2015
    TPP may stymie action, council told
    By Carla Green
    Climate change action may become impossible under the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, activists told the Dunedin City Council yesterday. It was the second time in as many months anti-TPP activist Jen Olsen had warned the council about the dangers of the trade deal, as she did during the public forum of yesterday’s council meeting.
    Read more

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