Greater Dunedin…. ALERT from party (un)faithful #HoHo

Text received Sat, 05/12/2015 6:47 pm
GD’s marketing man has a letter in today’s ODT [page 30]. Kind of reads as an implied crit of DC et al???

Holly-with-berries [] + ODT 5.12.15 Letter to editor Crick p30 (1)

Old comments at What if? Dunedin:

Tony Crick, Julian Smith and Dave Cull set up and recruited the original nucleus of ‘Greater Dunedin’. Who do you think has run Dave and GD’s advertising campaigns since?
Calvin Oaten 2014/02/28 at 10:44 pm

“Mr Cull told the ODT that the higher spending reflected a decision to make more use of Dunedin-based marketing company Creative Advertising.” Huh? Creative Advertising IS Greater Dunedin and vice versa. Just ask CA’s Mr Crick. Are we plebs all adjudged stupid by this omnipotent Great One?
Calvin Oaten 2013/12/04 at 10:29 am

Philippa@cre8ive = Philippa Crick = [website expired]
Anonymous 2013/10/02 at 11:17 pm

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Media stories:

### ODT Online Wed, 2 Oct 2013
Grouping claim dismissed as lie
By Debbie Porteous
Accusations of lies are being thrown around on the issue of councillor groupings in the Dunedin local body elections. A former council staff member says he saw members of Dunedin’s only ticket, Greater Dunedin, meet behind closed doors before council and committee meetings.
Read more

### ODT Online Tue, 7 Sep 2010
Mayoral Profile: Dave Cull
By David Loughrey
(page 2) Who do you see as your supporters? You’ve got an organisation behind you?
We’ve set up a group, an incorporated society, called Greater Dunedin Inc. We incorporated it mainly to protect the name, the brand; it’s very small. There’s 11 members, and nine are standing for council, and the object of Greater Dunedin is to get good people on to council.
Read more

### Wed, 2 Dec 2009
Three Dunedin City Councillors form an incorporated society
Three Dunedin City Councillors, Dave Cull, Kate Wilson and Chris Staynes, have formed an incorporated society, called Greater Dunedin, in preparation for next year’s Local Body Elections. Greater Dunedin’s stated purpose is not to rigidly dictate policies, but to promote ‘good quality candidates’ onto Council. According to Cull, only new blood can change the direction Dunedin is currently heading. He says the trio want Council to be more transparent and financially responsible, as he thinks irresponsible decisions have led to ballooning debt.
Ch39 Link [no video available]

[click to enlarge]
Greater Dunedin Incorporated 2356351 (other registers) 1

● Fiscal responsibility
● Environmentally friendly
● Economic development
● Reduce compliance costs
● Preserving heritage infrastructure

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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25 responses to “Greater Dunedin…. ALERT from party (un)faithful #HoHo

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    “… Dave Cull, Kate Wilson and Chris Staynes, have formed an incorporated society, called Greater Dunedin ….. the trio want Council to be more transparent and financially responsible….”

    It’s been an outstanding success, hasn’t it! That was the first and last of their “dreams are free” initiatives. After that it has been “visions and pet projects are expensive, riddled with costly errors, and shrouded in an old-style London smog of secrecy backed up by redactions.

    Elections are on the way. Think on.

  2. Gurglars

    Hype, check the companies office update, the company now has been renamed, you saw it here first – was Greater Dunedin limited.


    Greater Debt Dunedin – very Limited.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    I love the policies:
    *Fiscal responsibility.
    *Environmentally friendly
    *Economic development
    *Reduce compliance costs
    *Preserving heritage infrastructure

    All that and not a mention of ‘Sustainability nor Anti fossil fuels’. Chameleon Dave, planet saviour Jinty, economic maestro Richard – a formidable trio. The rest? Forgotten who they are.

  4. Gurglars

    The Takeover of Greater Debt Dunedin has meant that there are now only two mantras.

    Protect the Environment
    Protect the Guilty from punishment
    (whether for theft, incompetence, graft, examination of worth, culpability)

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    “Further sea level rise is inevitable and this clearly presents challenges for Dunedin. In fact, our city faces the biggest and most extensive challenges of all the coastal communities in New Zealand. The main threat is from rising groundwater in South Dunedin, as groundwater levels are forced up by rising sea levels.
    High groundwater levels were the major factor in the June 2015 floods and restricted the ability for rainwater to drain away. Consequently the storm-water network was overwhelmed. Indications are that increases in sea level will lift base groundwater levels and these floods will occur more often.”
    Excerpt from latest post on

  6. Gurglars must have missed my dozen BEWARE GREATER DEBT DUNEDIN signs at the last election.

    On 6/12/15 3:06 am, “What if? Dunedin…” wrote:

    > Elizabeth posted: “Text received Sat, 05/12/2015 6:47 pm GD’s marketing man > has a letter in today’s ODT [page 30]. Kind of reads as an implied crit of DC > et al??? — Old comments at What if? Dunedin: Tony Crick, Julian Smith and > Dave Cull set up and” >

  7. Elizabeth

    Lee, considering the recent exploits of Cull and GDD we easily arrive at the same place.

  8. JimmyJones

    Elizabeth: the figure for sea-level rize not quoted by Dave Cull is 1.3mm per year (or 1.27mm per year). This is from the data collected from the Port Chalmers tide gauge since 1900. This data and the rate of increase calculation is robust because UoO geologist John Hannah has worked to remove all sources of error and published peer reviewed papers which include this 1.3mm per year figure. The data from Port Chalmers meets the quality standards of the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level and this data forms part of their global network of tide gauges. They collect, publish and analyse this data (

    The figure that Dave Cull likes is 3.3mm per year which is said to be
    calculated from the tide gauge on Green Island. Probably this figure
    is invalid because the data has not been collected for long enough
    (only since 2002). There appears to be no peer-reviewed papers
    analysing this data and the data is not part of the Permanent Service
    for Mean Sea Level network. Also, I can’t find it in the NIWA Climate Database (CliFo). If the data is not public, then this is another reason why the 3.3mm/yr should be considered invalid.

    Both the real (1.3mm) and the exaggerated (3.3mm) figures are mentioned in the ORC’s report “Coastal Otago Flood event 3 June 2015” (report to ORC Technical Committee 22/7/15). In the report both figures are treated as if they are both of equal validity. I think this was deliberately misleading and intended to help scaremongering crusaders like Mayor Cull who has cherry-picked the one that suits his political purposes. Both figures can not be true, but the ORC does not try to explain the difference. I think
    they should try, and then correct it if they can’t explain the difference.

    • Gurglars

      “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

      The new DCC motto to be placed on the Municipal buildings at a minor cost of $50 million plus undisclosed consultant’s fees is a game changer according to DCC Chief of natural and unnatural and associated events including Stadium support…, her new titles, Miz Bidrose gushed on her $1 million expenses rise celebrating her new titles. “The motto commemmorates ten years of amazing public relations messages dealing with one man stealing 152+ cars singlehandedly, the sea rising 3 metres a year at Brighton but only 1.3 mm at Port Chalmers allows electric amphibious vehicles to travel free between on the downhill run, cycleways amazing success allowing ten senior managers to double their salaries as a result of the hundreds of workers needed to build them and then take them down, and PR staff able to supply “true” reasons why this was a windfall for ratepayers. Miz Bid rose up and explained that the staff members 550,000 hits on Trade Me were legitimate council business.

      They were mostly selling cars.

      Some were selling tyres and other parts, mainly to a police sergeant who coached Otago at Rugby.

      And then of course the windfalls that some ratepayers got on the sale of land at Luggate and Jacks Point.

      That those particular ratepayers were domiciled in Queenstown failed to make the press releases.

      Miz Bidrose finished up her speech by apologising for those errors made by the DCC that had not made PR messages, saying finally that of course that did not make those errors legitimate, it was just another error.

  9. Elizabeth

    Hi Jimmy, for some reason your comments went to auto-moderation. Received them all, unfortunately I was away from the phone during the times you tried to post. All good.

  10. Elizabeth

    Thanks too, Jimmy, for considered reply on the figures Dave is citing…. in fact, your reply is excellent.

    We can throw stuff back at him now. His run for the mayoralty again (??) is going to be tough for reason of several figures and actions to posterise about town. Bring it on!

  11. Calvin Oaten

    You are right in thinking Dave Cull so wants to believe the 3.3mm figure as it pumps up the fear factor which he will try to exploit next year. The man is devious. I posted on the ‘To the Point’ in the ODT the following:

    Having studied in full, Dr Jan Wright’s report ‘Changing climate and rising seas’ I can only concur with Bill English that it is highly speculative. Relying almost entirely upon successive IPCC reports which in themselves are contradictory, is not what South Dunedin needs. Dave Cull needs only look at the historical Otago harbour tide records to reassure himself and the residents.

    • JimmyJones

      Yes, Calvin: Dr Jan Wright and Dave Cull are both political opportunists and have no qualms about taking advantage of the misfortune of the victims of the June flood for their own political advantage. Dave Cull is, to a large degree, responsible for the severity of the June flood (in my opinion) because his leadership has led to the continuing underfunding of the water renewals and the consequent decline in the performance of the stormwater system.

      Also it strikes me as being cruel and vicious to torment the residents of South Dunedin with these fake forecasts of a watery future and the threat of becoming a victim of Cull’s Managed Retreat. It’s astonishing, really – under Dave Cull’s leadership the DCC has diverted millions of dollars from the stormwater renewals to pay for the stadium annual losses ($20+ million) and various other wasteful and unnecessary projects and then when the flood shows us how deficient the stormwater system has become, our Dave shifts the blame to Global Warming induced sea-level rise and will use this as an excuse to waste even more money fighting back the imaginary rising sea threat.

      I say imaginary threat because Professor John Hannah (School of Surveying, not “geologist” as I said above) has examined the data and determined that there is no acceleration of the local sea-level rise. That means there has been no human influence on local sea-level. In the next 100 years we can expect the sea to rize 130mm – which is less than the length of your pen. No problem.

  12. russandbev

    Dave Cull has no interest in looking at any evidence that is contrary to the view he wishes to adopt. There is ample evidence such as the skewed NASA readings which give rise to at least severe doubts on climate change.

    But here is the rub.

    The earth has periodically gone through massive changes in climate when people were not around. What are the causes of past ice ages and past massive warming? No-one can point to any causes and more importantly, no-one can point to any evidence that shows consistent rate of change.

    Similarly no-one can explain why the north and south magnetic poles suddenly switch. Or tell us why electrons are negative. Or a thousand other natural phenonomen. And we are expected to believe Dave Cull?

    Get off the grass.

    The thing that is sure is that the sun – like millions of other stars of its size and age, will become a red dwarf. When it does so, our dear old earth will be subsumed by the sun and we will all become part of its fiery final demise. Makes you think a little about the worth of things like the ORFU…

  13. Calvin Oaten

    russandbev, are you talking about the real sun, or the one that shines out of Terry Davies’ fundamental orifice upon the hallowed sport of rugby? There is a difference you know.

  14. Russell Garbutt

    Exactly the same one!

  15. photonz

    In the 1800s a massive amount of reclamation was done in just a few short years with picks and shovels – there was no machinery back then.

    So under the Mayor’s worst case scenario, we have a whole century, and modern machines, to do just a small fraction of what was done in a fraction of the time, with picks and shovels.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Well said, photonz!
      On the other hand, look how long it took to build the new road from Lookout Point to the traffic lights. Sure, it had to be built to a different scale and standard from the horse and cart roads – but given the different scale and specs of tools since pick and shovel days I’m left thinking “???”
      Anyway, isn’t it time for Christmas spirit? Don’t burst the mayor’s bubble, it’s the only one he’s got left.

      • photonz

        Are you sure it’s a bubble? It looks more like a boil to me.

        • Calvin Oaten

          Carbuncle, anybody? In 1800 the flat was largely swamp ponds, flax and water plants with a few high points built on called St Kilda. Connections were by boardwalks. My late paternal grandmother used to tell us kids of her childhood in St Kilda. She was born in 1882. My point is that the sea level and water table was essentially as it is today, but drainage and filling projects resulted in what we see today. I was involved with my company’s building on Andersons Bay Rd and the footings were excavated, boxed ready for the concrete to be poured. A king tide at the time filled the footings up to within 300 or 400mm of the surface. The pour was delayed and rapid hardening was used to get a quick set, between tides. Afterwards the slab was poured and building completed. That was in 1976. So what’s new Mr Cull?

  16. Hype O'Thermia


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