Te Ara I Whiti – light path #sharedway Auckland

Elevated illuminated space is exciting but how long until the shine wears off – this bad taste won’t even make it to Kitsch.

Light Path NelsonSt1-e1449104198336 [transportblog.co.nz - Patrick Reynolds]Light Path soaring-cycling-sensation [aucklandcouncil.govt.nz]

“This is a great day for Auckland’s inner city cycling network. The cycleway is a new and exciting urban space, creating a city centre where people feel safer and confident to ride a bike.” –Minister Simon Bridges

Comment #13 by David Bridewell  (2 days ago)
I think the cycle – and I trust walkway – is a good idea. But whoever chose that vile colour should be hauled into the centre of Aotea square and mercilessly flogged.

### nbr.co.nz Thu, 3 Dec 2015
‘Magenta Adventure’ cycleway opens in Auckland
By Emerson Howitt
Auckland cyclists are in the pink with today’s launch of the city’s latest piece of cycle-friendly infrastructure. The $18 million magenta coloured Light Path cycleway – already dubbed “Magenta Adventure” – was opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony presided by Transport Minister Simon Bridges, followed by schoolchildren cycling along the re-vamped Nelson St motorway off-ramp. […] The off-ramp was closed in 2005 after an upgrade to the central motorway junction left it surplus to requirements. […] The Light Path features interactive lighting along one side that will illuminate the structure at night.
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iion Published on Dec 3, 2015
Te Ara I Whiti – The Light Path #LightPathAKL
@BikeAKL celebrated the opening of #LightPathAKL with hundreds of cyclists taking to the newly opened cycleway. We went along to see their reactions and join in the festivities. Interactive Light Installation by iion http://iion.co.nz

Light Path Canada-St-Bridge_5179 [transportblog.co.nz - Patrick Reynolds] 1Light Path Canada St Bridge [Patrick Reynolds]

### transportblog.co.nz Thu, 3 Dec 2015
Te Ara I Whiti – the lightpath
By Matt L
Auckland’s newest and certainly it’s most colourful cycleway (so far) was officially opened today by Transport Minister Simon Bridges. And I must say, Simon gave a fantastic speech showing he gets it, talking up the environmental, health, congestion and economic benefits of investing in cycling – this view was reinforced in discussion with him later. […] The new bridge connecting Canada St to the old offramp has been given the name of Te Ara I Whiti or the lightpath and combined is a fantastic addition to Auckland. […] One of the most surprising things about the project is just how little time it has taken from inception to delivery.
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█ Video via TVNZ On Demand
Better Together: The Nelson Street Cycleway (4:51)
Get the inside track on the merging of the creative ideas of carver Katz Maihi and landscape architects and urban designers Monk Mackenzie + Land Lab, that have helped shape Auckland’s ambitious new cycleway design.
Link: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/content/tvnz/ondemand/shows/m/microsoft-better-together/s1/e3.html

Light Path [TVNZ On Demand Better Together - The Nelson Street Cycleway] screenshots[screenshots]

### NZ Herald Online 2:14 PM Saturday Dec 5, 2015
Pedal to the new metal
By Catherine Smith
I don’t usually claim to have much in common with engineers – putting things together is not my strong suit. But on Tuesday, when I donned a fluoro vest and rode the newest piece of Auckland’s cycling infrastructure with project manager Stephen Cummins of GHD, I couldn’t get enough of the geeky details of the shared pathway, formerly known as the old Nelson St off-ramp.

It is barely a year since the Lightpath Te Ara I Whiti (it got a fancy pants name at Thursday’s opening), first got the nod. New York’s glamour former tsar of transportation, Janette Sadik-Khan, was in town to talk up how she transformed the Big Apple’s car-clogged streets to plazas given over to people and bikes. She was less than flattering about Auckland’s un-connected bits of cycle paths. The “three Ls” who shape Auckland – mayor Len Brown, design head Ludo Campbell-Reid and chair of Auckland Transport Lester Levy – keen to impress Sadik-Khan, fell over themselves to promise Barbara Cuthbert of Bike Auckland in front of an audience of over 1500 city-lovers that they would convert the abandoned motorway into a connector between the aging Northwestern cycleway, the new Grafton Gully path and the rest of the city.

The result is extraordinary. This bridge, complete with art works of pulsing lights, pohutukawa trees and a stunning perspective of the city’s favourite bits is no dull bit of infrastructure. Cummins, possibly punch-drunk from lack of sleep, reckons that a project of this complexity would typically take a minimum of two years, but every one of the suppliers was so excited by this build that they pulled out all the stops to whittle that time to eight months. Despite reporting to many “parents” (this is an NZ Transport Agency project as the stretch of road is part of the national motorway), the design team was tight and fast-moving: GHD was lead designer, with architects Monk Mackenzie and engineers from the Agency.

Early thoughts were to plunk something clunky and temporary between the back of K Rd and the old off-ramp. Fortunately, saner heads (and money from minister Simon Bridges’ urban cycleways programme) funded a much better option. Already it’s been named in the World Architectural Festival, design mags are raving.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Light Path Nelson-St-at-Night-Brett-Blue [transportblog.co.nz]Light Path Nelson-St-at-Night-Brett-Green [transportblog.co.nz]blue green [transportblog.co.nz]

*Images: (top of page) transportblog.co.nz – cyclists by Patrick Reynolds, pictured at right; aucklandcouncil.govt.nz – Light Path soaring-cycling-sensation


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8 responses to “Te Ara I Whiti – light path #sharedway Auckland

  1. Gurglars

    Unbelievable Design!

    No Cycleists!

    How long does it take for hungry Russians to stop floggin a Dead Horse?

    • No cyclists? You mean all of the photos of the facility BEFORE it was opened? Already it’s getting over 400 cyclists/day and it doesn’t even really connect to much yet.

      • Gurglars

        You’re being naughty Lenny, you’re doing a DCC with the figures.

        The numbers are measured going both ways.

        So unless the cyclists are lemmings and heading over a cliff, or even less likely travelling on Te Whiti going out and returning on the motorway going back, the number of cyclists averages around 200 per day.

        At the same time literally hundreds of thousands of Aucklanders take to the roads, using fossil fuels.

        And the average temperatures are going down.

        Is that perhaps caused by the 200 cyclists?

        • When we count traffic we don’t halve it just because it’s mostly the same people making two trips (or three, or four…). The truth is we don’t know who is making a return trip and who is making a one-way trip; that’s why we just count the number of trips, not the number of people.

          We also count the number of trips across an entire network, not just one piece of infrastructure. In that respect, there are already over 50,000 cycle trips a day in Akld, even without a lot of cycle-friendly infrastructure yet. Imagine the numbers when we do start building more stuff…

          You may also want to change your source material if you think global temperatures are coming down, we just had the warmest year in modern recorded history.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    How cunning of them to make their journeys when there’s hardly a soul around to observe them! The result is a general impression that it’s very very seldom used.

  3. photonz

    At least there’s no word yet that they have to rip it down because they made it too low over the motorway and fire engines and ambulances can’t get past.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Lenny, if we have just had the warmest year in modern recorded history, (despite there being no recorded rise of global temperatures for nigh on nineteen years) then isn’t it likely that it soon will become too hot for cycling lest we see the lanes littered with prostrate dehydrated people falling off their bikes. Of course that could explain Gurglars’ perplexity over the number of one or two way trippers.

  5. Gurglars

    What I’m trying to measure is the wasted dollar index.

    That is the $500 million the greens forced out of Key’s theft of new zealanders to create cycleways.

    How many dollars per cyclist.

    So my measure is 200 on Te Whiti, almost the same 200 every day.

    As to 50,000 cycle trips.

    They must all go in the dark with stealth technology on my count.

    In Australia I counted ten cyclists in three months. The cycleways outweighed cyclists.

    In New Zealand I’ve counted less than twenty persons actually cycling in another three months.

    I’ve seen plenty of cycles on the backs of cars, on cycle tour buses, and in Bike Barn, but the CYCLIST index is way down.

    Personally I’d rather see the $500 million spent on hospitals.

    You’ll need them even more with the accidents the Queens Gardens cycle folly will cause.

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