Dunedin Santa Parade (6 Dec 2015)

Dunedin Santa Parade 6 Dec 2015DCC Link

█ Proudly brought to you by the Dunedin Santa Parade Trust and Sponsors.

The Dunedin Santa Parade announces the Arrival of Christmas in Dunedin.
Dunedin’s Annual Santa Parade is now in its 18th year. This is Otago’s largest free public event! A dedicated team of volunteers are delighted to bring this Parade to Families and Children.
Exciting floats, many bands, marching, Fire Engines, animals, Clowns and of course – Santa. The Parade is followed by a family concert in the lower Octagon.
The parade route starts at The Regent 24 hour Night and Day Store on George street, at 3pm, and travels straight down the main street through the Octagon centre and finishes in Moray Place South by The First Church.
For more information including route map, go to the Trust website at http://www.dunedinsantaparade.co.nz/

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5 responses to “Dunedin Santa Parade (6 Dec 2015)

  1. Elizabeth

    Mark Laughton, Dunedin Santa Parade Trust [ODTV]ODTV [screenshot]

    Volunteers had been working overtime to complete the floats and gather up 180 children from around Dunedin to ride on them and wear costumes.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 1 Dec 2015
    Santa almost ready to roll (+ video)
    By Damian George
    Preperations for this year’s Dunedin Santa Parade are stepping up as new floats are prepared to go with the old standards. The annual event is in its 18th year and, as has become custom, a couple of mystery floats will be unveiled when the event gets under way at 3pm on Sunday. Of the 74 floats set to line up in George St, 35 are provided by the Dunedin Santa Parade Trust and the finishing touches were being applied this week, trust chairman Mark Laughton said.
    Read more

    Otago Daily Times Published on Nov 29, 2015
    2015 Dunedin Santa Parade preparations
    Dunedin Santa Parade Trust chairman Mark Laughton gets ready for the 2015 Dunedin Santa Parade

  2. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 5 Dec 2015
    Christmas festivities start with a bang (+ video)
    By Craig Borley
    Christmas celebrations exploded into life last night as Dunedin’s Octagon Christmas tree was lit up in front of a thousand-strong crowd. And despite the carols, the poetry, the happy dancing children and festive atmosphere, it was the explosion of glitter from the 10.5m tree that got the biggest cheer.
    Read more

    Otago Daily Times Published on Dec 4, 2015
    Lighting of the Dunedin Christmas Tree
    The lights are turned on on the Dunedin Christmas Tree in the Octagon

    █ The Christmas celebrations will continue tomorrow with the 18th Dunedin Santa Parade, in George St, starting at 3pm.

    ODT 4.12.15 Advt Dunedin Santa Parade p13 (1)ODT 4.12.15 (page 13)

    • Alison Robertson

      How can you find rest of photos of Santa parade 2015. Had our 11yr old Dalmatian Phebee on the old Fire Engine with the Mayor

      • Elizabeth

        Alison, apologies – my shots of the vintage fire engine aren’t useful, either the mayor was looking seaward or Phebee was, or indeed a child’s Cadbury reindeer antlers were obscuring the view. By the time I’d repositioned, it was too late! Here’s a detail, the best I’ve got – with Phebee’s face.

        [click to enlarge]
        IMG_0655 (detail)

  3. Elizabeth

    Santa Parade, George St about to start in a few minutes….

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