City council “justifiably proud of its fiscal discipline” —Cull The Delusional

ODT 30.11.15 (page 8)

ODT 30.11.15 Letter to editor Dickie p8 (1)

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Submitted on 2015/11/30 at 9:34 am
Several more blocked drains seen later on Friday and also more on Saturday, including some so bad they were flooding right across the road.

And today in the ODT we have the Mayor slapping ratepayers across the face again with the laughable claim that rate rises are due to rises in the cost of bitumen and pipes.

Considering how much is spent on bitumen and pipes, compared to wages and interest, that sounds [like as] big a lie as “the drains are properly maintained”.

The ODT should call Mayor Cull on this – because blaming year after year of rate rises on the costs of bitumen and pipes sounds like a big fat lie.

[Published in abridged form at ODT Online: Your Say:
DCC not responsible for flooding? Yeah right]

Submitted on 2015/11/27 at 9:26 am
Just posted to the ODT website –

“Taking the kids to school this morning, the drain at the end of our road is blocked and water is flowing across the street. So I started counting blocked drains on my short journey to Queens and Tahuna schools. Grand total – 14 blocked drains, including three bad enough for large amounts of water to be flowing right across the street.

Similarly a relative’s business in town has been flooded several times, every time because of blocked drains. Often they are left with the choice of going out in the rain to unblock it themselves, or hiring a private contractor to suction-pump it.

Because even though the DCC know it’s a problem, they still don’t maintain it.

Do the DCC not realise that all they do is make themselves look like either incompetent fools or liars, when they make the laughable claim that the drains are well maintained and do not contribute to flooding?”

Submitted on 2015/11/27 at 11:36 am
Several more blocked drains seen on the way into town, including two so bad the water is flowing right across the road. And it wasn’t even raining very hard at that stage.

At least three of those flood across the road very time it rains hard – ie 10-20 times a year.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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21 responses to “City council “justifiably proud of its fiscal discipline” —Cull The Delusional

  1. Elizabeth

    Dunedin’s VERY FINANCIALLY UNSUCCESSFUL Cycle Network for South Dunedin now has a stupid map. Folks, stick to Google Maps – you’ll get there faster.

    Dunedin City Council – Media Relase
    Cycling map now includes South Dunedin routes

    This item was published on 27 Nov 2015

    Those taking advantage of the warmer weather and pulling their bikes out from the shed will be pleased to know the popular Dunedin City Cycle Map now has an insert showing completed sections of the South Dunedin Cycle Network.

    Dunedin City Council Safer Journeys Co-ordinator Charlotte Flaherty says the map gives people with bikes ideas for how to make their way around the city in the most direct and safest manner.

    “It shows the on and off-road cycle lanes and paths, and routes of buses that carry bikes. We’ve also included the location of mountain biking parks, skate parks and some recreational bike tracks.”

    The South Dunedin map insert includes cycleways such as those on Victoria Road, Royal Crescent and Portobello Road, and on Princes Street beside the Oval heading towards Vogel Street.

    █ Copies of the brochure-sized map have been distributed to Dunedin Public Libraries, DCC Service Centres, the Dunedin i-SITE visitor information centre and bike shops around the city. The map is also available at

    General Manager Infrastructure and Networks Ruth Stokes says, “We often get asked about the numbers of cyclists using our cycleways. The DCC has cycleway counters on Victoria Road, Portsmouth Drive, North Road. The NZ Transport Agency has counters on Cumberland Street and Great King Street cycleways. As you’d expect, there’s distinct seasonal variation, with peaks in summer/autumn, lows in winter and then numbers rising as spring brings warmer weather. Public and school holidays also have an effect.

    “The following figures provide a snapshot of cycleway use, showing numbers of riders using these cycleways in October 2015.”
    ● Portsmouth Drive – total 7808, averaging 252 per day.
    ● North Road – total 6718, averaging 217 per day.
    ● Victoria Road – total 1895, averaging 61 per day (route largely used by school pupils so the average will have been affected by school holidays).
    ● Cumberland Street – total 3582, averaging 116 per day.
    ● Great King Street – total 4820, averaging 155 per day.

    Contact General Manager Infrastructure and Networks on 477 4000.

    DCC Link

    30.11.15 ODT: Map updated for Dunedin cyclists

  2. We also, or at least I, saw the drain blocked and the water from the rains in the weekend right across the road. I rang the DCC and was told it would be passed on to the appropriate department. The next day after the rain had stopped the drain had been cleared. Why do they always block up? It even happens now in early Summer when less leaves from the trees are around. Do the grates block because no one unblocks them as they probably used to do before the present system was brought in?

  3. Gurglars

    Well Blow me Down

    Dave Cull has rewritten arithmetic!

  4. Elizabeth

    The LIES told at today’s full Council meeting were EXTRAORDINARY.

    Cr Whiley summed up the staff report on the South Dunedin Flood as: “This report is simply bullshit.” However, Mayor Cull made him withdraw this blasphemy. Of course, Cr Whiley was entirely correct and at last deserves a medal or just one link of the Mayor’s gold chain.

    Lyndon, I question why you didn’t stay to hear the Flood report (item 17) then discussed by councillors and voted on, since you had presented to the public forum before the meeting commenced ? Odd to disappear so early, perhaps you had a clash or ?

    The group manager water and waste said (loudly, for the whole spiel): “I am convinced the flood wasn’t due to blocked drains!”

    Well, that was a bit much. Especially since the drainage/mud tank report isn’t due until the new year; and then it will be coming from “Transport”, not Water and Waste.

    Cr Vandervis expressed the view that there was major inadequate, and inadequately-maintained drainage; that DCC’s deferred drainage maintenance was to blame for the flood, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Such that Council spend on drainage systems is “fundamental, and everything else is optional.”

    Mayor Cull cautioned councillors not to make statements on flood damage that would cause liability to the DCC !!

    JimmyJones, the Mayor and Staynes are now citing ORC’s Green Island monitoring station, as THE ONE to believe – they say, data collected (minute by minute) for the last two years shows an average of “at least a 3.3 mm” of sea level rise. Naturally, the world will end either way if they are right or wrong.

    Read ODT tomorrow for more.

    • Elizabeth

      Mayor Cull’s Motion – Council meeting 30.11.15
      Item 17 – Infrastructure Performance during June 2015 Flood Event

      That Council:
      Mayor Cull's Motion - Council meeting 30.11.15 (Item 17)Supplied by council staff. [screenshot – click to enlarge]

      A little hairy to say the least.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        “Mayor Cull cautioned councillors not to make statements on flood damage that would cause liability to the DCC !!”
        Yes, better we say nothing – Cr Vandervis, please take note – in particular nothing accurate describing the causes and outlining what is necessary to avoid the same, same, same. Cr Vandervis, this means you in particular, you with your picky item by item delineation of defalcation of duty and your reckless spendthrift ideas such as spending money on essentials, not fads and shiny camel shackles.

        Loose lips lose insurance payouts, remember?

        And readers, remember who look like a problem and who look like solutions. There’s an election coming.

        • Elizabeth

          Aaron Hawkins
          Jinty MacTavish
          David Benson-Pope
          Dave Cull
          Chris Staynes
          Kate Wilson
          Richard Thomson
          Neville Peat

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “I am convinced the flood wasn’t due to blocked drains!” – That’s nothing, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies.

    • I am a little rattled by the epithet ‘shite’. I have not heard this word, shaite, since my Scots forbears of the great South Land said it. ‘Wisht, wi’ ye shaite!’, they said. Do ye think proceedings will be on ‘Council Matters’ CH 39?

  5. Elizabeth

    [Forwarded to ODT but not published before today’s full Council meeting]

    Received from Anonymous
    Thu, 26 Nov 2015 at 5:22 p.m.

    The democratic process requires the elected to represent the voters in their interests on whatever body they are elected to.

    An abrogation of their duty is to seek or be beholden to another master and favour that master over the interests of the electors.

    The Dunedin ratepayers each have a $15,000 debt per capita incurred on their behalf by the councillors and staff of the DCC.

    This per capita debt equates to the highest in New Zealand.

    The major priority of this council and its employees should be to rapidly and continuously reduce this debt as the financial straitjacket in which the council finds itself has already caused a major flood in South Dunedin through a lack of attention to core business.

    It beggars belief that councillors therefore would seek the following remit trying to eliminate any prospect of a financial windfall for Dunedin such that similar finds have meant to other cities such as Aberdeen. Aberdeen is the richest city per capita in the British Isles.

    It is so because the oil finds in the north sea have created a huge financial windfall for the city.

    The remit needs to be public and here it is

    Click to access ma_council_r_Notice-of-Motion_2015_11_30.pdf

    The signatories of this remit need to re-evaluate their brief from their electors.

    Is it to represent Green interests on a national and international stage or is it to enable Dunedin citizens to remove the DCC liability and enable those ratepayers to start from scratch rather than well behind the eight ball as all Dunedinites are today.

    In my opinion if they wish to represent the Greens or any other institution on a national or international stage they should resign from the council and stand in national terms for the Parliament or in international terms join the UN.

    It is clear from the asbestos dumping at Green Island that they do not represent Green issues for their current electorate.

    They therefore should resign as they clearly do not represent their electorate, the ratepayers of Dunedin.

    • Elizabeth

      Today after the voting, a few councillors realised the full horror of the GREEN PARTY INVASION AROUND THE TABLE.

      Beware October 2016.

  6. Lyndon Weggery

    Elizabeth – the reason I couldn’t stay to hear the Agenda item was that Gavin was with me for support and we weren’t able to wait that long.Optimistically I liked to think that Councillor thinking was shifted a little bit to the wider picture of South Dunedin flooding rather than seeking to justify the performance (or lack of it) of the network infrastructure by simply being asked to “note” a carefully worded Staff Report.. Hence the Mayor’s resolutions and the fact that at least one Councillor (Neville Peat) referred to the 2014 Beca Report. As you know I referred to next year’s local body elections and this will always be in the back of their minds from now on. You will be interested to know that I dropped off a copy of my Public Forum paper to Clare Curran’s office and her staff assured me our local MP is certainly not letting this situation slide off the radar.

    • Elizabeth

      Lyndon, the Flood report item was heard quite early in the meeting immediately following the Mosgiel Pool item. As to how it went: absolutely grievous handling by the Mayor and Green cronies – unprofessional, unscientific, and based on Climate Change mumbo jumbo about sea level rise, for the avoidance of any admission of council liability for deferred maintenance of drainage systems including mudtank clearance. Continued claims by Cull that the 3 June flood was an extreme weather event. Oh really?

      Cr Vandervis pointed out that water stayed pooled in certain areas of South Dunedin despite high tide having been and gone.

      Suggesting the drainage system was unable to clear waters due to blockage and sheer incapacity under load.

      • Elizabeth

        Surprising not a strong turn out of South Dunedin people at the meeting yesterday to witness proceedings. Surprising too that Councillors failed to bring them to the meeting to hear arguments, and to counter the staff report and the political discussion led so disgracefully by the Mayor. What were they thinking!? The people of South Dunedin have unwitting left themselves open to manipulation by Cull & Co prior to and probably after the October 2016 local body election. Where were their community representatives??!

        • Elizabeth

          Yes. Bloody stupid, and as Cr John Bezett rightly said yesterday, this could bankrupt the council.

          All based on Liability Cull’s dogged, slavering insistence that the ocean will open up and swallow a suburb that has been standing for how many years – think of all the reclaimed areas world-wide that have had prudent councils efficiently managing ground water levels and stopping erosion of the sea edge through targeted engineering and infrastructure spend.

          Altogether, Dave is Not together. He thought, along with his skirt and Cr Wilson (chair of Infrastructure Services Committee), that expenditure on cycleways should come first at South Dunedin – what a SCREWY investment that has been…. this despite the fact that Dave thinks South Dunedin is ‘over’. The level of paradox and hypocrisy is off the meter, or rather, off Dave’s ORC Green Island monitoring station.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          The South Dunedin cycleway was madness. Given their belief in fast devastating sea level rise, why didn’t Dave and Jinty push for jet-ski lanes? Oops, I mean those pedal powered little boaty-things.

  7. Calvin Oaten

    One of the most egregious aspects of the June Flood report was the almost absence of the influence of the undermaintained drainage system in favour of the ‘sea level’ rise myth. How [the group manager] could stand there knowing the fact that it was public knowledge the blocked mud tanks were forcing water onto the streets combined with pumps being offline at the time that was the real cause. It was not by any (review of the records) stretch of the imagination a major rain event. Heavy, no doubt but not what the system (if maintained) wasn’t designed for. The mud tanks are designed to collect silt, fine grit etc from flowing into the pipe system. Being of minimum fall that system would have little flushing ability and odds on the pipes are partly filled with silt thus further impeding the flow. The pumps’ intake screens are just a fail safe mechanism, requiring regular cleaning. All in all, a disaster waiting to happen again and again. Absolutely nothing to do with sea level rise at all. No wonder she raised her voice, it would be to drown her own doubts about what she was mouthing.
    Then we have the embarrassing spectacle of grown, mature elected people mouthing off about imploring the government to do more to support the ‘Climate Change’ scam. Without a skerrick of empirical data or facts to support the contention, Mayor Cull and his ‘green’ cabal virtually condemn the residents of St Kilda and environs to poverty and despair of their properties and lifestyles becoming worthless. Among the worthless chatter over the subject, Cr Richard Thomson waffles off onto the apartheid in South Africa breakdown. Then, most embarrassing of all, Cr Benson-Pope says “we are supposed to be the carriers of the “moral” leadership.” Ugh…err… Not on my account he isn’t.

    {Moderated. -Eds}

  8. Gurglars

    Well contemplate this.

    Cull and the Greens think that South Dunedin is gone, a disaster waiting to happen and yet

    That suburb is the very focus of their major cycleway construction!

    It seems that two scenarios should have been considered first.

    A submarine way

    A school for cyclists with waterwings – now that could increase the number of residents together with Perhaps another inmovation – The South Dunedin Atlantis Toitu Museum an underwater museum dedicated to the study of South Dunedin underwater – bring your own snorkel.

  9. Elizabeth

    Mayor Cull says results vindicate council’s decision to invest in cycling infrastructure, despite difficulties at South Dunedin.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 3 Dec 2015
    15,000 expect to take up cycling
    By Chris Morris
    ….Figures released by the Dunedin City Council show a seasonal fluctuation in the number of cyclists using three main cycling routes – along Portsmouth Dr, Victoria and North Rds – but also a steady trend upwards. And survey results released by the New Zealand Transport Agency, compiled by market research company Neilsen, showed Dunedin was bucking the trend when it came to an expected uptake in cycling.
    Read more


    Total bill owed to council comparable with library debts in other centres.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 3 Dec 2015
    Library fines blow out to more than $500,000
    By Chris Morris
    The Dunedin City Council is owed more than $500,000 in library fines, despite using debt collection agency Baycorp to pursue tardy borrowers as far as Australia, it has been confirmed. Figures released this week showed the outstanding debt included $111,983 in fines levied since the start of this year, but also $410,343 in unrecovered fines dating back up to a decade.
    Read more

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