DCC: Meet Stupid x 2 #carbonemissionsLUNACY

█ Full Council Meeting Monday 30 November 2015 at 1:00 p.m.
Council Chamber, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon

Agenda – Council – 30/11/2015 (PDF, 39.6 KB)

Other Reports to be tabled.

Item 18

Report – Council – 30/11/2015 (PDF, 3.1 MB)

GREEN BUSINESSLESS PEOPLE like Pigs in Muck at DCC - Hawkins MacTavish


Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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18 responses to “DCC: Meet Stupid x 2 #carbonemissionsLUNACY

  1. Gurglars

    No mention of Asbestos dumping here. Its not pollution its zealotry.

    This sort of blackmail demonstrates the committment to hyperbole of these kermits.

    It is not climate change that drives these zealots, it is targets to be achieved, to subjugate the citizenry.

    • Calvin Oaten

      Gurglars; I suspect that neither Jinty nor Hawkins (or any councillors for that matter) were aware of the deal to accept Christchurch’s contaminated material for the Green Island land fill. I suspect it was done as a revenue gathering opportunity by staff. I suspect that Jinty will be ‘fizzing at the bung’ over this and will either make a fuss or she has been bought off. If it’s the latter then she has sold out on her principles proving that politicians always look at what’s best for themselves first.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    International Compact of Mayors, a.k.a. Mares’ Nest.

    A purpose-built Mayor Compactor will be operating on-site to reduce amount of fossil fuels needed to return Mayors to their place of origin. Beats the tar out of empty words, eh!

  3. Elizabeth

    Not long ago….

    ### scoop.co.nz
    Government muzzles environmental watchdog
    Thursday, 12 November 2015, 9:29 am
    Press Release: Greenpeace

    Government muzzles environmental watchdog to pave way for mining deals

    Wednesday, November 11: A “dirty deal” between big business and the Government to sideline the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and strip it of some of its powers is being considered after the watchdog declined two seabed mining applications.
    ONE News revealed the deal could remove the EPA’s power to appoint an independent board to assess marine mining applications, and instead the Minister for the Environment, Nick Smith, would hand pick the board of inquiry himself.
    Greenpeace Executive Director, Dr Russel Norman, was interviewed during the news segment and calls the move a “dirty back-door deal” that takes any integrity out of the process. “It’s like being able to choose one of your friends to mark your exam paper rather than having someone independent do it – it’s ludicrous,” he says.
    The EPA was created by the Government in 2009 to act as an independent environmental regulator. At the time, MP Nick Smith lauded its establishment.
    Read more

  4. Elizabeth

    I imagine the Council meeting on Monday, at item 18 Notice of Motion, will dissolve (speaking of floods) ie there will be JM surrounded by boxes of tissues – Dunedin TV will get great shots of involuntary gulping, running eyes and nose, and that resolute standing in silence while composure (for effect, having been so moved) is regained. Waterworks are so last May. Link

  5. Elizabeth

    Crs Andrew Noone, Mike Lord and Lee Vandervis …. said they expected to vote against the motion.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 27 Nov 2015
    DCC to vote on climate change action
    By Carla Green
    The Dunedin City Council is about to decide its stance on climate change action. The vote at Monday’s council meeting – ahead of next week’s climate talks in Paris – will consider a motion tabled by Cr Aaron Hawkins outlining actions the council could take to combat climate change.
    Read more

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    ‘Cr Calvert said she was sceptical about the motives of Crs Hawkins and MacTavish in putting the proposal forward. ”It feels like a publicity stunt related to an international climate change conference … rather than being a genuine desire to achieve anything for our people.” ‘

    Hilary Calvert isn’t wet behind the ears, nor green in judgement.

  7. Elizabeth

    From the GREEN buddies, two Facebook dumps!!!
    Via a city colleague, for my edification.

    [BTW these two, Hawkins and the scarfed MacTavish are now backed by Benson-Pope having a religious epiphany for Climate Change —as if he had no knowledge of BDSM and the 1980s’ Dunedin Sex Ring. Nope, the honourable gentleman is now Clean and Green and Pure as the (woops) driven snow…. – watch that “weather”, BP !!]

    Councillor Aaron Hawkins
    3 hrs · Edited ·
    All four parts of our climate action motion passed at Council today. Dunedin has committed to the Compact of Mayors, meaning we will be developing our own carbon reduction plan as a city. We have also made calling for a moratorium on deep sea oil and gas exploration (and extraction) council policy. Thanks to everyone for their support on this issue over the years. A proud day.

    Then her berserk Self [who stagemanaged a teeny tiny wobbly voice and crocodile tears – bloody obnoxious – in her last two sentences discussing Hawkin’s motion at the council table today]:

    Councillor Jinty MacTavish
    1 hr · Edited ·
    A very proud moment tonight as the Dunedin City Council voted to call for a 40% by 2030 NZ target in Paris and an action plan to match; to commit to join the Compact of Mayors (ie development of an emissions target and associated reporting), and in favour of a moratorium on deep sea oil and gas exploration. A massive thankyou to everyone that has ever submitted or contacted Council on matters related to climate. I know it can be enormously frustrating when you don’t see an immediate response, but slowly, over time, you change minds and hearts and today’s decision is a reflection of the leadership we have seen from our community over the time I have been on Council. A big thanks to Councillor Aaron Hawkins for leading the debate passionately and articulately, and for ensuring our notice of motion was lodged while I was down on Anchor Island, and to my colleagues for demonstrating moral leadership at a time that really matters. I’m a very proud councillor and Dunedinite tonight. Going home very happy smile emoticon

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Any mention of the moral leadership involved in trucking (by fossil fuelled vehicles) dangerous material from Christchurch, for depositing in Dunedin’s landfill? No? Then there wouldn’t have been any discussion about how this will bring forward the time when a new landfill site has to be developed, would there?
      Not only will this dangerous asbestos contaminated material be trucked down here, but there will be added danger, every trip. Latest example, “a rental vehicle apparently crossed double yellow lines on to the wrong side of the road about 5pm”, result, “a horrific four-vehicle crash near Oamaru yesterday”.
      Never mind, the asbestos carriers should be finished bringing unwanted Christchurch to Dunedin before the Compacted Mayors’ emission mission is formulated, promulgated and activated, there’s usually a lead time so everyone can get their mucky work finished (or painted Sepulchre White) before starting day.

  8. Elizabeth

    If Dunedin wanted to make a difference, it should champion “green tech” – developing and producing new ways of doing things with a smaller carbon footprint. –Andrew Whiley

    ### ODT Online Tue, 1 Dec 2015
    Council says yes to climate change resolutions
    By Craig Borley
    The Dunedin City Council voted in four climate change resolutions [see post at top of thread] yesterday aimed at changing the way the city, and the country, approached the issue. […] Cr Andrew Whiley said climate change was a problem needing to be addressed first and foremost by the world’s biggest polluters, including China and India.
    Read more

  9. Elizabeth

    New Zealand will commit up to $200 million to support countries’ climate change efforts – and $20 million toward ground-breaking research to slash agricultural greenhouse gases.

    ### NZ Herald Online 7:22 AM Tuesday Dec 1, 2015
    NZ to commit up to $200m on climate change
    By Jamie Morton – NZ Herald science reporter
    Prime Minister John Key announced the new funding at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21), where close to 200 nations are meeting to thrash out a new agreement to tackle global emissions. Mr Key told delegates New Zealand would provide up to $200 million for climate-related support over the next four years, the majority of which will benefit Pacific nations. This would build on the $65 million New Zealand has already spent over the last three years to help Pacific Nations secure reliable and clean energy.

    “New Zealand has been at the forefront of efforts to shift the Pacific from reliance on fossil fuels to renewable electricity,” he said. “This work to address energy insecurity and build resilience will continue as we step up our support for climate change adaptation.”

    Further, the country will put $20 million, also over four years, toward the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, a 46-nation consortium that works to reduce emissions from livestock, cropping and rice production. It comes on top of New Zealand’s initial investment of $45 million to the alliance, which was formed in 2009.
    Read more

  10. Hype O'Thermia

    “New Zealand will commit up to $200 million to support countries’ climate change efforts.”
    $200 million for the “Canute-2 Fund”.
    No worries now.

  11. JimmyJones

    It looks to me that both Hawkins and MacTavish intend to become MP’s so that they can spread their enviro-nazi dogma over the whole country. Both need to impress the NZ Green Party administration and this notice of motion should be seen as a political stunt – a way of gaining some greeny points to boost their chances.

    We expect Hawkins to be helped by the NZ Green Party because he is their representative, but it has been the habit of the Green Party to collaborate with Sustainable Dunedin City, which was co-founded by Jinters to promote their common (green) policies during local body election campaigning. This association makes it seem very likely that Cr MacTavish has also had a similar type of support from the Greens – perhaps just for elections, but perhaps more.

    For these two councillors and some others, their priority is party politics and global politics and the job of running the infrastructure of our city is way down the list.

  12. Hype O'Thermia

    Yes, Jimmy. Look at the stunts that are about impressing the rest of the world. The world is, of course, on tenterhooks waiting for the next amazing planet-saving initiative in Dunedin. No investment in fossil fuels – “Gott in Himmel, how courageous are these Dunedin people who despite being up to their necks in debt refuse to maximise returns from investments!” Ban oil and gas exploration – “Sapristi nabolas, Blooknok! These Dunedin councillors are true 21st century Goons!”

    And so on. We’re not the target audience, we’re only the source of money to pay for their career advancement.

  13. Gurglars

    Personally, they’ve got my vote to stand for the Green Party in national politics. That’s exactly where they should be with this remit.

    Where they should NOT be is misrepresenting their electors and taking a national and international view whilst ignoring Dunedin ratepayers dramatic debt increases through their policies.

    When I asked Russel Norman when head of the Green Party at a meeting what he would do if in power about defalcation by Local Government employees if he was elected he neither knew what defalcation (theft) was NOR DID HE HAVE A POLICY.

    That is the problem with the Greens, they just want to be elected, they do not want to Govern.
    And that sums Cull to a tee.

    No one is responsible, no one will be found guilty and we will move forward to continuous theft of ratepayers’ funds.

  14. Calvin Oaten

    Jimmy, I suspect that Hawkins and MacTavish, if they have aspirations of national politics, may have left their run too late. 2016 is most likely to be a seminal year with a host of ‘black swans’ coming home to roost. First I think there may well be a major international financial crisis which will cause political panic. First casualty will be the “Climate Change” muddle which will be quickly put on the back burner in the bid for survival. Davey boy and his council cohorts are in no position to cope with real worldly problems as they constantly demonstrate they can’t even make rational decisions on the local scene.

    The city is in no position, sitting on ($600m) of debt, to weather any financial storm. October is election time, by which many voters will have woken up to the situation this council and bureaucracy have put them in. If the odds play out as they should, over half (perhaps more) of this lot should be swept from office, Cull with them.

    Then, and only then can we hope to see a turn around. A huge clean out of positions, downsizing staff numbers by about 40 or 60 percent. Salaries adjusted accordingly, activities brought back to the basics with debt reduction paramount. Nonsense projects like cycleways, Mosgiel Pools stopped in their tracks. An in depth review of the value of the council owned companies portfolio of City Forests, Delta, Aurora and the Property investment portfolio, with a view to cashing up and reducing debt exposure.

    Then look into resurrecting an in-house engineering and maintenance division to take back from the world of consultants the city’s strategic services.

    If that had existed as before, I doubt we would even be talking about June floods, middle beach erosion, or the ongoing St Clair seawall disaster.

    If this city doesn’t get rid of its grandiose dreams of being a “world class small city” and accept it for what it is then there is no way forward and even the few private investors and developers will cease to put their money to further risk.

    When there is no discipline at the top you can expect the ‘Citifleet’ type happenings and corruption being rife and we have seen that in spades with the Stadium being a classic example.

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