DCC Citifleet: No open inquest

### ODT Online Thu, 26 Nov 2015
In-chambers Bachop inquest
By Chris Morris
There will be no open inquest into the death of former Dunedin City Council Citifleet team leader Brent Bachop. Instead, the death of the man found to be at the centre of the council’s $1.5million vehicle fraud is being dealt with in chambers, the Otago Daily Times understands.
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(c) The Fitzwilliam Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

The Faerie Queene is an incomplete English epic poem by Edmund Spenser. The first half was published in 1590, and a second instalment was published in 1596.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: bbc.co.uk – Isabella Salstonstall as Una from Spenser’s The Faerie Queene. The Fitzwilliam Museum via The Public Catalogue Foundation.


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6 responses to “DCC Citifleet: No open inquest

  1. Rob Hamlin

    Some people might consider posting monthly on this site a statement:


    1) Am not contemplating suicide in the next calendar month.
    2) Am not, to my knowledge, terminally ill of unspecified causes likely to cause my death in the next calendar month.
    3) Do not believe that I will be murdered by my significant other in the next calendar month.
    4) Am not inclined to drive recklessly, including, but not restricted to, driving on the wrong side of the road and hitting oncoming 4×4’s, or vehicles of similar dimensions, in the next calendar month.

    I further direct as my living will that any form of sudden death that I might suffer in the next calendar month, and that might appear to be accidental, due to natural causes or the outcome of an unrelated crime such as burglary, should be promptly investigated by full, public coroner’s inquest, in order to reduce the risk of vital evidence from the scene being lost. This should take precedence over other investigations that do not involve loss of human life.

    If I die in the next calendar month, I also further fully waive my right to posthumous privacy so that people can say and report what they feel is pertinent to both how I died, and to any other accusations of crimes and misdemeanours that might be posthumously assigned to me, and to which I can neither reply nor defend myself.

    Signed this ………………. day of ………………. 20……………….

    • Elizabeth


    • Gurglars

      So in your opinion, the truth will hurt?

      Let’s Fight That, rather than marching to stop normal climatic events.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Canute was a defeatist. If he’d had a positive attitude he’d have stopped that tide. He was nothing but a denier who didn’t see the point of making an effort for the sake of the seashore – and look what happened. St Clair, for one thing.

    • Diane Yeldon

      Rob: I was scared of “them” 15 years ago when I first came to Dunedin with background in two apparently disconnected areas : state mental health care (for want of a more accurate description) and local government (because I had lived in a place where people were slaughtering trees right in my face and I like trees). In Dunedin, I found a reactionary local group which was set on putting those dangerous mad people back in the bin where they belong had strong connections with prominent figures on the DCC and EXTREMELY IMPROPER PROCESSES WERE BEING USED! Then I found this was just the tip of the iceberg! Well, I have a Jewish grandfather and was brought up culturally Liberal Jewish so I learn my people’s history. And the lessons to be learnt from it. That is that you simply cannot afford to wait for things to get better. Keeping your head down is SIMPLY NOT AN OPTION. So I started looking for any councillors who seemed to be standing up to the incumbent puppet gang, offering them my support and gradually doing public forum submissions. Very nervous and very much disliking the atmosphere although a lot of the really bad stuff was collective centred on institutional culture (and most people know where the buck stops with that) and so there got to be some individuals who would be quite nice to me rather than like fire breathing dragons.
      So I do it not because I am “brave” but because I am scared not to. If even 10 per cent of the residents of this city analysed the problem the same way, I really don’t think this city would continue to have a problem in tha graft and corruption area. Going to the DCC’s public forums and looking them all straight in the eye and saying ‘I don’t like what you are doing. Here’s why and I think you should be doing this instead’ IS POWERFUL. Rather like the feminist approach to being groped in the lift, yelling loudly, “GET YOUR HAND OFF MY BUM!!!” It’s the audience (public opinion) that shames the perpetrator into stopping it. Being silent and looking embarrassed just encourages bad behaviour and this is true of people like Hitler too.

  2. Gurglars

    By Spendthrift out of

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