Mayor Cull and the GREAT Asbestos Defeat ….trucks in toxic waste

Dave doesn’t know whether to swallow his kornies or not.

Dave breakfast gruel - Warcraft-All-Nighter-Gamer [] tweaked (1)

His hair is turning grey, he’s feeling tired and he looks old.

Meanwhile, someone files divorce papers.
[“I thought we were Green! I can’t understand you anymore! Asbestos for cash?! These are your scarves, your suits, I’m throwing out the window – along with this stupid bike helmet, used camel shackles and all the skanky lycra. Go away!”]

Secretly, young woman seen rubbing hands with glee at so much dosh.

[Stifle obvious questions about what else goes into Green Island landfill. This is Tartan Mafia town.]

DCC receives $millions for landfill dumping of hazardous waste, WHO CARES ABOUT GREEN except for the imprint of Serious Money to bolster Council slush funds, rugby? stadium ? cricket ? – anyone ?

NOO! For Sue’s next trips to Oxford, staff’s Grand Central City Plan, and some left-over to pay planning fees and charges for the VB’s aquarium, hotel and connector bridge to the waterfront.

[Share spoils, maties! Leave suspicious Ratepayers out of it.]

There are no serious equitable plans to improve South Dunedin or Mosgiel drainage systems, or manage coastal erosion.

The dilemmas of High Office and short men.

Cheaper to dump hazardous waste at Dunedin than at Canterbury.
DCC stoopid again, takes a cheap ride instead of bumping up contract price.

Deals worth millions of dollars —council staff cite commercial sensitivity.

### ODT Online Tue, 24 Nov 2015
Asbestos fill headed for Dunedin
By Chris Morris
Up to 12,000 tonnes of asbestos-contaminated fill from Canterbury is destined to be dumped in Dunedin, but that might just be the tip of a toxic – but lucrative – iceberg. The Otago Daily Times understands the Dunedin City Council has more than one contract to accept contaminated material from outside the city at the Green Island landfill.
Read more

The latest inanity. [Comic Sans]
Cull on SDunedin RNZ interview 20.11.15 (2)Source: RNZ News: South Dunedin considers sea level threat.
20 November 2015 at 8:42 a.m. (AUDIO LINK)

[Listen and Learn] At another thread:

June 17, 2015 at 9:49 am

Hype O’Thermia: YouTube and Wikipedia are good places to find out more about ICLEI. ICLEI teaches the DCC how to inflict the Sustainable Development world view on the citizens by using devious, undemocratic, secret and manipulative methods. ICLEI has helped the DCC to produce “marketing and communication” strategies to break down barriers to their deeply stupid ideas being accepted by the public. The goal is “behaviour change”. East Germany had the Stasi (Staatssicherheit), now we have ICLEI, Dave Cull and Sue Bidrose.

The influence of ICLEI explains a few things – like the DCC’s tendency towards increasingly secret (staff only) decision-making (eg the development and implementation of the Environment Strategy) and the generally severely deficient level of public consultation due to: skimpy information, poor publicity, expanding decisions beyond the scope of the consultation and treating it as just a ceremonial procedure (eg Dave’s Bicycle Network and its implementation). The pursuit of ICLEI’s goals is a direct cause of the underfunding of the city’s deficient (and worsening) infrastructure.

As far as I can tell most DCC councillors don’t know that the DCC has become a member of ICLEI and are unaware of the financial cost and its big influence in forming DCC policy. This demonstrates a problem with the attitude of the staff that councillors need to fix. The collusion between Dave Cull and Sue Bidrose is, however, a barrier to this that needs to be overcome. Councillors need to stop sleepwalking and start to become aware of the decisions that are being made without their involvement.


Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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15 responses to “Mayor Cull and the GREAT Asbestos Defeat ….trucks in toxic waste

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    Green glorious green!
    The Green economy – no investment in planet-murdering fossil fuels, but accept toxic waste. Cheap rates for foldies (cash, unmarked notes) – that’s the Green economy, Dunedin style.

  2. Elizabeth

    Green when suits, not other times.

    Comment at ODT Online:

    A great Green solution eh?
    Submitted by russandbev on Wed, 25/11/2015 – 9:03am.
    Work out the cost of bringing all these trucks from Christchurch to Dunedin and back empty on top of everything else. And of course they are all involve thousands and thousands of “carbon miles” which must appeal to those Councillors of a green tinge. Then the much bigger problem of having asbestos buried at shallow levels just on top of increasing ground water levels. Why didn’t Canterbury want to deal with their own toxic waste? Much easier and cheaper in the long run to shift the problem elsewhere really.

    • Calvin Oaten

      Grant McKenzie says the asbestos content is very low as to be virtually risk free. Question: How does he know that? Did he personally test samples or does he rely on what he was told and by whom? If this material is so safe why is Christchurch prepared to shoulder the cost of trucking it 340-odd km by road to dispose of it? As mentioned elsewhere, what of the carbon footprint in the transport? What indeed of Jinty’s ‘sustainability’ focus when she and her Mayor and fellow green members condone this. This is a grand example of the desperation to generate some income to stave off the inevitable, when the least of their problems will be a few grubby dollars gleaned here. “DISGUSTING!!” Not only does Christchurch get to milk our coffers by being contracted as ‘City Care’ because our 650 odd staff cannot between themselves organise and manage it in house, but now it also treats us as their dumping ground. Don’t you just love the irony of it all.

  3. Elizabeth

    ### Tue, 24 Nov 2015
    Dunedin takes contaminated Christchurch waste
    Dunedin is making way for imported landfill waste as part of a multi-million dollar project. The Green Island Landfill is taking on more than 10,000 tonnes of waste from Christchurch. And it’s contaminated with a toxic substance.
    Ch39 Link

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Nov 23, 2015
    Dunedin takes contaminated Christchurch waste

    • Calvin Oaten

      She’s an attractive enough little maven, with her slightly disheveled copy cat hair style, reminiscent of the Mayor’s. As acting solid waste manager she had a difficult task in appearing convincing, when her department has over the years been very ‘pro minimum waste to landfill’ programmed. This exemplified by the expensive process of separating and recycling of all that can be. Now, tasked with justifying this mystifying complete turn around it is a wonder that she did not call upon her Cr Jinty MacTavish (the doyen of sustainability and save the planet for future generations) to explain to the citizens the reason for abrogating the whole ‘holier than thou’ attitude she advocates to the converted. In a way I sympathise with Catherine.

  4. Gurglars

    Anyone who watches that piece will notice two things
    1. They will have shouted an obscenity
    2. The person representing the council was VERY nervous.

    And so she should be.

    The main question is this why is the fill not being dumped in Chriatchurch’s own backyard?

    The explanation of lower cost is complete spin.

    Christchurch has a need for fill and has much greater land areas to create a new landfill which would be extremely profitable for some landowners – if they wanted the stuff.

    This is a very stupid step by a continuously stupid administration.

    How long before we accept nuclear waste from overseas.

    Clean Green Dunedin.

    As has been noted previously, overspending on pet projects has led to possible staff cuts and the bureaucrats will do ANYTHING including placing your kids’ health at risk to preserve their blousy salaries.

    • Where are the deep greens when pollution of this kind is being dumped in our resource “consented” landfill areas? Catherine Irvine nervously told us we are resource consented for it. Does that make it any safer? Does that mean it will always be safe for us who live in the Otago area? I don’t think so and that’s why Christchurch did not want it.

  5. Gurglars

    It does not make sense to transport the Christchurch waste 70kms to Kate Valley landfill, but it makes sense to transport it 400 kms to Dunedin and pollute Dunedin.

    First question, who owns the trucking company and which council employee negotiated the trucking contract? And then what relationship exists that would make this error of judgement work for the employee(s)

    The question about the council employee may be just as germane in Christchurch as it is in Dunedin.

    For reference see Luggate, Jacks Point and the Christchurch land development (Noble) fiasco.

    • Elizabeth

      Notice the hazardous waste from Christchurch is generated by road construction. A Jim Harland road we ask (NZTA) ?

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “It does not make sense to transport the Christchurch waste 70kms to Kate Valley landfill, but it makes sense to transport it 400 kms…” but it’s OK, they’re not using fossil fuels to transport it otherwise Jinty and Dave would have moved heaven and earth to prevent it.
      The procession of horses and carts, or is it bicycles towing little trailers, will be a tourist attraction, putting Dunedin on the map and providing 100,000 jobs, a Greater aim that didn’t happen straight away but it –
      uh-oh, sorry, I’ve been breathing too many fossil fuel fumes.

  6. Elizabeth

    Expect Ms Irvine will be expected to undergo communications training after her interview – so to perfect the chief executive’s art of bluff.

  7. Calvin Oaten

    I guess on reflection this land fill business is a vexing question for most cities. Only Dunedin has the generosity to take others contaminated (albeit lowly) material into its own limited (by time) space. It would be churlish to suggest it is more the desperation for revenue that motivates these decisions.

    Dave has painted himself into such a financial position by completing all the debt funded projects he inherited despite his solemn pledge at the outset to reduce the city’s debt load. That he has added incrementally to that expenditure with cycleways (including balls ups and redos) $2m cricket lights and now the pending blowout over the Mosgiel Pool Complex exacerbates the situation further.

    Still, I suppose it is no worse than in the dead of the night trucking untreated sewage sludge from Tahuna to Green Island landfill for years, and perhaps for all we know still. Dave’s performance could be collected by the ‘night cart’ as well for all he has achieved.

  8. Gurglars

    Calvin. It’s not an ethical problem it’s a financial one.

    Dunedin will accept the money
    Christchurch will provide the money

    It’s not their money

    It’s OURS.

    Forget about the watchdogs, the Greens
    They’re off in cloud cuckoo land measuring sea rise up at Maori Hill.

  9. Hype O'Thermia

    How often do politicians tell us the reason for not doing anything about a real problem such as ill-health, education undersupply, malnutrition and homelessness is that it’s no good throwing money at it? Here’s an answer, throw cake at it!
    ‘The Age of Melbourne surprised Jack Harvey with news of a novel process for decontaminating asbestos found in a school. The school president was quoted as saying, “The ground is contaminated and needs to be fixed. … We have been raising money for it to be fixed with cake stalls and art shows.” ‘

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