DCC Conditions: Extensions for public submissions (2GP)

Thu, 19 Nov 2015 at 3:32 p.m.

Letter from Simon Pickford 19.11.15 - 2GP extensions

DCC Public Notice 2GP extensions 19.11.15

Letter from Simon Pickford 19.11.15
2GP Close of Submissions ODT CL 18 x 4

████ DCC Public Notice
Submissions on the Second Generation Dunedin City District Plan (2GP) close at 5pm, Tuesday 24 November.


From: Elizabeth Kerr
Sent: Thursday, 19 November 2015 5:13 p.m.
To: Vivienne Harvey; Simon Pickford; Sue Bidrose
Cc: Elizabeth Kerr
Subject: Proposed 2GP – closing date for submissions

Dear Vivienne, Simon and Sue

Thanks for reply in advance of the public notice at the DCC website today, also appearing Saturday in the local newspaper.

For your information I’m not representing anyone other than myself in addressing letters to the Chief Executive on matters to do with the Proposed 2GP. In my letter (below) I reference need for extension as would apply to “the community” (meaning interested public) as a whole.

The RMA does not mention an ePlan.

The DCC ePLan (1600 pages) launched at us, as we’re well aware, is a horror to deal with for many.

In this regard the RMA requirement of 40 working days scarcely seems fair or practical. Months ahead of ‘back and forth’ through appeals with some parties will, I suggest, place ‘workability’ in sharper relief for the city council. I look forward to what unfolds.

I appreciate your clarification provided for submitters around extensions. This is proactive.

Sincere regards

Elizabeth Kerr

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Elizabeth Kerr
Sent: Wednesday, 11 November 2015 5:41 p.m.
To: Sue Bidrose
Cc: Elizabeth Kerr
Subject: Proposed 2GP – closing date for submissions

Sue Bidrose
Chief Executive, Dunedin City Council

Dear Sue

RE Extension for submissions on Proposed 2GP

I note the closing date for public submissions has been set as Tuesday, 24 November 2015.

Due to the length (1600 pages) and comprehensive nature of the planning document (by ePlan), in that it no longer resembles the current Dunedin City District Plan at all, I request that the closing date for public submissions is extended into the 2016 new year.

This will allow the community to consult itself, the city council, and experts where need, more fairly and comprehensively than has been possible in the time since notification on Saturday, 26 September 2015.

It’s of collective mutual interest to enhance and facilitate the public’s understanding of the document and its likely effect(s) on physical, cultural and political determinants for sustainable management of our environment and resources. This means allowing more time for initial submissions.

Sincere regards

Elizabeth Kerr

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

2GP extension (1)

█ Proposed Second Generation District Plan (2GP)

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11 responses to “DCC Conditions: Extensions for public submissions (2GP)

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    I thought I’d better work out where to chuck in my 2 bucks’ worth about His Majesty’s so returned to the migraine-inducing 2GP, so-called because a minimum of 2 visits to one’s GP will be required by anyone (Diane, Elizabeth, I hope you’ve made your first appointments already) who tries to fathom this… this… document equivalent of a colony of chimps knitting fair-isle sweaters.

    Eg as if anyone needs another example:
    Map of my own property is luridly coloured without indications of what these bands of colour mean, the only keyed colours being “geologically sensitive areas” in shades of pink, inadequately differentiated. I have been rendered morphologically sensitive and my brain hurts.

    • Elizabeth

      Hype, I’m concerned about your 2GP infection but no bedrest for you until after 5pm on the 24th.

      Re where to deal to His Majesty’s I have no idea, but….

      START at Plan Overviewhttps://2gp.dunedin.govt.nz/plan/pages/plan/book.aspx?exhibit=DCCDefault

      Use the search box, type in the term *heritage* – this should bring up several options to scroll through but look for something useful like heritage schedule, go to:

      A1. Schedules https://2gp.dunedin.govt.nz/plan/pages/plan/book.aspx?exhibit=DCCDefault&hid=8277&s=heritage

      See A1.1 Schedule of Protected Heritage Items and Sites
      Scheduled Items in Heritage Precincts

      In submission, say you want the former His Majesty’s Theatre and Agricultural Hall (now Sammy’s) to be assessed for its significance and included in:

      A1.1 details all Heritage Scheduled Items;
      Appendix 2 details the values and characteristics of the Heritage Precincts, and provides design guidance for new buildings within those precincts.

      You will also need to check what the 2GP map shows for the building’s physical address – [key question for you is] Is the building located in a heritage precinct or other demarcated zone…. [Yes – name these]

      Note, all buildings nominated for scheduling and protection must be checked against the zoning map to deem their actual and or potential heritage status, it may not be enough to be listed as a “character contributing building”, a higher degree of heritage protection may be needed. Such is the case for His Majesty’s, I suggest.

      Or to obtain the physical address, use the current DCC Webmap for Dunedin City – you can take a screenshot of the Webmap with the Sammy’s site highlighted as well as source the property identifier and other rates information by clicking on the property and following the link provided.

      DCC Webmap - 65 Crawford St (Sammy's) and Connected Buildings to Crawford Vogel Sts (JanFeb 2015)DCC Webmap – 65 Crawford St (Sammy’s) and Connected Buildings to Crawford Vogel Sts (JanFeb 2015)

      Go to Rating Information Database (Sammy’s – 65 Crawford St)

      DCC Rates information - 65 Crawford Street (Sammy's)DCC Rates information – 65 Crawford Street (Sammy’s)

      Go to 2GP Maps at https://2gp.dunedin.govt.nz/2gp/maps.html#themaps then to
      Compare existing and Second Generation District Plan maps at http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/your-council/district-plan/2gp/district-plan-maps. This scalable map lets you see the current District Plan zoning, and the potential 2GP zoning, for the property you’re interested in, for example:

      [click to enlarge]
      District Plan Maps (2GP) - Compare existing and Second Generation District Plan maps Camparative Maps showing precincts for Sammy’s (65 Crawford Street) and Connected Buildings

      WRITE (typed or hand written) a submission that:

      ● identifies the correct address for the building / complex,
      ● provides a phtograph(s) ie visual identifier – for example via Google Street View screenshots, Google Images, or smartphone pics of the building from Crawford St and Vogel St perspectives,
      ● includes a blurb about its architect and or construction professionals, architectural style and materials and date of build (see What if? or other sources in brief),
      ● lists predominant past and current uses / cultural or social history of indicative significance,
      ● notes the fact the building is under threat of demolition, and
      ● notes the building must be listed in 2GP heritage schedule A1.1 for protection of (for example) the entire external building envelope (but not including Sammy’s portico to Crawford St) and (internally) the proscenium arch and plaster ceiling in the main auditorium, etc….

      THEN you will be heeded. Without having been smothered by 2GP technicity. Use your own language.

      I will probably only get to my individual submission on the Proposed 2GP at the weekend…. I don’t want to waste much time on it until I’m past the initial submission stage.

      This (broadbrush sentences or bullet points) is typically how I approach my opening submissions on plans. This is not for everyone! Some prefer to supply as much detail information as possible from Day 1. I was raised in a different strategic school: Time is money.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Thanks Elizabeth. Even with detailed guide it looks like a mission!
        I think it’s a cunning plan to bamboozle the populace into inaction, all lying down with ice-packs on our foreheads.

        • Elizabeth

          No, just stick to what you want to say about saving and protecting it – its significance to the city in brief from your perspective. Building assessments for DCC have been conducted by David Murray and Peter Entwisle to date as (expert) contractors assigned to certain city areas by their council supervisors. The formal assessment doesn’t have to be done by public submitters, you are raising the flag only that the heritage property needs to be formally assessed and (heritage) scheduled in the 2GP. You can do this by bullet points if you want, or sentences/paragraphs. But do include physical address and photo(s) to identify it properly.

        • Elizabeth

          Have slightly reformatted and added maps* to my last reply to you, if it helps.
          *By screenshots – people are free to copy and use these [always acknowledge DCC source].

    • Diane Yeldon

      Actually, I wonder if the whole thing has been ‘computerized’, not just the maps. It has that inhuman feel and may be a result of GIGO – garbage in, garbage out. It is certainly greatly removed in character from a person having an interesting discussion about the future of the city with friends. It’s more like the writers started out with the primary idea of documenting what you were allowed to do and where.

      • Elizabeth

        It’s foul from start to finish and as yet I’m not finished, aaagh!

        • Elizabeth

          Final edit. Don’t think this is a good submission – dryness of the Proposed 2GP has not helped.

        • Diane Yeldon

          I wonder if it can be argued that I have an interest greater than the public interest because. I put in a submission and want to add to my submission by supporting someone else’s. I have yours in mind, Elizabeth

        • Elizabeth

          Diane, the DCC will shortly hasten to scan and summarise all submissions to produce the ‘online bonanza’ which all submitters are invited to write their further submissions to (support/oppose) – giving you the chance to cite anyone you read including your good self with new information to share as you support or oppose :)

          [Briefly, I submitted a 10-page 7-column onscreen worksheet in ‘8 pt’ to save paper lol… (length is not quality, just document tracking!) in response to the 1600-page ePlan. I confess it has several loose moments where on diversion to other ePlan pages in cross-reference (for clues/inspiration), I failed to compose and complete my originary paragraph correctly (woops). I allocated just 1.5 days continuous (no sleep) to both read the ePlan and raise an individual submission by 4:45pm 24/11/15 (self-imposed email deadline). Will provide a short set of corrections later in the process as addendum.]

  2. Elizabeth

    Yarp. Lots of tired bunnies doing allnighters to make deadline for submission tomorrow at 5pm. Just ducked out for a good coffee…..

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