[Stuff] Citifleet: court proceeding

Updated (via Hamish McNeilly/Fairfax Media)
Wed, 18 Nov 2015 at 3:20 p.m.

█ Court date pushed back to February.

Civil proceedings against Maria Frances Smith were due to be heard at the High Court in Dunedin tomorrow morning, with the council listed as the plaintiff, but the case has been adjourned until February 4.

Link received from Fairfax Media.

### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 14:07, November 18 2015
Dunedin City Council to take widow of sole Citifleet suspect to court
By Hamish McNeilly
The Dunedin City Council has launched civil proceedings against the widow of the man believed to be responsible for the $1.5 million Citifleet fraud. The council lodged the proceedings against Maria Frances Smith, the widow of Brent Bachop, with the Dunedin High Court. A hearing, understood to be about Bachop’s estate, was originally set down for Thursday but will now happen in February.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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23 responses to “[Stuff] Citifleet: court proceeding

  1. Elizabeth

    Lindsey Buckingham – “there’s… an axiom in the music business, I guess in business in general….
    if something works, run it into the ground – and move on
    ….identify the formula, use it up, then go onto the next thing….”
    (Concert opener, Columbus 2013)

  2. Russell Garbutt

    So why civil proceedings rather than criminal? Why did Mr Plod not lay charges?

  3. Gurglars

    If you’re going to build a story that only one person was responsible, only one person was aware of the theft of cars and no other person was involved, then the only beneficiary is the spouse.

    If I was the defence lawyer I would be getting the spouse to reveal publicly the other protagonists. We will know if the DCC quietly withdraw the case that they fear that consequence.

    For the Dunedin public the exposé is the only action for cathartic purposes.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    A good argument Gurglars. But my money says it will not proceed and will quietly die away. That of course is the DCC’s wish. Unless of course SB learned something we don’t know at Oxford.

  5. Insurance

    I suspect it may not be the DCC at all probably more likely the insurer exercising its rights to surrogate the DCC’s interests to recover the amount they have paid out.

  6. Peter

    The court process helps to tease things out. The police know this, but chose to throw in the towel by claiming insufficient evidence against others involved.
    Let us hope this civil case tells us more. I am pleased the DCC is getting off its backside on this. It has taken time, but pressure in the right place often does what is right and just.

  7. Elizabeth

    Revisiting the statement at the post (top of thread):

    (via Stuff) Civil proceedings against Maria Frances Smith were due to be heard at the High Court in Dunedin tomorrow morning, with the council listed as the plaintiff, but the case has been adjourned until February 4.

    We’re well past that date.
    WHAT’S HAPPENING – has anyone been to court ?

  8. Elizabeth

    No wonder some people testy lately!

    ODT: DCC confirms Citifleet settlement
    Dunedin City Council has confirmed a confidential settlement has been reached over the long-running $1.5 million Citifleet fraud. The council yesterday confirmed a settlement had been reached following a meeting with representatives of Brent Bachop’s estate.


    17 Dec 2015
    RNZ: Council seeks $1.25m from widow over car fraud
    Dunedin City Council is claiming $1.25 million from the widow of a worker who killed himself after being exposed as the perpetrator of a vehicle scam.

  9. Gurglars

    $1.25 million asked of widow for being wife of leader of car theft group- Well O.K.

    Nothing asked of others’ wives, husbands, bosses or underlings of car theft organisers or receivers of waterg stolen goods?

    Nothing asked of Fulton Hogan for contract non performance.





  10. Elizabeth

    More, QBE got the lot. Supposedly this is how civil service theft is rewarded – by theft and suppression. And all those connected local businesses and individuals that Police (somehow) failed to charge are OFF ‘scot free’ too.


    Your local authority does not sit well in any of this and we know exactly the names of those who saw to this massive ‘coverup and copout’, as Tom Lewis would say. An orchestrated scandal (‘litany of lies’) of local government and policing in the South. And ODT does not allow comments. How bloody typical.

    VOTE Cull OUT.

    Completely change the executive leadership.

    Older story:


    • russandbev

      I can imagine the discussion.

      We definitely know who got the bulk of the stolen money. We got paid out in full. We know that the others involved refused to speak to Mr Plod. We’ll sweep the rest under the carpet. We will say NOTHING and we’ll make sure that the news story vanishes ASAP. Quiet word in the right ears all round and then nothing to see hear, move on. Next item of business?

      • Elizabeth

        An unsettling deceit and depravity just swept by like an autumn leaf. For the disenfranchisement of ratepayers and residents.

        However, I hear someone at Dunedin is prepared to give evidence. This would not reinforce the council silence.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Oops, “someone at Dunedin is prepared to give evidence”? Someone who hasn’t had lawyers sicc’d onto them yet – dear me, how careless, they should have been threatened or “rewarded” to “adjust their attitude” to something more Octagon-friendly, nay, friendly towards all fine upstanding members of the Order of the Golden Backscratcher.

        • Elizabeth

          Early this morning I dreamt I needed an electric wheelchair to travel longer distances in the central city. On returning home in a northerly direction via Princes St I was flying sedately along the footpath…. but when I got to the Octagon I hit a rough gravel section in the asphalt, in manoeuvring I realised I had dropped my purse. I parked the wheelchair next to a shop window which I later discovered was the new DCC i-site. I walked a little way in the direction I’d come but couldn’t see the purse – I just assumed someone had flogged it. I’d lost all my cards. Annoyed, I went back to where the chair was parked only to find it had been removed. I then entered the ‘shop’ where by the i-site staff told me I shouldn’t have parked it there but they had the chair. They had completely dismantled it but were returning it to me. I remember trying to put it together again rather unsuccessfully while sitting on the footpath in the sun. The dream ended before I restored the chair to working condition to get me home. Moral of the story? I can still see the wheels.

  11. jeff dickie

    I guess we’ll all need electric wheelchairs in the end to navigate the central city. However, seeing the unassembled wheels maybe is a symbol of cycleways with, ………..well no cycles! Having pedantic officialdom remove your poorly parked wheelchair speaks for itself, and the lost purse is clearly your contribution to rates [flogged money]. Thank God you didn’t have your unregistered cat or budgie with you. You’d not have described that as a dream!

    • Elizabeth

      Reflecting. The i-site (i for information), like the DCC, only gave out enough (i for chastisement) to not cause an uproar or a riot, in public.

  12. Elizabeth

    If the result had been different…..

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  13. Elizabeth

    Brent Arnold Bachop, died unexpectedly on May 21, 2014. RIP

    SuitcaseTown Published on May 12, 2016
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  14. Hype O'Thermia

    There is tacit unease in this, unless the explanation for the way it is phrased is infelicitous use of language by ODT:
    “An investigation later placed him at the centre of a $1.5million fraud ….”

    Can there be a centre with no implied periphery?
    When the centre of a chocolate is an almond, but there is nothing surrounding it, then it is not called a chocolate. It is not a centre, it is simply an almond.

    The picture conjured is of chocolate sucked in other mouths before the almonds were replaced in the box.

    Unhygienic is one word of many that spring to mind.

  15. Calvin Oaten

    Excellent breakdown Hype. Me, I prefer brazil nuts to almonds. But you’re right about the chocolate. A whole lotta lip lickin’ goin’ on methinks. None more so than those lacking the enthusiasm for a proper inquiry and bringing to account. What is it they say about people in glasshouses and stones?

  16. Rob Hamlin

    I believe that there is a smallish group who categorise other human beings, including each other, in descending order thus:

    1) Useful
    2) Prey
    3) Nuisance
    4) Threat

    Most of the population at large appear to fall into category two, most of the contributing population of this website similarly fall into category three (and two). It’s apparently neither healthy nor wise to arrive into category four, and the implications of demotion (promotion?) to this category needs to be considered carefully if it is a possibility.

    Promotion of any relationship beyond category one in the eyes of these individuals does not appear to be possible under any circumstances.

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