Citifleet investigation: Final police report 29.10.15

(via OIA) Copy of final report of the NZ Police investigation into Citifleet.
The information released is the same as given to media outlets on Thursday, 5 November.

[poor copy as supplied; heavily censored]


Letter, NZ Police 9Nov2015

█ For more, enter the terms *citifleet*, *bachop*, *bidrose* or *vandervis* in the search box at right.

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5 responses to “Citifleet investigation: Final police report 29.10.15

  1. Anonomouse

    Lol. Reminds me of the sex ed book my mum gave to me and my sisters, and crossed out all the good bits. Anyway, lack of transparency from councils as usual. With the most interesting bits being – what requires more investigation! And credit cards.

  2. Elizabeth

    How much fun is this. Sharon Murdoch strikes again, about SOMETHING we know all about – Police, eat your hearts out.

    Sharon Murdoch (@domesticanimal) 29.11.15 The fat black line [vis]

    In response to NZ Police’s treatment of academic Jarrod Gilbert.

    ### NZ Herald Online 5:58 PM Monday Nov 30, 2015
    Police apologise to leading academic researcher Dr Jarrod Gilbert after banning him from accessing police data
    By Regan Schoultz – NZME News (Auckland)
    Police have apologised to a leading academic researcher after he was banned from accessing police data critical to his work around gangs and deemed unfit to conduct research because of his “affiliation” with them. In a statement on Monday, Strategy deputy chief executive Mark Evans said police had reviewed the comments made by Dr Jarrod Gilbert in relation to the research application made by Independent Research Solutions in 2014 and have since apologised. Evans said while other members of Dr Gilbert’s team had been cleared by Police vetting, a mistake had been made that did not fully take into account the nature of Dr Gilbert’s research proposal, and the reason that his links to gangs were likely to show up.
    Read more

  3. russandbev

    Don’t know how many people watched the 3D report on the murder of Lisa Blaikie but this seems the appropriate thread on which to comment.

    Once again we see the Police determine that one guy is guilty of murder and either ignore all contrary evidence or simply fail to carry out their basic duties. Yes, Lisa Blakie by all accounts was hardly whiter than the driven snow being involved in prostitution, gangs, drugs and whatever else. And yes, the guy languishing in jail for her murder, Timothy Taylor, is not exactly the sort of person you would like to know, but justice needs to be seen to be done as well as being done. Taylor clearly knows more about Lisa’s murder than he let on at the time of the trial, but the evidence shows that more than one person was involved in this final act.

    Quite clearly from what was published on 3D last night, the guy that jumped out of a house window in Timaru and fled to Australia did so for a good reason and the obvious inference is that he didn’t want to provide a DNA sample which could have shown that he was directly involved in the murder of this young woman. Quite easy for the reporter and the former woman detective who resigned over the quality of the police handling of this case and the case of murdered Ashburton teenager, Kirsty Bentley, to track down this guy on the run. The question to ask is why couldn’t the Police do the same?

    The answer is just too obvious.

    By securing a conviction based on shoddy Police work, the statistics show this as a solved crime. It is clearly not, in exactly the same way as the Scott Watson conviction, and the Arthur Alan Thomas case. Time after time we see the Police determine in advance who they think is the guilty party and then ensure that the “evidence” fits. The list of such cases is getting to be somewhat long. And time after time, we hear that the Police are “continuing in their enquiries”. BS.

    As someone said about the “thin blue line”, it is the line between the cops and the criminals and often the line is crossed.

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