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DCC: Full Council meeting Tue, 27 Oct 2015 at 1pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon

Agenda – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 51.3 KB)

Public Forum
a) Legal High Retail Location Policy – Carl Lapham, Cupid Shop
b) Work Opportunities within the Council – Anneloes de Groot
c) Oil and Gas Block Offers – Siana Fitzjohn, Annabeth Cohen, Rosemary Penwarden – Oil Free Otago
d) Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and Council’s Previous Resolution – Jenny Olsen
e) Safety of Roads – Neil Burrow

Item of interest on the main agenda, apart from annual reports:

● 25 Delegations to Officers to mediate on the 2GP Dunedin District Plan
Report from Corporate Services. Refer to pages 25.1 – 25.5.

The general public should be wary of Proposed 2GP mediation processes and how they are to be conducted. Mediation processes could segment (playing to like interests) planning direction and rules to such an extent the public will lose the ‘big picture’ which includes, if needed, having the Proposed 2GP set aside and sections fully redrafted (!!) for community ownership; and, of course, the public not recognising or becoming oblivious to cumulative adverse effects promoted within the Proposed 2GP, and these not being dealt to with sufficient weight.
If in doubt at mediation, positively strive to be heard at hearing – slow the process down until you have individual clarity as a submitter. Do not be pressured by DCC staff and management to agree anything without your taking time and effort to carefully deliberate potential cumulative adverse and knock-on effects.
The current district plan took YEARS to become operational —note well, there is NO RUSH to settle the Proposed 2GP if it is inequitable.

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 255.8 KB)
Block Offer 2016 Submission

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 613.2 KB)
Legal High Retail Location Policy

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 224.8 KB)
Regional Policy Statement Further Submission

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 2.7 MB)
Dunedin City Council 2015 Annual Report

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 66.0 KB)
2015 Annual Reports of Dunedin City Holdings Limited, its Subsidiaries and Associate Companies

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 63.9 KB)
2015 Annual Reports from Dunedin Venues Management Limited and Dunedin Venues Limited

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 391.9 KB)
Waipori Fund – Report for Quarter Ending September 2015

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 540.7 KB)
Review of the Food Safety Bylaw

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 139.5 KB)
Boundary Backflow Prevention

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 97.0 KB)
Delegations to Officers to Mediate on the 2GP Dunedin District Plan

Report – Council – 27/10/2015 (PDF, 86.7 KB)
Theomin Gallery Management Committee – Appointment of Committee Members

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