DCC v Tauranga CC + costly stadium cycle/walkway :[

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Wed, 7 Oct 2015 at 3:14 p.m.

Received from John Evans
Tue, 6 Oct 2015 at 3:50 p.m.

Radio NZ advised today that job applications for Tauranga had increased by 50% from Auckland’s over the past year. Auckland jobseekers look for the exit (updated at 4:52 pm).

The number of Aucklanders looking to leave the city and get jobs elsewhere is up by almost half from last year, new job figures from Trade Me show.

Population increases since Dunedin Debt burden blowout

Click to access statistical_information_report2014.pdf

One of the reasons applicants will seek positions in Tauranga (and not Dunedin) is the greater efficiency of the Tauranga local administration where Tauranga has less than half of the council employees, Dunedin ratepayers support.

Tauranga does not have an expensive indoor stadium (and it rains just as much), it does not have a $50 million overspend on council buildings, no Chinese garden, no Toitu museum.

Is it possible or even likely that Dunedin council has got the reasons for living in a city completely wrong.

New entrants want well organised RUBBISH collections, good management of water, waste water and SEWAGE.

They apparently do not want hare-brained schemes, and they don’t need mantra promising 10,000 more jobs, they are getting them due to increased population and an absence of stupid council schemes.

The only jarring note is that Tauranga is actioning 150km of cycleways. But my take on that is the cycleways are a National government pushed scheme and probably all of the cities are developing cycleways at our expense. What this means of course is that no city will have a cycling point of difference and therefore tourist numbers will be hardly likely to increase simply because of cycleways at ANY location. After all how many cyclists do you see on our cycleways. Apart from the rail trail (a genuine cycle path), the rest of them have SFA, bugger all, None basically.


Ah, Mr Coryn Huddy still has a top paying job after slinging a gun while drunk at Fubar Stadium, then losing it. Thanks Terry Davies for using our Rates to pay freaking idiots. See other references at What if? Dunedin. Why were the police never called by DVML management? —the firearm incident happened prior to Terry Davies’ arrival as chief executive.

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
New cycleway/walkway officially opened

This item was published on 06 Oct 2015

Dunedin City Council today officially opened the new cycleway and walkway linking the wharf area with the west harbour near Forsyth Barr Stadium. The walkway/cycleway completes the connection between the eastern and western parts of the harbour cycle network and also means safer and easier access for people going to the stadium. It includes well-lit shared paths across and under the State Highway 88 bridge over the Leith and connects with Wickliffe Street near the corner of Fryatt Street.

Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull says, “The completion of this particular walkway/cycleway is an important milestone in Dunedin’s wider transport network. It ‘closes the loop’ on the harbour cycle network and also provides better connectivity and safety for a range of users.”

Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee Chair Cr Kate Wilson says, “I’m very pleased to see the extension of this shared path providing better connectivity towards the centre of town from State Highway 88.” Cr Wilson says the new link will be great for families gaining confidence on bikes and she’s now looking forward to further cycleway extensions which will open up cycling over time for many more commuters and recreational riders.

The completion of the new link also has several benefits for people going to Forsyth Barr Stadium. Dunedin Venues Chief Operating Officer Coryn Huddy says, “It is now a safer journey for stadium patrons because they no longer have to cross the busy State Highway 88.” “There is also faster access to the venue with walking times reduced by around 10 minutes for people parking in the vicinity of Fryatt Street. There are potentially more car parking options available as well because other spaces near the harbour may previously have been considered too far to walk,” Mr Huddy says.

The new cycleway/walkway project cost a total of $440,000.

This walkway/cycleway is the final stage of completing the State Highway 88 realignment project, for which the New Zealand Transport Agency was a co-investment partner.

Contact Transport Projects Team Leader on 477 4000.

DCC Link

Douglas Field Published on Oct 6, 2015
cull and kate cycleway opening 6 10 15
Propaganda talk by ‘Hatter’ Cull and ‘Turkey’ Infrastructure Chair on central city cycleway link in Dunedin.

### ODT Online Tue, 6 Oct 2015
Safer way to get to stadium
A new cycleway and walkway linking Dunedin’s wharf area with the west harbour near Forsyth Barr Stadium will enable safer and easier access to the venue. The Dunedin City Council officially opened the $440,000 cycleway/walkway today, which completes the connection between the eastern and western parts of the harbour cycle network. It includes well-lit shared paths across and under the State Highway 88 bridge over the Leith, and connects with Wickliffe St near the corner of Fryatt St.
Read more

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18 responses to “DCC v Tauranga CC + costly stadium cycle/walkway :[

  1. Elizabeth

    Wait, is that Cr MacTavish’s scarf the Mayor is wearing ?
    Or a gift from China ?

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Tue, 6 Oct 2015
    Opening of Cycleway Connecting Harbour and CBD
    It’s now easier to get around the city on foot. The mayor’s just opened a new cycle and walkway connecting parts of the harbour and the CBD. But it’s only a small part of a much bigger scheme.
    Ch39 Link

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Oct 5, 2015
    Opening of Cycleway Connecting Harbour and CBD

  2. Elizabeth

    In the clip Cr Kate Wilson is shown to be appropriately well dressed for cycling. Why am I still not convinced. Maybe she hates lycra, shorts and trackies. Um leisure clothing anyone ?

  3. Gurglars

    Did anyone else notice the rent-a-scooters, and council staff cycling followed by a void.

    Perhaps Dave intends to pay 10,000 pax to cycle/scooter on the cycleways. That will solve the new jobs ambition.

    At your ongoing expense.

  4. Peter

    John. I think an important reason why people avoid moving here ….to set up jobs through ventures…. is both geographic distance and maybe even the perception and reality of a cold climate. Let’s face it. Dunedin is colder and greyer.
    Ok,there are other prosperous cities around the world with a worse climate than ours, but within NZ there is a strong internalised conviction that Dunedin is COLD. A nice place to visit,but live here?

  5. John P.Evans

    Peter, I agree about the perception. The reality is that Dunedin is more than 40 degrees warmer than New York and 10 degrees warmer than London and probably most major northern hemisphere cities in winter when cold actually matters.

    Who is responsible for this perception?

    Thirty years ago Dunedin temperatures were taken at Musselburgh pumping station. I advised the DCC to move to a north facing, sunnier position. It took over thirty years to achieve this. The Television news is also partly responsible, words like “deep south” and other derogatory expressions do not help. I have lived in Auckland and I can tell you it rains almost every day. A reality check on Auckland like “rainy Auckland” every day on the news would deter many and it certainly lost my vote.

    Who can change this perception?

    That kind of response is solely the realm of the DCC and maybe the chamber of commerce assisting.

    Who has attempted this.

    Certainly not the DCC, this is far too practical an idea for people trying to increase the number of persons by 10,000.

    • Peter

      John. You may be right about those other places, like New York or London, but I gather any movement down here, that faciltates economic development, is likely to be from internal sources rather than external. Tauranga or Dunedin? Tauranga has better weather and is closest to major markets.

      I know when we moved down here 22 years ago from New Plymouth it was interesting the reaction we got from friends. It was all about distance and the cold. Visitors here always ask about the snow we have. You’d think we lived in Canada.

      Let’s face it, any news from down here on TV is usually about weather events, rural curiosities like Shrek, or the high profile and bizarre murder cases that have taken place in Dunedin over the years. No wonder TV ONE is about to retrench staff down here. There ain’t much news to report! I guess they figure they can do it from Christchurch…..and they probably can do so.

      We face an uphill battle to get people to come here…and stay.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    Sorry Gurglars, but don’t you remember the hugely expensive self promotion engineered by Peter Brown? The “I am Dunedin” cry (shriek) accompanied by that ‘hideous song’ (if you could call it that). This was the standard background noise every time one phoned the DCC offices. Banners up all round town telling us “I am Dunedin” as if we didn’t know. Our population grew exponentially, the Milton Hilton is one example.

  7. John P.Evans

    Calvin, Convincing the current or past residents of Dunedin was not what I had in mind. It is the unaware, uneducated, and unvisited outsiders who we need to convince and “I am Dunedin” (shriek) would not do it.

    I am sure that Richard Walls, Cr Richard Thomson and Dave Cull would probably have approved a similar promotion with different punctuation labelled

    “I am Dunedin’s Sheikh.”

    Although connecting Richard Walls with the other two is probably unfair given that Dunedin’s debt was manageable during his tenure, whereas it is certainly not now as was demonstrated during the paucity of the response to South Dunedin flooding.

    • Peter

      John. You might have forgotten, but Walls was strongly into the view of supporting intergenerational debt as Chair of Finance, Strategy and Development in his twilight years on council.

  8. Elizabeth

    ODT features the mayor’s scarf too. (see photo by Linda Robertson)

    ### ODT Online Wed, 7 Oct 2015
    New link in the bicycle chain
    ….The $440,000 Fryatt St-Wickliffe St shared path, for pedestrians and cyclists, opened for public use in time for last month’s Cadbury Dunedin Marathon. It connects the harbour area with Forsyth Barr Stadium and the West Harbour suburbs.
    Read more

  9. Gurglars

    Tonight on TV1 news we had a typical bit of Dunedin bashing.

    The temperatures (generally if not on all occasions reflecting comparable temperatures at 3 pm) showed Dunedin at 29 degrees, second only in number to a small locale in the very north of New Zealand.

    Dan (the Pill), a pommy Dunedin basher who probably came from around Newcastle, and would have NEVER experienced a temperature of 29 degrees in his homeland had the audacity to suggest that subsequently after a cool change we had ordered to wet Saddle Hill, the temperature to drop to 13 degrees.

    I do not see the same poor journalism or even meteorological posings about such inclement climates as Wellington (unbearable on any day, but particularly nasty on a windy day, AND waiting for an earthquake) or Auckland where it rains somewhere every day.

    Could such crap bashing be rooted in the volume of criticism such truths would create for TV ONE given the population in these two centres, not forgetting the pollies and public servants who call the shots for TV ONE in Wellington.

    Time for a bit of fighting back from Dunedin!

    However don’t expect it from the DCC.

    They’re too busy robbing the ratepayers to attend to the business of assisting Dunedin to prosper.

    • Originally from Essex, England, Corbett got his BSc in Meteorology from the State University of New York and went on to work at Universal Weather and Aviation in New York and Houston, Texas.
      In 1990, he went to WCFT-TV in Alabama, before moving on to tornado alley and KWTX-TV in Texas.
      In 2004 he returned to the UK where he broadcast for the BBC.
      Corbett moved to New Zealand in 2011 where he began his role with the MetService as Media and Communications Meteorologist, covering the weather across Australasia.

  10. Gurglars

    Thanks Douglas, Dan (the Pill) Corbett should with his vast experience in various countries have learned the great skills of diplomacy.

    Imagine a US weatherman showing such bias against New York’s dismal winters or hellhole summers, or mentioning hore frosts in Florida upsetting the realtors. Having only been in NZ for five minutes it did not take him long to assimilate the North Island biases-

    Down there
    In the deep south
    And many others.

    Dunedin should reprint the map of New Zealand with Stewart Island on top.

    In that way we could just possibly dispel the myth that Auckland at sea level is above Dunedin.

    In fact the South Island particularly at Mt Cook is significantly “up there” in relation to the North Island.

    And whilst I’m ranting “the pill” could develop some new patter not including the “hoary chestnuts” and cliches that annoy the hell out of me. The reason Jim Hickey was so popular because he was not a clone.

    • You seem to have a fair bit too – like what’s your problem with Newcastle?

      • Gurglars

        Newcastle is neither fish nor foul, Scot or Pom.

        I have a real affinity with the Scots, there is a lot to like in their culture – kilts, whisky, golf and mountains. The Poms however have had their chance, rulers of the sea for 200 years and muffed it.

  11. Elizabeth

    Douglas Field Published Oct 8, 2015 | Republished Aug 17, 2016
    numpty manipulating Cull
    Numpty and the Hatter open a cycleway link in Dunedin in triumph. Trouble is – not many cyclists to be seen – never mind. A triumph is a triumph.

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