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DCC Draft 2GP hearings panel lacks FULL INDEPENDENCE

This is a legal matter.
Not merely an RMA matter, this is about Ratepayers’ equity.

█ The membership of the Draft 2GP hearings panel should not include ANY Councillors. NONE.

All on the Draft 2GP hearings panel should be sage experienced Independent Commissioners – this is possible to achieve !!

█ All Councillors have direct (real and perceived) conflicts of interest where the Draft 2GP is concerned.

In the public interest, Dunedin City Council should be legally challenged on the selection process for, and the membership of the Draft 2GP hearings panel.

The Council has an exceptionally glowing reputation for fraud and corruption. It is very far from being squeaky clean – and now, an inappropriate relationship at Council is distorting democracy.

You were warned.

### ODT Online Fri, 2 Oct 2015
Green perceptions spark row
By Chris Morris
Claims a panel that will shape the future of Dunedin has been stacked with a “green tinge” have sparked a political row within the Dunedin City Council. The criticism came from Crs Andrew Whiley, Hilary Calvert and Lee Vandervis yesterday, as they attacked the makeup of the panel selected to hear public submissions on the second generation district plan (2GP). Their views have been blasted by other councillors, who accused them of failing to raise any objections during a council debate on the panel’s membership.
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Proposed Second Generation District Plan (2GP)

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