DCC: Not shite (?) hitting the fan but DVL

BAD UTTERLY BALD moral decrepitude —roll on corruption/rorts/rorters Delta, Luggate/Jacks Point, Noble Village, Carisbrook Stadium, Otago Rugby Football Union, Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust, Town Hall Redevelopment, Wall Street, High Performance Sport NZ, Taieri Community Facilities Trust, et al.

In future, property matters could be referred to the new board of Dunedin Venues Ltd, the company which owned the stadium building.

The group would advise council on its $89million investment property portfolio, including Wall Street mall, although council would still make final decisions about the portfolio’s future.

### ODT Online Mon, 21 Sep 2015
Wider advisory role mooted for stadium board
By Chris Morris
A new board being recruited to oversee Forsyth Barr Stadium’s physical requirements could also advise the Dunedin City Council on its $89 million investment property portfolio, it has been suggested. Council staff have been referring significant property matters to the full council in recent years, after an earlier property subcommittee lapsed after the last local body elections in 2013. But a council staff report, to be considered at today’s full council meeting, suggested that could be about to change.
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Report – Council – 21/09/2015 (PDF, 118.9 KB)
Proposal for new Property Governance Arrangements (Sandy! wth ?)

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5 responses to “DCC: Not shite (?) hitting the fan but DVL

  1. Gurglars

    Just a step in the direction of placing the loss making stadium in a carpark with properties which can and should make a profit. However the Wall street mall is a dog, the stadium is a dog and the railway station is a commercial dog, perhaps they would be better having the dog control officers running these venues, after all they are also currently paid. As cats, possums, stoats and ferrets are the real problem we would at last get some mileage from these employees and their underused vehicles.

  2. brownestudy

    et al had no involvement in any of this Mendacity.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    Menda -city? Was it broken, or just badly bent? At least we know what’s bent. Talking about bent, does anyone know who the new appointees will be? Same old same old I suspect. Richard Thomson should be considered.

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