Cr Kate ‘Cycleways’ Wilson —(disingenuous) fails constituents

█ Cr Kate Wilson says cycleways will bring myriad benefits to Dunedin.

ODT Online Sat, 25 Jul 2015
Why Dunedin is investing in cycling
By Craig Borley
Dunedin appears divided over the cycle network. Some see it as unnecessary. Others see it as vital. ODT reporter Craig Borley spoke to Dunedin city councillor Kate Wilson, chairwoman of the infrastructure services committee, about why the city is investing in cycle infrastructure.
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█ The Dunedin City Council is sleep-walking to yet another poorly thought out cycleway project. (ODT)

### ODT Online Thu, 20 Aug 2015
Time to put brakes on cycleway
By Hilary Calvert
OPINION Somehow, the Dunedin City Council has been so beguiled by the gift-horse that is the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) that it seems to have completely forgotten to carry out its proper role of looking after the interests of the citizens of Dunedin in respect of the State Highway 1 cycleway plans.
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ODT 26.8.15 (page 8)
– shot in a half-lit Dunedin café off the beaten cycle paths

ODT 26.8.15 Letter to editor Wilson Diehl Hopkins p12

█ Proposed: Separated cycle lanes to run along north and south one way routes, between Botanic Garden and Queens Gardens.

### ODT Online Thu, 10 Sep 2015
Dedicated cycle lanes get closer
By Craig Borley
Nationally-funded separated cycle lanes along Dunedin’s one way system are now two steps closer as the project moves swiftly through the New Zealand Transport Agency machine.
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NZTA said it had resolved to:
• Incorporate high turnover short term parking for businesses, particularly those reliant on short stay kerbside parking and deliveries
• Incorporate medium term parking close to the hospital and museum.
Updated plans were now being prepared to show where the parking would be included. The plans will be available for public comment at the end of the month.

ODT 11.9.15 (page 16)

ODT 11.9.15 Letters to editor Hopkins Pillans Oaten (1) p16

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15 responses to “Cr Kate ‘Cycleways’ Wilson —(disingenuous) fails constituents

  1. Simon

    I think the headline beside Kate’s photo says it all. DCC’s woes…
    Woes as described by Webster’s Dictionary: calamity, disaster, suffering.

  2. Keith McMillan

    Not only is the cycle way unnecessary it creates a muddled thoroughfare and an expense which any thinking person would realize Dunedin can’t afford. If NZTA has money to waste it is time that their budget was examined.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    Cr Kate Wilson slips evasively around the matter of parking loss mitigation by weakly saying she hasn’t heard of what mitigation measures staff might (or not) be planning. As the chairman of the Infrastructure Services Committee I find it either a distortion of the truth or plain incompetence for her to state that. Especially when the Frederick St site and the tentative $7.5m figure is essentially common knowledge.

    NZTA’s Simon Underwood uses ‘weasel words’ when he says there will be consideration of some short-term parking close to the hospital and the museum. Another example of evasive language. Never mind though, as long as the dopey councillors suck it up all will proceed to plan.

  4. Gurglars

    Ms Wilson clearly went to the school of Doublespeak as epitomised by Peter Sellers, the goons and the ministry of silly walks, or was that silly cycleways!

  5. Elizabeth

    On that important ‘note’, Gurglars, a tribute to Cycleway Kate:

    warholsoup100 Uploaded on Apr 21, 2011
    Peter Sellers & The Goons – Unchained Melody (1955)
    Novelty Song From The Pink Panther Himself!
    Music: “Unchained Melody” by Peter Sellers (iTunes)

  6. Gurglars

    Perhaps, the real reason for increasing cycleways.

    More opportunities for the tax gatherers the mobile traffic cops!

    Will they get souped up bicycles to ensure no escape or will Plod have to be recruited from the unemployed Commonwealth games cyclists?

    Or were the traffic islands meant to slow down fleeing cyclists escaping their due contribution?

    These questions and more will be answered by Harland, Wilson and Spokes in the ODT soon.

  7. Gurglars

    Stop Press.

    Hopefully Dave, Jinty and the rest of the cyclemads watched the best of Top Gear tonight on Prime.

    jeremy and his merry men completely take the piss out of the British cyclists representatives including , wait for it the British cyclist advisory board chairmen and their equivalent of spokes persons.

    Some of Jeremy’s ideas include showing that being righteous like Martin Luther King , JC and John Lennon did not save you as will not being righteous necessarily save cyclists.

    Jeremy also concludd after cycling around London ( in which driving a car is impossible) the major lack of consideration came from bus drivers ( clearly the losers in the cycle wars) and that car drivers were generally careful of cyclists, although cyclists who jumped red lights were a major contributer to cycle accidents.

    Find it on Utube its a great belly laugh at the stupidity of the cycle proponents in local and national government.

  8. photonz

    Now that the maze of traffic islands has been removed from Hargest Cres, drivers in Coughtrey and Richardson Streets now have a choice of three centre-lines.

    I saw cars driving directly at each other today and only swerving at the last minute.

    Not that it’s anything new. Parts of Richardson St have had two centre- lines for months.

    The whole thing has been a disastrous waste of money, and I see in today’s paper the best Dave Cull can do is make flippant remarks over the wastage.

    I’m not sure if that’s proof of just not caring, or proof of gross incompetence. Though I suppose being mayor and not caring is gross incompetence anyway.

  9. Elizabeth

    Received from Douglas Field (Mick), he says:
    “Here is one that I overlooked posting on YouTube some time ago so I have put it up now even though it is a bit out of date. The cockup is now well understood even by Kate I suspect and one of the guys responsible has been ‘disappeared’.”

    Douglas Field Published on Sep 30, 2015
    Kate’s Cockup in Sth Dunedin 24 8 15
    A spoof on the now aborted attempt to provide cycleways in a part of the city inhabited by the lame the halt and the blind. It highlights the stupidity of the Dunedin City Council and its transportation planning councillors.

  10. Elizabeth

    Aside. Is Kate still planning to run for ORC ? After the publicly recognised TITANIC mess with Dunedin cycleways’ multiple design failures and cost blowouts under her chairship at DCC.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 4 Nov 2015
    Demands on time lead councillor to put Middlemarch café on market
    By Shawn McAvinue
    A Dunedin city councillor is preparing to kiss goodbye to her Middlemarch café. Kissing Gate Cafe owner Kate Wilson said she had put the café in Swansea St on the market because it was time-consuming juggling her café commitments and work as a councillor.
    Read more

  11. Jacko

    What a missed photo opportunity. Last night on Ch39 we saw the destruction of part of the Portobello cycle way, and thousands of ratepayers’ dollars down the drain. But where was old Kate. She has been the council’s page 3 girl for photo opportunities for cycleways, and appears not to miss an opportunity. She was nowhere to be seen last night at the destruction site. Bugger a missed opportunity, Kate.

  12. Jacko

    Kate didn’t miss the photo opportunity tonight. Big time on Ch39 tonight, fronting for the rail trail, wanting more money.

  13. Elizabeth

    Fantastic Project

    ### Thu, 15 Jun 2016
    Nightly Interview: Kate Wilson
    The Otago Central Rail Trail Trust has negotiated the conditional purchase of the Hyde Railway Station. Trust Chair Kate Wilson has been spearheading fundraising efforts and she joins us now to talk about the importance of the purchase.
    Ch39 Video

    DONATE to Help Purchase the Hyde Railway Station
    Read more about the Otago Central Rail Trail Trust project and how you can help at the Givealittle page:

  14. Gurglars

    I’d like to get an invite to the party put on by the seller of the Hyde Railway station.

    I can hear his guffaws from 70 miles away.

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