Tale of two pools & very different community boards #Mosgiel #Wanaka

ODT 8.9.15 (page 8)

ODT 8.9.15 Letter to editor Miller p8[click to enlarge]

The Mosgiel Taieri Community Board is heading for disestablishment. (tick)

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6 responses to “Tale of two pools & very different community boards #Mosgiel #Wanaka

  1. Jacob

    A clayton’s reply. No wonder this board is to be disestablished. A total waste of ratepayers’ money.

  2. Elizabeth

    That was a very good letter from Brian Miller, in the community’s interest.

    Not sure why board chairman Bill Feather took the liberty in his reply of declaring Brian Miller as a “participant” [submitter?] – since no other submitters (I’m pretty sure) have had their names revealed at this stage of “community consultation”.

    In consequence, Mr Feather should consider declaring a conflict of interest about now.

  3. Rob Hamlin

    Ah yes, but the pools (both much larger/pricier than originally admitted to early on in the process) will be built in both locations, and the ratepayers will get pinged for 100% of the cost of them just the same. Both consultations were simply exercises in window dressing, just that the Wanaka one was a bit more ‘showbiz’ – as one would expect of our own little tinseltown. Don’t believe me? Well here’s what’s said in today’s McP.


    Despite this rates blowout, there is no suggestion the project will be canned. As it is in Wanaka today, so shall it be in Mosgiel tomorrow.

  4. Brian Miller

    At least the Wanaka community board is being up front and transparent with the public about the costs related to the pool in their area. When one compares the Mosgiel Taieri board and its selected partner. The secret pool trust. That is prepared to break council protocol by leaking the information, that I am a participant in the site selection consultation process, before the consultation process has been completed and released to the public.Yet they are not prepared to name any of the residents , that they claim are prepared to front up with the $7.5 million plus towards the pool . Could it be because they don’t exist ? It would appear that there is rather a twisted mentality within the board and trust.

  5. Brian Miller

    A little known fact about the aims of the pool trust and their preferred site, in the Mosgiel Memorial Gardens. Their intention is that “a new aquatic complex would not only meet our aquatic needs, but it could be built so that it could be EXTENDED into a community centre. It could become a new heart for Mosgiel, a place to connect together and enjoy a wide range of recreational activities” (Taieri Times 22/10/2014). Good-bye Memorial Gardens.
    It becomes more clear why they have a developer on the trust. This is not all about a pool for Mosgiel, but a con on the community and the ratepayers to fund the commercialisation of the Memorial Gardens site for the benefit of a few.

  6. Elizabeth

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Sep 14, 2015
    Mosgiel book fair raises funds for new Taieri swimming pool

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Mon, 14 Sep 2015
    Mosgiel book fair raises funds for new Taieri swimming pool
    The fundraising effort for a new Taieri swimming pool is being boosted by thousands of dollars.
    Ch39 Link

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