Dunedin support for extensive cycle lanes and Free bicycles

### ODT Online Thu, 3 Sep 2015
Refugee crisis: ‘We’re not ruling out doing more’ – PM
The Government was considering fast-tracking a review of how many refugees it takes, Prime Minister John Key said today, as the humanitarian crisis escalates with millions fleeing war-torn Syria. A review of New Zealand’s refugee quota is scheduled for next year. NZME
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Received from John Evans
Thu, 3 Sep 2015 at 7:21 p.m.

█ Subject: A Question

Why have Spokes, Jinty and all the other BHL (bleeding heart cycle proponents) not supported extensive cycle lanes and Free bicycles for placement at the Hungarian rail station.

The advantages:

● A gross saving of 250 Euros per capita (approximately $200 million just for German refugees) Rail Fares
● A solution to the problem of fitness amongst Syrian refugees
● More mosques for Germany and less for Hungary (and New Zealand)
(just in case this seems insensitive to you, there are 8 mosques in Auburn alone, a small suburb of Sydney)
● And finally, it would put the cycleways fairly where people want to go, not on foot or in a car from Hungary Station to Deutschland; not from South Dunedin where they are unwanted, to Dunedin where they are unused! 2.6% of commuters travel to WORK by bicycle in Dunedin? We know that is bull**it. It is possible that lazy Dunedin students living in North Dunedin ride a bike to university rather than walk and they cannot afford cars or parking fees, but give them a free car and car park and see how many cycle!

As to lecturers, from my experience the major contributor again to this queer behaviour is a desire to reduce cost of travel and parking, rather than some higher ideal.


Santa [cycle-lane-2-copy1]Daaave’s $47 million Christmas present to Jinty. We’re paying.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “Dunedin support for extensive cycle lanes and Free bicycles

  1. Elizabeth

    How incredibly fulfilling and exciting ———

    In tomorrow’s ODT we learn that the proposed “segregated cycleway for State Highway 1” at Dunedin has passed another hurdle. Presumably via NZTA (Harland and Co).

    Lemme at the usual suspects at DCC with my 50MAX, like, “Tomorrow tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, You’re only a day away”
    …… (Annie, 1977 musical)

  2. Elizabeth

    Proposed: Separated cycle lanes will run along both the north and south one way routes, between the Botanic Garden and Queens Gardens.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 10 Sep 2015
    Dedicated cycle lanes get closer
    By Craig Borley
    Nationally-funded separated cycle lanes along Dunedin’s one way system are now two steps closer as the project moves swiftly through the New Zealand Transport Agency machine.
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    NZTA said it had resolved to:
    • Incorporate high turnover short term parking for businesses, particularly those reliant on short stay kerbside parking and deliveries
    • Incorporate medium term parking close to the hospital and museum.
    Updated plans were now being prepared to show where the parking would be included. The plans will be available for public comment at the end of the month.

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