1865 Dunedin —Heritage Festival 2015 ‘The Open City’ Saturday 29 August

1865 DUNEDIN | Dunedin Heritage Festival 2015
Friday 28 August – Sunday 30 August
Celebrating 150 years of building our great small city

█ Events Programme at http://www.heritagefestival.org.nz/

1865 Dunedin - Dunedin Heritage Festival 2015 [screenshot] 1

The Open City
The Open City will be held on Saturday 29 August with as many as 60 Dunedin buildings opening their doors to the public, encouraging festival-goers to explore and discover more about their city; choose from the massive list of open buildings and businesses including the Anatomy Museum, the Garrison Hall, Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics’ Institute or travel to Quarantine Island.
● Venues indicated with the bookings essential symbol, can be booked by contacting the venue.

The Open City Map has been published Link

[click to enlarge]
Open City Map [screenshot]

Scalable Open City Map (Google) available at http://www.heritagefestival.org.nz/main/index.php/the-open-city

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2 responses to “1865 Dunedin —Heritage Festival 2015 ‘The Open City’ Saturday 29 August

  1. Elizabeth

    Tomorrow (Wednesday) ODT has a special supplement promoting:
    1865 Dunedin | Dunedin Heritage Festival 2015

  2. Elizabeth

    Tomorrow (Saturday) is The Open City.
    I’m booked in for the Brothel Tour at 12:30 (an extra tour session provided).

    ### radionz.co.nz Updated 15 minutes ago
    RNZ National – The Panel (Part 2) with Jim Mora
    Dunedin brothel tour
    The organiser of tours of Dunedin heritage buildings Jeremy Smith talks to the Panel about the buildings of interest – particularly the history of La Maison House of Pleasure.
    Audio | Download: Ogg MP3 ( 5′ :58″ )

    RNZ Link

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