DCC cycleway$ now tied to more ‘urban de$ign’ $pend, after reha$h numero…..

bike crash death [examiner.com]Image: examiner.com

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
South Dunedin Cycle Network Changes Start Soon

This item was published on 21 Aug 2015

Alterations to some parts of the South Dunedin Cycle Network will start shortly as the Dunedin City Council works to deliver safe, high quality and attractive cycleways in the city. General Manager Infrastructure and Networks Ruth Stokes says the DCC has listened to public feedback about existing South Dunedin cycleways and in response changes are being made to some intersections.

“We’ve accepted we didn’t get these designs right first time, but we have taken on board what the community has told us and we are making changes. As always, the priority will be safety, not just for cyclists, but for pedestrians and motorists too. There will also be a new urban design element to the construction that will enhance every street which has a cycleway.”

The first step is to remove sections of the existing South Dunedin Cycle Network (SDCN) that have given rise to public concern regarding vehicle access. As each section is due to be altered, residents and businesses in and near the affected streets will receive notification from the DCC and its contractor, Downer. The work is scheduled to begin later this month.

This remedial work incorporates the following:
● At the Hargest Crescent/Richardson Street and Richardson Street/Moreau Street intersections the ‘floating’ traffic islands will be removed to improve traffic flow (kerb protrusions will remain).
● The Marlow Street/Royal Crescent intersection will have two way traffic flow reinstated in response to residents’ requests. Two way traffic flow will also be reinstated at the Prince Albert Road/New Street and Churchill Street/Bellona Street intersections.
● Coughtrey Street and Richardson Street – ‘ghost’ road markings will be removed and new road markings laid.
● Signs and road markings will be installed across all the existing SDCN to improve intuitive way-finding for cyclists.

Over the next few months the design of these SDCN sections will be reviewed and improved with a focus on safety and ease of use for all road users. Residents will be asked for feedback before the designs are confirmed.

Designs to improve the Portobello Road cycleway between Timaru Street and Portsmouth Drive have been prepared in consultation with the community, aiming for a highly practical road and cycleway layout, improved road markings and signs, complemented by a vastly improved general environment providing a family-friendly atmosphere. The design will take residents’ and business access needs into account. The Princes Street cycleway past the Oval, on to Gordon Street and Vogel Street, is planned for completion in October 2015. This will include signs and markings on Princes Street and changing give way priorities to Vogel Street at two intersections. Ongoing Tedder Street construction is due to be finished by the end of 2015, using speed bumps to slow traffic.

Mrs Stokes says the vision for Dunedin’s first urban cycleway is to have high quality, attractive routes which cater for people travelling to work and school by bike, and leisure cyclists, while reducing accident rates for all road users.

Contact General Manager Infrastructure and Networks, Dunedin City Council on 477 4000. DCC Link

ODT: Traffic islands to go soon
The scrapping of some of South Dunedin’s most unpopular cycleway traffic islands could begin as soon as next week as the Dunedin City Council responds to public feedback on the bungled network.

● WTF Ruthie-babe ???
“There would also be “a new urban design element” to new construction on the network, she said. That could include different types of paving, seating on appropriate corners, and planting in the separation areas.” (via ODT)

bikes-trucks [cyclingchristchurch.files.wordpress.com]Image: Fairfax Media (via Cycling in Christchurch)

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109 responses to “DCC cycleway$ now tied to more ‘urban de$ign’ $pend, after reha$h numero…..

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    Kerb protrusions are so cool. When they’re corner bunions motorists have to drive out wider to get around them, and wherever they are if a cyclist is riding along keeping to the left he has to swerve out to get past these accursed pustulent eruptions. Let’s have less “urban design” and more plain old-fashioned functionality – sorry, guys and gals with your Martha Stewart Diplomas in Street Decor, might be time for you to retrain as something useful. Street sweeping and mudtank emptying are fields where there seem to be more work available than personnel available.

  2. The Gigatown failure is evident. No one is talking about it apart from John Clarke. The issue is bikes and biking but the greater loss to most of us is loss of internet speed because Gigatown is not working for the vast majority.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    ‘Gigatown’ is probably one of the biggest scams of recent times. The advertising promotion folk working for Chorus have played an absolute blinder here. Sucked in a multitude of ‘suckers’, aided and abetted by a few corporate fools (with agendas) and stupid local body politicos. The DCC Enterprise Dunedin manager John Christie is equally stupid, except he has the excuse of protecting his position. This is a government policy to provide UFB service to the nation, and it is being implemented throughout the country as we speak. It will happen here as elsewhere, regardless of the waste of citizen’s treasure in the thought that Dunedin has some sort of precedence. The uptake will generally follow the pattern of those that need it first, followed by the curious then that will be about it. The average ‘Joe Blow’ neither needs nor understands nor can afford it. Like everything else our mayor and council go all out on any and every nutty indulgence that crosses their desks. Sad really.

  4. Elizabeth

    Dunedin City Council Proposed Cycle Network

    See Strategic Cycle Network Detailed Sub-route Maps at this page:

  5. Gurglars

    Stop Press.
    In a long trip from the Gold Coast to Sydney, I have to admit I have seen four cyclists. One on his own we nearly ran over and three intrepid hoons cycling on a motorway.

    The telling facts:
    No cyclists on the roads where cycle ways are present.

    Four cyclists on roads NOT having cycleways.

    Do you get it?

    Cyclists are like the rest of us, they cycle using chaos theory.

    In conclusion, cycleways are an irrational irresponsible way of relieving income earners of their cash to feed socialist theory, that do not will not and have not worked – anywhere in the antipodes (and possibly the rest of the world). I will have to explore other cycleway jurisdictions before declaring Gurglar’s international postulate.

    That is, the number of cyclists is inversely proportional to the number of cycleways.

  6. Elizabeth

    2 + 2 actually does equal 4 (have we paid for the European family holiday?). Well, somebody had to go – after the cycleway debacle, significant others at DCC should be packing their bags too, that includes elected representatives.

    South Dunedin cycleways: Infrastructure and Networks General Manager Ruth Stokes “blamed human error, exacerbated by a lack of managerial oversight within the council, for the problems at the time”.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 24 Aug 2015
    DCC cycleways man quits
    By Chris Morris
    The Dunedin City Council manager overseeing the rollout of the bungled South Dunedin cycle network has quit. Gene Ollerenshaw, the council’s transportation group manager, was weeks into a three month family holiday in Europe when he decided he would not be coming back. Council infrastructure and networks general manager Ruth Stokes confirmed his departure when contacted by the Otago Daily Times on Friday.
    Read more

    ● Related story at ODT: DCC admits tree contract blunder

  7. Elizabeth

    The bad movie. My screenshots (today).

    DCC Transportation Planning Southern Cycleway abortion 1DCC Transportation Planning Southern Cycleway abortion 2DCC Transportation Planning Southern Cycleway abortion 3

  8. Elizabeth

    See the whole filmic experience here….

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Monday, August 24, 2015
    DCC contractors fix bungled cycle network
    The bungled traffic calming measures for South Dunedin’s cycle network are being fixed by city council contractors.
    Ch39 Link

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Aug 24, 2015
    DCC contractors fix bungled cycle network

  9. photonz

    How much does a total fiasco cost? $4,000,000.00.

    The public needs to see the research showing evidence that a significant number of people would actually use the cycleway if it was built.

    Because if all that money was spent without any evidence that people would use it, then those pushing for it, and everybody who voted for it, should resign.

    The concrete traps on Coughtrey St are pretty much invisible on a dark wet night. The only reason a cyclist hasn’t hit one and split their skull in two, is because there isn’t actually any cyclists using Coughtrey St – day or night.

    Unlike the couple of dozen times their sharp edges have been hit by tires.
    (have a look and see if you can find one that hasn’t been hit)

  10. Elizabeth

    The $4M is excruciating – and exactly how much of that has been spent on screw-ups to date? That should be published by DCC, along with names of all staff fired.

  11. Hype O'Thermia

    I’m less than impressed with the idea that having wasted a huge amount of our money on cocking up, now we have a vision of what happened when Hyacinth Bucket went on the Martha Stewart “Turn your streetscape into a Welcome Mat” course:

    “Designs were now in place for a ”highly practical road and cycleway layout, improved road markings and signs, complemented by a vastly improved general environment providing a family-friendly atmosphere”, she said.
    That ”family-friendly atmosphere” could include street furniture, drinking fountains and plantings that would make for a ”park-like environment, rather than feeling like you’re in the middle of the road”, she said.

    Personally I favour the relocation of Hargest Island to a position where it can resume its role as tourist attraction, exotic holiday location, and permanent reminder of what happens when people with bugger-all sense are let loose with OPM*. It already has a Facebook presence that is certain to be encouraging all those other millionaires, the ones who can cope with a night or two in a room with only 4 stars. to book their next holiday before the place gets overrun by common people.

    *other people’s money.

  12. Gurglars

    I can now officially reveal that in Australia, a land of flat (ter) cities generally than New Zealand, that the number of cycleways far exceeds the number of cyclists. Yes that means that each cyclist has his own cycleway and a reserve. None of them go anywhere where the cyclists wish to go, but do not worry, the number of local government employees now studying cycleways far exceeds the number of great white shark attacks on cycleways in Australia. Incidentally, that is the new theme for the local government conference in Dunedin next year.

    How can we bring the number of shark attacks on cycleways in New Zealand up to the number of shark attacks on cycleways in Australia.

    In this we have a great white hope.

    Once South Dunedin is inundated by global warming the number of shark attacks on cycleways in South Dunedin will exceed the number of shark attacks on cycleways anywhere in the world particularly those areas unaffected by global warming which apparently includes most of east coastal Australia, which is bloody cold at the moment!

    • Elizabeth

      Unfortunately, DCC Transportation Planning received at least one staff member from Australia – used for ‘planning and consultation’ of our brilliant and astounding cycle network. Plus one more senior Brit. God save us for we are so privileged.

  13. Calvin Oaten

    Cr Kate Wilson’s letter in the ODT is a very unsubtle rebuke to Cr Hilary Calvert for her opinion page article, ‘Time to put the brakes on cycleway'(ODT 20.8.15). She congratulates the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) for making its network safer. Let us be clear, she says, NZTA owns and manages the efficient state highway system for the transport of people and freight. It pays for that 100%. She goes on to say, “Rightly, after the deaths of some pedestrians and cyclists, it (NZTA) has considered that SH1 through Dunedin is not safe.” Exactly! So why compound the risk by keeping cycleways on SH1? That is the nub of the matter really and any councillor who doesn’t understand that simple fact is irresponsible. That NZTA differs is another matter.
    Cr Calvert’s missive was reasoned and logical in her opposition. Cr Wilson carefully omits to mention the other factors, such as the loss of up to 400 car parks in and around the hospital precinct and CBD. Nor does she mention the mitigation plan in this respect is for the DCC (not the NZTA) to finance and build a parking building on the Frederick St open park at an estimated cost of $7.5 million. Well she wouldn’t would she? I know from a pretty impeccable source that this is true, so don’t expect any denial from her.
    Between this and the whole botch of the southern suburbs cycleways, not to mention the Portobello Rd water problem and the St Clair sea wall and dunes debacle, it seem the time is now to be looking long and hard at the October 2016 elections. The Greater Dunedin ‘cabal’ led by Dave Cull has proven to be an unmitigated disaster on practically all fronts and the city’s financial position has seriously deteriorated during its tenure.
    There are only two around the council table with any honesty and ability and they are Crs Calvert and Vandervis. I suggest they would be the ticket to support for mayor and deputy. I would like nothing better than to see those two garner support in the following 12 months and then we might have a chance of seeing a turnaround in the city’s governance. If not, then God help us.

    • Diane Yeldon

      Calvin, I agree with at least half of what you say – Calvert has ability.

      • Diane Yeldon

        What I mean is I think she will side with the local movers and shakers, the rich and important, who she wants to be one of. At meetings, I have seen her take the present council to task and she can be very persistent and incisive with her often justified criticism. But that’s a negative expression and I don’t know what her positive vision for Dunedin is and whether she has one. I suspect she would want to promote the ‘business’ status quo, which I think is far too much of a short term view and likely to use public money to promote private interest. As is usual in Dunedin.
        When I have listened to her speaking at council meetings, it seems to me that she does not speak clearly or directly. She comes at things sideways and it’s quite hard to understand the point she is making until she’s been speaking for a while. I guess I may be prejudiced against her because at a past improperly conducted council meeting, I briefly believed she was sticking up for what was right purely because it was right. Then I was disillusioned. Not impressed by people who support the political stance of ACT, either.
        I fear Calvert may be going to be publicly playing the role of ‘good cop’ to Cull’s ‘bad cop’ next election. And doing this with assistance from the ODT. It’s hard to believe that some other candidate will not be set up to gain the votes which Cull loses. If I am right, then, as the election approaches, I expect the ODT to find plenty of opportunities to emphasise Cr Calvert’s extreme cleverness. And possibly Mayor Cull’s bumbling. (Rather amusing to consider that, if such a little farce is to be staged for the voters, no acting ability will be required from either of the principal players!)

        In contrast, Cr Vandervis is clearly not ‘one of them’, too much of a maverick to be consistently allied with anyone or any faction – which is, at the same time, both his weakness and his strength.

        However, staff morale at the DCC must be at an abysmal level and I wonder whether enough competent professional staff will consider it good for their careers to either join or even stay working for the DCC. So we may see yet further decline, resulting in commissioners being appointed.

        I think the disarray in Dunedin local government needs to put into perspective. All round the world, cities are having serious problems without enough money to fix them – even if a fix does exist. This is related to the historical development of cities and global economic conditions at the time. For example, during the post-World War 2 boom, it was affordable to build massive infrastructure like motorways (with behind the scenes lobbying in the U.S. from the powerful auto and oil industries, to say nothing of construction companies), but now, once all this stuff has been built and is ageing, it’s becoming a struggle to maintain it. Same with water infrastructure – plenty of cities are afflicted with sinkholes as water tables recede and underground piping wears out. The bigger the city, the bigger the problems. I believe Dunedin’s situation is retrievable, even full of potential (which is why I came to live here) but the fix will depend on sufficient people, voters and elected reps alike, realising that the future will have to be radically different from the past. But in practical terms, not ideologically driven!

        • Diane Yeldon

          An amusing diversion about why the ‘good cop/ bad cop’ routine is supposed to have been scientifically proven to work. A ‘relief from stress’ response. (Although I think the experimental design in the experiments referred to leaves a great deal to be desired!) A ‘relief from stress’ response apparently puts people off their guard so they become less cautious and discerning. Perhaps this is a common feature of Dunedin local government elections when voters begin to feel a burning need to get rid of the incumbent mayor.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Diane Yeldon: “Cr Vandervis is clearly not ‘one of them’, too much of a maverick to be consistently allied with anyone or any faction – which is, at the same time, both his weakness and his strength.”

          Consistently allied, I think, with anyone who is consistently sensible, diligent, non-wasteful, concentrates on what’s in the city’s interests not running away with Visions and Build It And They Will Come schemes. Currently appears a maverick because he’s constantly out of line, like Bev Butler – noticing rorts and follies and refusing to shut the f*** up about them, opposing schemes/expenditure that doesn’t seem to make sense in terms of value for money, and reminding others that there isn’t any fun money left. What’s left is debt, lots of it. Concentrating on unpleasant facts, drawing them to the attention of others, is not a recipe for popularity. But then, he doesn’t seem reliant on popularity for personal validation.

          In this he is unlike a great many politicians. There’s a piece in the musical “Chicago” where Roxie Hart says it about show business. I think it could as well be about politics and politicians:

          “Mmmmmmmm, I’m a star!
          And the audience loves me. And I love them. And they love me for loving them, And I love them for loving me. And
          We love each other. That’s because none of us
          Got enough love in our childhoods.
          And that’s showbiz…

          Not needing popularity, not needing to be everybody’s mate so always presenting one’s chameleon personality and imprecisely-expressed agenda according to what the other person wants to see, leads to vulnerability. Bending [over] in exchange for praise and acceptance from people of influence around the city. “We’re like brothers, they really truly like me.” (Yes sunshine, until you cease to be useful. Then you’re a 42nd cousin from the naff side of the family who sends cheap Christmas cards in the hope of being invited to lunch some time.) Meanwhile, being virtually blood-brothers, you look out for one another don’t you?

          People-skills are important, up to a point. Being too nice to confront incompetence and worse is beyond that point. And electing “people who need people” hasn’t made voters “the luckiest people in the world”.

  14. Elizabeth

    There are only two around the council table with any honesty and ability and they are Crs Calvert and Vandervis. I suggest they would be the ticket to support for mayor and deputy. I would like nothing better than to see those two garner support in the following 12 months and then we might have a chance of seeing a turnaround in the city’s governance.

    I profoundly disagree, Calvin.

    I don’t believe for one second that some sort of Calvert / Vandervis ensemble (or as jousting individuals in office) would ever, could ever, be the answer to Dunedin City Council governance —especially not, given the current state of the council books and troubled patchy ‘lacking’ council service to our community.

    Both councillors are unproven. Both are loose cannons. Bluntly, they are wild cards with ‘people’ in the wings whose agendas I distrust.

    I have never voted for either and don’t intend to start.
    Nor have I voted for any of the Greater Dunedin loser-tossers (well proven, the lot).

    Where Cr Vandervis is concerned – I of course do not support what Mayor Cull has served up to Vandervis through the wilfully treacherous and legally suspect Code of Conduct debacle. Frankly, in my opinion, that should have been dealt to promptly in the High Court – the mockery attaching to local government mechanisms that undermine natural justice for electors and their representation is offensive.

    As is the (casual) tendency of any councillor deciding, of their own volition, to pick and choose which council meetings to attend (in whole or in part, or not at all) for their personal mileage. Avoiding important council votes across the calendar year is morally and ethically obscene – an attack on democracy by those elected to put their say on our behalf.

    There is so little dignity and integrity, and as we know moral bankruptcy is order of the day at DCC since Old Boy rorters decided “Build it and they will come” is the (a-Greed) pathway to efficient capture and laundering of ratepayer funds for (yes, direct and mappable) personal gain.

    The whole place (DCC) needs bleach and caustic soda. Not with Calvert and Vandervis in frilly aprons stirring the copper.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      I don’t get it – Vandervis and Calvert unproven? Loose cannons? Both have proven records of success before becoming councillors. Neither of them is sleepwalking through the council processes, rousing briefly to baa unthinking assent to whatever “everyone else” is saying then collecting whatever’s left from the catering to take home for later. Both of them think, both of them show high awareness of the debt the city is mired in, both urge sensible use of resources instead of “Oooh here’s some spare money, let’s spend it now!” Hilary Calvert’s latest opinion piece in the ODT shows she’s thought deeply and widely about the cycle lane issue. Kate Wilson’s letter to the editor either shows she is trying it on (see the daftness Calvin has pointed out, above) or she hasn’t thought wider or deeper than an edge to edge pencil line on a post-it note given to her and accepted by her as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      Elizabeth, if you wouldn’t vote for Lee/Hilary or for Greater Dunedin, do you seriously think you are going to be able to vote for anyone with a snowball’s chance of getting elected? And if not voting for candidates that have a chance of being elected, isn’t that like preferring unattainable utopia to achievable hey-that’s-an-improvement? Meaning that to any individual voter, whoever among those with a chance appeals as the best improvement on the last lot, acknowledging that utopia was mislaid in a siding somewhere past Westport back before Prebble flogged off the railways.

      • Elizabeth

        Yep unproven in governance.
        And leadership.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Which mayors have been more proven in governance and leadership? What did they govern and lead?

        • Elizabeth

          We haven’t had a good run with the spendthrift Chin and Cull mayoralties that’s for sure.
          There is/should be a ‘hike’ to get to the position of Mayor, responsibly.
          I believe Vandervis and Calvert on the whole make strong councillors.

          Do we have a Vicky Buck in the wings ?

  15. Elizabeth

    Through which letter Cr Wilson is the inane NZTA apologist. Maybe she’ll run for ORC. However, in the interests of public safety – back to serving Middlemarch muffins, instead ?

    ODT 26.8.15 (page 8)
    – shot in a half-lit Dunedin café off the beaten cycle paths [click to enlarge]

    ODT 26.8.15 Letter to editor Wilson Diehl Hopkins p12

  16. Elizabeth

    DCC-placed concrete blocks on Brighton Road. Dangerous, ugly and dissuasive. Residents call for council “to begin a formal consultation process”.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 26 Aug 2015
    Residents united in protest
    By Shawn McAvinue
    A united, passionate plea to remove controversial concrete kerb blocks has been made to the Dunedin City Council. Saddle Hill Community Board chairman Scott Weatherall said 15 “passionate” residents met Dunedin City Council staff at the Brighton Surf Life Saving Club and Community Facility on Thursday.
    Read more

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Fri, 4 Sep 2015
      Brighton kerb blocks to go
      By Shawn McAvinue
      Most of the controversial concrete kerb blocks in Brighton are to be removed this week. Dunedin City Council transportation project engineer Michael Harrison said he had asked contractors to remove the blocks in Brighton Rd. Those blocks south of Taylor St would be removed but the blocks north of Taylor St would remain, he said, as they provided a “safe passage” for pedestrians.
      Read more

  17. Elizabeth

    Received from Jeff Dickie
    Wed, 26 Aug 2015 at 7:47 p.m.

    On Thursday, 20 August 2015 9:56 AM, Jeff Dickie wrote:

    Re: DCC fraud –rejected ODT letter

    Recently Mayor Dave Cull and DCC CEO Sue Bidrose have made public comments reassuring ratepayers regarding measures to minimise the risks of council fraud. These have been in the ODT and on National Radio. The fact is, the Citifleet 152-vehicle fraud happened on their watch! Both sought to hide the Deloitte investigation from ratepayers who paid for this report. And both, have now for years deliberately supported the propaganda in our rates accounts that would have us all believe we are paying about the same for the public library as for the $266M debt funded stadium. Our rates accounts are fraudulent, and if put out by a bank or finance company would invite prosecution as such. We are now a long way away from the openness and scrutiny promised. Maybe the ill-conceived cycleways will provide Mr Cull the opportunity to display his skills at back-pedalling.

    Jeff Dickie

  18. Gurglars

    Final report (phew say you) on the enigma of cyclists and cycleways.

    Today I saw three cycleways in Sydney, big buggers two lanes wide. Any cyclists? No not a skerrick.

    However, I did see a cyclist joyously riding his bicycle, wait for it on Highway 1.

    You will be astounded to know that there are not any cycleways as yet on highway 1 in Australia.

    What can they be thinking!

    From all this evidence gathered diligently through cities and towns throughout country and city Queensland and NSW, I can report the following –

    There are more cycleways, not by distance but by quantum than cyclists.

    Cycleways definitely do not go where cyclists wish to go.

    The Conclusion:

    All cycleways are a waste of tax and ratepayers’ money and Cycle proponents will not be happy until all roads have a cycleway to ensure that the odd cyclist can meet a cycleway when he wants his exercise.

    The Fiscal Outlook.

    Penury for those who pay rates and taxes.

    • Elizabeth

      Been loving the reports, Gurglars. So funny if it weren’t costing us all those Jintybucks (new term for millions of smackeroos).

  19. Elizabeth

    Ruminating on people’s thoughts about the mayoralty, councillors, and next year’s local body elections – my desperate hope (simply) is not another Yes Council, a thorough shafting (read ousting) of Greater Dunedin; and for these reasons the likes of Calvert and Vandervis remaining as councillors seems practical both on the grounds of providing continuous knowledge and difference. Beyond this, we need more independents able to read a balance sheet, to represent the greater community well, and sporting a strong mission to sort the DCC’s senior executive out from top down – at the same time reducing overall staffing levels, as priority is given to getting senior engineering and design expertise back in house.

    Any staff (current names) into make-work schemes should be knuckled or quickly shed.

    What a clear attractive thought for Friday morning – far from being a new idea. But it does seem to be gaining collective grunt with each arising DCC fiasco.

  20. photonz

    Councillor Wilson’s letter is a great example of the appalling tunnel vision that has gone into the cycleway.

    Nothing else matters. It has top priority.

    To the point where they make Coughtrey St insanely dangerous by putting large concrete blocks in the middle it, which are nearly invisible on a dark wet night.

    When someone dies because they hit these on a motorcycle or cycle and split their skull in two, I hope she is charged with manslaughter.

    As for the criminal waste of money, voting to spend millions on designs that are so obviously appalling – shame there can’t be a prosecution for that too.

    Large parts of the South Dunedin cycleway are simply not used, because the likes of Wilson decided to throw millions of our dollars down the toilet, without bothering to find out if any local people actually wanted to cycle on those particular streets.

    I’d bet good money that the local under-five junior soccer team would put more thought into cost benefit analysis of running a fundraiser bbq than these councillors have done with the multimillion-dollar cycleway.

    Perhaps we’d have a better run city if they swapped responsibilities.

  21. Gurglars

    Too many parents involved yelling from the sidelines!

    We already have enough neophytes on council costing us thousands per capita!

    In the queue at Sydney airport today I talked with a fresh young Canadian girl. Enthusiastic, gushing, vital and interested in the world around her.

    She had been one of 100 peer group youth advocates invited to a 100-person conference in Australia on – wait for it – Food Sustainability!

    Her brief determined at the end in a ra rar atmosphere was to go forth and save the world not through democratic principles or by elected representation, oh no, the government(s) were doing nothing, elected officials and public servants ineffectual (a point I had to agree with) but no matter, these 100 would lead the charge.

    Think of it 100 Jinty MacTavishes let loose to dominate the airwaves and bludgeon us to ride a bicycle to work, save the whale (and the rabbit, great white shark and possum) and provide us with sustainable food!

    Whilst I yearn for a decent volcano to divest us of the megalomania of humans controlling the climate, I now have a serious problem determining where it is best sited! These 100 are from all over!

    The tyro came from Montreal, however she told me that her boyfriend (who she sees annually) lives in Auckland.

    A volcano in Montreal is unlikely, however an Auckland volcano a probability, would kill two birds with the one heap of rocks, it would end talk about two apparently vital issues, Auckland’s upwardly mobile house prices and any more talk about anthropogenic climate change.

  22. Elizabeth

    “Something will go back in its place. And I can guarantee its going to be a much higher level of acceptability.” –Michael Harrison, DCC network development and operations manager [note ridiculously long job title]

    ### ODT Online Sat, 5 Sep 2015
    Cycleway mistakes uplifted from St Clair
    By Craig Borley
    The removal of St Clair’s bungled cycleway infrastructure has begun, and is expected to be complete within a week. […] That work, expected to cost about $20,000, began yesterday, with contractors Downer removing concrete kerb blocks running along the north side of Coughtrey St. […] The cost of the replacement infrastructure would not be known until designs had been finalised.
    Read more

  23. Elizabeth

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Sep 7, 2015
    Contractors work on bungled South Dunedin cycle network

    ### ODT Online Tue, 8 Sep 2015
    Cycle infrastructure ripped up
    Work began on Friday to remove many cycleway infrastructure additions deemed unsuitable. […] The Dunedin City Council work is expected to cost $20,000.
    Read more + Video

  24. Hype O'Thermia

    This $20,000 – is it what it cost to design and build the outstandingly dysfunctional low-rise erections, or what it’s costing to remove them, or both?

  25. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 9 Sep 2015
    Another piece of the cycleway jigsaw
    Another link in Dunedin’s harbour cycle circuit will open on Friday […] The shared walking and cycling path connects Minerva and Wickliffe Sts, avoiding roads and rail lines, allowing seamless access from the city’s harbour area to the stadium and beyond.
    Read more

  26. Elizabeth

    My guess is that DCC will also get this wrong… why break a habit.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 12 Oct 2015
    One ‘city to sea’ bike path proposed
    By Eileen Goodwin
    The troubled South Dunedin cycle network may be pared back to a single city to sea path to enable it to be completed within budget. Reducing its size would mean the work could be completed to a higher standard, a staff report for tomorrow’s Dunedin City Council infrastructure services committee meeting says.
    Read more

    Report – ISC – 13/10/2015 (PDF, 2.9 MB)
    Strategic Cycle Network

    Report – ISC – 13/10/2015 (PDF, 108.3 KB)
    Urban Cycleway Fund Update

    • The ODT report as quoted by Eileen Goodwin on Mon, 12 Oct 2015 says:

      Reducing its size would mean the work could be completed to a higher standard, a staff report for tomorrow’s Dunedin City Council infrastructure services committee meeting says.

      This is blatant ‘spin’. They have made a pig’s ear of this exercise. Its scope has been cut but they are still spending all the money earmarked for it. Are they really saying that the materials and detail elements of the original scheme were of inferior quality? I don’t think so. Whether the ultimate outcome was money worth spending at all as the Mayor wants to imply elsewhere in the ODT is even more spin, opening up even more questions not to be answered by this council.

  27. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 13 Oct 2015
    Cycleway mistakes take toll on budget
    The South Dunedin cycle network is likely to be pared back, due to the cost of fixing mistakes.
    Ch39 Link

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Oct 12, 2015
    Cycleway mistakes take toll on budget

    I notice the DCC Chief Executive is carefully avoiding taking responsibility for this exercise in gross mismanagement by staff, managers and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

    It would be vaguely reassuring…. to see the CE made publicly accountable over this and other budget crashes and impalements, not taking leave for the nth time when DISASTER strikes. How many holidays does it take to run a council for the Ratepayers and Residents ?!

    • Diane Yeldon

      I have argued before that cycleways are actually very hard to construct in a way which makes cycling safer and that, badly done, they can easily make cycling considerably more dangerous. I have a really bad feeling about the ‘proposed’ (really a done deal IMO) separated cycleway on the state highway through the centre of the city. Think the South Dunedin cycleway debacle might turn out to have been only a minor practice run for a really, really big, expensive mess. Just hope no-one gets killed in the process.

      • Elizabeth

        With ya on that, Diane. With a ridiculous and unnecessary new car parking building proposed as the cherry on top (since we’re all converted to the use of bicycles – the logic is exquisite).

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Heading S on one-way. Traffic glitch of some sort outside Cadbury’s, truck stopped in LH lane. Eventually everyone gets past. Stopped at the Stuart St lights I see in rear view mirror the truck with tanker, turns hard right across full width of both lanes including width of parking space which is clear because it’s a driveway, to enter the Cadburys’ property.
        Why? Well, at a guess because it can’t make the turn in less space.

        Great place for putting cycle lanes, main highway/city street.

        Another day in the block past the Gardens, again heading S, large truck with heavy load is in RH lane. “Selfish inconsiderate bugger.” I think, seeing the tyres over the centre line. Then I see where the other tyres are, as close to the parked cars as skilled driving can go. The lanes now shrunk to accommodate generous cycle lane are too narrow – that means (for the benefit of those who still think SH1 is where cyclists have the right to travel / it’s worth f*cking the road for the sake of the subsidy … the pre-existing road is not wide enough).

        It’s too narrow for the traffic that already uses it, I mean really truly uses it, not the vision-coloured hordes of cyclists that wend their way through the commodious routes from ear to ear of our mayor and, when there’s not too much distance between them, our sweetest planet-saving councillor.

  28. Gurglars

    No Douglas, the city planners are planning for no cars, zero, nada.

    The organised chaos in your wonderful Christchurch video showed personal responsibility by man and dog.

    In other words if you get run over it’s your fault.

    Now if you get run over they say it’s not your fault (which must be comforting news in the grave) it’s the fault of city planners, who now must fix it up, at any cost, or at least a budgeted cost of $47 million plus overruns.

    And if you think that traffic could not be like it was in Christchurch again think of two facts – Dunedin has no more citizens and not many more cars than in 1975.

    Fact two, the Christchurch video is now being copied in all Chinese and Asian cities. That’s how they control traffic in those countries, personal responsibility.

    Clearly the Chinese are smarter than we are.

    • ha ha Gurglars
      no doubt about any of that. Even the dog is smarter than the effen planners!

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Clearly the Chinese are smarter than we are – ain’t kiddin’ Gurglars. Video of Chinese, Indian – almost any Asian city – show mindblowing chaos. Bikes laden like Mack trucks, no helmets. Terrifying, yet somehow a high proportion of them get from A to B, day after day, year in year out. Accidents? Yes. Road deaths, yes. On the other hand, their populations are increasing and Dunedin’s – well……….
      There may be something resembling eugenics going on. Eugenics meets Darwin Awards. We’ve got a cottonwool wrapped population demanding ever more Health and Safety rules to prevent anything unpleasant ever happening to anyone, no matter how idiotic their own actions.
      We are steadily breeding out the characteristics that enable alley cats to thrive by living on their wits. That’s simply super, if a witless gormless population is what makes a country prosper.

      Bill English has announced a surplus today so it must be working, shows what good management can achieve by cutting expenditure here and there, making terminally ill people keep on applying for jobs, creating prosperity through Referendum Industry job creation. Baaa, baa, bah –
      – humbug.

  29. Hype O'Thermia

    When the traffic lights go out there is always amazement expressed in the media about the fact that somehow people manage to still get from A to B and delays are not a biggie.
    But enter Traffic Planners and what happens? They Plan. And plan, and plan, and plan. They should never be appointed to permanent positions because they are obliged to fill the time between things that need to be planned, with re-planning and over-planning things they should keep their picky hands off.
    The old time chaos is a delight to see. Mind you, everyone had to be “mindful” (trend word), present in the present. Go back in time and fit those drivers and walkers with sounds piped straight into their ears, texts arriving with an urgent sound into the little box that appears permanently welded to their bodies…. result, carnage. Except the dog. Dog knows shit from clay, that’s why dog doesn’t waste time rolling in clay.

    • Yes
      it seems to be called ‘make work’ – for themselves. But even Turkey Kate should be red faced about all this crapola that ‘they’ are spewing. That ferkin landscaped strip in the picture that we keep on seeing on Cumberland Street takes the biscuit.

      • Diane Yeldon

        They may just be making work for construction companies … again. And this may very well be going on at a national level.

        • Well my mate Antonio has lined himself up for the landscape maintenance work – but he found out that the insurance costs escalated. Mind you he is only dealing with the scrag end of things.

          Antonio and the demented cyclists
          Published on Oct 14, 2015
          Antonio wins a contract from the DCC to maintain the median planting between the traffic lanes on SH1 and the dual cycle lanes.

          {Embedded. -Eds}

  30. Gurglars

    Diane, you mean “who has shares in Fulton Hogan!”

  31. Elizabeth

    █ DCC review of South Dunedin cycle network results in higher estimated cost for central city cycling improvements. Escalation from $7.5 million to $9.25 million. [More increases to come !!!]

    ### ODT Online Wed, 14 Oct 2015
    South Dunedin cycle network vote delayed
    By Chris Morris
    The Dunedin City Council has delayed a decision on the future of the South Dunedin cycle network, and it appears the concept of a harbourside bridge could also be in for a setback. Councillors at yesterday’s infrastructure services committee meeting had been expected to vote on a proposal to reduce the South Dunedin cycle network to a single “city to sea” pathway.
    Read more

  32. Gurglars

    What is of great interest is that the planners of the “climate change” crap are the major supporters of eugenics. One would think logically that if cycleways and traffic lights support less people dying from accidents would support the plans for depopulation as mentioned in Agenda 21 blurb.

    But perhaps the opposite is true.

    Cycleways, traffic lights and council intervention may lead to greater deaths in our society.

    Planned depopulation by the DCC.

    Vote for your own demise!

  33. Anonymous

    No, you can’t have a connection to the overloaded sewerage system for your development. We need to spend that money again on cycleways.


  34. Elizabeth

    Link received from John Evans
    Mon, 16 Nov 2015 at 5:48 p.m.

    █ Message: [speaking of Dunedin?] The question is Who makes the decision on the purchase of new traffic lights. It is obvious to all of the citizenry that there are too many. So who benefits from their purchase?

    Traffic lights don’t come cheap. Will Harvie stops in Redcliffs to count the cost.

    ### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 05:00, November 16 2015
    The $500,000 intersection
    By Will Harvie – The Press
    Augusta St in Redcliffs was first mentioned in records in 1907. And in all the time since, traffic lights haven’t been necessary for drivers wanting to turn onto Main Rd. But this year, Christchurch City Council and Foodstuffs together spent almost $500,000 installing traffic lights, “pedestrian presence detectors”, traffic cameras, road paint, kerb enhancements and other works in downtown Redcliffs. The new “signalised” intersection is something of a case study on the cost and complexity of infrastructure repairs post-quake and the political might of a large corporation. It’s too late to ask whether this intersection needed traffic lights, but there are some yarns in that question too.
    Read more

  35. Anonymous

    It looks like the council madness is continuing along Richardson Street. They’ve removed the balls up at Richardson/Hargest and sealed over the ghost lines. But at some intersections along Richardson they’ve marked out intersections where they are going to add those bulbous extensions that extend well out onto the road, placing pedestrians at the edge of traffic and restricting access for emergency vehicles to the affected side streets.

    It’s the shape of that ghastly intersection at Forbury/Coughtrey which is so narrow drivers must be getting to know each other real well when one turns into it at the same time as another exits.

    I wonder who is signing off on this madness but they appear to have a real inward facing view of the reality around them.

    Some days I think this council has become so sick that it creates these frustrations just to keep its citizens looking elsewhere.

    • Elizabeth

      Prepare your grader blades people, if it doesn’t work wipe it away and invoice DCC directly for your time and expenses.

  36. photonz

    It’s all part of the cunning plan by council to sacrifice the safety of all the people who actually use the intersection, so they can make it safer for all those who don’t.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      photonz, they’re fervent believers in “build it and they will come”.
      People will surge to their bulges – and they’ll be safe!

      • Elizabeth

        Minus ‘emergency vehicles-safe’.

      • photonz

        Today’s ODT talks about an increase to 60 cyclists a day using Victoria Road (30 return journeys).

        Interesting that they’re counting numbers on Victoria Road, when 90% of it hasn’t had a single thing done to it that makes it different than it was before.

        And the cycleway that has had millions spent on it is two blocks away, with no counting done..

      • photonz

        “Built it and they will come”

        is a euphemism for

        “we haven’t planned properly, we don’t know if it’s wanted, we don’t know if it’s needed, we don’t know if it will be a massive waste of money, and it might make things more dangerous for most people, but it blindly follows our ideals so we don’t care”.

    • Gurglars

      photonz that’s a cross between Catch 22 and the goons. Surely with all the writers in Dunedin someone can write a book about this council.

      What a story.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        What a story indeed, Gurglars. A musical, in fact, a kind of hybrid of South Pacific (On a South Dunedin traffic island during the Build-It-And-They-Will-Come epidemic, love blooms between a young nurse and a frustrated fireman, unable to reach the scene of a horrific crash) who’s being courted for a dangerous military mission), Rocky Horror (There’s a traffic light shining on the Hargest reef) and Brigadoon (They encounter a small string of islands and asphaltic bulges, not on the map, called Hargest Reef after the large island that disappeared during what was called, in official documents, sudden completely unavoidable flooding caused by rising sea levels and NOTHING to do with poorly maintained infrastructure, in which people harbour a mysterious secret, and behave as if they were still living two hundred years in the past when the region was rocking with gold and its raucous miners – and eager sheilas, swindlers, shills and city planners eager to relieve them of it).

        Peter Chin is a lovely singer.

      • photonz

        The Market/Tedder St intersection is insanely stupid. Viewing distances cut 90% to be dangerously short, and a wide major well used road giving way to a narrow barely used road – it goes against the intuition of every driver on the planet.

        Which is why there have been so many close calls.

        I just hope the council idiot who decided to do this gets sued when they’ve deliberately made the intersection a magnitude more dangerous than it was for 99% of users.

        If this was a decision from a private company, they’d be up on criminal charges from Health and Safety.

  37. Gurglars

    Mike Hosking’s (Seven Sharp) office overlooks the $18,000,000 cycleway, today he stated on Seven Sharp, they’ve reduced the motorway from three lanes to two, they’ve wasted $18 million – that’s your $100,000 salary (yeh right) by 180 times and he continues to watch out his office window AND NO-ONE, NADA, Not a dickey bird is cycling. Part of the Greens deal with John Key to spend $300,000,000 (3000 times your $100k salary) on unused cycleways in New Zealand.

    Good only for Bike Barn and Fulton Hogan (no mudtrap cleaning Fulton).

    And you’re happy?

  38. Elizabeth

    Loving this

    Comment at ODT Online:

    Cycle numbers
    Submitted by photonz on Thu, 03/12/2015 – 2:20pm.

    Most of the cycle numbers given in this story are the same or lower than those from the council cycle survey from two years ago, so the claims that cycle numbers are going up and statistics don’t lie are both highly questionable.
    Yes – we need cycleways. But believing nonsense that 15,000 Dunedin people are sudddenly going to take up cycling in the next six months is absurd, especially when compared to our busiest cycle routes, many of which can barely get 100 cyclists making returns journeys each day.
    Read more

  39. Gurglars

    Bike Barn under investigation by Fair Go.

    If you need to follow the money trail – who benefits from this histrionic attachment to cycleways you can include transport planners, construction companies, [bike retailers], monumental masons and Spokes, you fill in the missing links.

    • photonz

      Gurglers – this is not about a money trail.

      If you follow the money, all that happens is you get an insight into our toilet and sewer system.

      This is about ideology that is so blinkered, that they are putting some of the cycleways where they’re not needed and not wanted.

      But worse then that, they blindly put them in even if it’s making an intersection MORE dangerous for 99% of the users.

      Making a street or intersection more dangerous for 99 users, just so you can make it safer for one, is idiotic beyond belief.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        photonz, have you forgotten the impassioned cry that heralds yet another expensive inconvenient limitation of liberty – “If it saves just one little innocent chi-ii-ii-ild……!
        So 99% have to find another longer way to get from A to B (until the Powers That B-for-bugger-up festoon it too with speed bumps and other Humpty-Dumptily named “traffic calming” frightfulnesses.

        • photonz

          Hype says ““If it saves just one little innocent chi-ii-ii-ild……!”

          Unless of course that child part of the 99% of the population for whom the intersection has become more dangerous.

          And traffic islands that are so tight that they force cars to within a whisker of a head-on collision, or so close to parked cars they’re going to kill anyone getting out of one, or intersection that go against the intuition of every driver on the planet – are not “traffic calming measures”

          They are dangerously idiotic changes that should result in the imbeciles who made them being put on criminal charges when (not if) there are serious accidents.

        • Elizabeth

          Appears we have a completely dysfunctional DCC transportation planning department and GM Ruth Stokes still hasn’t fixed it. Why haven’t the so-called Councillors SAT upon this operational blunder system and shredded it well and truly, over Bidrose’s head ? Don’t answer that.

        • photonz

          As for other idiotic transport decisions – what about traffic lights so badly designed and phased that of ten cars waiting, sometimes only one can get through in a whole phase because those who want to go straight through are given last priority after pedestrians and turning vehicles.

          It’s like the DCC has deliberately set out to destroy what was one of Dunedin’s main advantages over bigger cities – being able to get around the city quickly and efficiently.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Travelling north on SH1 beside the hospital, note the width of the cycle lane compared with left-turning lane.
        Did anyone measure a car, van and moderate-sized truck and compare their width with a bicycle’s?
        Uh… measure? Like with a tape measure kind of thing? Ummm, there’s a computer model……..

        • Douglas

          dinn’er ye worry bout such wee trifles like this – there is ne’er any bikes in the cycle lane so ye c’n use tha’ wha mekin th’ lef’ turn. Tha’ll nay ken th’ difference.

      • Gurglars

        photonz unfortunately you are wrong.

        Read Climate Change- see Al Gore celebrating in Paris.

        Read Local Government – see Lawrence Yule on separate and additional taxation needed to be raised by local government to implement their plans.

        See the Stadium – overpriced land, ratepayer debt to fund Arrow International’s over budget construction.

        See continuous roading alterations – see Fulton Hogan contract

        See Cycleways – construction, deconstruction and reconstruction over $500 million of public money throughout NZ administered by public servants (see SDHB salary revelations, seven earning $2.8M annually) just a comparison for you to consider.

        And another little one – see Mud trap cleaning contract – see Fulton Hogan again – cleaning not done, fee was paid, no penalty for non-performance. South Dunedin flooded, DCC does not take action against Fulton Hogan for non-performance leading to huge personal and insurance losses in South Dunedin!

        Not follow the money!

        What planet are you on?

        • photonz

          I’m not talking about the stadium.
          I’m not talking about roads.
          I’m not talking about drain cleaning.

          I’m talking about the cycleways being forced on citizens because of councillors forcing their well known and blinkered ideals onto everyone.

          Rather than because of some claim of dodgy financial dealings at Bike Barn and the Monumental Masons

          (do you have actual evidence of that, or did you just make it up?).

        • Hype O'Thermia

          photonz, the Bike Barn dodginess was on Fair Go a few weeks back.

        • photonz

          So Fair Go found Bike Barn has some of the lowest prices in the world for the same bikes, but the “half price” claim was questionable.

          And this means they’re into dodgy dealings with the council to get cycleways?

          I prefer to judge each case on actual facts.

          Not pre-judge everything on some preconceived idea, just because it fits into a blind ideology – like the councillors did with much of the cycleway.

        • Elizabeth

          New Year closure not because of background issues with Bike Barn.

          ### ODT Online Thu, 7 Jan 2016
          Bike Barn hits skids with lease, closes
          By Shawn McAvinue
          ….Dunedin bicycle retailer Bike Barn has closed its doors after lease negotiations failed. […] Bike Barn general manager Victor Gardiner, of Auckland, said the shop was shut because the lease was terminated.
          Read more

  40. Gurglars

    It’s sometimes hard to imagine a worse mayor than Dave Cull, but Celia Wade- Brown in Wellington is certainly a candidate. This little piece on Wellington cycleways efficacy


    demonstrates the same lemming like stupidity in Wellington planning cycleways as has occurred in Dunedin.

    What is it about unqualified persons elected to mayoral positions that makes them want to change the landscape in such a futile, irresponsible, high debt incurring manner, when all the ratepayers’ want is prudent management of washwater, wastewater, sewage, rubbish and mud tank clearing.

    God (or George Carlin) please save us from another spendthrift mayor in October 2016-

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Is it about the desire to Make Our Mark, do you think, Gurglars? Past politicians (some of them) are remembered for something particular. Churchill, we will fight them on the beaches, WW2. Lange, I smell uranium… nuclear free NZ. Michael Joseph Savage, welfare state. Muldoon. Nordmeyer, black budget (tight purse-strings). Bill Birch, think big (forgot that size isn’t everything).
      In contrast there’s the ones who wouldn’t be remembered at all if someone hadn’t said something witty about them, and nobody wants to be one of them:
      Calvin Coolidge, US President, said and did very little. When he died Dorothy Parker asked “How did they tell?”

      Cull and Wade-Brown, cycleways any-old-where planet savers – look, it’s still here and we have them to thank!

      And any link to “Key, flag change”? Instead of “Key, rich lowest-common-denominator-media guest ‘star’ “?

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Brendon Bonner lived [at] Tamar St, a side street off The Parade, and said blocking the cycleway when pulling out was unavoidable.

      “You have to come out further…and you can’t pull over to the left and merge in nicely any more.”

      ‘Council spokesman Richard MacLean said an independent safety audit would be done once construction was complete, but the council was aware people were concerned about visibility.
      “We’re keeping a close watch on some particular hot spots like the Tamar St intersection. We stress that motorists and cyclists should take care while they get used to the new set-up.”‘ http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/75382592/the-island-bay-cycleway-is-making-it-hard-to-get-out-of-driveways-residents-say

      So the danger of lack of visibility will evaporate when people get used to the new ballsup.
      That’s good news for drivers whose eyes are a bit on the inadequate side – no more worries about losing one’s licence because of not being able to see well enough even with strong specs for driving – who needs to see what’s on the road? Just take care and toodle along, whistling a happy tune.

  41. Gurglars

    photonz the idealogical cycleways proponents are driven by climate change politics. It’s about getting people back to the days of the Mayor of Casterbridge, walking between destinations and allowing a bike as a method of propulsion.

    The cycleways are also about apparently improving the health and lack of exercise upon kids and their parents. Don’t worry about the fact that there are plenty of pathways, footpaths rarely used and back roads that cycle proponents could take to. So what are NEW cycleways about, they are about new bikes (Bike Barn and others), construction (Fulton Hogan and others) and public servants (NZTA and its CEO), Planners, and the various city council employees and their overpaid bosses.

    Efficacy: Ad hoc evidence from Mike Hosking (office next to Auckland affair) and more importantly my Oceania six monthly survey which demonstrates fully

    Gurglars Law: The number of cyclists is inversely proportional to the number of cycleways

    Following the money is the only way to determine whether people are just mad (those who ideologically support cycleways despite their lack of use, particularly in Dunedin, this of course measured per head of population, not by a slight improvement off a low base) or those who are financially driven, whose opinion is driven by their wallet.

    Monumental masons come in this area as they can see that the poor planning by cycleway planners is definitely going to improve their business.

    I see no moral problem for monumental masons, they are going to get your business anyway, it’s just a matter of time.

    • Elizabeth

      Across New Zealand do not forget the Beca monopoly serving local bodies for infrastructure works and PM. They need a rocket to bust them up once and for all. DCC are right up their freaking alley – they ‘designed’ the South Dunedin accident of a main street project (FAIL) and the South Dunedin Cycleway Network (OFF THE PLANET FAIL).

      • photonz

        How much of a monopoly do they have? Because I’ve heard similar monopoly accusations about Fletcher, OPUS, OCTA, MWH, Downer, etc

        Not that that let’s anyone off the hook for cycleway design so bad that I’d expect a better job out of a team of five-year-olds at St Clair Primary.

        • Elizabeth

          An older piece of ‘opinion’ as tangential reply:


        • photonz

          In a previous life I was in civil engineering and still have quite a few friends, family and aquaintances in the field, including doing pricing work for infrastructure projects for various councils.

          From what I’ve heard from them, tenders for contracts are generally pretty hotly contested. They’re often pretty stressed as they’ve regularly missed out on jobs over the last few years even when they’ve been priced at little more then cost.

          Obviously the drain cleaning job is not one of those.

  42. photonz

    Gurglars – I think cycleways, in the right place, are a fantastic idea. And by right place, I’m talking ones that are wanted, are well designed, and are therefore well used.

    And cycleways were they are not wanted, not needed, terribly designed, and therefore seldom used, are a total waste of money.

    You say that following the money is the only way to find out if the people pushing cycleways that are not needed are mad or not.

    I’d decided long ago they were.

    Therefore I think the Bike Barn conspiracy theory, is just that.

    If there is no evidence whatsoever, then it’s just a conspiracy theory.

  43. Simon

    photonz – please explain yourself about cycleways that you consider would be well designed, and in the right place.

    • photonz

      The cycleway along Portsmouth Drive and along behind the Chinese Garden and Railway Station seems
      – pretty well used
      – has almost no side roads in 3km
      – has very few driveway crossings in 3 km
      – doesn’t make things more dangerous for other road users
      – in fact, barely has any impact on other road users at all
      – costs little more than the existing footpath.

      By putting it along the waterside, then beside the rail corridor, it has very little impact on anyone else.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        You’re right, photonz. I suspect it’s also a lot quicker and easier on the nerves cycling along a well-separated track than one that may be a bit shorter but is in the midst of heavy traffic and intersections.
        There can be few if any cyclists who live beside SH1 so they all have to come some distance on non-cycle laned roads to get to the cycle lanes. Why make it so they have to get to SH1 or other main roads? Is it a case of thinking “We (normal people, car drivers) prefer This route, so obviously it is the desirable route for cyclists too”?
        After all, cyclists pre-cycle lanes used multipurpose (in reality designed for motor vehicles) streets. Conclusion: that’s where they *want* to ride their bicycles. No thinking required = = dopey planning.

        • photonz

          If they’re going to do cycleways, then they need to make the most of other similar places. When they put a cycleway into SH1 it comes with all the busy side streets and entrance ways. You’re simply never going to overcome those sorts of serious problems.

          So alongside the Caversham Motorway, then alongside the railway corridor is a way to get a cycleway from Caversham to the Railway Station without a single driveway or side street.

          That will tie into the disused Caversham Railway Tunnel which links to Green Island and Abbotsford etc, again alongside the motorway/railway line.

          Of course even those places, which are far more suited to a cycleway, are still not feasible if
          a/ no one wants to use that route, or
          b/ it’s way too expensive.

          St Clair to St Kilda at the back of the beach might be another good one for walking/cycling that naturally has no side streets etc, which is also already partially formed.

  44. Douglas

    December 22, 2015 at 5:08 pm
    An older piece of ‘opinion’ as tangential reply:
    Apposite Elizabeth. A lesson for us all to note.

  45. Gurglars

    So what Owen McShane in Elizabeth’s opinion piece is saying is that the RMA is designed to extract mucho dollars for consulting firms NOT to ensure that the community gets what it collectively wants. The 2GP demonstrates that the people are not going to get what they want, they are going to get what the bureaucrats and consultants want. Legal Chaos requiring any applicant to impoverish themselves to build a garage or in fact anything.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      There was a time when in the quest for the perfect slim figure a perfect solution was found – the tapeworm.
      What McShane described is a dead ringer for being sold pills containing tapeworm eggs.

  46. Anonymous

    There was a truck outside Bike Barn at 9:45am this morning and the shop was still full with stock. It had been cleared by 11:15am. My wife recently bought a bike there which included a free check-up. We’re guessing that’s history. I wonder what the situation is with gift vouchers and lay-bys.

    And as to the “closure not because of background issues”…

  47. Gurglars

    The demise of Bike Barn may be the end of Gurglars law
    “The number of cyclists is inversely proportional to the number of cycleways”

    Gurglars law may need a corollary

    “The demise of the Bike Barn could mean that new cycleway proponents cease to exist”

    Let’s hope so.

  48. Gurglars

    Just to ensure that Dunedinites do not feel that they are being picked on by zealots and that no other kiwis are in the same boat, here are the zealots of Wellington, Spokes and co., driven by the girl cyclist Celia to get rid of car parks, damage existing businesses and create more near and actual death experiences for commuters. Having stuffed up Island Bay they are now setting out to really bugger Hutt road.


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