Uh-oh Dunners –WHO goes there #ashleymadisonstorm

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Fri, 21 Aug 2015 at 5:30 p.m.

The theft of data from a website that facilitates infidelity is a wake-up call.

Ashley Madison screenshot

Ashley Madison’s sales pitch, emblazoned on huge billboards, was that the anonymity of the web could make having an affair easy and risk-free.

### economist.com Aug 22nd 2015 | From the print edition
The Ashley Madison hack
An affair to remember
The slogan of Ashley Madison, a website that arranges extramarital liaisons, is “Life is short. Have an affair.” Its home page shows a woman holding a finger to her lips. So much for promising to keep secrets. Last month a group of hackers called Impact Team stole the site’s user database and transaction history going back to 2007, and this week they released it online: more than 30m users’ names, addresses and personal details, along with GPS co-ordinates and sexual preferences. This trove of data is fiddly to download and search, but already users of the site are being outed, as journalists and activists comb through the records looking for celebrities, business leaders and politicians. A deluge of revelations seems likely in the coming days, as websites pop up that allow easy searching.
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Users of a data map plotted by CartoDB can see how many people in their area allegedly have accounts with the adultery site.

Malfideleco global map [screenshot 21.8.15][screenshot – click to enlarge]

### NZ Herald Online 8:30 AM Friday Aug 21, 2015
Do you trust your partner? Map reveals locations of Ashley Madison users
Sources: NZME, Daily Mail and wires
Millions of panicked cheaters and their suspicious spouses have crashed websites claiming to host the “cheat sheet” list of names leaked in the Ashley Madison hack. Tens of thousands of Ashley Madison account holders in New Zealanders are among the 36 million users whose personal details have been leaked online. Several searchable databases of names, emails and sexual fantasies linked to the 9.7 gigabyte data leak had to shut down within minutes of going live because they could not cope with demand. Data from the hack has even been mapped, revealing the popularity of the site in different towns and cities across the world.
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ODT: Adultery site claims 4600 Dunedin users —86% of which are men.

Malfideleco NZ detail [screenshot 21.8.15][screenshot – click to enlarge]

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images: (top) ashleymadison.com – home page [screenshot]; tecnilogica.cartodb.com – maps [screenshots]


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6 responses to “Uh-oh Dunners –WHO goes there #ashleymadisonstorm

  1. E Palmer

    Hilarious! Anyone who thinks their information is completely safe and confidential on-line these days is a total fool and anyone clueless enough to sign up to this site deserves to be outed. I feel sorry for the partners who didn’t agree it was ok to date others inside their relationship.

  2. Mike

    just remember before you go off on your spouse (or co-worker or whoever) – apparently this website demands an email address as a login …. but unlike a number of other websites that send an email and have you click on an URL to verify it, this one doesn’t – so one could type in any email address one likes.

    Use your common sense before accusing someone and ruining your relationship …..

  3. Elizabeth

    Best destroy the Prezzy Card receipts issued by NZ Post, hiding in your wallet and trouser pockets.

  4. Elizabeth

    When a team of hackers calling themselves “the Impact Group” claimed to break into spouse cheating site Ashley Madison last month, millions of users held their breaths: See, even though Ashley Madison confirmed there was a hack, no one had posted any actual user data yet.

    That changed Tuesday evening, when the Impact Group published a 10-gigabyte trove of user data — including names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and credit card fragments — to the Dark Web.

    ### washingtonpost.com 19.8.15
    How to search the Ashley Madison leak
    by Caitlin Dewey
    Update 7:20 p.m.: CheckAshleyMadison.com was taken offline Wednesday evening after receiving a take-down request from Ashley Madison’s legal team under the Digital Millennial Copyright Act. It would appear that Ashley Madison’s lawyers are using the copyright provision to take down as much of the leaked information as they can; as of this writing, however, Have I Been Pwned and Trustify are still online, as are several new sites, including Ashley.cynic.al.

    In a statement, the creators of CheckAshleyMadison.com wrote:

    We hope that Avid Life Media will follow-up in the coming days with some sort of help to their userbase and a formal apology, rather than try to sweep it under the rug … P.S. To Ashley Madison’s Development Team: You should be embarrased [sic] for your train wreck of a database (and obviously security), not sanitizing your phone numbers to your database is completely amateur, it’s as if the entire site was made by Comp Sci 1XX students.

    Our original story follows. Read more at Washington Post

    Statement posted by the Impact Team on 18.8.15 [screenshot]:

    Times Up - Impact Team

  5. Gurglars

    With homosexuality heading to mandatory behaviour there is still hope for Ashley Madison, the blokes can head off to play up with another bloke.

  6. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online 2:53 PM Monday Aug 31, 2015
    Fraudsters preying on Kiwis using adult sex websites
    People who used adult sex websites are being targeted by extorters, police say. Detective Senior Sergeant Ross Patterson of the Hamilton CIB said detectives have dealt with two victims but suspect there may be more. “It appears overseas-based fraudsters are preying on New Zealanders who engage in online sexual activity and once they have made contact with the person, cash is demanded,” Mr Patterson said. “The demand for cash is accompanied by a threat that explicit footage of the victim engaged on the adult site will be uploaded on social media sites if money is not paid over.”
    Mr Patterson said it was difficult investigating such complaints when fraudsters are based overseas. “So we are issuing a broad warning to users of internet-based adult websites to be aware. It appears users are being watched and they may become a victim of attempted extortion.” NZME
    NZH Link

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