June flood: Dunedin drop-in centre open 27 August

Drop-in centre available for those needing help, looking for advice on re-building efforts, accommodation and so on. People in other areas of the city affected by the flood also welcome.

### ODT Online Sun, 16 Aug 2015
Drop-in centre set up for post-flood support
Source: The Star
With many people still in clean-up and repair mode after the June floods, support agencies have planned a one-day drop-in centre for those looking for support and advice. A joint project between the Dunedin City Council and Presbyterian Support Otago, the drop-in centre will run from 11am to 7pm on Thursday, August 27, at the Church of Christ hall, 3 Prince Albert Rd, South Dunedin.
The event will involve representatives of council, government agencies, public health, social agencies, and other relevant services.
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█ In the meantime, anyone with questions or concerns about flood issues is asked to phone the Dunedin City Council on 477-4000.

DCC Webmap - South Dunedin JanFeb 2013 1aDCC Webmap – South Dunedin JanFeb 2013

Otago Daily Times Published on Jun 4, 2015
Raw aerial video of Dunedin Flooding
Video courtesy One News.

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ODT: City to face ‘end game’ in the lowlands (13.6.15)
South Dunedin is a suburb under siege by Mother Nature – battered by ocean waves, floods, a rising water table and with the dark clouds of climate change predictions building on the horizon. Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull believes South Dunedin is at a crossroads and it is time to start considering the “end game”. Read more

Douglas Field Published on Jul 10, 2015
managed retreat revised 10 7 15
A recent flooding of part of South Dunedin induced the mayor of that city to leap ahead to suggest a ‘managed retreat’ of that area of about 10,000 people and restore the land to a swamp. The parody likens his approach to that of Napoleon’s 1812 retreat from Moscow.

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One response to “June flood: Dunedin drop-in centre open 27 August

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 18 Aug 2015
    Shortfalls seen in flood response
    By Damian George
    Otago’s new manager-controller of civil defence has acknowledged the response to flooding in South Dunedin in June could have been better. Chris Hawker, of Christchurch, was this month appointed the inaugural manager-controller for the Otago Regional Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group.
    Read more


    ### ODT Online Tue, 18 Aug 2015
    St John gets back to base
    By Rhys Chamberlain
    More than 10 weeks after severe flooding swamped parts of South Dunedin, including the St John Hillside Rd depot, the emergency services organisation has moved back in. The service resumed at its headquarters on Saturday after $28,500 worth of damage was repaired.
    Read more

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