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Barry Stewart [ODT files] 1b### ODT Online Fri, 14 Aug 2015
Stewart named 15th ‘ODT’ editor
The appointment of Barry Stewart as the next editor of the Otago Daily Times was announced yesterday by the managing director of Allied Press, Sir Julian Smith. Mr Stewart (57) will be the 15th editor in the 154-year history of New Zealand’s oldest daily newspaper.
Mr Stewart will also be editor-in-chief of Allied Press community newspapers The Star, The Ensign, Mountain Scene, Central Otago News, Southern Rural Life, The Courier (Timaru), Central Rural Life, Ashburton Courier, The News (North Canterbury), Southland Express and the Oamaru Mail.
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9 responses to “Barry Stewart –ODT editor

  1. Calvin Oaten

    I reserve my judgement on the appointment of Barry Stewart as ODT Editor. It will take a month or two for him to impart his influence upon the tone of the paper. At the start, Murray Kirkness’ reign promised much, but in the end delivered little. With all that goes on in this ‘one of the best little cities in the world’ it became a very uncritical journal. Within the last decade there has been a tenfold increase in the city’s indebtedness from some ($36 million) in 2001/02 to ($360 million) in 2011. With very little if any growth in either population, or GDP to sustain the burden, we now have a ‘consolidated debt’ of both the DCC and DCHL reaching ($623 million) and it still hovers around that figure with little sign of serious intent to slow spending. Aggravated by huge capital expenditures mainly on non-performing ventures it has been a chapter of bad decisions, over which the ODT could have been a much more inquisitorial commentator. Instead, it chose in many instances to turn a blind eye and simply buy into the DCC spin maestros, preferring instead to join the crusade. The Forsyth Barr Stadium would be the classic example of all that was wrong for this city, but given a free ride from investigative journalism by the ODT, which for a project delivering so little for so much was a disservice to the citizens. We can only wait to see what if any changes occur.

    • Richard Stedman

      You still seem to be blaming Kirkness for some sort of malaise at the ODT, Calvin. Don’t hold your breath looking for change. Barry has inherited the chains (and shackles) of office, which equate to business as usual.

      • Derek.

        True, Richard. Robin Charteris hardly set the world alight. Loves travelling and writing travel stories. Lightweight.
        Cheerleader with Farry for the stadium. A loyal company man who knew what the boss expected. Ditto Murray. Ditto Barry.
        No apparent long search for a new editor. I suppose we were spared the charade of Barry rising to the top of a field of excellent applicants.

  2. Derek.

    I wouldn’t expect much change. The owners would determine any change which is not their way. I understand there was a huge row between Murray and Julian sometime around when Murray got his new job. I think it was over some layout change where, briefly, the ODT at the bottom of the page had a strip with intros to major stories inside.
    Barry has been there for years with a five-year stint with The Australian as deputy sports editor…..sports enthusiast being a prerequisite for an ODT editor. His strength is layout, which l think is the best aspect of the paper. It looks good even if the content is too often pedestrian.
    Julian would want someone known and safe, not some flash Harry with a wide reaching career as a journalist and a dynamic reputation.
    More of the same at the ODT.

  3. Rob Hamlin

    Perhaps Mr. Barry could start with some basics. Here we have a headline from today’s Mc.P.

    “Boarder official accepted money for visas” –

    As a veteran of the British public school system I have some experience of boarder officials – Very nasty, and highly disinclined to take bribes. No sense of humour about spelling either. Don’t remember anything about them and visas – Cash only in those days if there was a transaction to be made.

    • Elizabeth

      Oh dear, said veteran of NZ public school system. The fat controllers working the boarders were mainly middle-aged women of average height and weight. When ODT accepts news feeds it often misses policing of that on a plate.

  4. Elizabeth

    On a positive and believable note, at ODT Online:

    Barry Stewart
    Submitted by buck on Fri, 14/08/2015 – 10:01am.

    This is fabulous news! Mr Stewart is a fantastic choice for editor for NZ’s last independent daily (and one of the few papers in the world that has increased its circulation in the internet age). Nice to see it’s in good hands!
    It is not well known, but Barry Stewart has guided the visual look of the ODT since the introduction of its colour press. His dynamic feature layouts, and insistence on high quality graphics and colour accurate photos make it one of the best papers in the country.

  5. Elizabeth

    ‘Sharp’ comment at ODT Online:

    Dog bites
    Submitted by P E C on Mon, 18/01/2016 – 10:33am.

    Is the ODT short on news? Reporting dog attacks and stats for the year 2011. Who gives a toss, report current news and subscriptions may increase.

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