Cr Whiley on offensive at Build Dunedin #fb

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It’s naïve and self-promoting —Cr Andrew Whiley is after the new chairship Mayor Dave Cull might establish to meet a particular contingency (as sourced from council staff a few weeks back). | BuildTheHotel <<< …
Sat, 8 Aug 2015 at 3:30 p.m. [screenshot]

Build Dunedin facebook - It's Vandervis versus the Council yet again - 3.30 pm 8.8.15

█ For more, enter the terms *citifleet*, *vandervis*, *conduct*, *long term plan* or *mosgiel* in the search box at right.

Ode to Whiley…. Pick me Pick me

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7 responses to “Cr Whiley on offensive at Build Dunedin #fb

  1. Gurglars

    Councillor Whiley intent upon the “quality of the debate” perhaps would serve Dunedin better by focussing on the quality of the decision making!

    It does appear to me however that many if not most of the elected councillors are there to serve naked self interest rather than Dunedin.

  2. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Mon, 10 Aug 2015
    Successful cycleways possible
    By Andrew Whiley
    OPINION Recent articles in the ODT have focused on the development of cycleways in South Dunedin and plans for expanding them throughout the downtown area including the one way highway system and around the harbour. As a result of my feedback highlighting what I see are major problems with the new cycle paths, I have been perceived by some councillors and council staff as being anti cycleway and against their development.
    Read more

    Yup, Mayor Dave will love this —another rabid cycleway devotee, to give a new (business) chairship to.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    I thought it was a very sensible assessment of the cycle plans for Dunedin. The man has – unlike many – noticed that Dunedin is not [insert name of overseas city] and he even mentioned many of the ways it is different e.g. population growth rate… Dunedin’s being how many extra thousands per year???
    He’s for intelligent placement and number of cycle lanes.
    I agree with him, there should be safe ways for cyclists to get around, esp when rates keep going up more than incomes – and that’s unlikely to change while the council spends like it’s got a tame genie with a magic lamp. I’m not going to quickly forget about the Corstorphine man who walked and pushchaired his two little kids to a hospital appointment, and back home again. Cars, taxis and buses are unaffordable or – gee thanks for the new bus route that means coming from Green Island to town then taking another bus back to Caversham/SthDunedin – unusable. Not that cycle lanes would have helped the man with the kid who had to be taken for its hospital appointment, it’s just another example of what people can’t afford and why people may be forced to use bicycles, like having to eat rice and dandelion gruel – not choosing but having no choices left.

    By the way, from a friend’s email – “I didn’t know anything about the bus routes because we don’t get a paper. It never said anything in the time table about it changing its route either. I did think about complaining, but where is that going to get me!” This had resulted in a very long walk from Green Island to Caversham and back again for yet another person on a stranglingly tight budget.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Cr Whiley omits to mention that Vancouver is typically as ‘flat as a goose’s instep’. Dunedin, on the other hand, is basically a hilly town split asunder by double State Highway lanes catering for all traffic, and now insanely cycle lanes. Despite quiet alternatives being available no-one seems to realise that the ‘law of probability dictates that cyclist fatalities will still occur.

  5. Gurglars

    Perhaps there should be a LOGIMA request to determine who paid for Councillor Wily to study Vancouver’s cyclist numbers. Was it Oil Free Otago? The DCC or perhaps some other good samaritan. With his intellect it might be Bill Gates.

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