Dunedin Rotary Club | West Harbour Recreation Trail

Link and information supplied by Douglas (Mick) Field.

█ Message: I have been involved with Rotary doing the West Harbour Recreation project. I did a video of this as a means of describing the project – it sets out the scope of the work. I had a chat to Darrel Robinson who is in charge of the project for Rotary. He is happy for me to put it on YouTube which I will be doing shortly. Take a look.
Cheers, Mick

Douglas Field Published on Aug 4, 2015
West Harbour Recreation Trail 29 10 14
The West Harbour Recreation Project has been taken up by Rotary to provide and improve recreational activity as well as enhance the landscape along the shared pathway from the Boat Harbour to Maia. Already a lot of work has been completed. At present Rotary is completing the section at Ravensbourne Station and it is anticipated that the major recreational facility just north of the Boat Harbour will begin this year. Working ‘Bees’ are held once a month in conjunction with Dunedin’s Task Force Green team who do a great job in support and keeping the momentum up.
This clip outlines the scope and nature of the project.

█ Message: As a matter of interest, the seat installed at the end of the clip is in memory of Robin Archer, ex city councillor – donated by his widow. Robin was chief architect for the Otago Education Board before it was decommissioned.

Douglas Field Published on Aug 6, 2015
Ravensbourne Station BBQ site 23 5 15
The Dunedin Rotary Club has a working ‘bee’ every month on the West Harbour Recreation Trail Project. This one was in May when they installed BBQ equipment at the Ravensbourne Station site. As you can see these people work very hard and – fast. As always, they were ably assisted by Task Force Green workers.

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One response to “Dunedin Rotary Club | West Harbour Recreation Trail

  1. Elizabeth

    So many errors and typos in ODT’s weekend newspaper – unbelievable.

    The caption to the photo with this story should read:
    West Harbour Community Board chairman Steve Walker takes an outdoor exercycle for a spin, while landscape architect Mick Field and Rotary Club of Dunedin representative Neil Lyons look on.

    Sun, 27 Nov 2016 [via The Star]
    ODT: Bike trail buffs up
    Users of the West Harbour cycleway-walkway can now enjoy alfresco exercise sessions, with the installation of Dunedin’s first set of outdoor exercise equipment. The New Zealand-manufactured Gym Guru equipment – a shoulder grinder, stationary bike and shoulder press/pulldown machine – was installed alongside the shared pathway at Ravensbourne-Rothesay by members of the Rotary Club of Dunedin last week. Placing the equipment marks a milestone in the three-year, $200,000 West Harbour Recreation Trail project by the club, which aims to beautify the edges of a 3km section of the cycleway-walkway, from the Boat Harbour to Maia. Cont/

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