NZ Loan and Mercantile Building —meeting tomorrow


“You can’t be too confident, but if we’re all reasonable I think an agreement is definitely within reach.” –Russell Lund

Farra Engineering chief executive John Whitaker agreed yesterday when contacted there had been “good work” during mediation.

### ODT Online Thu, 6 Aug 2015
Extra conditions may rescue project
By Chris Morris
Plans to breathe new life into Dunedin’s historic Loan and Mercantile building could be about to take a significant step forward. Building owner Russell Lund will meet a group of neighbouring harbourside businesses, as well as Dunedin City Council and Otago Chamber of Commerce representatives, tomorrow to discuss the stalled project.
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Post/image by Elizabeth Kerr


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6 responses to “NZ Loan and Mercantile Building —meeting tomorrow

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 11 Aug 2015
    ‘Result’ over building development
    By David Loughrey
    The result of a meeting between the developer of Dunedin’s historic Loan and Mercantile building and businesses opposing his apartment project will remain out of the public realm for the time being. However, it appears Environment Court mediation may have resulted in an outcome. Building owner Russell Lund had agreed not to talk about the meeting until council lawyers and the Environment Court had considered the outcome.
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  2. Elizabeth

    Encouraging news

    20.10.15 ODT: Heritage fund contributes to renaissance
    █ Dunedin Heritage Fund grant to NZ Loan and Mercantile Building, 33 Thomas Burns St – $20,000 (facade cleaning and restoration)

    LM Building render 4whatifdunedin [click to enlarge]

  3. Elizabeth

    The appellants: Kaan’s Catering Supplies, Farra Engineering and Esco Dunedin – later joined by Otago Chamber of Commerce.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 11 Dec 2015
    Extra conditions delay project
    By Vaughan Elder
    A plan to redevelop Dunedin’s Loan and Mercantile building in Thomas Burns St has hit a “road block”, building owner Russell Lund says. Mr Lund said extra conditions being suggested by a group of harbourside businesses would make the project unfeasible and unless they changed their minds the issue would need to be dealt with by the Environment Court. […] “They are saying if you ever apply for any future consents for the remainder of the building …that they can then review any and all of the conditions they are imposing on the agreed consent.”
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    • Hype O'Thermia

      That’s bad news. They’d be better cooperating with Mr Lund, then all of them fighting the flakes who want to turn the waterfront into the over-caffeinated Riviera of the Southerly.

  4. Fernfrond

    When I read this I couldn’t help comparing it Dunedin’s economic lethargy.

    If you ever go for a drive north, watch how development begins to pick up north of Timaru. It’s booming, as are the towns further north. I don’t know what’s up with Dunedin but it seems very inward looking to me. Everything it seems to revere is from the past. There’s a place for this and no doubt it caters to Dunedin’s student/hipster/gothic-lite vibe but none of this stuff seems to produce anything. This city seems to have drifted into ethically sound self-indulgence while simultaneously proclaiming itself the victim of state cuts. The stadium for all its faults was a cack-handed attempt to reverse some of this, I could go on but it’s time to feed the kids. Let’s hope Penury is not the next step in this town’s cultural evolution.

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Dunedin needs to be special, otherwise it’s just another aging town waiting for the tumblweeds to roll down the empty streets.
    The recent upsurge in appreciation of the old buildings and the city’s history ARE different. Within this environment the same things can happen as in any prospering city, it’s just that the people who are attracted to live here will be different. Some of them are world-wide earners, not forced to live any particular where because what they “produce” isn’t bulky and doesn’t rely on airline or shipping schedules. Being niche and boutique isn’t a fault, not for a small city. It’s like high value one-off designer clothes, it only takes one person per garment to want it enough to buy it. We don’t need rapid influxes of generic humans, we need a moderate growth of people who make and do and grow their own enterprises, spread the profits around, and take on more staff in a measured way, so they don’t have to be laid off when over-optimistic projections don’t come true.
    Hospitality is the industry most talked about, and it’s shite. Poorly paid casual jobs, a few owners doing quite well but the employees being worse off than the Downton Hall servants – they at least had security of employment, good food, and a clean dry place to live.

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